Video: WekFestに三台のスカイラインGT-Rを出展しました!DRY Carbon-R32, R33, R34

Posted: 2023-05-22 08:52:31
Author: ACTIVE4488
In this video, Kazushige Sakamoto takes three show cars from Kyushu Japan to Nagoya for Wekfest Japan 2023. Wekfest Japan is one of the largest gathering of beautifully built custom cars in Japan, and this year it was in an all new convention center.

Kazushige Sakamoto, the owner and founder of SS-Active has been working with and driving Skyline GT-R’s for over 2 and a half decades. In this video, he brings his Gunmetal Gray R34 GT-R build, along with a widebody R33 Street GT-R with Midnight Purple Paint, along with his latest complete carbon build, the 930ps Midnight Purple 3 Full Dry Carbon Fiber Widebody R32 GT-R. He also shows some of the other builds that came to participate in the show.

Several Customer cars were also featured in the show, including a Blue R32 GT-R, and a Grey R33 GT-R with Garage Active Widebody kits (Owned by: @hatayan34r and @sou.33gtr respectively)

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