Video: 9 Second 1/4 Mile TE27 Corolla Dragster Dubbed “Executioner”

9 Second 1/4 Mile TE27 Corolla Dragster Dubbed "Executioner"

Posted: 2023-06-12 15:00:39
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Sorry Neighbors The Executioner this is just [Laughter] That smile that’s how you know when you build the car of your dreams you know this is this is no joke this is crazy thank you man I appreciate it I don’t even know where to begin like you’ve got a parachute on this thing it just got installed now

The last time I raced I was able to run a 980 on the quarter mile at over 140 miles an hour so 140 in this thing Foreign And then you didn’t have a parachute I didn’t have a parachute I didn’t have a full roll cage I only had front brakes look at my front tire wait a minute so now so now we’ve upgraded everything you know we never thought 135 135 or it’s like a bicycle time yeah yeah

So since then we upgraded to the T3 Wilwood uh front brakes and uh installed some rear brakes make it a little safer yeah just a little bit we never thought we were able to go that fast in our in our whole entire lifetime so so then

When you’re at the drag strip yes I’m assuming that you run a different Wheel and Tire setup yes I have my slick 13 inch by Nine Inch 24 inch thick this being the big island and the fact that you guys actually have a quarter mile drag strip drag racing is pretty much

The most popular this is this is probably the island well especially for these cars this is probably the island that represents the most um that keeps the old school Toyotas alive you know back in the day Oahu was probably the place to be you know we’re in Hawaii Raceway

Park was going and but since then that has closed down for some 10 15 years now yeah and Hilo seems to be the hot spot for the three others now it’s pretty sad to me honestly especially because Oahu that island has five times the population of Big Island but they just

Don’t have the space right they have a lot of cars like this yeah you know but no place to race do they ever shift their cars over yeah so there’s a lot of people that ship their cars from Oahu either to Kauai Maui are here because that’s the only three islands it has

Yeah got it yeah what did this start life as was this your street car so this was actually a car that I traded for from a good friend in Kona I traded him for a start at 81 Starlet and uh when I got it it was just a shell there was no

Dashboard there was no windows there was no seats there was no engine no tires no rims what year is this this is a 72 Corolla it’s kind of mixed match and pieced together it’s not really one of those you know JDM fully restored to original

Kind of a thing this is like a 72 with like a 7374 front end and it retains at 71.72 back end when you see the tail lights you think it’s a 71 or 72 then when you come in the front you think it’s a 74. so it always keeps people guessing yeah

Did you grow up around these is that why you wanted one of these yeah so it’s like it was a family thing my older brother that passed away he was into dats and 510s and uh then my other brother that pretty much taught me everything about these cars you know

He’s been in it since he was in high school and I slowly you know started to show interest and follow and this is where we are today you know what’s your intention to build just the all-out dragon never never was an intention it never was the intention to

Even put a Turbocharger in here you know I was a hardcore nitrous guy so I would run around with the 45 Weber’s you know and and use the nitrous at the racetrack and the fastest that I got it to go with the nitrous was 11-0 at 119. I was

Really trying to run at the end but it wasn’t happening so um Brendan at PSI my my good buddy at PSI racing um he convinced me to go turbo he told me man if I go turbo I’ll skip the tens and I’ll go to the nines and he was right

Can we take a look at the engine because of course this is just I I don’t really know what to call it it’s like a work of art but it’s also functional yes um that was the whole point of this you know to to keep it like as beautiful as

As original as it could be you know because there’s a lot of these engines around there’s a lot of the plane polished or the painted stuffs you know so I actually have a really good friend his name is Shane Vincent here in Hilo um he actually told me one day he had

Bought an engraver and he wanted to try and practice on my stuff then I was kind of you know to be honest I was a little iffy because I didn’t know what this would turn out to be because it was a perfectly Polished valve cover and when

I got it back wow I was really impressed with what he did so this is basically his first two pieces that he’s ever done there’s just something about Hawaiian style yeah I don’t know what it is the way you guys do things I mean like look

At that oh man look at that that’s one of a kind it’s so cool man it’s it’s unlike anything else but this too this is so crazy so uh how much of the original Motors left I mean it says built not bot I know this is uh is it a

