Throtl: Trading a $1,000 BMW for a FERRARI in 1 week! – PART 3

Reading Time: 12 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-18 16:00:25
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

We bought this abandoned Ferrari by trading up a $1,000 BMW got oil kind of all over the engine the underside which is pretty typical on these cars this is definitely a $1,000 car we fixed it up and we eventually able to trade it up all the way to a Ferrari finally did it

There’s a Ferrari in here when the Ferrari first arrived the thing was pretty trashed this thing is destroyed that’s sick it’s disgusting yeah there’s Mouse turds poop so far we’ve washed and detailed the car inside and out but it still does not run oh when I first saw the car there was no

Joke a bunny right here look at the wires chewed a couple of the wires in there PR my the to harness everything looks here for the most part we called in Steven from SD exotic car service to help us diagnose how bad our Ferrari really is the idea is like hey is this

Motor good or should we just pull it out and put a K20 in here and turbo it or something crazy I don’t think we would rebuild this engine no no no no no I don’t think it’s going to need to be rebuild cuz looks like somebody already did the

Heads they put new belts on it but if it was me I wouldn’t go I would still change them somebody pulled the heads off though that’s what I’m saying the heads like brand new somebody replaced that too the throw up bearing and stuff really yeah look yeah somebody was

Inside yeah know it looks good so the clutch the throw bearing and the belts have been done but it’s been what 7 years or so first thing you recommend is pull the engine out so we can get a good look at everything the harness damage seems to be the biggest thing that we’re

Seeing everything else and do a leak down test oh even the wires are chewed up yeah they’re chewed up so we should try to find a new harness or new used harness correct okay so we have a plan after Steve looked at the Ferrari it looks like the biggest issues are because that

Animal has eaten the harness and the spark plug wires but the car has signs that there is a lot of recent maintenance there’s nothing detrimental that we can see so far the bad news is we don’t really know until we try to crank this thing over or we try to turn

The engine over to see if anything is seized in inside Steve’s going to come back and quinnn and Steve are going to pull out the Ferrari engine and at that point we’ll have access to do all the general maintenance like the timy belts and some gaskets and things as well as

Replace the engine harness we’re going to move the Ferrari to another lift so Quinn can get started on draining the oil so this drain plug has already been rounded somebody’s already cut like a Groove in it so I’m going to kind of use the same Groove that they

Used see if we can knock it off all right well that’s not coming off that sucks uh that is engine oil with a lot of water so that’s supposed to be like the oil tank I feel like a lot more than that was supposed to come out that’s like

None there we go there’s some oil again though not a lot Dude where’s all the oil in this car oh oh it’s all right dude it’s time to get dirty dude yeah I had a question for you where is all the engine on this thing take this one out take the Allen out

There and see how much comes out fair enough yeah oh yeah there it is there’s the whe that’s much more like it so we have Stephen fromy Exotics back down here to help us work on this so certified Ferrari Tech you’ve been working on these things for how long years at the

Dealer yeah for a year you guys do a lot of 355s back in the day yeah yeah so first step is to get this off let’s get to it to pull the motor there are only a few parts we need to disconnect and remove we start by removing the airboxes

And a couple engine covers and next we start draining the coolant oh coolants great put that back in surprisingly the coolant is is very clean looks brand new and is in really good condition now we pull the wheels off so we’re going to be taking off the

Rear bumper it’s going to make it a lot easier to take off the exhaust also the rear bumper was missing both the Hardwares on either side so it should be much easier to take it off than [Applause] normal once the bumper is disconnected we’re ready to start removing the exhaust the exhaust runs over a critical part of the frame so we won’t be able to pull the engine until it’s removed now the exhaust is out we only have a few more things to disconnect we

Got the fuel lines here e braake cable shifter rod and repositioning the rack and then this oil line This is a brake line yeah we got to take that off too okay so and then we’ll just pop that oil line off above the [Applause] alternator so the problem is is that we’re taking

The engine the transmission this whole back half like 40% of the weight of the car just out of the back so if we don’t counterbalance it taking all this weight out the car is going to nose dive off the rack which is not good so we pulled

