Video: オーストラリアのGT-Rフェスティバル |  珍しくて美しい車がたくさんありました | エキサイティングなドラッグレース by GARAGE ACTIVE

Posted: 2023-08-05 10:00:11
Author: ACTIVE4488
In this video, Kazushige Sakamoto spends the day with some of the world’s most passionate GT-R fans in Sydney Australia.

GT-R Festival was created by Andrew Hawkins from @MotiveVideo to be a celebration of all things GT-R. They had drag racing, drifting, and dyno tests. In addition, all kinds of rare, beautiful and custom GT-R’s were on open display. They had every single iteration on N1 GT-R. Including two R34 GT-R V-Spec N1’s, a 1 of 18 R34 GT-R V-Spec 2 N1’s, as well as a couple R33 GT-R N1’s, and a pair of R33 GT-R N1’s. There was also a 400R conversion done on an already rare R33 GT-R N1, with a factory 400R bonnet, seats, strut tower brace, and more on display.

@DahtoneRacing somehow managed to pull together and complete the body and start the interior of the first Garage Active Widebody R32 GT-R in Australia. The color turned out fantastic, and you can see how the audience reacted in this video. Suprisingly, they were also able to fit test the Garage Active R33 GT-R Widebody kit they are building for a customer in the United States.

GARAGE ACTIVE Video Transcript