Throtl: The Most Power the K20 Turbo EK Civic has EVER made! (Rear Wheel Drive)

Posted: 2023-03-17 16:30:02
Author: throtl
The FREK is now an animal! Making over 515WHP, it’s finally time to dial in the wheels/tires & suspension! Where do you want to see the FREK this year and what do you want it to look like?

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Throtl Video Transcript

You’ll never believe what our Civic made on the dyno we swapped out the injectors added some E85 by Sunoco and it made insane power we have a huge announcement at the end of this video you guys are not going to want to miss it so let’s get into it Welcome back to another episode guys we’re here at Apex we brought the Civic we’re gonna get this thing back on the Don we’ve made a couple of changes and got some work done on the car since you guys last saw I switched our injectors

Up we went to a 1500 CC injector and now we’re on E85 wait what did we have before so we had 1000cc injectors previously we’ve upped it these Forks sent us some 1500 CC injectors we throw those in we’ve drained the tank completely we’re now on full E85 we’re

Gonna get tuned by Sean on the phone he’s going to be remote toning all day we’re gonna get some more power out of this league I’m hoping we hit 450. okay wait wait wait before we have 383 380-ish 380-ish at 1060 injectors at 100 Okay cool so these are big change it is

A pretty big change oh wow so we’re going to from 100 to E85 from a thousand six injectors to 1500 fishworks injectors our pump is the same pump everything else is the same okay so so we got AC we got more fuel all right Danny’s getting the car strap down the

Dino right now we’ll get tuned by Sean on the phone get him remoted in and then start making pulls and passes Thank you So we’re getting ready to do the first pull so Sean’s essentially starting to tune from scratch first of all we’re going to do this from 2004 000 and slowly work our way up in the RPM to see how the car responds and adjust accordingly so let’s go for the first pull Foreign It’s already better than what it was way better all right all right 390 that’s already better than the last time they left under uh 100 octane tune so first put on E85 390 that’s really good good pretty good number we’re still going up we’re still making some adjustments the

Thing that I’m worried about with this car is not the power it makes because it already had too much power to begin with that’s the Catch-22 here Ricky is we made 380. we didn’t have nearly enough traction and we went you know what the car needs more power not that we came

Here we’re making more power so Power number is great this thing’s this thing was stupid at like three so yeah even more is going to be more we just getting 100 so yeah so we need to get definitely more traffic for sure which we’re working on that right in the background

We’re working on that we’re actually gonna be doing a lot with this car this year which is really cool very excited for it and uh this is a step to doing yeah the plans are in the works we already sat down and we started writing stuff down what that we’re going to do

To gain traction part of the plan is to gain the power first yep after the power is there then we’ll work on the traction but yep it’s gonna look sick so we just hit 425 we’re still going up which is good yeah 425 is a great time

It’s a great number it’s awesome that’s awesome yeah yeah but there’s more that was like its first actual pull though yeah yeah we’re still gonna hit the 490 that I said all right we’re gonna get 100 still going we’re in good shade foreign baby we climbing let’s go

Let’s go I don’t think it was gonna go up that hard that fast that quickly there’s gonna be like 4 4 35 450 450. My Boy Child don’t play around bro hopefully Sean don’t play around when I say bro what did I say look

I kind of didn’t want to give it to him go oh that sounds pretty much what he guessed he’s like So we just hit 488 which was pretty much Ricky’s number it’s exactly 100 from the last sign that you guys know what we made 380 last time that’s what I’m saying we just made 480. your call was 490. yeah yeah yeah okay I was I was

Happy with 450. 450 in this car I know I knew Shawn was going to get us at 490. do you think he can get it five yeah we ain’t no CC’s all right 95 all right we’re going for five foreign Making really good progress making really good numbers but unfortunately we’re running out of fuel so we’re just gonna have to put some in the tank so we’ve got a can of 85 R by Sunoco over here when we topping this thing off and that’s one of the things we actually

Changed about this car from the last time is we went from 100 octane to some beautiful E85 you guys know we love our E85 especially from Sunoco we run sunoco85r and literally every single car we have where they see Eclipse now the freak the Viper the Supra pretty much

Everything everything gets Sunoco 85r so we absolutely love it we’re gonna put some in this tank keep on grinding foreign That’s what I’m wondering that’s it we’re done in the dyno here our car made over 500 horsepower did an amazing job now the next test is going to get this car to brona make some passes in it and see what 500 plus wheel horsepower on a Civic feels like shout

