Throtl: Touring Fast & Furious Locations In Our Toyota Supra Turbo! (1,000+ HP Build)

Touring Fast & Furious Locations In Our Toyota Supra Turbo! (1,000+ HP Build)

Posted: 2023-03-30 16:00:26
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

[Applause] foreign Sweepstakes is ending tomorrow if you guys want to get your chance to win this car and 20 000 head on over to our site every dollar you spent is an automatic entry to win the car and a check for twenty thousand dollars so don’t sleep on this one it ends tomorrow at midnight Thank you foreign we are in Orange County which is about 45 minutes north of our shop I’ve got Ricky with me Victor’s behind the camera and we’re pulling up to gretty right now and so hopefully uh you know Kenji here at Grady is going to give us a quick

Little tour of the shot maybe we can give you a little preview of some of the uh products that they’re going to be coming out with this year they’ve got a lot of exciting stuff in r d and also we’re gonna be picking up some of the

Parts for our S2000 project which is really exciting they’ve got a Suzuki chimney on display which is very very popular in Japan that looks like great you might be doing some rmd for the chimney which is pretty cool there it is how you doing oh Kenji brought the what

Is this called again I forget because it’s a base model it’s a hey yeah this was a long-term restoration this before when we used to call The Hondas with the chassis coach yeah I always love coming here because Kenji always has some really cool stuff to Showcase his uh his little Civic that

He’s finally finished restoring and is now daling which is crazy I got a great Mike we made some bike parts so you have some like all the Billet stuff like the Hub and the crank and the headset you got an umbrella yeah this is our gorgeous because these are our new turbo charger line that we launched at SEMA I’ll be ready next

Next month this is this is a special insert yeah the OCD does that for us machine shop yeah our engine builder yeah engine builder slash machine shop yeah so cool and so it makes the cool that yeah you heard that though yeah 33 guys 33. yeah

It just gives that just one more noise that maybe makes a turbo car sounds special huh so you know it’s not really for the sound it’s more for the anti-surge yeah but you get that sound as well but that’s what people they don’t really understand the answers more

So like I just want that noise yeah these are like modular so you could fit different diameters you know one anything you could have different stock one single core but then you pull this off the shelf for what size you need I think we’ll have like you know curved one two oh yeah

So I see something here that might be what we’re here to pick up today for our S2000 project but it always just seemed to lack the horsepower that it needed to really be great right and you guys sort of remedied that with this turbo kit I

Know you guys have had this kind of for a while but recently you were just able to get your carb executive order yes for those of us here in California which makes this fully street legal yeah it’s not just even California other states are getting more strict as well and a

Lot of guys today are concerned and you know we wanted to make sure we actually made this kit almost like three years ago yeah where we’ve been going back and forth with the services over a SEMA garage to go through the whole car certification and it’s just going back

And forth and also during the pandemic so it took some time but uh we finally got the car of executive order last year and so cool so we’ve been pretty much you know pumping out a bunch of these kids and we have the hondata flash Pro okay car version yeah

So we you know teamed up with foundata to make sure that it has a really good fuel system and uh yeah a complete package and so this is a hundred percent complete kit we’re gonna have to Fab anything we don’t have to make any oil lines water lines yes it all comes in

The Box yeah it’s a whole bolt-on kit foreign Foreign Going to Toys R Us that’s the best All right we’ve arrived here at go tuning which is also uh spoon USA that should tell you guys that we’re picking up a bunch of spoon stuff for the S2000 this is exciting we’ve never used these products before on any of our projects

So this is the one and uh we got a lot of really cool stuff to show you I can’t wait to see these right thank you Foreign [Applause] yeah this was like a a record holder for a minute is this fd2 foreign audience I mean this is really cool so this is obviously one-off yeah and what was the purpose so it was uh built for Tokyo AutoZone uh as an exhibition so

It’s a concept right so the roof only or was this whole car at AutoZone no just the roof okay yeah so the roof was there um it was a different roof this is like another one because the first one has some uh shoes yeah but it’s one piece

Billet the entire thing you can see the machine go look underneath oh wow that’s kind of like that so this piece here is actually lexan yeah see-through so it’s like fiberglass this piece and then this is lexan if you sit in it you kind of

Feel um it’s not like a moon roof yeah it really is I love The Machinist too in the center I’m driving this car have you drove it on the road with this roof yeah how does it feel it’s kind of nice because it feels like the top is down

Yes you get the airflow yeah you get the airflow you get the feel that it’s kind of open um but you know you get shape from the element sort of so unique I love it so then you remove the soft top completely yeah so this is from a S2000 CR it’s

Like the tonneau cover from that now these pop off yeah yeah for the hard top right so it’s a Honda Element part and there’s like a mounting hole here oh yeah underneath there’s like a skeleton structure that erases it yeah um but it latches on the OEM latches on the front

And uses the OEM pointed back there so you said CR for audience that doesn’t know a CR is a club racer yeah I think eight and nine a special front lip a couple of special things right yeah it didn’t have a it didn’t have a soft top because there’s racing underneath so we

