Transforming My R34 GT-R – NEW Color?!

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Posted: 2023-11-09 11:06:25
Author: Dino DC
After close to 6 years the wrap is coming off the GT-R! Thanks to Nakamura-san at Encode who originally applied the wrap, we got busy and spent a very long day at his new shop in Utsunomiya once again giving light to the Bayside Blue! With the wrap removed some paint issues had to be addressed so the car was then taken to a body shop for some work!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

All right so we’re still betting in the clutch and I’ve been told to do these clutch kicks here one two four five so that will uh help the bed in process get some heat into discs and uh get the clutch to do his job Properly hey so you joined me today at uh encode so this is the shop that originally wrapped my GTR back in 2018 when it was uh on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon at the Hashimoto Corporation Booth uh sponsored by Brembo and KW and the car has pretty much kept the same

Wrap I haven’t really taken the time to remove it because I knew that I would want the same person that actually fitted it to remove it properly because he actually spent a lot of time taking off body panels and getting that WRA to kind of go around the edges and stick

Properly and probably why it’s uh lasted so long but uh we’re just waiting for the shop to open and we’re going to go inside and start working on the car and the goal is to finish today in one day to remove the wrap completely and then take care of something that’s

Underneath but we’ll get to that uh later on so on we go with the D wrapping oh man look at the light setup that’s sick so here’s the wrapping Studio tons of LED lights color controllable so you can see every little imperfection while you’re applying the Rck Okay so we put the car in Nakamura San’s shop this Nakamura San he’s going to be doing his thing today removing the wrap that he put on back in 2018 and uh this used to be his old company now it’s encoded up here in utun numia toig Ken All right so to assess the situation first um Nakamura son started with the heat gun and started peeling off the edges so as you can see the wrap gets or at least got wrapped around the edges of the hood and pretty much every panel so figuring stuff out from the very

Edge the the actual brand of the wrap was Avery Denson oh this one here yeah apparently it’s a good quality wrap so hopefully it comes off as easy as it went on so we pulled it out uh so the car at least the front end can catch a bit of sunshine

It’s actually a very warm day today even though it’s end of October and hopefully that will help in making the wrap a little bit softer You got this Got all right so we pulled uh the first panel the Bonnet now we’re going to take off the bumper and start working on that um the Bonnet came out it was a bit hard to remove I mean considering it’s been 5 years actually over five years uh we’re

Hoping that the side panels are going to be a little bit softer because they get less uh direct sun light so uh on we go The all right looks like a bit of disaster but the reason is uh some of the sticky part is staying behind but it’s very easy to remove you just rub it back and forth and it comes off it looks like it’s actually paint chips but um one of

The other things that need to be repainted is the front bumper so in order to have a smooth uh vinyl wrap we actually had to sand it down and fill up all the little Stone chips that were behind all right so uh slight break from wrapping or de wrapping the GTR uh the

Owner of the facility actually here has just showed up in his brand new lc300 Land Cruiser diesel which Nakamura San wrapped for him in this uh flat gray looking so sick on uh raay Wheels we have good rdge tires and he’s actually just finished a coating on the

Window well like a film this is literally my dream car which I’m not allowed to buy in Japan because they close the order books you cannot buy a new lc300 be it diesel or gas you just they don’t make them I don’t know why but here you go so this is the

Diesel version always cool when you kind of meet other car people that are willing to show you their Cars All right so here we go back to this mess lunchtime and we’re not even halfway through it’s going to be a long day all right so local soba restaurant for lunch I always enjoy these local places going to be good local shops are always the best in Japan and the best

Thing about uh coming to shops outside of Tokyo is the the volume of food you get check out that mountain of SOA and hand cut handmade and then Olen tempora so back to the shop we go to remove the rest of the Wp So of course we need to actually remove the bumper and the light trim of the back so we can actually remove these pieces and then we have to go back and refine so this is actually um adhesive residue that actually comes comes off um but we have alcohol to remove it so

These are the hotter Parts where uh the wrap really got burnt onto the paint so just need to take a bit more care and then here we’re going to be using this big light to heat it up and then get it really soft before we peel it off and this is the

Fine job that has to be done with tweezers all right so we’re 7 hours in there’s four of us now working and removing everything uh some panels actually work better than others still have to do the door here but for example here it came out quite nicely uh there’s

Some glue residue that we need to address after this and of course I still have to tell you guys the original the original reason that I actually wrapped this car was because right before Tokyo Salon in 2018 when I had to exhibit the car somebody keed it and because of the

Time available all paint shops were busy uh finalizing cars for toky Auto Salon so my only option was to wrap it and that’s why I ended up becoming green and staying green for 5 years but not anymore so tomorrow I take the car to the painter and he has to address the

Bumper which was also um you know puted up all the the paint ships have to be smoothed out uh this was covered up and puted up and there’s also this little blemish here on the front fender so we going to have to spray three panels and get it looking as best as

Possible and then uh we’ll take it to to get detailed cleaned up polished and hopefully it will be a perfect looking Bayside blue 34 so it’s it’s not just a a question of like applying uh wrap to a car but of course a lot of parts need to

Be removed so you can see here the door handles had to be taken away because they were originally taken away when we actually wrapped it you see how much dust has settled there mirrors too we got rid of the spoiler here because that’s all uh wrapped in every possible surface

So we have to quickly do that tail lights and the mirrors and so yeah s hours in hopefully we can finish in another three or four I don’t know we’ll see how we go oh and I actually found the vspec logo that I was looking for it was actually hidden behind the [Applause]

Lights [Applause] Is all right it’s past 9:15 p.m. we’ve been at this 12 hours and we’re almost there wrap is off the roof that was the last piece Wing is back unfortunately some small um pieces actually ended up donating some paint but that’s okay cuz we can just add it into the painting

Of the Bonnet and the bumper so uh all this stuff is the adhesive that has remained stuck to the bumper so we’ll have to address this uh before the car us to paint or actually the paint shop can actually take care of that uh so we’re trying to save as much time as

Possible and uh finalize things door cards are next and then we can head back to Tokyo Okay so here we are with that massive scratch that’s waiting to be fixed but um thanks to Nakamura we did it it took 13 hours but we got there in the end and now we are Off M all right so it’s a new day in the r34s restoration so the wrap came off I’m now at okada Bania so it’s a body shop just outside Tokyo in misato they’re going to be taking care of repainting the bumper the Bonnet the fender and then this little side piece

Of uh I guess the initial part of the side skirt which unfortunately some paint came off when we pulled the wrap so uh there a slight little uh thing that got patched up there before the paint uh before the wrap brother so these guys are going to be taking care

Of this and then the car will end up going to a detailing shop to take care of the rest so it’s going to hopefully restore some shine back into it and it’ll be looking pristine