Throtl: Trading a $1,000 BMW for a FERRARI in 1 week! – PART 2

Reading Time: 10 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-13 16:00:00
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

This is the worst yet the best car that we’ve ever purchased we successfully completed the trading up series and we traded a $1,000 BMW into a manual Ferrari 355 the car is absolutely amazing but it has one huge problem the car has been sitting outside with the windows down for over 10 years

There’s been rats inside the dashboard is cracked and Faded the paint has been destroyed by a car cover but it has Potential boys ready for this more than a year in the making we finally did it there’s a Ferrari in here are you guys [Applause] ready oh my God SI is that a 355 is it an MR2 from here it looks real wait where did all the badges go EV there’s

No badges there’s no badges it’s all right this is a 95 Ferrari 355 and there’s something very special inside Ricky what is it a six speed wa is it actually a manual this thing is destroyed that’s Sicky seat builds it’s been sitting outside for a long time with the windows down it’s disgusting

Mouse turds poop you can tell there’s an engine too we we’ll get it Outside the Supra in the fast Fus raced a black convertible 355 yes it Did that’s perfect that is literally perfect sick I didn’t even realize realiz that W that black if this car was black it would be the same pop the hood behind you dog oh when I first saw the car car there was no joke a bunny right

Here I thought it was dead but look look at the wires chewed a couple of the wires in there lot of the harness being shwed up pry much the entire harness everything looks here for the most part and it is a real Ferrari assembly number what right there

2058 I think it’s going to need a lot of work but I think it’s got potential I can smell it from here this thing is sick it’s messed up but it’s great hey can you pop the front gaka oh yeah we’re missing a shock but hold on hold on oh

Oh oh it’s bent but maybe we can fix it check that out full poop wow this yeah there is stuff everywhere like underneath in here is just animals this has been sitting for a while we need to be very careful not to smoke this Engine we starting off our Ferrari detail with an exterior wash using our new Maguire ultimate snow foam extreme clean wash this helps losing any rogram while lubricating the surface as a pre-wash on a dirtier vehicle that requires a m before pressure washing with our engine bay being nicely foamed

Up we are using a few different brushes to agitate and really get into the cracken crevices that the pressure washer can’t get to then using a small Corless blower to drive the engine bay completely before bringing the car inside to start our p Correction we just got the Ferrari all power wash and it’s already looking so much better I’ve got Eric here from still driven and Ricky back there now it’s time to really bring this thing back to Life Now that we have the car in Jack stand before we get into the first step of correcting this paint I want to show you up close how bad this pain is as you can see here there are tons of scratches and swirls I have personally not seen a car

With this batt of pain in a long time it is time for us to start cutting and buffing our beautiful Ferrari AR’s going to take over the passenger side I’m going to take over the driver’s side we are going to using Ultimate Compound by myu I got their buffing PAD as well and

We’re going to get to it for the prepping we clay bar the car and we wiped it down uh and it’s ready for us to start so let’s get to It Right now looks 100 times better but it’s going to look even better once we get done doing the Polish but as you can see looks really nice right now so there used to be a bunch of scratches here from the tarp and the cargo strap I had

Over it before all the scratches are gone this paint looks amazing again look at that what what it thought right this thing’s been sitting outside for many years right here you can really see the paint wow looks great so I don’t know if you can see you know this color I don’t

Know the name of it it reminds me of my FD monteo blue even though it’s a green I don’t know what they call take a blue but it looks very similar so I don’t know if you can see the scr Marks here I don’t know if you can see it on camera

No not really it looks great on camera oh so it’s going to look even better can to look even better than this oh yeah D I just finished using ultimate polish from Maguire on our quarter panel and it looks insane I don’t know if you can see

The difference between the trunk and the quarter panel but this is still compound and this is polished I hope the camera can pick that up but with the naked I can see the difference and I know this thing is going to turn out amazing so I’m going to keep going using this

Product and let’s finish the car the Maguire’s ultimate polish has completely transformed this pain all those Swirls and scratches you saw previously are completely gone keep in mind this car was sitting outside with no watch for over 10 years this has to be one of the best transformation I’ve

Ever done in my detailing experience it’s time to work on the interior look at how nasty this thing is so we’ve got our our bins over there we’re going to pull everything out that we can there’s a lot of mouse droppings and animal things and things like a lot of stuff in

There but we’re going to do our best here clean everything and save everything because it may be really hard to find stuff if we lose it I can only assume everything in here is very expensive so all right let’s get to it to start off the interior we completely

Stried the car by removing the seats and the junk that was inside of it now this interior is by far one of the most disgusting Interiors I have ever seen it is cover rat fces dirt that has been sitting here for over 10 years the first step into getting this interior cleaned

Up is by doing it a nice deep vacuum that is one of the first steps I always do when starting an interior cleaning with the interior now being somewhat clean I will be using a Maguire Citrus power cleaner plus along with a few different types of brushes to scrub the

