Throtl: Trading a $1,000 BMW for a FERRARI in 1 week!

Reading Time: 13 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-10 18:00:04
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

This is our $1,000 BMW and we’re going to trade it up for a Ferrari this is a 2004 BMW 330 CI I bought this car sight unseen and it runs terrible it leaks a lot of fluids and the paint and body has seen better days do you recognize this guy more than

You can afford pal Ferrari he has a Ferrari and we want one we have built over 60 cars here including the markv Supra Honda NSX Nissan Skyline but we have yet to build an exotic the Ferrari has always been the epitome of the superar and that is why this year we’re

Relaunching the trading up series with the goal of adding a Ferrari to the throttle garage we have a lot of work to do so let’s get started that is not how car engine should sound we obviously have something going on under the hood we’re going to pull Codes start there and see what’s

Wrong with it we have 1 2 3 4 5 six codes from this ECU they are all misfire codes so we brought the car up in the air for an inspection to see if we can find a vacuum leak and we found a few other leaks we’ve got oil kind of all

Over the engine the underside which is pretty typical on these cars and we have coolant on the radiator this is definitely a $1,000 car there it is we found it the main intake boot that goes to the throttle body has a massive hole in it that hole is after the mass air

Flow sensor which means it is letting unmetered air into the intake manifold system causing a lean condition which is our misfire so let’s get a hose on the way and get it replaced luckily on a lot of these older 3 Series and older BMWs the air intake boots are really simple

To change there’s a couple of bolts in the way couple of clamps and it’s out we’re going to get the new one in looks much better and now it’s time to start tackling this coolant leak we have so our leak for more coolant was actually from the expansion tank right here under

The upper hose these actually have O-rings inside of them that’s what seal them and sometimes the O-rings go bad making them kind of a serviceable part so I’ve replaced the O-ring on here so we’re going to lube it up reinstall it and see if a leak stops our upper radiator hose leak is

Fixed we replaced the O-ring and now it’s holding coolant pressure which is really good and the car is running way better we still have to fix the valve cover cuz it’s covered in oil and that’s next she goes oh she’s pretty crusty dude so here’s the old valve cover gasket and

Here’s the new valve cover gasket see how movable and valuable and pliable and soft this one is and how not this one is that’s why this was leaking so let’s get the new one in if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to the throttle YouTube channel and turn on the Bell

Notifications so you don’t miss a thing old dry routed valve cover gaskets are very common on these older BMWs and luckily they’re pretty easy to change we got a new outer gasket as well as six plug well gaskets we’re going to put that back on seal it up and tighten the

Valve cover back down our valve cover gasket is replaced we’ve got dust the dirt over the intake manifold the vacuum rails so next up we’re going to be using Maguire’s hyper dressing it really shines up this old plastic especially if you soak it and let it sit let the

Plastic absorb the hyper grassing it really brings back the freshness on the color of all the old plastic bits and after letting it sit overnight and wiping it off the whole engine bay looks brand new you never seen a motor like that huh looks like all the BMW motors

Qu3 M54 right there we’re going to get this car off the rack we have a new front bumper that we need to get painted and we’re going to have SOS replace the convertible tops we’re going to drag it down there and chop it off with them for

A few days and get back a much nicer working convertible top and a r sprayed front bumper let’s go the car is back from SOS with a beautiful looking top on it that’s refreshed and now it’s time to get the suspension dealt with so we’re going to get the old wheel and tire

Package off and start getting the old suspension out to install our BC racing BR series coilovers and before we get to that we’re going to clean these super dust crusty wheel wells the dirt and grime is everywhere we’re going to use Maguire’s Citrus power cleaner plus to

Degrease the wheel wells after a good bit of scrubbing these things look brand new now the wheel wells are nice and clean it’s time to install our forest coilover let’s go so for the c46 we picked up a set of BC racing brr series coilovers these are a phenomenal Street

Coilover 32-way adjustable damper and fully adjustable rot on every corner now we’re ready to move on to detailing so Eric from still driven is down here he’s going to sand buff and polish the fenders and Rick is going to do the same process on the headlights starting with

Some sandpaper all right headlight is sanded down ready to be buffed uh I have our Maguire’s Ultimate Compound what this is going to do is going to restore the headlight so right now you see it’s kind of hazy so by the time I get down with this first step alone it’s going to

Look 10 times better the driver side headl looks brand new which is a little bit of work now it’s time to do the same thing on the other side The passenger headlight is completed they both look amazing AIC just finished polishing the driver side fender and it looks insane we’re going to continue to buff and polish the rest of the car and we are going to begin with the hood now that the front end is done let’s install

