Throtl: Surprising our SUBSCRIBER with HIS DREAM CAR BUILD! (Full Transformation) : 2004 Mazda Miata

Surprising our SUBSCRIBER with HIS DREAM CAR BUILD! (Full Transformation) : 2004 Mazda Miata

Posted: 2023-09-12 16:00:33
Author: throtl
#throtlDreamBuild7 is officially LIVE right now and we’re waiting for submissions. Join throtlVIP (our car club) and submit your car today!
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Congratulations to Levi for winning throtl’s #throtlDreamBuild6 project car transformation! Levi’s Miata was pretty rough around the edges when we received it. With a little help from our partners/friends & hard work — We were able to completely transform it and it turned out awesome!

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Throtl Video Transcript

A few weeks ago we selected Levi and his second generation Miata as our winner for throttle dream build six we’ve already transformed five cards so far throttle dream build one dream build 2 throttle dream build three throttle dream build 4 and throttle dream build 5 all going to incredible VIP members this

NVM Miata is in really rough shape and it’s a good thing we have a huge amount of parts to transform this car let’s push this thing inside and get started Foreign Foreign Welcome back to throttle everyone this is dream build six believe it or not and this is Levi’s 2004 Mazda Miata NB starting off we have a front lip that’s going to address kind of the stock lookingness of the front end we’re going to pair that with a new set of OEM

Headlights because those look terrible we also are updating the bulbs we’ve got some more metal bulbs here these are going to produce a much nicer looking light as well as much brighter more usable light from the car we have an anti-gravity battery which is ridiculously light for a car battery I

Thought it was a demo piece but it’s an actual battery we’re going to put in and use we want to focus on handling and braking and performance on this build it’s a Miata it should handle well it should stop well so we have a set of white line front and rear sway bars

Going on we’re going to be replacing the brakes all the way around so we have a power stop rear brake setup which is the caliper rotor pad and we have a two-piece floating rotor and front big brake caliper by Wilwood we’re going to address the cooling system we’ve got a

Mishimoto aluminum radiator here we’ve got their silicon radiator hoses that are going to go with that as well we also also have a full complement of silicon hoses that are going to replace all the rubber hoses in the engine bay we’re going to also add to the engine a

Nice high flowing k n air filter with a 50 state legal intake system with a polished tube it’s going to help clean up the engine bay quite a bit and maybe even add a couple extra ponies we’re also going to dress up the interior a

Little bit we found a set of newer seats that are going to match his existing interior and we can throw away the old ratty seats that were in this car there’s holes in the leather we were going to put a set of racing seats in there but Levi’s like me a very tall

Dude and it’s kind of hard to fit in me out in the first place so stock seats are definitely the way to go we’re also going to be adding a new carpet kit because the carpet is not in very good shape one thing about this Miata that’s

Not very Miata e is it’s an automatic we’re going to be fixing that with a five-speed manual conversion to pair with that we have an action clutch you guys know we love action clutch this is a stage two clutch which is a Kevlar sprung it’s going to handle more power

More torque than a factory clutch would while still remaining nice and Street drivable what do you got there Mickey so this is an R Theory univ body brace and essentially what these do is they bolt onto the bottom of the chassis and encapsulate the frame rails for lack of

A better term of the unibody they double as a jacking Point underneath the cars and back here we have our BC racing VR series coilovers we use these on the majority of the builds here at our shop we’ve had a lot of luck with them we love the adjustability we’re able to

Dial these things right into where we want them they’re going to be awesome on this little Miata we’ve also got some more aesthetic stuff out back we’ve got our R Theory aluminum rear diffuser um it’s gonna go underneath the rear of the car give it a more sporty racy look and

To keep that Canyon carving theme going we’re going to go with the mategy racing mr156 wheel paired with the Falcon the Zenith rt660 super sticky street tires which we put on all our vehicles here we love them they’re great and I got one last box here Quinn what do we got we

Have our nose attack wrap so we’re not going to reveal the color just yet but it’s gonna look good we haven’t even opened the box so I haven’t even seen it in person nobody here has this car is going to be we have a handful of engine

Maintenance things this thing is not in the best shape mechanically it’s leaking oil all over the place just not running that well so we’re gonna be doing all the gaskets all the seals timing belts spark plugs you name it we’re replacing it to get this thing running properly

Whatever is coming out of it shouldn’t be coming out of it so we’re going to fix all that in addition to that we have some carbon Miata components on its way and we have an ISR exhaust on its way as well but for now we need to get this

