Video: Midnight Purple III Carbon Fiber GTR goes to Las Vegas for SEMA by GARAGE ACTIVE

Midnight Purple III Carbon Fiber GTR goes to Las Vegas for SEMA

Posted: 2022-12-20 01:56:34
Author: ACTIVE4488
In this video, Mr. Sakamoto from Garage Active, Dionne (@OMGBUILDS ) and crew transport the newest Carbon-R to Las Vegas, in preparation for the 2022 SEMA Show.

They load the Carbon-R onto a trailer, which if you have been following our channel, proves no easy task. Because this is a high performance car, it is very low to the ground, which means clearance is very low for drastic slope changes like trailers.

However, after they load the Carbon Fiber R32 GTR up on the trailer, they begin to transport it with the 2022 Nissan Armada V8. A car that was built in Japan for the US market (and not the Domestic Japanese Market) towing the ultimate Japanese sports car that was originally built only for the Japanese Domestic Market. In this video, they see if the Nissan Armada SUV is capable of towing a car on a trailer for cross country roadtrips.

In the next video that will be posted very soon, they will bring the car to SEMA, where we will meet with a variety of industry professionals, explore other cars that used SS-Active bodykits and parts, as well as driving in the end of SEMA parade, capturing the reactions of hundreds of people seeing this car driving for their first time!

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GARAGE ACTIVE Video Transcript

Foreign Foreign [Music] foreign foreign I know back up a little bit Look at this And that’s it boys [Music] so look how baller this setup is you got the Armada with this really dope paint job and then the carbon GTR with a midnight purple three King job such a dope toe rig look at

That full carbon all the way down this is going to be going to our SEMA tret pass through at the Toyota’s display door closed okay let’s go ready it literally just said that’s so loud I can hear it in the car that’s so funny dude

She’s like she’s like oh that’s cool okay thank you guys [Music] Japanese people get the American food there’s Americans eating the Asian food Japanese food teriyaki chicken yeah [Music] yes we are so if you guys don’t remember you saw me earlier my name is Dion and uh

I am the personal Uber of the carbon GTR line here in the US but I I always help out sakamoto’s son take the cars because I’m very familiar with how to transport the car by now we got the popper ramps and we’re actually right now passing

Um like right here by the 15. we don’t need to really roll in until like tomorrow but it’s nice to be a little bit early so we can set up we’re not like brushing and uh I’m excited to see what what people will think about this one because last year at the Toyo

Tread pass the black carbonara was very very well received and it like blew the show I think it was the best car personally at SEMA or at the trespass um sakamoto-san what do you expect people are gonna think when they see this car wow [Music]

Yeah color change it’s gonna be a wild factor for sure I mean to say the least that’s probably the best word summarize the car I’ve seen it it’s it’s insane like you know looking at the details of seat belts the body fitment the line the alignment of the carbon weave

The wheel center lock that’s crazy it’s like a motor sound what’s what are you gonna do with the black car now that you have this one [Music] Tokyo Tas yes Tas okay and then racing no racing flashing all right Japan duck racing wow that’s so

Crazy he builds these cars so actually rip on does he feel scared doing that with all that money he spent no problem has a big wallet we were comparing his wallet and my wallet sakamotion let me see your wallet

Come on see this my wallet sakamoto’s wallet clearly he has more money than me look how big his wallet is that’s why he can rip on his car because he’s like I’ll just build another one yeah so he said Tokyo Auto Salon I’m actually going to Tokyo artist along with my crew so

Funny enough I’ll probably see the carbonar there first time I met sakamotosan was like three years ago at Tokyo Auto Salon and then he mentioned that he had a shop and it was a little bit of a mission for me to go visit him because he lives in like the I don’t I

Don’t know if it’s Countryside but it’s like it’s far it goes south a lot and we made time to go visit his facility because I was like this is going to be a banger when we go and

Then I convinced them like hey you should bring one of these cars to SEMA because this is something else this is something that most people have never seen not even online or on social media you know if that so he brought the car in like I said it’s a game changer

Especially you know here in the States now that R32s are super popular is like a household name in the GTR community you know Americano um [Music] foreign assistant wow wow you yeah midi okay okay all right they’re zip tied so you can’t steal it is

Yeah a couple of fiber dry carbon yeah wait wait DIY [Laughter] [Music] yeah yeah Foreign exciting so funny wow thank you now he’s awake good so takamoto-san’s garage active and in Japan is pretty cool because it’s it’s like a full full service kind of brand so he has the auto making you know side

Where he builds you know the clean cars from the ground up from the frame you know scrubs it down paints it puts it together and that’s what you see in the back the carbonar and he also has a dealership where he sells you know really clean used vehicles and then you

Can also customize the cars so I’ve been to this facility he has a Dyno he’s got a full mechanic shop body shop and it’s a full line he also has swag so he has you know the the

Apparel the shirts the toys the you know one-off Parts the exhausts you know the wheels I have his wheels on my Porsche funny enough so he made me a set so it’s cool because he he’s

An actual car guy he started way back in the day when he was young you know younger than me and it’s kind of like a passion build and now he’s so successful with it and it all you know stemmed from that one one thing and it’s just passion for GTR and that’s what

Is saying is you know he has like a huge passion for GTRs so when people see the carbon are in the U.S they just see it being towed everywhere taking photos it’s usually static it’s really rarely moving so people think that it’s just a show car but he actually builds race cars

Like we were just saying these cars are super expensive and it’s really clean like like singer Quality Clean but he rips on him he drives him he’s a driver himself he drag races so it’s not like these cars are show cars they they just sit here in the us because

We can’t legally drive them but back in Japan he rips on these cars and it’s pretty awesome because you can go to one guy to do everything you could possibly want on a GTR and you know

That’s kind of why I like this I like his brand it’s he’s a real car enthusiast who you know really delivers quality and not just saying it’s quality you know I’ve been to a bunch of shops and I’m not gonna name I’m not going to name them but most of them don’t

Live up to the hype of what social media shows their social media everything looks clean until you see the card person you’re like okay it’s not as clean as it is you know on on Instagram or on Tick Tock but with these cars dude it’s better in person [Music] [Laughter] thank you [Music]

Thank you [Music] foreign [Music] No no air okay I have that rubber ramp I can slide it over here and get it up on this side we just have to I have that too you can use that too foreign [Laughter] all right hi hey sorry okay [Music] all right all right [Music] hi okay [Music] [Music] all right [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign we have a dealer plate so so after SEMA we can legally-ish drive this car Foreign