This beautiful bumper that came back from SOS front Bumper’s back on the coilovers are finished dude look at our wheel wells how nice these turns out Mickey soak them with hyperd dressing overnight oh my god dude these things look brand new so we need to get this

Off the rack cuz Eric and Ricky are going to finish the detail and we have a PDR guy coming to get the dents out so we’re going to throw our new rotofor RSS on get this thing on the ground and see if we need to adjust the right height so

We can get it off the rack first time seeing the car this honestly this is the RSC this is like the proper fitment for a lot of BMWs looks good fit man now it’s time for some finishing touches so Cory from dentology is out here popping out some of those

Dents Eric is detailing the interior of the car and installing some new floor mats and then it’s time to install the black grills wo let’s go that was a tough install dude woo sweat [Applause] S [Applause] So now that the BMW is looking absolutely amazing I just made an appointment we have a potential buyer who’s coming to our shop any minute now to take a look at the BMW and he seems very very Interested all right so that’s it the deal is done the E46 has just sold for $112,000 that puts us one step closer to getting an actual Ferrari here for throttle I am so excited and I have the lead on the perfect car for our second

Trade so let’s go grab a trailer get in the car and go pick up car number two our second trade up is going to be this 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 the owner is only asking about $122,000 so this car is definitely going to have some problems she’s a little [Applause] rough all right well he said the car wasn’t boosting and now I believe him is that Evo’s up in the air we’re under it for the first time this thing runs really bad see if we can find some stuff wrong with it we do have air suspension on this so that’s probably

What like this is Airline here we got a brake line that is literally attached to nothing so that’s not good that’s a lot of wastegate line all the charge ping is Ratt all of this is just hanging out oh it gets better cuz we don’t have any

Bolts on the on the Quil pack kit what is that is that PVC pipe look at this this’s a power steering line like what if that does that when you’re driving what if it just like hits your cam gears you’re done for now let’s try to get it running we start by

Inspecting the spark plugs cleaning off all the corroded ground connections fixing all the vacuum leaks adding fresh fuel double-checking the engine timing and doing a compression test now let’s start the car up and see if it’s running any better I don’t know anything about evos I’m just a subie boy but that didn’t

Sound good to me it still runs bad you said you found something in the car yeah first of all I found a clear timing cover that is absolutely going back on the car no way so this car has been blown up before yeah so but that is all that is

All valve the next thing we’re going to try is actually getting our fuel injectors clean there might be some old crud and dirt locked up inside of these so we’re going to pull them out send them out to a local speed shop that does injector cleaning and see if it helps

This thing run any better our injectors are back let get these in see if it runs Better yep so we’re definitely making progress it’s idling way better I still think we need to do some trim adjustments cuz the afrs are kind of straying a little bit too far in either direction I think so we’re going to get D out here do a final

Kind of tune up to get it cleaned up and then uh we’re making a lot of good progress here DED made a handful of adjustments and now the car is running much better next up we’re replacing the valve cover gasket with a fresh one and while we had

The valve cover off Ricky actually went ahead and painted this thing silver looks much better it stands out and cleans up the engine bay a lot we just got one of these a pressure washer with the proper snow foam Cannon you’ve already got the dilution down you ready

To go yeah I’ll pass the torch to You so one other thing that’s great about about my wires to do my compound like it removes small scratches like this see it there’s no dent on it’s just a scratch and check this out holy moly that’s nuts just like Daddy’s Gone Baby I just finished the

Quarter panel and then I started to do compound on the bumper and then I noticed that it has a bunch of runs and this is inside the paint this is not coming out what about all this black stuff here yeah that’s what I’m saying um it’s like embedded into the paint so

I’m going to do a a WT sanding job you throw soapy water you use a sandpaper a very thin high in GD so we probably start with like a 2,000 and we’ll try to get all these things off can see it it looks like paint so I think somebody was painting something nearby

And a lot of over spray got on it that the buffer couldn’t get out we’re going to use the same uh buff pad and the same ultimate my compound and you’re going to see that we’re going to turn this from being a dull looking paint to being

Glassy like it was before it’s actually going to be Better now what was that a couple of seconds worth the work literally and it’s so shiny that’s crazy the shine here with the light compared to like you go to right here and it’s gone so these lenses also had tiny little scratches and I’m not even going to add more compound look at

This oh my gosh that’s Crazy to finish the detail work on the car Eric and I are going to clean the interior Eric uses the steamer to refresh the seats and clean years of grima then we move to clean the dash carpet and center console dang look at that it look brand new yeah it look

