Throtl: We Broke Our 1,000 HP Hellcat Swapped Dodge Viper! – How Much Damage Is There?

Reading Time: 9 minutes
Posted: 2023-09-21 16:00:12
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

Foreign Foreign Drag strip was to settle an in-shop debate finally of which car is faster our 2001 Hellcat 12 Dodge Viper or our 94 mark IV Toyota Supra with a thousand horsepower Jay-Z full sequential both the cars are absolute rippers on the drag strip and we wanted to finally know

Which one was absolutely faster so we got them out there first pass on the Viper drop the trans brake made it about 10 feet in the rear end completely shattered yeah oh my God completely sheared and half insane I’ve never seen a shark feel like that ever

Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever launched anything on a slick and even that little dinky Miata had a crazy like a big dig and then I imagine something like this this thing pulls like too deep now imagine a GTR with four of them on it that’s nuts

So we’re back in the shop we have the Viper up on the rack and we’re gonna take you guys along for the journey The sandwich looks like [Applause] It is your last chance to get entered to win our 2022 Subaru BRZ and a check for twenty thousand dollars getting entered is very simple head on over to pick up those car parts or some merchandise that you’ve been after and for every one dollar you spend

You’re gonna get one automatic entry to win hurry up the sweepstakes end soon so the most obvious damage is here to our shock where it literally sheared off of the base so the shock absorber completely gave it up so I don’t know if the axle failed and caused the shock to

Fail or if the shock failed and then the axle failed but as you can see here the seal is completely destroyed the threaded flange where this section threads onto this is completely destroyed all the shock fluid puked all over the track it is not good it also

Damaged the frame that the shock is actually mounted to the lower flange is completely cracked and the inside of this is all called up from the axle flying around and beating it to death the axle is actually intact but the U-joint at the end of it is completely

Destroyed so the flange that the axle bolts onto had one of its tanks completely ripped off so it’s junk as well so we’re going to start disassembling it to see how much damage there actually is here [Applause] [Applause] all right oh I just ripped ripped straight out of that that’s crazy seems like that thread’s field more than the chalk failed it’s got the marks it looks like consistent all the way around this section just got battered yeah I’m curious on how it’s crazy huh

How things got knocked out was it the axle and then this or was it this I don’t know what the order is yeah so there’s a bunch of fluid in there huh yeah that’s all shock fluid so now we’re gonna get the lower half out starting with the reservoir thank you ah So this piece is also aluminum and it like it just ripped it all out man that’s violent completely fragmented this slip this is where the uh the seal rides right there that’s supposed to be an interest to destroyed that section of it and then the inside is where all the fluids sits

Yeah exactly so that’s all your shock fluid this is a remote reservoir for that this has your damper and compression adjustments on this our compression of rebound this part is the part that I’m actually sad got destroyed so this is a factory Viper part so this

Does not come with a shock kit but it got cracked right there so this part is no longer usable it’s cast aluminum so we can’t welder to fix it I just wouldn’t trust it on the car of this power but the inside of it just got absolutely hammered by the axle because

The CV joint or the U-joint back here gave it up and the axle was just like swinging around just smashing this stuff so not good Good Oh all right Foreign What’s she looking like here Hammer dude this is super stiff and it’s like clunky doesn’t rotate nice on top of that the casting around here is just been beaten this thing again just bouncing around the inside of this little frame here so the axle sits through like that and

When this U-joint lets go the axle just swings around it smashes everything so it’s all tore up the casting smoked we didn’t even find the little Spicer the little cups that go onto this we didn’t even find them really they’re gone they’re gone they’re just gone so

Not good luckily we have spare axles so the first time we had a failure with this car was the axle itself we probably still have that inside actually so that’s the original axle from the Viper that’s the first axle we had fail and I was really really hoping that this axle

Did the same thing which is this section literally just wrapped like it’s like a paper towel roll just wrapped in on itself and that’s pulled this section out as you can see in that fragments at this lower section so we have spare axles on the micro in case that happens again and

I was really hoping this did that because this is an easy fix we just throw a new axle in but that’s not what happened Final piece that broke is the output shaft for the axle that actually goes through the spindle and bolts to the hub so when the axle broke it actually snapped one of the tabs off that the U-joint mounts to so we got to replace that as well so let’s get it out I was really hoping that it would just come out nicely and peacefully there it is so this feeling is one of the true tragedies of this event unfortunately because we have to replace this this can’t be welded back together because it’s cast iron but it like sheared the head off the bolt

That got smoked on something this entire ear is gone and most of the little utabs smoked as well so our Penske Racing shocks for custom setup and custom valve for this build and they’re about seven thousand dollars now we’re not going to be able to just find this piece the only

Ones I have found have actually been with a full set of shocks and those range anywhere from like 800 to 1100 bucks and of course the axle the only one that I found that has the spindle on it is about 800 so we can find axles all