Carpet door panels Dash and the rest of the interior pieces using these brushes can really help get into all the crack and crevices where a normal rack can I get into if you guys don’t have these brushes I highly recommend you picking up a set because they can really help

You with your interior detail Eric and I have been going crazy with this Ferrari my next step is going to be the sep let me show you what we have done so far the interior piece the carpet it looks better but obviously just no bueno it’s

Too far gone it’s a bunch of stains I don’t even know what this red stuff is uh it’s a lot of yellow stuff which I’m assuming is probably peepe bu a rat or something the other side has a lot of streaks of it as well the back didn’t

Turn out too bad that looks pretty good the door panels turn turned out amazing that looks really really good so you should take a look at this one look at that yeah look brand new the dash looks pretty good until you actually get in there you see where the uh defroster

Vents are at on top the leather’s coming apart but so far we pretty much focus on this area we took everything apart as much as we Could the next step is going to be the seats which I’m going to be doing next and then from there Eric and I going to turn in here we’re going to try to take us much panels out as we can so we can um scrub them outside but yeah it’s coming

Along but there’s still a lot of work to Do I just finished the seats Eric finished the interior it is now time to move into the next part which is the front as you can see this thing is a lot of work so yeah good luck buddy thank You now that we have finished vacuuming the front we are pulling the inner liner out this way we can not only clean just the carpet pieces but we can also push the car outside and pressure wash the front I’m also going to use a pressure washer on the carpets to get all the

Dirt and grime out as you can see here this is a great interior detailing technique that I’ve been using since I started [Applause] Detailing And to finish off the engine bay I am using my personal favorite Maguire’s product which is the hyper dressing the best way to use this product is to spray them all over the engine bit and letting it sit and soak into the plastic to make them look brand new Again [Applause] [Applause] We actually put the car up on jack stands and we removed all four wheels now I have a friend coming by later today who does mobile wheel refinishing and he’s going to help us clean up all of these curbs now nothing looks super substantial so he’s going to sand this

Down and he’ll paint it but before he gets here we really want to clean the insides of the barrels because these wheels are absolutely filthy and then last but not least we have one wheel that has a crack or something weird going on we started grinding it down

Because it’s Le leaking air so if you can see it this has been previously welded and repaired that is not holding up so we’re going to go ahead and grind down this seam here you can see the repair that’s been done kind of poorly these aren’t the final wheels that are

Going to be going on this car but while we have it here in the shop we want it to look as good as humanly possible and we want to really transform it so I think when Cody gets here he’s going to be able to transform the outside

Appearance of these wheels we want to make sure that they at least hold air that way we can travel this thing in and out of the shop and not have to worry about pumping it up every 30 minutes the guys at bling and wheel repair just dropped off our Ferrari Wheels now these

Are really special because they’re made by Speedline and they’re made out of magnesium which is really cool and the guys had these refinish for us in a nice gloss silver pretty much like OEM spec and now before we get a new set of aftermarket wheels for this thing

Because we wanted to make it look a little bit better in the meantime we had bling ham wheel repair refinish these and they did an awesome job they turned out really really cool before we put the wheels on the car one thing that we notice which is common with a lot of

Ferraris or almost all Ferraris that I’ve seen they all come with adjustable susp suspension so we can actually adjust the ride height of this car and make it look a little bit better so what we’re going to do is before we toss the wheels on we’re going to go ahead and

Lower the coilovers down if we can if nothing is seized just to make it look a little bit better and then we’ll wheel this thing outside and show you guys what this color looks like in the sun because it’s absolutely amazing the transformation that it’s had we got the

WD40 cuz typically we just soak these things in WD40 because they’ been sitting for so long yep Quinn’s got some wrenches they don’t give you quality wrenches when you buy a used 350 five so we got to find which one fits I’ve got some from race Gates some of these are

From coilovers PCS tains all sorts of stuff hopefully we have a wrench that Works it’s a big moment plan it is is huh it’s a really big moment Ricky it’s a big moment right now I know it look nothing like this it looks like a junk D car that’s been abandoned with the windows down for 15 years yeah look like brand new right off the showroom Floor crazy it’s crazy to see it on the floor look at this beautiful now man what it look like before and now it’s 180° that’s badass look sick huh you going push it outside yeah let’s get outside let’s get somebody let’s do It Yeah Remember what it looked like when we first pulled up that looks so good dude crazy pop the headlights Ricky you did a great job thanks man yeah you did and and my boy Eric too ER boy come over here hey Ricky pop the headlights up oh come down good job buddy it looks

Amazing good job I want to see the like this is like the most miand Vice car it is dude it’s a little rough but it’s clean do you remember what it looked like here before there was animals living in here there was a bunny rabbit in the engine bay top looks good the

Shifter actually looks good unreal now this is where the project really starts now we figure out what the plan is for this car I think it’s time to put this thing up on the lift and see what this engine is all about to see if we can get it started