Video: MY NEW ATTACK SPEC FK8 TYPE R | Carbon Aero, Dyno Tune, & MORE!

MY NEW ATTACK SPEC FK8 TYPE R | Carbon Aero, Dyno Tune, & MORE!

Posted: 2023-06-02 17:00:35
Author: Dustin Williams
in today’s video we officially button up the fk8 and get it ready for gridlife. We start out at @OsosikMedia dyno with @powermetric_ to tune the FK8, then move to WRTeknica & APR Performance for an alignment check up & to pick up our new carbon aero wing/splitter. Finally we make it back to the shop to install all the aero and load up for the trip to Michigan!

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Before we hop into today’s video I want to remind you guys the GTR giveaway is going on right now every one dollar that you guys spend on the legend site is one entry in to win this amazing GTR and yes it’s currently off getting a color

Change right now so the next time that you guys see this car it’ll be completely different and I’m so excited but I want to remind you guys the first thing down below will take you directly to the legend site and that way every one dollar that you guys spend is one

Entry into win and best of all if you’re a VIP you can get up to 10 times entries with a new program that we did to be the first link down below don’t sleep on it get your entries in for the GTR all right let’s hop into today’s video

What’s up guys we are hopping fighting today as you can see Beth Kate is back on the dino we are getting this thing ready for grid life this is one of the final steps that we have already and it sounds so good right now fine-tuning everything

High bar office we are working on the on guitar so we’re coming in about mid-tune but Daniel’s got some sauce going with our fresh retune here we aren’t tuning on 100 octane we’re going back to 91 1 a lot easier and keep it on fine tuning details in our two

She is spicy oh I can’t wait to rip this thing and we have a special guest here what do you think bro oh my God what do you think your first Dino session it’s super loud I want one of these things at home a dino yeah they’re pretty cool we

Know we do have extra space on the side of the shop so I had to get my mom to take me to school today foreign how’s she looking here Daniel live a required hell yeah success on the retune of the FDA Nick another successful one Daniel’s actually

Here in the flesh this time and he knocked it out this thing is going to be and you know surprisingly even though we did detune it on regular pump gas it made really great power so we did 393 390. 390 or 393 on just regular pump gas

Which is going to be fantastic when we take it to Michigan and also we’re gonna be putting 93 when we’re in Michigan so could bump it up just a little bit more tunes good everything looks good Daniel everything looks good on the uh the new engine everything’s okay Nice okay Big mission complete for today but this doesn’t stop here we have a we have a lot more work to do It is now the next morning after the Dino and I’m going to uh initially apologize for how hectic the videos have been lately but that is just how life has been and I’m doing my best to keep everything in line and get everything that we need to know while still

Updating you guys on everything so um like I said it’s the next morning after our Dino tune which feels fantastic we’ll talk a little bit about that more once we get to the shop but uh we’re currently heading to our friends over at WR Technica and APR performance

Right now because number one we need a new alignment as well as a as well as a fresh quarter ballot because as you guys know to install and uninstall the engine we had to take out the subframe and to be completely sure yeah I could probably

Just get in a regular alignment but I want a full corner balance to make sure this car feels as good as it possibly can and while this car while this car is getting aligned APR performance is right across the street and again I’ll talk about this more once we get to the shop

The rules change for midlife and the Turbo that I currently have right now classes me out of what I was originally in classed in and it bumped me up two classes which means I’m no longer just the regular Street class I’m in Street mod and the rules and the rules change drastically

Uh unfortunately we didn’t know that ahead of time and we should have probably checked the rules what we thought from last year and we’re not allowed to run a bigger stock location turbo unfortunately so now we’re classed way up but that gives us the opportunity to run arrow and some

Things that we weren’t able to run previously so we may be outclassed we may be out powered but we’re gonna we’re still doing our best to be as competitive as we possibly can and honestly just going to drive against myself and make it through a full weekend running some good times so

Ultimately we’re heading to APR now to get so narrow so the attack FK is going full attack and I am super excited uh so for the rest of today’s video we’re gonna be picking up the arrow installing the air out the shop and officially finally a hundred percent getting this

Thing ready to head out to grid life and at the end of the video this thing will be getting loaded up and heading to Michigan and I hope to see you guys there it’s gonna be awesome either way we are very close to WR technical update you up actually we’re literally Foreign It’s just unexplainable this is race car but slash Porsche race car Heaven my dream all in one is just here look we have a 964 they’re doing every suspension piece imaginable on this 964 which is absolutely sick I would die for a 964 that we could build

Track stand to beefy JDM style 964. I would literally die but also I would also die here and they have a GT3 cop car over here for a few of them actually holy I’m dead this is me dying I’m already dead I’m dead right now as you’re watching this all right gonna

Take a quick break while they’re working on the alignment for the fk8 and like I told you guys APR is actually just right across the street I’m gonna run over to APR real fast and go check out the arrow that we’re gonna be picking up for the tie bar technical APR IL

We got the goods oh man all right you guys might remember Chris from a couple years ago where we actually bought the Tokyo Drift Evo from here which is still crazy Chris what we got for the FKA today we got our spec gt250 67 inches uh with the granny flap

And our splitter with the three inch extension come on man this is gonna be so sick so is this this is the same one as the GTR as well right it’s so good perfect man okay sick and these are the base plates I’m guessing and do these

