Throtl: We Bought An ABANDONED Plymouth Prowler and it’s WAY WEIRDER Than You Think!

Posted: 2023-07-14 16:00:01
Author: throtl
Is this throtl’s craziest purchase to date? We think so! We have big plans for this project so we get straight to work after buying it sight unseen. We strip the car completely to get it ready for a new power plant. Comment below what you think it should be!

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Throtl Video Transcript

We set out to buy the most obscure car that we could find For an upcoming competition it’s time to push the envelope it’s time to build something weird and it’s time to build something fast judging by the title and thumbnail you guys can already see we are now

About to be the owners of a 1999 Plymouth Prowler it’s way better than I thought it was going to oh you thought it could be a joke yeah this is sick dude oh man I like this it’s got a lot of cool custom stuff that they did

Back back in the day like the bumper delete and this is all right it’s got a rear roll pan oh wow yeah that’s pretty neat yeah it’s so tiny in here yeah all right I’m gonna give it a crank you wanna try it yes what happened All right so we replaced the battery still didn’t start the seller said that he’s been having issues with the ignition column so he actually bought a whole new one and it’s right there which he’s going to provide to us so hopefully that will be able to get the starter but

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter because the whole entire powertrain is leaving the area right we’re taking everything here off and we’re replacing it with everything all new stuff and amazing good racing parts so car looks mad it’s time to punch this thing up on

The trailer get it tied down get back to the shop and show the boys Time is running out I have to tell you that throttle’s tactical transformation the submissions are going to be closing pretty soon so in case you missed it we are running a contest to transform an active U.S military or retired veterans truck or car here at throttle 100 for

Free so if you are in the military or you were in the military you’re eligible to submit your car truck for free check out the link in the video description and fill out the form it takes five minutes or less and the submissions so far are super awesome thank you guys now

Back to the video ladies and gentlemen we officially own uh Plymouth growler doesn’t start yet but it will this may be the weirdest purchase yet I think I bought like 50 cars maybe even more than that for throttle this may be the absolute weirdest one I’ve ever purchased definitely not my first choice

This is a Becky purchase I’ll tell you that that you know what happened but I think it has potential it has potential you have to think about what this project is and also like I want to push the envelope a little bit and do something that’s not just of the norm so

I think this is going to be pretty crazy and we bought this one site on scene it has one Quirk I think it’s gonna be pretty much that we know there’s probably a couple more but there’s one very big Quirk that I think is maybe to

Hype up the audience we could pop up a little rendering on the screen let’s pop that up we’ll give them a little hand so they get excited you know what’s funny to me is how many times we’ve done this we’ve just stood in this very exact spot

The camera’s out we got everything ready we’re waiting for them to drive in oh there it is there it is hey Elise is murdered out yo it’s kind of I mean it’s a good spec and I’m glad that it’s this color I’m glad it’s black let’s go 1999 Plymouth Prowler When’s the last time you guys have seen one of these what is this thing I don’t think I’ve ever even seen the inside of one of these things dude I’ve never cared for these cars wow no no no I thought it was a problem without a Lamborghini

Lambo I told you had one Quirk it’s the it’s a Lauer oh my God this is the weirdest part you have to sit you’d hop in you have to sit me no the car’s in good shape that was in pretty good shape this is just

Super weird it is weird you fit in there it’s like a little Miata very small towards you it is got a little tachometer right here it’s like a Auto Meter gauge pod it is auto meter black pipes in the back what a weird thing a bumper deletes front and back

It’s got some weird features the thing is 295s from the factory really and it makes like 250 horsepower we have a big challenge ahead of us to try to make this thing cool but I think we can do it as you guys saw by the renders we have

Some pretty cool ideas and we may even have some other ideas that we’re gonna have to throw into the mix to try to make this thing cool but first things first let’s get this thing unloaded get it inside and start tearing it down Foreign A really funky car a lot of really interesting things that we’re noticing so like the whole front suspension is pretty wild so this is the sway bar it’s literally like that one super weird setup whole cantilever suspension which is really cool the engine does spin

Which is good so I put a socket on it it does spin which is a good sign we do have some oil leaks and this thing is going to come out anyway so it doesn’t matter but this also has like a torque tube set up kind of like a C6 where it

Comes off the back I think the converter is back here I’m not 100 sure and then it goes to pretty much the drive shaft and then the Transmissions back here which is really weird this thing’s also leaking a lot of fluid so this car does have an aluminum frame and it doesn’t

Have like a bolt-in subframe all the control arms Mount off of the actual frame of the car which is really interesting so this is going to be a really weird car to build I think but it’s going to be a lot of fun also it’s

A body on frame which is kind of cool I thought it was totally going to be a unibody but it’s not so definitely a really weird car and kind of cool so looking forward to tearing into this thing and learning more about it and start playing with it so when we tried

