Throtl: We FINALLY Have a Track! (throtl Testing Grounds!)

Reading Time: 12 minutes
Posted: 2023-01-27 17:00:34
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

You guys have been asking us to take our cars to the track more often for so long we’ve seen so many comments about it and I’m happy to announce that we finally have structured a deal with Barona Speedway here in California right outside of San Diego and we are going to

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You 21 free meals and free shipping that’s right 21 free meals and free shipping by going to and using the promo code throttle 21. now let’s get back to today’s video all right so here we are on the main grandstands here at Barona right in

Front of the eighth mile drag strip now you guys have seen us race here several times before so we’ll roll a couple Clips you guys can see some stuff we’ve done but this is where we’re going to be doing most of our testing for next year

It’s a great drag strip it’s so close to the shop which makes this place super accessible and we can come out here whenever we install new parts or whenever we get a new car and really put down some baseline numbers on it the other thing that is really cool about

Barona is we’re hoping that we can actually throw some events here this year and invite you guys out to the track and bring you guys along for the ride maybe you guys can bring your cars here as well and race them against the throttle cars I think that’d be cool so

If you guys want to see something like that please drop a comment in the comment section below alright so here we are at a open lot and this I think we have something really special we’re going to try to do it we’re going to try

To create a course or a track that we can come back to every time that not only has a road course portion but also leads into the drag strip we’ll set up cones we’ll make a course so we’ll show you guys what that looks like what’s really cool is I think there’s actually

Enough tarmac here to actually do some lightweight drifting as well so maybe some laundry stuff or yeah okay turns and I give you practice out here easily I Envision we get a bunch of cones we use the aerial footage that we have and we come up with some type of course it

May take a couple iterations for sure to figure out but there’s quite a bit of space up here to do some stuff up here loop around maybe you could even potentially do it twice I’m not sure but the key is going to be to making sure we

Can recreate it every time we come here so we can actually keep lap times yeah so we’ll actually have like a leaderboard we’ll be able to pit the Supra against the Viper against the eclipse against the Civic all those different things and really try to see

What is the best well-rounded car on the track you know what else would be cool is we could also invite other people to come out here yeah if you guys want to see specific people come race on our course please drop them in the comment section tag them below let’s get some

People out here I was even telling them I agree but you’re getting a little ahead of yourself we need to figure out how we’re gonna lay this out first and we also need to come up with a cool name I agree I like that so we’ve reached the

End of section one and we have a turn here so depending on how How We Lay this out this could get a little bit hairy Mickey I mean I can see this being even maybe even a high speed turn where you could actually get the car a little

Sideways through here which is pretty neat it’s it’s way bigger than I remember because every time I’ve been here it’s been on drag nights with Greg and there’s trailers and and RV’s parked in here and so it looks really small but man when it’s emptied out this is a lot

Of open pavement for us to really use for whatever we want all right so I got one key component that we have yet to talk about too much which is after this road course version I Envision we come up with like a pit Lane so we have a pit

Lane that starts let’s say at a cone maybe 200 yards out and it sets you a maximum speed of let’s say 10 or 15 miles an hour you have to drive through the pit Lane and you drive up through the staging Lane on the Eighth Mile

Track and then right when you hit the lights you get to go so the portion of this circuit race includes a drag race kind of like a rolling start I almost feel like it could be like a stop and go oh you could do that too like you said

Stop at the tree we would need to put like a speedo that people can read that measures the speed of your car and you have to be under 10 miles an hour as you roll through this certain area come to a complete stop at the water box yeah and

Then mash it down to eight mile and that’s the end the finish line is the Finish Line yeah we can keep going down this way this is pretty much the mirroring of this just lower elevation the asphalt looks good I don’t know I just think a lot of cool potential yeah

No I mean really options are endless it just comes down to how creative we are and I actually really like that Little Rock space right there that’d be a cool place for the one two three Podium yeah there we go that’s freaking cool I like that idea like it just kind of shapes

This place right up into the Rocks it’s funny when I first walked out here you know what the the first thing I thought of when I saw those barrels Too Fast Too Furious when they go around the barrel at the end of the track [Applause] I mean now you need a little Hydro

Action but that would be pretty rad you know I have an interesting idea we could take the aerial shot and make it a JPEG and we could actually let you guys help us design the course which would be pretty cool are any of you guys car car

Uh track designers out there there’s got to be a lot of Science and stuff behind it I’m sure and you want to know the best part of all about this they have a concession stand and they serve ice cream even could bring the ice cream truck out here too the last thing

To do is maybe get you guys in the car in the Supra with Ricky go for a ride and kind of get a feel for the The Eighth Mile Strip and then also the return lap that there is here the turn return Lane so I’m gonna go get some ice

Cream out you can wrap it up just kidding all right let’s get you in the car with Ricky go for a little ride in the thousand horsepower Supra and that’ll be the end of today’s episode all right well we were gonna take the Supra and take you guys along for

Arriving that but that episode’s going live in just a couple days so we decided to bring out this fancy mobile right here it’s Anthony’s SPC focus is here Mickey you’re taking it down yeah yeah Ricky brought this today so we might as well take it I’ve never driven it so