Are these uh OEM like bolt into the stock location sucks nice this is such a time crunch that we did not expect at all to do Arrow but luckily they make it easy for us so we got the wing and the splitter and we’re good to go Guessing it feels pretty good Foreign perfect track spec alignment finished now I think we are ready to head to the shop install the arrow and get this thing buttoned up for gridlife Tim bro is going to be attacking the front end of the car while I’m gonna be doing the rear end with the wing Tim’s

Already building our bracket right here which is actually very convenient and like I said makes it super easy to actually install the splitter usually on our past race cars this S2000 and the R32 GTR we’ve had to create custom brackets but now this is this makes it

Pretty easy right Tim it’s made for the car yes and it’s chassis mounted too we’re not mounting it to the front lip so this thing is going to be legit and it’s going to be sick so Tim is going to tackle the front end the front end of

The car like I said and I will be doing the rear end which is also very easy and bolt on because all we got to do is take off the OEM wing and the wing plates match up to the exact holes that the OEM

Wing do as well so bolt on bolt off it’s very very nice I’m going to work on getting into here with all these Plastics to get these bolts out and get the OEM Wing off foreign Like a like a like a naked egg this is weird dude okay what we’re gonna do before we install the APR Wing is we’re gonna go ahead and wipe all this down this needs to this grossness needs to be gone before we lay the APR Wing down but that was actually surprisingly

Pretty dang easy we’re gonna come right over here to a McGuire’s Corner get some ceramic detailer and get that stuff off Boom like it never even happened good to go on both sides now we can actually start installing the APR Wing now they make it super easy for you include instructions all that good stuff and very nice APR Hardware the build quality is beautiful as always carbon fiber is

So nice start installing the wing mounts now I’ll do this side first move on to this side and then bolt everything up from the bottom then we can start installing the wing itself it’s gonna be safe foreign Mounts are set and they look fantastic this is going to be really nice and that we might have to adjust it when I put the actual wing on we’re about to unwrap this guy and see how she looks it is massive it’s a big boy so it’s gonna

Look really beefy and really aggressive back here we have a lot of adjustability which is going to be super nice so I’m going to go ahead and get started seeing where we can place this thing and if we actually need to adjust these mounts right here but first let’s go ahead

Unwrap this guy thank you Cole I’m coming for your six thousand pound down first damn this is a uh this is sick the track pipe down there dude damn dude this is this is good this is why I love Arrow not only does it look freaking sick but it it’s all functional just to start out

Where we’re gonna have the wing I feel like we should just have it perfectly straight this Wing is going to give down Force no matter what now if we want more downforce we can always angle the wing down but since we’ve never ran arrow on

This car I think keeping it just at a neutral level position will be best and we can adjust as we need to be honest the the type R is so planted already that arrow is just like an added bonus it’s really nice to have so if I need

More we can adjust for more but for now we’re going to keep it on a flat plane Bolter down and the wing will be good All right Foreign Is complete and Tim has been hard at work over here doing the bracket for the FK which is now complete if you want to explain this contraption we got going on here so it’s really sick how they did this so it connects here to the stock Factory crash bar and it’s super solid

Like yeah it’s going to move a little bit but I mean it’s pretty freaking Stout he’s got rib nutted in and then it actually bolts back here too so that gets a whole assembly full chassis mounted it’s sick adjustable as well oh so you can like lift and you can oh

Depending on the floor depending if you have like an upgraded lip if that is freaking sick fit whatever you want it’s a I wonder if I can oh it’s scary it’s really hard that’s scary oh it’s hard on my fingers but that’s sick but our bracket is on we can go ahead and

Install the front bumper completely once the front bumper is installed then we can figure out or actually Tim’s already done that drilled out all the holes for the splitter to mount to the bracket we can just put the splitter on and we’re done now the cool thing about this is

Since it is chassis mounted it’ll be easier for us to install it and uninstall it’s all we got to do is screw it out of the bracket so that just in case we’re getting into the trailer and doesn’t fit or something like that we can take it off have something that can

Be quickly disconnected if something goes wrong at the track so let’s go ahead and install the front bumper and get the splitter on Foreign ER is connected to the bracket and is now chassis mounted and this thing is freaking on there lower down Timber on let’s look at the new track spec FK full set baby this is gonna be so awesome This thing looks so cool dude yeah close the hood oh my gosh it’s just this is bringing a tear to my eye this is this is what I imagine for the race car the attack FK this is uh it’s just the my in my vision and my dream is all coming

Together and we’re not quite there because there’s more that I want to do but this is one step way way closer and it looks awesome form and functionality to the math oh my God we gotta pull her out so we can see the wing and everything we still

Actually we don’t need to touch it nope it’s actually level um look look at this look at the back view though look how juicy this thing is dude girl now uh dude with with our turn down too it just looks so sick it is definitely a tax back I am absolutely in

Love let’s pull her out Thank you foreign at this point it’s V4 V4 V3 V4 this is the best version yet it looks the wing and the splitter just absolutely make it this thing is set ready to go to grid life dude well we do have some decals we had to put on because we are going with

Advanced Autos we are gonna have the partner of this build on the car that’s really that’s for later on whenever we get it actually loaded up in the car but we were so worried we were gonna get this car done and we have days to spare

Which makes us really happy the car is running it feels amazing we got the arrow Tim I think we’re ready no we’re ready we’re ready Thank you Foreign Yeah like a little peashooter that’s a wrap the fk8 is loaded for Good Life I am proud of us two weeks ago this car didn’t even have an engine in it and today she’s heading across the country to Michigan to go to one of our favorite events grid life Midwest Fest this is

Gonna be incredible