To start it it wouldn’t crank over Robert was saying it was in bad ignition switch so we actually bought a whole used column here and I took it apart so I think we are going to take the ignition switch off of this put it onto

The one in the car or replace the one in the car and see if it’ll fire out because I kind of want to drive this thing in stock form before we rip it apart and change everything just to kind of get a baseline of how it drives so

We’re going to swap it out right now foreign So I’ve been trying to get the prowler fired up it’s not looking good can’t get the starter relay to work fuel pump relay is not kicking on I tried jumping into the ECU ECU is not powering up so it would have been really fun to get this thing fired up running and drive

Around before we stripped it all down and built what we’re going to build unfortunately it’s just not going to happen it’s not worth the time and the effort to fix it get it working correctly we’re going to start stripping the car down instead we’re gonna rip the

Engine out the transmission out all the suspension is coming out everything is getting stripped let’s get this thing torn down foreign So now we got all of the body off the car it looks really weird but I’m going to start draining all the fluids get the AC drained and start taking all of the framing the bars the engine the radiator all that stuff out we’re gonna have a

Pretty soon I guess does this even count as an engine bay anymore because it’s not like I mean the engine’s still there so yes well once yeah but what do you call this an engine bay now there’s no like Bay in it anymore we’re just gonna

Take all this stuff out so and just come out the whole front of the car is getting stripped down hopefully we can get it down to almost just a frame Thank you So I’m going to be removing the drive shaft out the way which is right in between the transmission and the engine and once I get that off we’ll be able to get one more motor mount which is being blocked by the drive shaft once that’s done we’ll be able to strap the engine

Down to the engine hoist and we’ll be able to remove it okay so I think I have a hundred percent everything that’s completely around the engine completely removed and detached there should be no hiccups this is not attached to anything so we should be able to just strap this thing down to

The Hoist lift it up and take a ride out without any issues everything is completely completely separated let’s get to work baby Ricky got the engine out completely which is good and he started stripping the rear end so now we’re going to work on getting this weird transaxle setup out in the back we’re gonna grab the cooler off take some of these braces off and then we’re gonna go for the axles

Get the axles out and then see how much of a pain it is to drop this rear transmission The transmission is just about ready to come out of the car but before we do that we’re gonna actually roll it outside pressure wash the engine bay get all the dust and dirt out of the way so we don’t have to do it later and we have

To worry about it because as soon as the transmission is coming out the rest of the rear suspension is going to follow suit all the control arm spindles everything is going to come off and then essentially it’s going to be brick on the rack until the car is nearly

Complete so while we still can roll it outside we’re going to clean it off and then bring it back in pull trans out Oh That’s not good Foreign Has the weirdest sway bars front and rear I’ve ever seen in my life this is like absurdly thin for a rear sway bar and it’s really wide and the front sway bar is like the tiniest bar I’ve ever seen in my life ever ever ever and this is very strong Now that all of the huge components of the powertrain is out which is the engine transmission rear suspension lsf now we’re going to start tackling all the minor smaller things getting the wiring harnesses out giving the brakes off all the EVAP stuff we’re not going

To be using things in the engine bay we are definitely 100 gonna have to modify the transmission tunnel let’s get the new engine and transmission package to fit and we have brake lines running across the little x-brace in the engine bay that we’re probably gonna have to

Modify so we’re going to take those out and just kind of General cleanup all the stuff we’re not going to be using in the car is just going to be coming out we want this thing to be light and quick and fun to drive so we’re going to take

All that stuff out and now it’s just going to be a whole bunch of little things essentially and then pretty soon we’ll be done stripping the car and ready for our new power chain to show up thank you in order to get this thing light the guys are removing the

Dashboard it’s quite an interesting Dash assembly it’s like the rest of this car it’s kind of the opposite of what you would think it’s supposed to be they’re getting that out we’re going to look behind it see what’s there heater core condition also that’s when you get

Pulled out in the spirit of making this thing lighter I pulled the door card off pulled the glass and everything out so this thing’s not gonna have any Windows not gonna have a top so we don’t need glass anymore one of the really cool things with these with these doors is

Without the glass in them they’re really light so they actually function all by themselves which is pretty cool so when Ricky gets out of this thing or whatever while racing so just kick it open and the doors will open up all by itself pretty neat foreign The prowler is completely stripped down all the terrible parts are off the car which is good which is pretty much everything yeah pretty much 90 of it so now we’re going to start building this thing does that mean all the terrible parts are off or the car was just

Terrible in general undecided yet but all the really junk parts are out of the car everything’s on the ground we threw it on the ground in front of the car like we always do and uh now we’re gonna have to clean it up but the better part

Is the car is ready to receive an epic new powertrain yeah thank you guys so much for watching as always don’t forget to like comment subscribe we’ll see you guys in the next episode Foreign