Video: TOKYO AUTOSALON 2023 Live Broadcast by GARAGE ACTIVE

Posted: 2023-01-15 02:01:27
Author: ACTIVE4488

GARAGE ACTIVE Video Transcript

Foreign For coming there’s tons of people here yesterday there was a lot of foreign people coming this car went to 22 Las Vegas the dry carbonara it made it just on time we have it displayed here let’s do a little explanation of the car yeah there’s so many people here it’s hard to

Get through oh thank you I can’t see his own car just gonna try and make it over this is it this is the rb30 that still pre-sell has not been sold yet the turban is the 75115 this is the original his uh original design exhaust manifold and it makes a

Really really nice sound with his Turbo this is all the foreign people’s favorite parts foreign made it just in time to display here they got here on Thursday to the Kawasaki board he made this also it could be a street car as well put it on a rotisserie and take everything

Off to make sure everything is absolutely perfect this is the center lock wheels he’s gonna try and start selling this this year it’s a new product this is a new this is the only change that we made this Carbon RMS seats dry carbon the foam pieces that come with the original seat are very hard so he’s making a new product the floor is also dry carbon foreign Taking the video was fun we already have that video uploaded onto YouTube so please go over and watch that if you have time this is the carbonar also one thing that is really important about this car he made sure to smooth it all out and make sure that everything’s lined up

Make sure all the lines line up across all the different panels he made sure to line up even the interior carbon panels with the exterior this is his original titanium Muffler as well on the car that’s what it looks like from underneath And this is the other car that he has this has that This was a car that was in his Stockyard that was very very in poor condition so he painted this whole car in Audi Nardo gray paint Ed took everything out it looks like it’s stock but actually the entire body has been welded in real well did it and fixed

And they redo everything exactly the way that it was done by the factory originally 20 years ago this is the HKS 2.8 liter engine surge tank with gcg 268 zero turbos twin turbo This catch tank is the new one as in and fitting and that is his original adapter as well these small parts like the bolts they didn’t have the right size washer so he designed that so it has his logo as well but it’s um just like the R32 kit the already r33

Kit follows the Natural Body Lines um and then he also made a front bumper that just fits um that looks like it is stock you just made this all one piece it would be a lot easier but to look like it’s from the factory you made sure to make each piece separate

It’s spoiler the diffuser and then if you look back here see that this is all carbon as well and it goes way far back the seat on this one is the same RMS dry carbon seats in the mirror is dry carbon as well This is the five bolt version of the rc6 wheels from garage active how about more leather and Alcantara seat covers as well in the back this is our original rear spoiler as well it’s very hard to make but we have a video of making this as well foreign

These are all of our rc6 Wheels this one is the center lock this is also another one of our Center lock wheels this is the 18 inch this is the 19-inch this is reverse Rim rc6 this is the 18 inch brush black clear five pin with the glass this is another 19 inch

And this is our 20 inch rc6 wheel we also have a few more products left and here is our from our staff he’s the head mechanic also we have all these mini cars it’s sold quite a few of these mini cars they’re the R32 wide body from garage active oh good job

We have these t-shirts as well I have a sweatshirt and okay these are the headlights the original headlights there’s only one set left this whole time there’s been tons of people he’s working until six today He shot another YouTube video with his friend at Shiba tire so you should definitely check him out everyone thank you so much bye-bye I know Siri please bring carbon R32 to Australia I think he’s gonna bring he’s gonna come to Australia in May so yeah if he can

Bring the carbonara he wants to Ottawa I know videos I know I love your vid very nice that r33 though wow the r33 he didn’t say something this about the r33 but the truth is he’s working on a dry carbon version of the r33 the wide body

He’s gonna try and make that by the 2024. the r33 version of the dry carbon r ather spectacular work as always such passion and attention to detail hello from California respect wheels are fat fiber carbon I need if anybody has questions before we go okay what’s going on tomorrow