All 175 lb of Blade shot out of the back of the Viper so this is what we use to Corner balance the Viper to get some weight where we need it to so the car hooks up this case we’re going to use it to keep the Ferrari on the rack

After filling the car up with weight to counterbalance it we have to disconnect a few more lines and reposition the rack arm so the subframe will clear them so I’m going to put the jack stands there come down we’re going to move the rack arms I have one oil line need take off

And one brake line need take off then we’re going to put the rest of it the subframe on the remainder of those jack stands and then the engine suspension the rear subframe transmission all that stuff will stay on the jack stands and the chassis will come Up Three you guys this it the moment of truth moment of truth this is it we’re going to find out ready y engine is out it’s on the floor now is the moment of truth cuz we’re going to put a socket on the front crank PL and see if this motor actually

Spins so I can feel compression that’s a really good sign so now we’re going to take the serpentine belts off we’re going to get the timing belt covers off take a look at the timing belts and then we’re probably going to do a leak down test to make

Sure that we don’t have any cylinders with low compression I don’t think we do cuz I can feel the engine building compression as I rotate it so I think we’re in good shape but we’re just going to double check start looking at things that need to be replaced just due to Age [Applause] Oh what yep oh yeah they’re full of water to what do that mean yeah hopefully we don’t have any water in the cylinders I don’t think it should that’s not a good sign not a good place to start yeah these wires are trashed anyways if you look at this so we got to

Replace them regardless I like that the rust ends right up to the base of the plug the rest of it looks fine that’s a tiny thread dude holy crap now we’re blowing the water out of the spark plug holes with compressed air before we do a leakdown test on all the cylinders using

This device we run compressed air up to 100 PSI into the cylinder through the spark wle if there’s less than 10% loss in pressure we know we have a really healthy cylinder all right last hole 100 that’s it like four or five PSI leak down that’s perfect dude this

Engine great shape this is in great shape I’m proud to announce we have a very healthy Ferrari engine here so we just got to get new belts couple new harnesses and then hopefully we’ll have a running Ferrari here pretty soon all right so Stephen quein just finished dropping this beautiful engine and it’s

Time for me to get my hand dirty with it cleaning the grease off this motor it is the perfect job for Maguire Citrus power cleaner plus this is the ideal low foaming solution for professionals needing to quickly and completely remove grease You got sh I’m going use on myu hyperd dressing which is something we use a lot and it’s one of our favorite products we’re going to let this thing soak for 15 minutes we’re going to come back we’re going to wipe it down and this thing is going to look brand new

Again yeah Quinn all right So Ricky got our 355 Dropout all cleaned up and it looks beautiful she’s nice and shiny and she has a good reason to be and that’s because this is a very healthy 355 engine I’m very excited on really glad no leak down leak down wise it’s great D the motor is healthy we

Have almost zero leak down on all the cylinders which means we should have a good running engine here what what would it take to get this thing running again I know it was a harness which one thing you Steve talked about so we have that on the way actually awesome so once I

Gets here you think just by putting the harness in plugging it in new battery it’ll start no well there’s a bunch of other things that we need to replace and service here got you like what so so the time Els were supposed to be replaced every 4 years right and this it’s been

Seting for like 10 years so we’re going to obviously do that replace these pulley here cuz they’re all rusted they’re separate dude yeah that’s cool the whole thing is so weird I just cleaned this whole thing I didn’t notic so this has a dry sump uh oil pump back

Here as well so there’s like a whole mess of stuff going on under this little cover that’s like driving all these things which is I kind of want to take it apart I know we shouldn’t but I want to take it apart just I told I told Ste

That I was like yo I kind of want to take that off just’s going like really it Ain broke if it ain’t broke don’t fix it it’s so weird though but it’s got it’s got its own Poley off the crank for each belt which is really interesting

Cuz it’s it’s it levels the playing field so there probably using two different belts a crank two chains and two pulley inside that drive this dude it could totally just be gear D like it could just be gear on gear so I don’t know that’s why I kind of want to take

