Video: First Ever SS-Active Widebody R32 GT-R In the USA! Built By Driver Motorsports by GARAGE ACTIVE

Posted: 2023-01-08 01:14:09
Author: ACTIVE4488
In this video, Kazushige Sakamoto, founder of SS-Active meets the owner and builders of the first SS-Active Widebody GT-R in the states.

In this video, they breakdown the components and steps in the build. Driver Motorsports talks about the challenges they had with the car, and how they overcame them to create one of the best and most talked about builds at the worlds largest Automotive trade show, SEMA 2022.

Mr. Sakamoto also talks with Brad, the owner of the car who first purchased and imported the Widebody kit to the United States. Brad talks about how he got connected with Garage Active, and his passion for GT-R’s.

Driver Motorsports Instagram & YouTube Channel: @DriverMotorsports
Watch this car get built in Virginia, USA:

Follow the owner Brad: @therivalgarage
Brad’s Instagram: @rival_gtr

GARAGE ACTIVE Video Transcript

No longer nice to meet you oh man oh what do you think amazing amazing USA we like that we gotta have we gotta have a place happy I’ve got goosebumps got goosebumps it’s honestly the Honor’s all mine your GTR royalty to me so your compliments just

Mean a lot so thank you so much I when I was building the car I had really high expectations the craftsmanship of the body kit when it came in it was so well done that we just knew that we had to be at that high level and then seeing your car last year

We just knew that it was a it just had to be the best R32 we could possibly build ers together we have to um he he probably remembers but last year I was here for an hour every day just staring at the car I just couldn’t stop looking at it you remember

Well I I was taking it all in I it’s it’s a sight to be seen [Laughter] [Laughter] I’ve got an R34 in Japan right now but if if he only had a kit for that yeah midnight Papa sweet yeah yeah yeah I I’m speechless like it’s insane thank you so much thank you

Thank you thank you Christmas foreign So the batteries are under here you flip this up and you pull this and this is how it charges whoa Titanium Oh I love the hard lines they’re they’re such a good place The header lines for the water all handmade Mm-hmm let’s do it we’re excited yeah we love it we love it we uh we try very hard keep it very like perfect but it drove it drives in I mean it’s it’s a running driving car yeah oh yeah foreign Hmm ons foreign foreign Yeah that’s why you don’t see it like yeah yeah because they came out with that whole um super nice I mean I think I mean keeping the the center of gravity low as far as our performance aspect is wonderful we’re bringing like a lot of the like this accessory stuff strip bars the

Cooling panels there was a gentleman reached out to me yesterday at our booth requesting a FRP kit and uh and I was like well I gotta I gotta talk to the guys okay so he has one carbon wet carbon and one uh FRP one it makes me want to do

One on my car so bad they got a kitten stock I know perfect it’s it’s perfect so I want those so bad he has a couple sets I want that a very Hub the doctor hub the the regular bolt pattern okay and message you and you’ll send me some yeah

Yeah I want them on a I want a GTR and the Z both because I guess it’s five by 114 so go on so then I gotta buy new Wheels I love it foreign we’ve met so many cool people and I’m I’m very excited that uh one we got to

Work you know with the with the SS active but to be here to represent it’s been very special for me this one’s you no no first time King we need you to sign that one too whatever please please you got any comments about the body kit or the

Um absolutely so we flat out love it and even being the FRP kit it’s had such a amazing you know reception and we we try hard to compare to the to the garage active cars right the carbon dry carbons and um yeah we love it so I think my

Personal one we’re gonna do it um so like probably my biggest comment is I love how much it accentuates the factory lines and um like a lot of the wide bodies on three twos I’m not a fan because they look so blocky or so bulky and my personal opinion if you didn’t

Know better you’d think this is a factory car our painter even though he had it for quite a long time he said it was one of the best kits he’s had to work with High Praise on the quality of the the product itself and how easy it was to uh

To fit it and yeah it’s a huge blessing you know it’s a very little you know fitment work had to happen power plant Wise It’s the uh the rb30 block with 26 head ported with all the all the goodies Billet cams and then we’re running the

The Nitto 3.2 stroker kit and uh all PRP accessories so the PRP block brace with the integrated Mains rips racing extended sumps so it is still a wet sump engine right now for those that aren’t really familiar with like the the rb26 we’ve done an extensive amount of like

Shave work and customization on the valve covers and talking to a lot of the industry leaders in RB platform they’ve never seen anything like it when we went with this Billet front plate to house the machine fuel pump we had to cut the entire front radius to make this fit

Well then we deleted the mount bolts so you know Devin our fabricator welded across here to basically attach to the ornament plate so it’s kind of like a 2JZ shaved the twin turbo like Notch that was there deleted the igniter Mount and kind of gave it its own Factory

Looking piece so like as if it never existed and then cut away the breathers and Bridge them across the inside again kind of inspired by the 2JZ that’s kind of been the number one oh my God look at that the next would be the uh the turbo manifold which we drew inspiration from

The like the early style inline 6na where all the runners were top mounted like that um so that that’s been a very uh a very key thing that people have talked to us about um and then not to mention the titanium work with the anodizing that we did all

In-house and getting out there looking at looking at your guys stuff man it’s it’s unreal like definitely photos don’t do it justice you know Foreign