Video: Buying Rare GTR Parts from JDM Tuning Shop in Tokyo!! | Car Shop Glow

Buying Rare GTR Parts from JDM Tuning Shop in Tokyo!! | Car Shop Glow

Posted: 2022-08-03 17:00:03
Author: Dustin Williams

Continuing our Japan adventures, we head to a shop called Car Shop Glow. You might have heard of them from RX7’s and crazy car lighting! Car Shop Glow makes awesome aero for attack cars as well. There is a specific rear diffuser that i’ve been wanting for the R32 GTR and we go check it out!

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign Take a look at this guys [Applause] starting our day out with a little bit of katsu lunch super good look who finally decided to wake up and show up it is unbelievably hot today dude it’s have some fun we are gonna head to one one specific shop that i don’t know why i wanted to go here

But ever since i got the fdh i really wanted to go see car shop glow and car shop blow also makes a ton of really nice aero parts for the gt-r so i just thought we’d pop in go check out car shop below see if they even have

Anything in their shop just explore for the rest of the day and have some fun take you guys along so you’re not going to drive today you’re going to be in my passengers i am getting chauffeured by masa today and then you’re going to scream like masa jacob right go make a

Ride you know what are you doing you’re the following yes most likely yeah looks like he’s gonna have that’s my lifestyle Sick all right guys we have made it for our first stop of the day today super late freaking four o’clock right now but oh this is so good first stop of the day is car shop glow check it out some arrow and some headlights

Oh they have the fd here okay this is so weird to see do you know what this car is muscle the attack the legendary car shop glow attack fd here and it’s just completely apart in pieces i think they’re going to rebuild a bit i would think so yeah there’s no

Interior no glass no engine i don’t know if you guys have ever seen this car before but it was insane hopefully i can find it online or something like that this is such a cool attack car whatever it was actually built look at this dude look at the fenders cool

Tell you guys about the attack ft over there well this is actually what it used to look like before it was all taken apart dude all they have track shots right here too legendary attack car but it’s in pieces right now it’s cool that they have some pictures set up guys

Over here too so awesome number one okay another similar type one car number two okay with this plates on uh-huh it’s now owned by a hong kong guy how long he’s driving around that’s car number three oh so it’s a completely different car in general wow so where’s car number one uh car

Number one is at the shop and body shop in chiba they’re doing some work oh sick okay yeah boy so three different cars they all kind of built similarly yeah and that’s their newest build i’m guessing they’re they’re currently on their development right now whoa so

They’re gonna do attack in that one as well yes oh so the engine and transmission harness body has already been made you just need to assemble it oh the body is built by a guy called under suzuki also known as the the well well-renowned attacker it’s good attacker this

S15 right there that’s a wtac attack at s15 he told him by himself and that’s who did their body work for that one yeah and he’s the super like he’s just a normal like us you know type of salaryman type of person but he’s like so so enthusiasts do um time attack he

Started attacking this s15 like from like a phone stop right now this car runs about like 50 seconds on a lap and it’s good things that you would never think of when you come visit these two shows fifty fifty point two seconds oh at scuba wow that’s for those fifteen

Four out of fifteen wow what did the uh fd run fd one um wow that is really really really fast if you don’t know guys like it’s a minute time sub minute time is really where you want to be to like be fast on scuba but like 50 53 insanely fast

10 years ago this car clocked 56 seconds 10 years ago that’s crazy this is everything shocking illegal it has audio system it has ac inside what basically a street car that can around 56 absolutely insane oh my god look so this is the diffuser that you

Can get made for a gtr i kind of like have to like retrofit it from an rx7 but the the side counters right here are from yours yeah but this diffuser is from the this is the original partial plug they used to run the this diffuser and

They’re 32. yeah you can show us the pictures oh nice please just do this so cool ultimate goals this is like what i wanted to come see when i came here so they’re known for their their fds and their like sevens but they do some gtr things as well so cool

Car shop glow is you guys think that clash of clubs like an fd specific shop but actually not only they do just fds gtrs time attacks also they do like an audio custom custom audio custom interior lighting lighting oh they sell these led lights are there like fashion

Clothes specific things so just in a random corner of like a part of one of the cities here in tokyo it’s just so cool so many people in america love this company and like look up to car shop well and here in japan you can just come to the corner street so cool

So this is also hot asan the owner of car shop glow by the way i don’t think i got to introduce him but very nicely going to take us around and show us the cars and the shop and stuff i think he’s going to show us a couple of pictures of

The attack 32 that they used that diffuser on i can see just like miscellaneous arrow pieces hanging around that’s some hps stuff over here so cool dude but there’s like just so much history hidden in all of this stuff for 10 years it was cool arizona was talking to us

And horizon started car shop glow as just your everyday enthusiast hobbyist building lights for himself and doing stereos and stuff like that and one day speed hunters came to their shop and featured their fd which version one empty and when speed hunters featured their lights it kind of just

Went viral and everybody from overseas everybody all over the world really really love their headlights and that’s what kind of got the car shop glow name out there dude it looks so cool out of if you’ve got for the [ __ ] ones you’re like 200 bucks wow i want it so bad

That voltex generator mm-hmm it’s for mario so many pieces like put together to make such a cool kid so they just so that diffuser is based out of the ft w diffuser but they added like the amounts changed amounts in order to incorporate with the 30 yeah

Yeah that’s what i was telling you guys so it’s made for an fd but you can retrofit it to fit a gtr which is what i would really want to do at some point do you want to bring it home hey hi i mean like how it’s been carried on

You’ve got to be kidding me you want to put into my car and if they have it yeah they have it in the storage on a second okay so they’re [ __ ] for you hi oh man didn’t expect this today i mean i haven’t i’m here how can i not do it you know