Stock block or what so this actually is a 3tc this motor the original motor actually came out of a car that you’re going to video a little later oh that’s out of that black no budget car so I got that out of that car while they were

Planning on doing the Jay-Z swap we had this uh line line honed and set for uh Billet main caps it has everything all internals from PSI racing Trump Pistons seven to one Eagle h-beam connecting rods Factory crank and then so how many liters is it this

Right here is uh 1776 so it’s a 1.8 1.8 yeah yeah okay it’s bored out to 86 and a half millimeter that’s 60 over of factory but it also drops a lot of compression from Factory so from eight and a half to seven to one then that’s for the turbocharger

Turbo is a Precision turbo 6266 Gen 2 ball bearing and it’s paired with a custom one of one PSI racing exhaust manifold where is PSI located PSI is in Bradenton Florida and he uh he has ran 690s with the 3s GTE kind of the same engine that is in Ryan’s Style

Yeah so he built that engine in that Stout so you know you know that’s going to be a wicked drifting man oh man I can’t wait for that yeah yeah and then have you had a chance to dino this yes I did so when I first got everything

Together and for me I I cannot rely on anybody to try and you know go and tune it for me because I I’m the kind of person that I want to be in there I want to be able to know what’s going on you

Know so it took me a while it took me about a year of Street tuning and looking at all kinds of videos online to to try and gain this knowledge to tune and when I finally had the courage to go to the dyno we did really good on the

First time we did a four 458 at 31 Pounds in third gear which is pretty decent for these engines you know when I ran the 980 I I had it at 35 pounds of boost so I feel probably the max will be around 40 pounds of boost and I think we

Could get it about 550 maybe close to 600. um well that’s crazy especially because how much power did this make originally from the factory oh man I want to say 90 horsepower they come out in out of the factory so you potentially could be making six to seven more times or more

Yes because that’s wheel you’re talking about wheel horsepower 90 and when you feel it in the car it feels like a hundred times more than a voucher yeah because have you had a chance to weigh this no I haven’t uh well you know what

Take that back I have in the past it was 2100 with me inside that was pre-roll cage and pre-turboed as when I had carburetors and nitrous so I want to say 1940 without me inside and just with the engine it’s very light yeah very light and the the crazy thing is it’s still

Pretty much intact full interior roll cage carpet not original but you know just pieced together just enough to make it look good enough you know so what is this so that’s um my EGT sensors I didn’t have a place to put it so I just put it there for now

Um what that does is it reads my exhaust gas temperature after every run it’s kind of my old setup that I used to run with my nitrous I actually could buy a health Tech that would plug into my can bus but for now just using with what I

Have so this is more like a manual EGT controller that I can kind of go back and play and see what’s going on so this weekend you’re actually going yeah this weekend we’re going to the track do you think you’re going to break your personal best oh yeah I think so I think

Our personal best is 989 at 140. we’re trying to go for at least a 970 you know my buddy says we could probably go 950s but 988 would be great so what’s the restriction for this local track here is it Rama youbron or yeah it’s basically Run Road Burlington ihra sanction track

It’s really doesn’t have the best prep so it’s almost as if I would wanna say like it’s almost like a no prep you know um maybe a little better than a no prep but definitely not like a track like Orlando when I went to Orlando it was

Amazing you know the track prep was so great so then uh is this going to be the first time you’re running with a parachute yeah it is I want to be kind of scared to pull it it’s going to be such a funny feeling oh yeah I have the Jitter just

Thinking about it like I’m literally just a tad nervous for the first time in my life so do you still drive this on the street I do very rarely it is fully street legal you know mostly take it to meet or you know maybe once in a great

While on the weekend take a beach cruise around or something you know but as far as everyday no I don’t you know but it is legal it could drive every day would I want to do it no not at all and then what have you done for the transmission

Transmission is a factory Celica transmission from the 70s it’s a w50 cast iron when you look online a lot of people say that this Trends cannot handle pass about 275 to 80ish horsepower so imagine now we’re like probably approaching double that I can’t believe you’re running those times in

This manual I know it doesn’t last long you know so so far I ran 4 or nine second runs and a couple of 10 second runs with this transmission so I did about five or six passes and let’s hope that it holds a little more what’s next

Like what’s something so what we do here is every time we see a junk truck or a junk Celica or anything that we can get our hands on hundred dollars two hundred dollar trans we just keep buying them you know so we have a bunch at home of