Out to Apex shout out to Danny shout out to Sean this is insane I can’t believe we went from the threes to the fives yeah significant amount more power I didn’t think it was going to make this much but it feels good that it did so combination of ditch works and Sunoco

Sean that’s all you need pretty soon we’re gonna need a built engine I don’t know how much more of that little location ah we’re good bro that’s fine we’ll see you guys Thank you [Applause] [Applause] please stretches No matter what we do we change tie rods we adjust everything that car is still a freaking handful it looks so fast it looks it looks a lot of fun it is insanely loud it hurts my ears are vibrating what a wild car man he’s like it’s almost crab walking like an

EVO man it’s like yeah nuts absolutely nuts Well we fix the tie rods inner outer all four of them all four sets or four corners and she still uh doesn’t care doesn’t give doesn’t care no regard for you at all this guy but at least David knows what to expect so he’s gonna go

Way easier on it it is a beast of a car Jesus still scares me still scarcity it’s so wild I clashed it I left softly this is not what I was doing a Hoon again this is like half the takeoff and it was still like in a goddamn it was

Like there’s nothing like a Hellcat engine all right David what are we doing with this thing well reviewing a whole bunch of your guys’s cars today very excited but you know it’s funny you have a thousand horsepower Supra a rear wheel drive Civic and this Viper which is the

Closest to stock because of the engine but it’s probably the gnarliest one to drive so I’m kind of mentally preparing for it I’m gonna go over to the parking lot over there and I typically don’t do this but this is a whole can of worm so

I’m gonna go over there putt around a while because the Petals in the Viper in such a weird spot and make sure to get that muscle memory of where the brake is and everything else and then when I’m ready to commit I’ll put a helmet on and

Go up and down the strip a few times and hopefully come back [Applause] foreign [Applause] car to drive for sure you need a man behind the wheel and I’m not it yeah this thing’s a beat she did good yeah so it’s funny how you have to be on

Top of it so much because one run you’ll go dead straight and then the next one it’s like I don’t think so maybe you have to really catch there was one run where my wheel was almost completely sideways back and forth I got a little puckered up on that one babe yeah but

Boom hey I I would never drive something I don’t think I could handle so I’m really stretched about this man but she did so good I’m gonna let her cool off so happy about it this was by far the one that was a little bit the most

Nervous about but I’m glad I conquered the Beast we want to change it differential front fuel pressure so that way the driver only has to look at one number the entire time okay and that way if it’s anything other than that one number no there’s a problem all right so let’s

Go up in pressure uh we’re at 38 right now so a little bit further um right there go back down too far A little bit more right there is good all right so we just readjusted the fuel pressure so we should be good to go

Let’s do it do the AC in this thing is so nice oh wow this car is so good dude this car is so freaking cool hey nice hat yeah nice Wheels new hat come inside New Gear coming soon baby Dude cars are wicked fast it feels great it just spins first gear spin second gear spin third gear spin into fourth still spinning it’s it’s it’s all over the map but we need more traction in it but the car feels freaking amazing it stays straight surprisingly which is

Good it kind of goes yeah and then it like comes back into line which is really cool so I’m really happy with it really happy with the power it is wicked fast dude car weighs nothing it was fast at nine pounds things an animal we just

Need more Tire under it we knew it was working when you were like what a wild car dude that was like the first time I’ve actually driven that car like flat out it’s a handful dude that thing’s quick it’s a lot of fun so you drove the Viper first yeah now you’re on

The Civic one crazy rear wheel drive car to another Fourth gear just every gear dude All right well I hope you guys enjoyed that video obviously as you saw in the video the car did really well on the dyno and that makes me really happy because this is kind of what we had always had planned for the car now we’re

In a good spot we made over 500 wheel horsepower which is insane we’re running 225 tires out back if you already knew where it was not enough rubber however I wanted to make the power now we can go back we can wide body the car we could put bigger tires underneath it there’s

So much more we can do and we plan to there’s a lot of changes that are going to happen we’re gonna get this car out to some track days including three grid lives this year we haven’t narrowed down which ones yet if you guys have a grid

Life that you think we should attend please leave that in the comment section down below we will check it out we’re going to be considering those here in the coming weeks and deciding which ones we’re going to attend at that point in time we’re going to change the Livery on

The car we’re going to do another rendition of it there’s so much planned for this thing and I hope you are as excited about it as we are buckle up guys it’s gonna be a lot of great content coming from the freak this year

And a lot of great track days and fun to be had with the boys out there learning the car and a lot of shop time too leave us some comments Down Below guys let us know what you think of the car and yeah just stay tuned thank you guys so much

For tuning in and we’ll see you in the next one