Kind of chassis yeah we tapped into that and then made a mount for it huh just bro yeah oh man there’s more coming wow I told you today is like going to Toys R Us when you’re like seven years old what a grown Car Guy Let’s go all right we’re wrapped up here at spoon USA or go tuning uh unlimited they import a lot of really cool JDM parts and uh we’re fortunate enough that they had all the stuff that we need for the S2000 in stock here just what an hour

And 50 minutes away from our shop which is amazing some really good authentic products for this sweepstakes car so I’m excited about that now let’s head off to LA Thank you so Bob’s Market is right there uh I see little little cones yeah so that’s where they parked all the cars in the movie where those cones are the house go straight we’re gonna go past the house so you guys get the lay of the land there’s the market right there

So the house is right where that kid is standing in the street oh they put a fence up dude in front of the house rip damn Ripp Arena so Ricky this is your first time at a Bob’s markets yeah this is my first time and to see the house as well so I’m

Super excited for that um but it’s going to be even more excited when we have the cars right there the car man Bob Marcus right there the house is right in front of it so we’re gonna place the car up there take some videos and pictures and yeah before

We got a nice little stinger in front of us a Jeep very good check out this place [Applause] I knew you had one right yeah that was my biggest regret selling it it’s crazy it’s already getting your crowd yeah so up the street where the house is actually out there’s like three cars

Over taking pictures there so they saw me and I was like yeah just come down we’re gonna be at the market so we’ll see if they’ll come down but I I really want people to see the car the car is amazing and this is literally part of

The history without this the history of this Market this car wouldn’t be here so so it’s pretty cool the cars here and people are actually enjoying it right now Thank you we drag the super Outlet up here on our trip to get all the parts for the S2000 figured it’s a good opportunity for us to visit Bob’s Market again we brought the eclipse here once now we’ve got the super uh if you build this car you got

To bring it to one of the movies for sure and the house is just around the corner as well so unfortunately the owner of the home has made some changes to the front of the house actually put up a pretty large like six plus foot fence yeah around the whole property I

Mean it looks nice but it just takes away from the actual movie house yeah and you got to put yourself in their shoes I’m sure they kind of get sick of all the foot traffic racing cars and stuff so trying to change the house up a

Little bit so it’s not as attractive to people to come by and take photos and here we are we’re here anyway but we should go inside Bob’s market and see what’s going on inside see if we can get any tuna fish sandwiches or anything like that no one likes the tuna here I

Heard but well no one likes a tuna here yeah well I do it’s cool is the uh the amount of car culture that this Market has because of the movie has like brought to this area you see we pull up in the Supra and you’ve just got people like checking out

The car it’s like a place to conglomerate and meet it’s pretty cool yeah and now Ricky this is my second time here but I want you to take a look and see if this actually reminds you of the movie or not because to me the outside is very movie-esque but the

Interior looks nothing like what’s right whenever he walked in he sat down at a school and it was like a diner type and over the in the background Upland downwards and yeah it’s completely different so let’s go uh let’s go inside and see if we can find something yeah

I’m a little thirsty or I can go for some ice cream too let’s see what the uh blue bunny is fine Big Vanilla the body’s Not a Bad Bunny I usually get the white one all they have is the blue I’m gonna go with the traditional Farm pop sounds like you

Might have been in here for a while two cards what do you want Vic wait oh look look it has crossed I’m out I don’t have the tuner no crust no crust sorry Vic that was that was good though that was good I’ll get it I’m gonna get it get it for

The Bean yeah oh they got the movie poster all right well we’ve walked through Bob’s Market or toretto’s Market however you want to look at it to me it’s toretto’s Market but uh we’re pretty much done here now we’re gonna go uh check out the house since it is just

Right up the street We’re Gonna Roll the car over there get some photos and video there as well and continue the Fast and Furious tour with the super All right well as you guys can see we are at the infamous Toretto house I know it’s a Cool vibe man I gotta say yeah I’ve seen it in person after watching it so many years ago on the big screen is insane I’ve watched it 400 million times on my TV at home

It does look a lot different with the fence yeah but you can kind of see it you can still see it yeah we’re here last the house wasn’t in as good a condition so somebody’s really put some money in the house I’m wondering if they

Got some money from Fast pen I hope so so it’s really cool to be here to see it in person again um see that the person that owns the home is like taking a lot of pride in it it’s really cool yeah no there definitely does some upgrade on it as

You can still try to keep people out by putting science and stuff so it’s a bungee cord across yeah they clearly don’t welcome the uh the drama and the cars coming here we don’t want to make too big of a scene uh we really got what we came for we wanted to

Feel the Nostalgia maybe we’ll grab a couple Stills maybe we can put those in the video here I don’t know but uh hope you guys like the uh the modern version of Suki’s car from Fast 2 in the background and maybe a little more pity stop playing my bad anyway we’re gonna

Call it a wrap here guys I hope you enjoyed this video of our tour of gritty our stop at spoon Sports USA go go tuning uh unlimited and this tour of La which we don’t get to do very often so I know it’s been fun it’s been a long day

Yeah as well and we still have a few hour drive home a long way back so we’re gonna get this thing loaded up securely and get out of here let’s do it Foreign