It apart but we have replace like this the P here I don’t know if we need to replace apparently water pumps are rebuildable so you can put new bearings and stuff in it you don’t have to like buy a new one but this pul is that’ll probably still be oh yeah that one’s

Gone yeah and then there’s just like an assortment of little things like this vacuum line right here is like busted so we need to get a new things in there new one of those I want to take the injectors out and probably clean them like that would be a really good idea I

Think that’s a good idea but dude like other than that there’s really not a whole lot I think we really need to do to this obviously new plug somebody was talking about the exhaust manifolds they crack oh you can’t it’s got the heeld on yeah so I don’t know if we’re going to

Do anything about that and there’s like a few other little things they need to replace like these apparently these go bad these are like cat temperature sensors and when they go back it has like a slow down light on the dash and it just like pulls power to the engine

So there’s a lot let’s just say we get the pulley we get the water pump new T builts we get everything di up we put the harness in we get the car in new battery car justes starts but it’s a bad engine I know you did a l down let’s

Just say out of nowhere let’s just say says something’s really really bad and always it’s either rebuilding this or swapping it oh 13B easy 13B 30 20b I 30b if we do it by the way I love you for that if we going rotary which I would be

So sick drop we 100% should it it I think because this is such a massive engine I think it should be a 20b 20b would be cool or we could do like or we could go total awall and do like a 4G swap or something realistically I don’t

Think a straight six would fit or why don’t we do the opposite why don’t we put our MR2 engine in here or a Fiero a V6 a Fiero put a f that’ be so funny dude that would be so funny put we put a custom Theo body

Kit on it oh we do the opposite bro oh we would be hated by everyone I think I don’t know I I really want to get this lump running it would be really cool to have this thing running under its own I hope I hope this thing but if it doesn’t

I I think a 20 bit even a 20bit nont turbo was like like 350 400 horsepower like dude and if we do turbo that’s like 650 like reliable I say something crazy like the thing is is I don’t know how much horsepower and torque that little trans axle transmission will hold well that’s

Find out we could probably stuff a Hellcat here like you could probably get a hell that’s a lot but it’d be fun until we do one pole and then the transmission that’s what I’m saying that’s a lot I might be too much might be too much power a lot of it will be

Nice to see though that’s a lot of but dude there’s a lot of really really fun 20 it’s literally smaller than this well this is a V8 right I mean it’s but 20b was L it would literally be this big not including obviously the front front the

Uh front cover and stuff so we could totally we could totally make that that would be so sick that would be sick what what what are the engines that you’re thinking 4G would be good what else we got here K K series would be cool but

Stance Works already did one so I think kind out of question we can skip that one um Ian what else what do you think what engine should we replace if this doesn’t run we want to swap it what engine should we throw in here realistic a straight six like a Jay-Z isn’t going

To fit no no I think something compact you’re looking at like a rotary another one yeah that’d be cool that’d be R we just talking about a I think a r would be perfect yeah how about like a 4cylinder mer diesel like turbo diesel oh wow that’s wild that’s off the uh

Diesel power off the back of it that’ be like a V like a VR6 would be a weird swap yeah okay dude what do you guys think that’s what I want to hear I want to see I want to hear now be you have to

Be like be here with us like we only have this much space to work with cuz this is already like against the firewall correct it’s super against like the crank is like right right it’s you don’t have a lot of space so we don’t

Have a lot of space so a Thursday B for sure we fit here a 20b I think it’ll fit I don’t think another va8 will fit so hopefully we can get this thing running again hopefully we can get it fired up I know we have a healthy engine for sure

But it’s just if we can get it fired up again so we have a lot of work ahead of us I got a lot of parts already on the way for this thing and honestly it was super fun to pull this engine out there’s a lot of really weird small

Things that needed to be disconnected this is the first Ferrari I’ve ever worked on so it’s been a really fun learning experience so thank you to Steven for coming through from SD Exotics to help me out he’s going to be back to help me work on this thing again

And make sure everything gets done correctly that’s going to be it for today’s video guys thank you guys so much for watching drop a comment Down Below on what engine you think we should put into this 355 don’t forget to comment like subscribe we’ll see you guys in the next episode see you Guys