Video: Dustin Williams, R32 GTR Gets Rare JDM Parts.. GONE WRONG

Posted: 2023-06-14 17:00:10
Author: Dustin Williams
Thanks @tsm.collision for getting these sideskirts done proper!!
In today’s video, we try to finish up installing the body pieces for my r32 gtr. Upon installing the rear diffuser, I decided it was a little too aggressive for the look of the car currently. This is the Car Shop Glow diffuser, made specifically for an Rx7, but can also be used for an R32 GTR. I think it just sticks out a little too far and throws off the look… what do you guys think?
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign Last time you guys saw the R32 GTR we were working on the beautiful BR side skirts they came out amazing we installed them we took them back off and we brought them to our friends over at TSM Collision to get painted today these side skirts are finished well they’ve

Been finished for a while but we’ve been preoccupied with our R35 GTR build and now that that’s done being wrapped revealed this Friday by the way we can get to finishing up the R32 GTR now we’re gonna make a couple of flashbacks throughout this video because it all has

A cool story you guys remember the BR side skirts which to begin today’s video we’re going to be installing these but if you guys don’t remember this box let’s flash back to almost exactly a year ago in August we made one of our first trips in over two

Years back to Japan and we visited one of the coolest shops ever car shop flow during that visit I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a very very cool and kind of a rare piece from carshop flow for the R32 GTR now in this box is

That piece if you guys don’t remember what this is this is a carbon diffuser for the rear of the R32 GTR and it is absolutely fantastic I showed you guys this in Japan and the plan was to actually take this on the plane with me back home we almost got this thing on

The plane and unfortunately it was too big to fit in the cargo because we got we actually got to the airport a little bit late and if we would have gotten there earlier I think we could have snuck it on but they said there’s no more room especially for a box this size

So top rank was cut enough to ship this over for me and it arrived actually not too long ago so I figured let’s go ahead and put the side skirts on and let’s finish the exterior stuff that I had that I wanted to do with the car shop

Glow carbon diffuser now we’re gonna unbox this as soon as we get done with the side skirts but before we get started with all of that I wanted to remind you guys that this Saturday June 17th we are having the Legends charity car show we’re gonna be bringing the

Fleet so far we’re gonna be taking the 33 the Tokyo Drift Evo the R35 and the giveaway 35 which is right behind us here which you guys will get to see revealed on Friday and then in person on Saturday it’s gonna be really cool it’s

Going to be at the K1 speed in Ontario we’re doing a charity event for our local animal shelter so if you guys are coming make sure to bring donations dog cat food whatever whatever you guys want for pups or bats bring them by and it’ll be a ton let’s hop into today’s video Thank you also one more quick update if you guys don’t remember we put our OEM wing on with the crazy Hornet Wing risers and the fujimura rocket dancer Gurney flop for the OEM Wing that’s this my favorite part of the whole car and I know I’m gonna get the question why have

We not been driving the car well obviously because the side skirts but also about what would you say Tim two months ago you ordered a new alternator for the car and that alternator is still not here and you’re probably asking what I mean an alternator it seems like ours

Is not drawing enough power to charge the battery because of all the upgrades that we’ve done in the car the ECU the screen various things our alternator our stock alternator cannot draw enough power to power our battery so we bought LS alternator oh wow so it’s juicy oh

Okay so yes so I’m afraid that if I drive this car I’m gonna get stranded somewhere so we are just patiently waiting for our freaking alternator to show up and once it does this thing will be fully functional ready for the streets but until then we’ll just keep modifying it making it

Perfect until it’s ready for the stream okay now I’m the shirt First things first before we can put this on the car we’re going to be pairing the side skirt with the carbon extension pieces now that it’s actually painted and by the way TSM did a fantastic job getting this paint matched it looks so good and it’s spot on with

The GTR GTR color from our carbon splitter and top secret front lip up front to the extension to our carbon Gurney flab up top and now with soon of the other diffuser Foreign extension look how beautiful this is let’s get a little a little bit closer so sick the paint is just so good they did a really great I know the GTR well it’s pretty dirty right now but well you get the point yeah it’s really good now

This is going to make a huge difference I just checked out Tim’s side because Tim’s already pretty much done with his and it looks really good now let’s paint match like flows proper ly look at that I know you’re like in the way but step back a little bit baggy of

Screws you just oh oh see if I can one hand this that’s what she said come on here we go you got it all right here we go that looks pretty sick yeah well there we go this is not fully set there we go I just love this like top down view

Where you can like see the carbon you know yeah I get what you’re saying stuff yeah Thank you side skirts complete Tim are you ready for this this big boy I’m I’m excited about it it’s gonna complete the car so I hope so I hope it’s not this thing is it’s big so those of you that don’t know car shop low makes a lot of RX7 stuff but