Let’s go just to kind of give you guys an idea of you know how big the space is that we’re gonna have to do what we want and I honestly like I feel like it’s plenty big to do some pretty cool like cone core stuff so we could really slow

Them through here like oh yeah yeah Ricky said it’s hella low yeah she’s pretty low I don’t think I would be doing this long course in this car but there’s like plenty of room to do a lot in here a little bumpy in some some areas so we’re gonna definitely

Have to like pick our battles with where we want to actually put the turns oh man this is going to be so good see us doing like a little chicane through here a little high speed area do a hard right right here back down the entry Gateway here straight away

Probably have to put a chicane oh they closed the gate we’re gonna have to go through that gate so we would need to have that open so we could come back through here and then hit this drag strip my idea is to come through the staging Lane straight through as a as a

Straightaway to a hard braking area to a stop to a drive-through at the uh here at the um basically in the water box so because this bump here is pretty bad it’s actually not that bad you could probably hit it at speed but I think we’ll stop and then from here you can

Just mash it check it out beautiful that all of that and the thing is is once you get off the track there’s another Eighth Mile of straightaway so the reason this isn’t a quarter mile track is they don’t have enough room on the back end for the runoff

For a quarter mile track so they even have a wide area down here where we can actually turn around and actually hit the uh return road which on all honesty this return Road’s a little rough so I’m not sure we’re gonna be able to use this but

We could try there’s a little bit of water here too so definitely not uh not ideal but we might be able to integrate it somehow it’s a big property it’s a lot of paved areas um and who knows if this goes really well maybe we’ll even put a skid pad or

Something out here at some point that ideally would be what I would want because with a skid pad we can kind of set up whatever we want and there is a lot of open land out here so maybe that’s an option I don’t know we will have to find out but

The excitement around this for all of us is uh is a lot honestly like we’re all really really really wanting to get going with this because we we don’t have a place to test the cars we really want to be doing things right and we want to

Be able to hand these cars off fully tested the people not that they haven’t been tested in the past but this will allow us to really be able to put them through the paces and you know see if there’s any rubbing on the fenders or if we’re having temperature problems like

That’s stuff that we don’t we’re not really able to find out right now and uh allow us to actually get the cars a little more set up All right so some of you guys may have seen on our second Channel throttle clips that we’ve actually expanded our office and our shop space and TJ hunt will be moving out so I want to give you guys a little tour in case you haven’t seen that video and show you guys what

The current status is of the new office is turning out really cool and I am very excited to move in there finally let’s go over there welcome to New HQ we got Bob the Builder in here that’s wet careful okay all you’ve harvested yeah and Ricky it’s all uh

Stain and clear and we can spill drinks now and then once it dries out of the kitchen so this area here is our new Lobby or entrance way we’re gonna have a whole merch display on the wall right behind you guys we have a Wheel wall

Here with tons of wheels and car parts on the wall a little sitting area is going to be over here some chairs coffee table you know that kind of stuff and then um yeah let me show you the rest of the place so straight ahead here is our conference room everything’s still under

Construction as you can see conference table in here chairs TV on the wall so we can have our meetings so this is going to be our new kitchen area so this is that countertop that Ricky’s making right now it’s gonna make a bar height countertop on this side we

Got some bar stools right here and on this side is going to be like cabinets and you know not really cooking stuff but stuff that we can have for like a break room and all that kind of stuff there’s a bathroom over there a little

Sink in here is going to be our editing room so we’ll have our whole editing and uh photography team in here kind of in their own room with closed door now so that way we can close all the windows we can do some cool premieres in here and

These guys will have uh I would say a quiet space to do what they need to do so with video editing and photo editing and all that kind of stuff you gotta be in an area where you can focus and concentrate and right now there’s a lot

Of activity going on and there’s a lot of loud noises that happen in the shop so this is going to be a much better place so hopefully the video is getting better for you guys moving on we’ve got just a couple of Offices here there’s nothing in them this is a blank office

For now we’ll put a desk and some stuff and then as you can see here we had a hole cut through from one unit to the next so they’re still not done with this there’s going to be a nice drywall and it’s going to be like a nice hallway all the way through

This will be blocked off this would be an office this is our current VIP fulfillment area this will be moving and then we’re here back in the office so a lot of this stuff’s going to be cleaned out we’re thinking about maybe making this area here a backdrop for maybe

Something like a throttle podcast or for different types of product reviews and that kind of stuff so that’s going to be cool so the other really exciting thing is that we have a lot more shop space because TJ is going to be moving out so

Let me show you that so right now we share this this whole shop with TJ hunt he has this lift here and everything to this side is technically TJ’s so effectively everything on this side will be gone and this will now be throttle area so we’re gonna get two additional

Lifts we have a ton more space a lot more room for activities over here and as well as this kind of weird um Parts Mountain this will also be gone so more parking spaces we have some cool ideas for this area as well kind of making it

Feel a little bit more like a studio I think so we can make way nicer thumbnails just cleaner content and very very excited about that so lots more space in the shop lots more office space a cool little lobby area I am very excited what do you guys think please

Drop us some comments in the comment section below so that’s the time we have for you guys in today’s video I am very excited about the new track very excited about the new office I’d love to see your support in the comment section below so please blow it up toss a lot of

Likes on this video and see you guys in the next one peace