Day for 400 but they don’t have the front shaft piece that we need as well so not to mention it completely ruined our track day we couldn’t race it against the Supra and of course the time and labor to fix all this stuff this is what ten thousand dollars worth of

Damage on a drag car looks like our replacement parts for the Viper have arrived we have our new axle with the new spindle insert our stock one uh shattered unfortunately so we got an axle with that piece on it which is really cool we also have our new frame

For our shock itself so the shock goes onto this and this kind of goes through the axle the stock one that we had cracked right here and then the actual banged around here and destroyed the whole thing so we had to get a new one

And of course we sent in our rear Penske shocks you guys know that one of them was completely destroyed we sent the other one in for service and inspection just to make sure everything was okay and they rebuilt both shocks for us so we’re gonna get this Viper back on the

Road today let’s start getting these parts on Oh Foreign We got our shock axle and everything else installed in the Viper and she’s ready to go pretty much I just have to torque the big axle nut so I got Ricky here he’s going to sit in the driver’s seat hey push on the brake pedal so it

Doesn’t do this which is spins we’re going to try and tighten it down and then we’ve finished I also unscrewed our rear tires so next time we go to brona the tires will have a little bit of give in them and they won’t that help like I did we break everything we learned

Something every time we go to the track whether we break a car or not we always change something in the car and it just gets better and better and better so screwing tires is for races only apparently otherwise they’re looking mighty nice foreign torque spec right there brother hey

Viper’s back so we also set the spring height and the damping to what we had out of the box before we blew it up so in theory we should be able to go out on track and it’d be the same car as far as suspension setups and like corn bouncing

And stuff goes we should be very close to where we were so all right wheels on Viper’s back baby this is a track baby let’s go Foreign Is back we need to go and drive it make sure everything is working correctly solidify it and go have fun with it we’re gonna race it against the super still that race didn’t end up happening but it is going to happen very soon and a massive thanks to Dustin over Penske

For helping us sort these shocks out and getting it turned around in a super quick time if you guys are looking for a high-end drag shock setup Penske is incredible their service is amazing the guys over there amazing the turnaround is really quick and they’re a very

Effective shock as you guys have seen so next time you see this thing it’s going to be out on the track ripping thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to drop a like comment and subscribe see you guys in the next episode what’s up guys my name is Greg Peters

With the car passion Channel and behind me is my 1992 Mazda Miata try to keep it a little bit uh subtle on the outside it’s basically A Streetcar build but got a few special bits on the inside here so this is a 2003 Mazda Miata engine forged pistons Forge rods maruja stroker crank

It made 526 wheel horsepower it’s high compression and turbo so it runs only E85 I run about 24 25 pounds of boost on a Borg Warner efr 6758 anyone who knows Miatas knows that the Transmissions stock and these cars are Absolute Glass so Driveline consists of a BMW E46 5

Speed which can take tons of power and abuse and the differential is from a first gen CTS-V normally on the street I run Youngblood 15 by 10s wrapped in nankang ar1s pretty much like an R comp Tire very sticky but still streetable well with big brakes to get this thing

Woed up because it is considerably fast much faster than it was stock obvious nicely on the rear for drag specific setup I run flying Miata kogekis and 15×9 and Hoosier dr2 drag radials that’s about it for the exterior little quick release wheel have the IRP shifter setup which is this

Is the first one ever made it’s designed for a BMW but fit into a Miata because of the crazy transmission setup so I make sure I can find those gears hopefully because I’m going to be racing the Supra here which I’m very nervous about I just saw this thing pull the

Front wheels off the ground so it’s it’s going to be a challenging race but I’m going to get it all I got and uh we’ll see how a little streetcar does Dabbing took off do you see that holy crap he red lighted though that’s the only thing damn that Miata moves dude how that thing pulls is sick 102 mile an hour trap speed that’s crazy Ricky just red lighted he did run a faster time but I think that one goes to Greg

Unfortunately it does go to Greg Ricky red lighted so you got the win on that dude this thing sounds so good Ricky you read right Greg’s got this one all right Greg all right that was actually surprisingly close they both had a really good leave I thought the Miata left a little bit

Harder than the super did but that was a really good run by both guys so super got the win but the Miata is really close something happened with the launch though right yeah it bugged really really bad so it’s one of those things that it could happen it can happen

Anything can happen in the race so it’s easy for this thing to lose if it happens again I think so Greg also I think had a little bit of an issue because his time was quite a bit slower too you guys want to negotiate yeah if I

Could get the hit all right Greg’s gonna take the hit on this one got me out of moves dude once he’s in boost and a higher gears thing just takes off yeah nice job thank you took the win anything can happen here out here at Barona Ricky what happened Turbo’s so

Big that it takes a while to spool up so once it bucks off the school just dies and then it’s over yeah it takes uh three miles for me to school back up but good job man