They did make a batch with some brackets that actually fits the R32 GTR so we have to custom make everything but that’s the fun part right Tim because we just got to figure it out this is the biggest and the juiciest carbon splitter of all time but it’s sick let’s check it out

Talk about JDM goodness this is that thank you absolutely insane oh so it has like little little Burns in it yeah so that’s where you’re supposed to put the stuff this is your first support bracket now to complete the car this car shop glow diffuser is going to be insane you

Guys know we have up front the super aggressive APR front splitter but as well as the top secret front lip probably one of my other favorite pieces on the car through the side skirts which this front view looks absolutely sick especially when you put it down with the wheels on

But then you get to the back and yes the wing is super great but it just kind of gets a little bit plain underneath and that’s where this juicy carbon slitter comes in this is going to complete the car and it’s going to look so damn good okay it’s deep in there dude

So we also have carbon vanes and everything oh this is brackets but the veins that like kind of like split off underneath it are under the diffuser right now so we’re gonna piece everything together we’re actually going to mock this up to see just where it

Sits back here and decide on how we’re actually going to mock this thing up and it’s all in Japanese so we’re just gonna have to figure it out but this is also a definition of Well here’s the initial mock-up now to be quite honest I’m not a hundred percent sure how I feel about it it looks really really cool not on the car and on to be honest it is a really awesome rear diffuser but I think for this application it might be a little

Bit too aggressive I’m not like from the rear though it looks freaking awesome back here well it looks way better with the the wheel on because you can kind of see like the meaty stance and the tires but I think this might be a little bit too aggressive

I don’t know so I haven’t made a final decision yet um I do like the way that it looks and the style of the diffuser I just think it might be a little bit big for the 32 so what we’re gonna do before I make a

Final decision whether to use this or to maybe get the top secret rear diffuser or finish the BR in the rear I don’t really know yet we’re gonna make some custom brackets to make sure this thing is secured from the bottom because we do have side mounts as well these guys kind

Of go on right here and help suck in the sides and then it actually looks really cool it’s just when you get to the rear it kind of pokes out a little bit too far so like I said I haven’t fully decided just yet Tim’s currently making

Some brackets in the back we’re gonna mount it up from the bottom and set the car down and once I see it on the ground I’m gonna make the decision whether we want to continue and bolt it into the side and really permanently Mount this thing or

Scrap it and get something that maybe fits the car a little bit better so let’s see what Tim got here nice so this should suck it up just a little bit more and that way I can get a better view we’re gonna do both sides and the center and go from there

Ryan what what do you think what’s your what’s your opinion no no it’s too much I think it’s too much so guys this is uh this is pretty much where it’ll sit Tim has his custom bracket right there which holds it at the height that we want it

And uh I just think the Shelf like this portion right that’s just it doesn’t go with anything else on the car as much as I want this on here it just but look the thing is it looks so cool from back here from back from back here it looks cool right

But then you you stand up and you get over here and you’re just like what is that now I think that if I had Tim said this I think if I had like a gnarly swan neck Wing then it would look good but with what how the car is right now

It just the rear is too much for the rest then I would say yes it’s a thousand percent attack challenge style diffuser but that’s not how you have the car built right now yeah and it just looks funky it looks weird I think now if you ever decide to do

That then the diffuser like that would look sick I agree I agree I think that uh good guys this might be a failed mission for now at least we can hold it on the back burner if we do go full send but for now I just don’t think that matches I mean

The car is so clean with the BR side skirts and the top secret front lip I think that doing a top secret rear diffuser which is actually like basically the same thing as this but sucked in that would make sense but this I just if I have to think about it this hard

I don’t think that I don’t think it’s the right choice that is I wanted it to work I just keep staring at it and like hoping that the more I look at the better it’ll get it’s just not getting any better pains my soul because I was

So excited to put this on so pumped but now that I see it on the car it just doesn’t fit the build and the vibe of the style of car I was going for right now what do you think Tim I think it’s way too overly aggressive

For what you’re trying to go yeah man you got a good like dude someone’s gonna see like like seven inches that’s like that’s a good seven inches dang it the thing is like I was so hyped when we bought it in Japan I was so

Hyped to ship it here and get it on here and it took almost a year to get here and now that it’s here just we got this but I think the the right and correct thing to do instead of sending it because we do have to drill

Into the quarter panels right here to melt the side pieces um and I would rather not do that until we have something proper that I actually want I think the right thing to do here is to just get the top secret diffuser and do it properly because the top

Secret diffuser like I says the same thing as this except it’s just sucked in right on the bumper where it kind of should be whereas this is if you want to go full stand super extra samax Style this is that I guess and for now where