Really good so I’m going to finish a few things then we’ll start assembling everything on the interior and we should be done with That oh my what is this there is is that drilled into the carpet have you seen this oh extra just a little extra just all that so in case you want to put it in the trailer behind you when you’re towing things hook up the lights we’re

Going to fix all of this because it looks horrible and I’m tired of looking at it I’m going to start by removing all the air suspension components from the trunk I want to make some custom mounting brackets and see if we can hang this air tank from the top of the trunk

And I also want to relocate the compressor and the Air Management manifold to the back of the seats to get it up off the floor of the trunk next I’m going to reroute all of the Airlines and the wiring to keep it up off the floor we’re going to make a trunk insert

So I’m going to take a big piece of wood and cut it to the shape of the inside of the trunk of the EVO to hold the carpet up and make it a usable trunk again huge TR that’s it dude that’s it Min is the battery we’re done hell yeah when the

Back SE is going to be on you won’t be able to see through it everything’s going to be nice and sealed solid dude that’s money dude that’s how your trunk should look if you have air Suspension ready to take the brakes off let’s do it oh the stud’s gone oh even more what the we don’t need the other one okay that’s awesome I got all four calipers right here and they look like they’ve been through heling back I’m going to be making this

Thing look brand new again but first things first we got to take it apart and clean them cuz we cannot paint with all this crap on it we chose silver to paint all the calipers in the car to match the valve cover after letting them dry overnight

They are ready to be put back on the car Ricky what you doing over here brother what’s up I’m trying to get this uh brake system all ready to go finally let’s go we got the big packaging from EBC hold on there’s one more you think we’re going to put these crusty boys

Back no dude for real like I was wondering if we were the EBC break it is a nice upgrade from the old beit up Bros and pass that were on the car before the car should be able to stop on the D now all four corners are completely done the

Evbc black rotors with a yellow stuff pad look amazing and of course my paint job hold done all right let’s move on to the next thing all right while the Evo is getting some new shoes I’ve got our motegi mr1 151s going to look sick on

The white and we got our RT 660s from Falcon Tire as always come out these up get them balanced and get them on the car now is the time to install the wheel and tire package you so I think we’ve got a set of 255 358s which should do the trick whoa

Doctor you said keep going I kept going you sent it that was scary actually we’re good on this I would see if that Fender’s buckled in there it’s actually freaking perfect keep going I mean it looks so much better than when it came in here with sunken Fitness like 2 in you can

See we have no bulbs whatsoever there is no low beam bulbs there is no high beam balls and of course the one with M motor stroke 3.0 time to test her up low beams high beams damn those are bright oh my God all right so they’re hold on that’s literally blinding me for real he care we got super bright bulbs now on to the next thing baby next up we have this

Beautiful saon C Hood we’re going to put on our evil so let’s get it Done hood is installed we are so close to finishing this Evo now we’re going to pull it off the rack get it on the level ground so we can start the calibration for the air suspension then this Evo will be Finished first time airing out the Evo we trust it let’s go ready wind did it I didn’t expect the wheels went right after it huh let’s go let’s go Now that the Evo is done I went ahead and tossed up a social media post listing the Evo for sale and I’ve already got a ton of DMS so I actually have two people who are coming to check out the car today I’m hoping that one of

Them buys it and we will be one step closer to that Ferrari that’s it the Evo is officially gone and got a check for $25,000 we absolutely transformed that car and it turned out amazing and now it’s time to get on of the internet and find our next trade after searching on

The internet for a while I finally came across a lead on a car that seemed too good to be true the opportunity to buy a real Ferrari that we’ve always dreamed of but for a fraction of the price after a quick phone call and a trip to go see

It I made an offer that they couldn’t refuse so let’s pull up to the garage and let’s surprise the guys boys ready for this more than a year in the making we finally did it there’s a Ferrari in here are you guys [Applause]

Ready oh my God sh is that a 355 is it an MR2 from here it looks real wait where all the badges go EV there’s no badges there’s no badges badges it’s all right it’s all right it’s all right it’s still a real Ferrari the Ferrari right

Away I knew it was it’s actually a Pontiac looks real let’s go that is not a real F50 bro that’s a Fiero I knew everyone buy a Fiero of course you like what is this actual car this is a 95 Ferrari 355 and there’s something very special inside Ricky what is it

Sixspeed way is it actually a manual this thing is destroyed that’s sick Rusty seat belts which means the windows were literally down this whole it’s been sitting outside for a long time with the windows down disgusting Mouse turds poop you can tell there’s an engine too we we’ll get it Outside Yeah