Throtl: We Turned Our Civic Into A Drift Car! (Rear Wheel Drive, Turbo, Hydro, Wide Body, New Wheels)

Posted: 2023-09-07 16:00:07
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

We absolutely love our K20 turbocharged Civic dub the freak and that’s why we’ll be transforming it from this to this we have plans to take this car to the next level and with this car now making over 500 wheel horsepower we’ve got to get some more Tire underneath it we reached

Out to our friends over at Mosey Custom Design in Thailand they actually crafted us a one-off kit for the freak now they make this kit for the general public however they tweak this one for us by adding vents in front of the rear wheels and behind the front wheels now there

Ain’t nothing to it but to do it let’s get started let’s do it bro One of the really cool things about this body kit we actually made custom logos for every piece of this kit so sick When I started making the first cut first cut ever to the freak well well to the body right after it was done done send it In order for us to get the right angle see how it goes up and down you notice here it’s going up and down because I’m moving this back and forth the reason why I’m moving this back and forth because it needs to line up because this area right here see the

Difference how fitment gets better and it doesn’t so we’re trying to find the perfect fitment here and that’s going to allow me to put a bracket here to hold on the perfect angle that it needs to be for this thing to be accurately where it

Needs to because if I do this first and then try to do the bottom part I’m literally going to rip the holes off the body kit we’ve done this once or twice and we’ve learned to check every angle and see the movement and there’s a lot of movement on this Here the rear overlay panel is on I just gotta make one more bracket we’ll install the side skirts and we’ll move on to the other side Winnie the Pooh AKA Queen of the only one’s actually gonna help me on this side we’re going to heat up start

Getting this all placed on the car so that we can kind of kill Traverse of one stone kind of speed up the process a little bit while Ricky’s finishing that we’re starting this the car is looking really awesome Foreign Kit is now fitted in its first format with self-tapping screws and now we’re going to pull the kit off Mark the fenders where we’re going to cut start cutting the first Fender is cut took a big section out basically what we’re doing there is allowing for tire clearance if

The suspension compressor doesn’t hit the old inner Fender now visually you’ll see just the outer Fender we need to get way back in here towards the door because this Fender actually has these vents we want to make sure that when you look through those vents you don’t see

Fender behind it we want this to actually be functional not only visually it’ll also work but you’re not going to see it behind the fender which is pretty cool [Applause] [Applause] Foreign there buddy custom paint Mick hot off the press let’s see what we got here oh doctor some wide boys oh you guys know we love the new motegi two-piece Forge line white on white 15 can only mean one thing look at these Wells two piece welded yeah we’ve actually never done

Like uh everything in one color sick we have the lip on that for a Civic this is a brand new design for motegi as well that we chose for this car very cool hey everybody I want to interrupt today’s video to introduce our partner car vertical we use car vertical around here

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To buy a new used car definitely give car vertical a shot you can click the link in the description down below and you can use code throttle for 10 off when you sign up for the site now let’s get back into today’s video All right Oh man I love wide 15s 13 14 15 and a nice wide width always looks so cool It was really simple really just trimming out the materials not needed anymore and figuring out a solution to mount the front bumper to the fender which we’ve already done time to move on to the back which is where the real work begins foreign Minus the fender welding the driver’s side is completely finished we got two tires mounted up the body kit is on while Ricky’s working on the passenger side I’m gonna get our other two wheels and tires mounted up to get this thing back on the ground We have all of our wheels and tires mounted up it’s time to throw them on a balancer and get these things balanced I didn’t get them on the car Final piece is our motegi center cap we’re going to pop these on then move on to working on the car Foreign I just got done cutting the rear quarter panel and Mickey cut the other one next thing that I really need this thing on the left so we can jack it up and then in the air I’ll be able to measure cut metal and then weld our new wheel wheels

That I’m going to be doing thank you This is probably the most important work as you’re sealing the inside from the outside making sure no rust can start on the car and you also don’t have any pinholes in the wells and then like that that’s going to allow water inside the car so Ricky did a killer job this is

Probably one of the nicest Fender jobs I’ve seen down here in our shop there really was not anything major to fill he already sprayed the work with primer so it’s not going to rust and then we’re going to seal it now with uh basically a silicon

Next up for the Civic we’re going to be installing a Wilwood hydraulic hand brake we need to get it mounted up by the shifter area we’re going to send the car out to what would they’re going to make some lines for it and we’ll be done

So let’s see what we’re working with so here’s our handbrake we’ve got the Wilwood master cylinder set up on it I would like it right about here that’s about good spacing from the shifter and the steering wheel when it’s installed what I want to do is try and make a

Mount under this and so it’ll kind of come up and stick out the side it’d be nice to not cut the center console up to mount it and I don’t really think we need to so we’re going to take all of our center console stuff off and then

Start figuring out what the mount is going to look like how it’s going to mount at the car let’s take it apart good start So this is the plate that the hydraulic hand brakes are actually going to mount to this is going to allow us to just have it a bolt-on bolt off so that’s going to be our plan for mounting the hydro no let’s just actually keep let’s go foreign I’m here with Anthony Ricky’s son and we are going to be stripping off the Livery for the freak so we’re going to be kind of surprising the guys when they get in on Monday the freak is going to be bare just back to black and carbon fiber which is gonna be really exciting