This build is currently it is not that aggressive well as bummed as I am that the diffuser didn’t work out this car looks so damn cool with the side skirts dude as much as I hate the diffuser didn’t work this is just see this is how I want the car to be now

Yes we need the last 10 percent meaning the rear diffuser but the car looks so damn good let me get this out of here too shoot there we go now this is how I want the GTR to look oh my gosh dude those BR skirts they just completely change the

Car it made it look so much better and and that last 10 percent will get finished so yeah it’s just a matter of time just amazing oh my god dude see this is how I want the g-char to look this is that’s very clean it’s super

Unique like the the style of it is very unique and just this is what this is what I envisioned for it in this period you know in this version of the car it just looks really 90s JDM dude and honestly now that I see like like I

Can picture the rear diffuser that we just had over there and it would have been way too much it would have overpowered it but I think with the front end with the top secret lip the BR side skirts and the rocket dancer Gurney flap in the back that just the car looks

Amazing and whenever we get the freaking alternator this thing is gonna look so good on the road I’m stoked today was sort of a fail but also a very big win because the side skirts were finally on and they look 12 out of 10. well Tim you know what this means

Now that it’s uh almost ready what does this mean next up you guys saw the custom exhaust on the fk8 now we are we should actually show them this yes we should this will be a good little a little additive since we weren’t able to install something we’ll show you guys

What we have coming next for the GTR and as you guys know uh we’ve been fighting this for a very long time we have a massive four inch exhaust which needs to get replaced um it doesn’t truly fit the car underneath it’s sag super low we had to

Cut it short so it has like a turn down that kind of like goes behind the fuel assist or the fuel tank it’s just really weird so what we really wanted to do was create a completely new exhaust here we hold this I’m going to unbox this so we

Have three three inch right yeah it’s three inch we have three inch vibrant stainless steel as well as this is probably my favorite part a proper I can get this out a proper exhaust tip for the car now as well anyway that’s so good let’s go back

To the back so Tim’s next big project is going to be a GTR exhaust which is going to be super nice so we’re gonna have pretty much like a so like a proper boy back here it’s going to be very nice uh it’s pretty much going to be just like the FK

Where it’s straight all the way back but we do have a muffler on the end of this one this car is extremely it’s an it’s incredible it’s still gonna be loud but it’s gonna be muffled down exactly it’s not going to have like a rasp too and

It’ll actually be coming out the rear yes it’s going to be proper so that’s why we kind of wanted to get the diffuser first um because we didn’t know if this was going to fit with that and it actually wasn’t going to there was gonna be a lot

Of cutting needed which sets with any diffuser even if we get the top secret one we probably will have to cut it but I figured we could just go ahead and do the exhaust now and figure that part out later so this is coming next let’s show them the piping

And we got some good stuff isn’t me dope so a huge safety to vibrant for all this stuff as well so this has been getting the next big project but we have the Legends car show coming up this weekend and we are finishing up the R35 as well so once the

35 is done we have probably like the biggest most epic rebuild coming which I’m very excited to share with you guys but once the R35 is done we can get to this and then showing you guys the next build is going to be but for now that how’s your sneak peek Your juice is flowing forget you know it’s just it’s called stay well we made it back safe and sound once the alternator is fixed this thing is going to be the ultimate R32 I am so in love especially with like just this angle right here it is so good and once

We figure out this rear portion it’s gonna make it that much even better I know you guys can’t see it but if you give away 35 is right there we got a little bit of work to do on that which you guys will see coming up soon so

We’re gonna take a quick intermission from the 32 and back to work here To end our video today we’re going to be getting the fleet ready for the car show this weekend so as you guys know Friday is the R35 GTR reveal and you guys can actually come see it this weekend on Saturday June 17th at the legend charity

Car show and to get prepared for that we have Timber over here uh getting all the cars cleaned up and ready to go but shout out to McGuire’s like always we’ve been using their new products to wash all of the cars we have their black wheel cleaner for the wheels as well as

Of course the best Ultimate Wash Wax this is our favorite just because of how bubbly and study it makes it very very good soap so we’re gonna rip all three of these and we’ll be good we have a slow week at the shop this week just

Because of all the stuff that we have to get ready also the weather has been terrible again it’s been cloudy and rainy for the past just like two weeks but this weekend it’s actually supposed to be really nice so it’s finally time to get the cars ready for summer time as

Well as our as our little car shows so far the cars that we’re going to be bringing this weekend are the 33 the 35 the Evo and the new Z Now the real question is for you guys would you rather see the fl5 or the FK race car

Let me know down in the comments we’re gonna be taking one of the type R’s but I don’t know which one to take so if you guys would rather see the fk8 or the f05 let me know down in the comments thank you