Here it is no way Whoa masa we’ve got a carbon one hell yeah we needed it we have side skirts but we haven’t put them on yet because we don’t have a rear diffuser we just don’t look funky with the front but now you have it now i masa this is so sick i definitely did

Not expect this i don’t know how we’re gonna get it home but we’re gonna do it guys i brought a seat home one time so i can bring a rear diffuser right this is so cool i just came here because i wanted to see the fd i didn’t get to see the actual

Fda but i got to see version 3 being built and now they actually have the rear diffuser that i want guys you know how hard these are to get in the states and it’s just it’s just on a corner of a shop in the heart of a tokyo city

That’s just so cool to me and like this place has so much history him telling us like 10 years of you know working on cars building cars time attack three different versions of the fd we got a new 32 diffuser Yeah we can create custom brackets oh did he say he can use this bracket oh come on i can’t believe this is really happening it’s like the brackets the brackets the mounts and brackets for the so we got direction piecing together the diffuser and piecing together all the bracketry as

Well which we’ll probably have to modify because it is made for an fd but it can be sick so these are the instructions as well and these are the the bolts that you right right Dude i cannot believe it practical hatchback horizon gave us a little present super cool thank you so much bye-bye thank you this is what happens when you buy jdm parts but like this is what’s so cool guys like i can’t tell you how many times i’ve told tim that i wanted this

Especially when we saw uh kobasan’s gtr the attack gtr that goes to daikoku i saw his car he has this diffuser like the amount of times i’ve said i’ve wanted this diffuser and to like actually go to car shop global and they have one in storage just waiting just calling my

Name i can’t believe it that is so rad i definitely did not expect to spend a lot of money today but when you’re in that kind of situation it’s like a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing you just go send it because if they don’t have this in stock it

Takes so long to be made months and months and months yes so the fact that they had it in stock is just so damn cool we are now going to be getting dinner jamoto-san of spoon and gonna go have a little last dinner with him since i’m heading home in a few days

And then i think afterwards we may hit up daikoku we’ll see we’ll we’ll see what’s going on special segment for today’s video for you guys before we go to dinner with gemotosan we’re actually going to moss’s home and we get to meet mama masa mama masa it is

The woman that brought us masa for the vlogs she speaks no english so just like everybody else here that we meet but it’s fine one day i won’t need masa for a translator please don’t ever please don’t makes him so sad when i say that she watches your youtube videos

Oh this is mama moss’s anime collection yes that’s so cool she’s into demon slayer so dude your mom’s the coolest i know my mom’s cool dude this is so funny total japanese high schooler right here masa is such a goof dude sweetest lady lasso well that’s my mom she’s the best

What a cute little japanese mom thanks oh man okay now we get to go Check this thing out super clean 32 in the wild i love seeing that now you guys comment ask me if i see gtrs all the time when i’m around no we actually really rarely see gtrs out and about just in the wild right it’s very i mean obviously when we go to

Like parking areas and stuff but as far as just driving around town just like you never see them this is a shop it’s called a works my car has the same security system from this company it’s cool your gtr no yeah from yeah we have the same security system freaking v-spec 2 dude

In the wild what exhaust we have down here lmgt4s oh look at look at the rate look at the the racing sticker you guys right there what is that that’s like for so you know 2011 they had an earthquake right yeah so they made that as like a what one

Razor type of stick oh cool it’s signed by somebody which is pretty cool man super clean gtr Oh this place is dope Japanese fried chicken tonight’s meal is yakitori which is kind of like uh skewers in america but japanese style super good This is a chicken cookie chicken and eggs chicken is apparent egg is a kid and this name is oyakodon means family that’s so good After dinner we have somehow found ourselves akihabara again this time with a ton of awesome cars the whole squad’s here we’ve got chase albo’s actually borrowing the spoon fk8 that’s oh yeah so funny enough we just had dinner with moto-san from spoon and apple is borrowing the car from spoon because

This weekend we’re going to gamma and we’re going to be running some togays dude this thing is going to be sick on the token you’re ripping you’re going to be so fast it has so much front and grip is insane oh it’s going to be crazy there’s no way i’m

Going to keep up with you in the r34 it’s so fun it’ll be sick we’re gonna hit a lot of tokens this weekend but yeah we have a whole squad here at akibaro tonight super cool I get this thing inside yep i’m so tired good thing it’s carbon because it’s super light that is one massive piece right there dude i didn’t realize that that diffuser is pretty much big thing that’s as tall as i am dude it is that’s so sick i’m so stoked that we got

It successful freaking day man well guys we just got back from akiba super sick had an amazing day very unexpected day moss and i did not expect to spend all day doing cars and stuff it was super awesome yeah we surprised we’re supposed to chill with no car

Stuff we’re gonna be like ah maybe we’re like discussing in the car right guys so guys we thought we’re gonna be like a pretty much a boring blog vlog today because we’re not going to do hey masa we’re not going to do car stuff today though we’re like yeah i’m not yet it’s

Not doing stuff but you know what maybe car chevrolet won’t be interesting you know because we don’t own fds and we’re like yeah yeah like hey they make like cool arrow parts they might have some muscles like nah yeah it turns out yeah and horizon was

Super sick the owner of karsha blue is so nice very nice person but yeah that’s where we’re gonna end today’s video guys i am i’m exhausted i need to go edit and get some sleep because tomorrow we have a crazy day maybe a little bit of tokyo

Drift stuff maybe a little bit of driving some porsches well you guys will see it tomorrow but yeah thank you guys very much for watching today’s video let’s say the one nice japanese word for you guys oyasumi oh yeah me please hit that like button subscribe to the

Channel we’re almost at 650k so that would be super awesome if we can get there yeah we’ll see you guys in the next one peace out guys