Course ideally you don’t want to break them right you don’t want to have to keep changing them but that’s you know for now I guess that’s what we’re going to be doing in the future you know possibly upgrading to a GeForce five speed but once you do that

There goes your street car you know yeah so as far as racing I hardly race the car through maybe once a year so if I change the trends once a year it’s not too bad so then what about the rear end rear end is a factory

Um Hilux Toyota truck we’re in from the 1970s 1971 to 1974 what they are there they’re both on to this car and the factory axles and gear set they handle pretty well you know I’m almost wondering when is the breaking point of that also you’re getting to this point

Where it’s you’re on the limit yes for so many things on this vehicle yes uh so then is it locked it’s a welded rear end so you know it’s kind of like a cheat a little bit you know a cheapy a cheapy chitty amazing so did you guys build the cage

Um no I actually had a buddy um Dean timelson miles welding and Hilo he just finished this up a couple months ago but on the island on the island okay yeah full Chrome Molly cage how many performance shops are here not necessarily any performance shops you

Know like one that you would see in the in the US you know like not really any here there’s like small repair shops that do Dino work there are small garages that build cars like how we have it my brother’s house or like how they built this truck you know and because

The community is pretty small I’m I’m assuming that everybody kind of helps each other everybody helps each other that’s the best part about being here you know of course there there are times where there’s a little tension you know but for the most part Hawaii is just Aloha you know everybody helps everybody

Yeah now it’s cool to me because uh car culture finds a way you know we’re out here with our friends from Toyota and I’ve been showing them kind of the things I’ve been shooting and they’re just so blown away because they’re like wait a minute there’s a race track here

Wait a minute people modify their Toyotas here you know and yeah that that’s what is cool you know like it’s just no matter where I travel in the world I just love seeing the local car culture and I like to see what they like you know and this is just so inspiring

To me that this exists thank you I love it Hawaii is definitely the land of Toyotas you know whether it be trucks or old schools or oh yeah you know how I loves Toyotas just like jokoy would say yeah scary bro and share it why is this called the Executioner

Executioner is actually a name that my brother had on his car in the 90s and he took a break from Racing for like about 10 years or so and I couldn’t help myself I told him bro I need to use the name it’s so cool that you have the plate though oh yeah

I love this so much so you actually had this painted no so what happened was there was actually a blemish in the paint they were there actually wasn’t supposed to be a name on the car oh so there was a little blemish in the paint

Here so I called up a guy that does this kind of artwork and whatever and he suggested that you know he could do this at the shop on a vinyl sticker and see how I like it so when he came to do the name he’s like here’s a sticker how do

You like it I was like it’s good he put it right over the last spot of the paint and then rolled the Executioner right away it looks great yeah I think it looks cool I I just it just has that style there’s something about this

I love that you have a plate and you have the parachute this is so cool like this I want to try driving it on the road like this you know see if the cops pull me over Hawaii is a little lenient so I think they might give me a break honestly this

Would be a cool drag week car you know yeah the way it sits right now right usually there’s a muffler but I kind of set the car up to go drag racing early this weekend so even now we’re over here trying to switch this tube over so we

Could just run off the wastegate and either that I’ll be running 35 pounds on pump gas right now I usually run it on E85 Um so so uh would it what uh you think you can burn some rubber in this thing or oh of course I can sorry Neighbors [Laughter] what an evil what an evil laugh this is the Executioner yeah definitely is so I don’t really I can’t really put my finger on it it doesn’t sound like any other inline four it sounds so crazy it’s that old 350 Power Man you see it is that three TC Fire Man

So so so cool you can find uh my buddy that has all of uh 3 PC 3sgt everything Toyota BSI racing on Instagram and Facebook so cool yeah so cool it’s still smoking look at this Smoke’s still pouring out you think you’re ready for the races man

I I hope so man good luck man I want you I want you to get your personal best you know people say I should put tape over here to cover my flares and my car it’s it’s so good and only tape it’s so good that’s what we

Build it for right this is just I love this I love this car so much starting them off young start them off right yeah was that cool or what was that cool yeah hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign

Every single one of these this is the perfect gift Aura is the perfect piece of art for your wall foreign [Applause]