Throtl: Was it WORTH making a HONDA CIVIC into a DRIFT CAR? (First time at the track)

Reading Time: 7 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-07 16:00:43
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

We’re out here at the streets of Willow today for the grid life event and we brought our rroll drive Honda Civic dub the freak now let’s get out there and give her a rip Willow spring streets of Willow thanks for coming and if you just arrived please uh get unloaded you can

Run your car through Tech inspection and head up to the streets building get your driver wristband and uh check in for timing and scoring if you participa in time attack thank you all for being here looks like we have a pretty good day a little bit of

Wind today we’ve brought the freak out to our first official track day after making a lot of changes to the car now this car if you haven’t been watching our channel for a long time has been built over a number of years and it’s basically built from the ground up in

Our shop that’s custom suspension custom drivetrain basically everything that it takes to make this rear wheel drive track monster and today’s the first chance we’re going to get to really test and see how crazy this freak really is we know what this car is capable of and

Now it’s time to put it to the test nope Noe it is it is the it is the one I thought it was okay well problem number one you’re missing your front axles this thing’s Rowdy dude thanks full HD as well seriously yeah I dig theit out of this

This is awesome this is our first time actually bringing it to the track well technically second okay good deal is one of the better tie downs I’ve seen pretty good huh yeah I mean that a going anywhere I dig that flat exhaust too yeah there not a whole lot of room with

The axles back there to pass it through so we had to give it a little full S2000 like running gear it is yeah it’s a K20 Turbo with a S2000 transmission and a pumpkin with a custom drive shaft and axles it’s really nice thanks yeah it makes about 550 wheel more than enough

And we got a boost setting to bring it down to like 3 350 we’re going to run it out today I like it good to go yeah thank you gentlemen we just went through Tech and the boys were very excited to see that thing car pass with flying colors we’re

Going to get it back to the pits we got a couple stickers to put on for the event and in a few minutes we’re going to be on track with this thing got our 619 on the door baby so I tried to get it some variation of 12 but

Everything was taken representing San Diego in fashion 619 is our area code well technically 760 old school San Diego 619 one final piece we’re putting in the Civic before we get out on track is the hybrid racing CH shift kit now we were lucky enough to actually get a

Pre-production kit from hybrid racing but this is the actual production model that you will buy for an S2000 they’ve made some changes to it they’ made some updates to it so we’re going to throw in the upgraded shifter get out on track time attack this is your first call to

Grid first come first serve time attack this is your call to grid prob won’t run past 4500 RPM again what do you want me to do go back out do another laugh so Mickey pulled back in uh the car is not getting up to Temp so what

It’s doing is it’s capping at 4500 RPM so I sent it back out for another lap told him to get it hot oh well that didn’t go as planned little off trck Excursion there I did find find probably the biggest hole at Willow Springs on my track re-entry not

Only did we break the front lip the front bumper and the right front fender we also put a little ding in our oil pan but that’s okay that’s what happens at track days sometimes we’ll get her fixed up and now it’s time for Quinn to hop in

The driver’s seat and give it a track got the bumper stitched up front and back in one piece remove the broken front lip cuz that won’t be doing us any good anymore check underneath the car to make sure nothing was broken everything looks okay one thing that Quinn did

Notice was our camber plate knocked to full uh full negative camber and that’s what was throwing the the steering wheel I thought we really bent something underneath the front end thankfully it wasn’t so just got to adjust the camber and we should be able to go back on

Track but we didn’t get a time cuz uh I think I made a full lap I had to come off so woo oh the window Ming’s falling off completely the window Ming’s falling off dude that was phenomenal that’s fun the thing is you can’t live wide open

Throttle you have to be modulating you have to modulate it you have to feel where the power is coming in and if it gets too much you roll back but other than that is great dude warming the tires up in the first lap definitely helped a lot I only had problems coming

Out of like two or three this main corner like half the laps I came out of it going in the next corner like just kind of counter steering a little bit other than that dude it’s great car is awesome that was a ripper dude that was

Fun that was a lot of fun we brought the car up here at to balcony which is actually just a huge skid pad now is where the real fun begins cuz we got a rear wheeel drive EK Civic and we’ve all wanted to drift it now it’s time to take

It on track go do some slid baby oh it’s so good I’m going to let Larry have a shot L you going drive I’m going to try I’m going to try I don’t know so funny see cic do that looks so good it sounds good what a cool car dude such a

Cool car dude so fun it’s a handful like the feedback on the steering wheel is not there he going for a rip yeah I think it’s oh hard it’s hard isn’t it it is so awesome I can’t believe it’s a Civic it was hard to get used to at

First but once you kind of get going then I haven’t even gotten to the chance where I’ve like got to get going I can’t wait for you to try it you in second or you in first I tried second but it would keep it would either bog or over rev so

I just put it in first I tried it twice didn’t work second yeah yeah all right Quinny all right her let’s see what she do oh well that was a bunch of fun went up to the skid pad and did arguably want this thing’s best at and that is just the

Hoon about smoke some tires off give her a rip and have a fun time so we came back down here to pack up because Quinn ran her out of fuel and we figured out that maybe that’s what happened on my last set of laps as I’m exiting turns I

Think fuel SLO is causing us shortage of fuel which is causing the engine to miss and creating the issue that I was seeing on track that we couldn’t replicate going in a straight line Quinn kind of had the same issue on the skid pad so we

Came back down here put 10 gallons in it and our session just happens to be up next we’re going to stick around for another half hour or so and hit it for some more hot laps see how she does oh oh that’s a wrap for today we got the Civic

Loaded back and we’re done here at streets of Willow for good life today was a huge roller coaster of a day we had a lot of fun we had a lot of fun driving the car we found Mickey’s ghost figured out we can’t let the tank go too

Low otherwise it Fuel starves and you can throw it in Lim mode so unfortunately Mickey was a giddy Pig for session and a half it took us going to the skid pad and horsing around in this thing to figure that out which was key and it also led to a third session for

The day that was also very rewarding because of the skid pad session for me at least I felt much more comfortable in the car after that so we’re still learing the car we’re still learning how to run the car how to drive the car is a

Huge one you went off track I went off track everybody went off track but we had some ad skits we had a lot of fun in the car so we know more for next time thank you so much to sonoko race fuels for allowing us to get out here and have

Fun at the track life was an awesome first event for the freak we had an epic day so thank you sonoko leave some comments down below hit that like button we’ll see you guys in the next one see you oh oh