Because it’s almost time to apply the new wrap to this car the new livery very excited and it’s just time for a little change up so we’re gonna surprise the guys and we’ll get started right now thank you We’re now at the Wilwood Warehouse facility brought the freak with us because we got a little special project we’re working on with the guys here at Wilwood and you will notice that it looks a little naked and that’s because we recently took all of the racing vinyl

Off of it because we’ve got something planned for it coming up very shortly after this trip to Wilwood Foreign Making 550 wheel horsepower it’s important to be able to stop it we’re in the right place for that thankfully so we’re going to start getting on the back brakes here with the boys and uh they’re going to do some upgrades for us there when this thing leaves here today it’s

Going to be stopping very strongly and I’m excited about that Right here on this table we’ve got all the new rear brake parts so they didn’t go on the freak I’ve got my camera from Wilwood here he does the engineering and a lot of the fitments out here in the shop been here forever right yeah like forever thanks for reminding me like

Forever ever so show us what we’ve got and tell us what makes this better than what’s on the car currently so this is a hybrid kit that actually our friend Brian over at fast breaks builds using a lot of our Wilwood components along with parts that he sells and makes cool and

We’ve used his stuff on a few of our other builds oh yeah great and if it’s Honda import base he’s the one being a Honda guy like I love that Honda literally you can take a brake kit from a Civic and It Bolts onto an early NSX

Kind of crazy nuts and people trip out on that but I’m like that’s the nice thing about well really Toyota Honda Nissan they all kind of do that but Honda does it really well the brakes you have on it we were just talking are basically the factory DX breaks off of

That part now that your rear wheel drive way more horsepower yeah we’ve got the right setup on the front especially on the 15-inch wheel but this is going to give us a lot more torque we’re probably an inch larger rotor significant upgrade is going to be going from a floating

Caliper so right now you’ve got a caliper on the back of the car that’s pushing on the inside and it pulls on the outside yeah you see how I’m moving yeah yeah that’s all compliance and we don’t want that in a race we want it to be as solid as possible Once the guys finish up the front Corners we’re gonna go ahead and get the wheels and tires back on the scene make sure we have no interference which we shouldn’t because we haven’t changed anything in the front as far as diameter goes in the back we already checked for

Clint so we’re good there so as we hold this thing off the lift we’ll get it out to the trailer get it loaded back up and then we’re gonna head back to San Diego Foreign Let’s go baby we’re gonna get a color change on the Civic you guys want to take the wrap with you rip because it’s over there rip that’s the same the whole joke you guys have for me before is gonna become reality so you’re welcome it’s over there bro I knew that

All right we’ve arrived here at SD design house and we’re going to be dropping the Freak off for its new look we’re gonna get the car inside and let them get started Thank you We are here at SD design house we are going to pick the Civic up I have not seen the Civic since we dropped it off so I’m very excited to see what the car looks like I have some idea but I don’t know exactly what details were unwrapped

And what was left wrapped so gonna be cool it’s going to be a really nice color change for this car That’s hot dude [Applause] well the freak is finally complete it’s been four long years in the making all inside our shop which is pretty rewarding and a lot of custom fab time and work spent that on this car between me starting it with Ricky Quinn taking on some of the roles as he was brought

On the team over the years this car has lived on and is living up to the expectations that I’ve always had for it as you can tell we’ve recently wrapped it in white and nosotech vinyl which was kind of always the idea for the look of

This car we really wanted to make this like a street car Type R style rear wheel drive EK and that brings me to the logo that we applied last night before we loaded in the trailer and that’s the freak logo now we’ve went back to the

Lineage of the Civic Type R we’ve used the r from Honda we repurposed it and we put it in the logo to kind of give it that feel of a Civic Type R you guys know what the freak stands for it stands for front engine rear drive EK and that

Makes this car very special we got to spend the last four years building this car everyone has had their hands on this car for the most part in some way shape or form and held to make it what it is today now that it’s finally complete we

Get to enjoy the fruits of all of our labor out here at the Barona race track in Ramona California we wide bodied the car using a Mosey wide body kit we’ve added some motegi two-piece Wheels to widen the stance and fill up those big arches these are 60 millimeter over

Arches this thing is now massive it looks so cool and we’ve added 245 Falcon a Zenith rt660s on all four corners this thing has a square setup what’s really cool about that is it’s going to help with grip at the drag strip but let’s be honest we didn’t build this car to drag

Race we built this car to take to the circuit and have fun with and maybe even some Skid days slide it around do some drifting earlier in the video we added a Wilwood handbrake which is going to help us do some sliding if we want that works

Really good I’ve been testing it this morning and I’m really happy with the outcome I think now that we have a big brake kit that’s proper for this car underneath these massive two-piece motegis and a bigger tire with our wide body kit we’ve really got a potent

Weapon here and that brings me to the next point is that we are going to have the freak out of the grid life event here in the coming weeks and we’re going to get to enjoy it at the circuit what it was meant to be doing which is going

Would be really fun if you guys want to see us get this thing out to any other circuits around the United States let us know in the comments section if there any YouTubers you want to see us collaborate with and maybe even let them drive it or race against let us know

That too thank you guys so much for tuning in today we hope you love this free content we’ll see you in the next one Thank you foreign