Thing on the rack start working on it foreign Build 7 are officially live I’m so excited we’re going to be continuing the program we’re going to be transforming one of your cars or your trucks here at the throttle garage so if that’s something you’re interested in if you’re interested in being our next winner check out the link in the video

Description and check out throttle VIP now if you’re new to throttle or new to what throttle VIP is that is our car club and in addition to being eligible to submit your car truck for the dream builds like this you also are going to get a ton of other benefits for starters

Throttle VIP members are going to get 10 to 40 off our entire website we have everything you can think of when it comes to modding your car or truck from suspension Wheels brakes headlights carbon fiber stuff any performance item you can think of is on our site we also

Have a ton of cool throttle merchandise and as a VIP member not only going to get discounts but you’re also going to get five times entries to our sweepstakes with every single purchase now on top of that when we do our two times entry periods VIP members get 10

Times entries the value of the program is there guys we also have an exclusive throttle VIP Facebook group where you can interact with the entire team we’re always in there doing live streams and giveaways and really interacting with everyone and it’s so much fun so if that’s something you’re interested in

And you’re interested in submitting your car or truck for dream builds check out the link in the video description and get your submissions in NATO is up on the left and we’re going to start this green build by pulling the engine out we’re going to show you guys why all right

Well it’s not starting wait why are you using pliers uh because the key is broken that’s that’s the key and the key portion of this key is there’s our actual key that’s supposed to be in that like that but it doesn’t stay in there anymore what do you mean it’s not starting it’s

Not starting it doesn’t start you put the battery on yeah no it just cranks ha so motor’s coming out let’s go rip you’ll be able to see the oil leak once you look under it Foreign Miata as you guys can see this thing is absolutely filthy so we’re going to get it outside we’re going to pressure wash it and then we’re gonna start working on it Foreign We’ve got our Miata engine here on the stand we’ve got it cleaned up it’s looking way better than it did in the car we have a ton of basic maintenance things we’re going to be doing replacing belts we’re gonna do the timing belt front main seal cam seals whole bunch of

Stuff we’re also going to be taking the valve cover the intake manifold often Rick is going to be painting them it’s going to look really nice foreign Almost completely torn down the entire way it has a lot of grime in it it’s not the worst I’ve seen but it’s not good so we’re gonna clean all that stuff up something in here has been leaking it is really bad as you can see underneath the timing covers just everything is covered

In oil Thank you Thank you Please do your oil changes this is not it dog all this that is all coagulated oil this gets loose just gonna blow your engine right up you’ll blow yourself to pieces So our oil pan is pretty much all cleaned up I’m just knocking out our rear main seal I think this has been tampered with already because there’s a lot of RTV kind of all around the seal our oil pan is cleaned up this Miata engine is kind of funky because it has

Like a dual oil pan gasket so we did have a leak from the gasket I’m not sure if it was this gasket onto the block or the gasket from the pin onto this so we’re doing both of them knock out the rear end seal and we’ll get everything back together let’s go All right Foreign We’ve got our timing belt completely finished all the covers are back on it’s going really well now we’re going to move on to a new thermostat we have a silica nose kit that’s going to replace all of these old rubber lines and then we’re going to start putting the engine

Back together getting it ready to go back in the car Ricky’s working on painting our valve cover our intake manifold he’s already got our exhaust heat shell done it looks way better this is our exhaust heat shield and the paint turned out amazing it’s going to look

Really good once we get it back in this thing what you working on right now Ricky I’m cleaning baby Clean cleaning everything it’s uh very cold so that’s before and then this is me cleaning after making sure our boy uh Levi that’s a sick Miata shoot the valve cover over

Here oh that thing is looking money dude oh and throttle body is done too thank you foreign cover finished it looks absolutely beautiful I’m going to throw this on the car he’s working on getting our intake manifold reassembled once I’m done putting this on manifold’s going back on

And then we’ll have it completed Miata end Oh Miata engine is ready to go back in the Miata however the Miata is not ready to receive the new engine we got to get the car ready to receive a manual transmission so we got to take the auto pedals out we got to put that pedal in

Right there which is all the clutch pedals and all that stuff we gotta take the auto shifter out and once that’s out then we can put the transmission on the back of this thing get it in the cars if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to the throttle YouTube

Channel and turn on the Bell notifications so you don’t miss a thing foreign Foreign That is the car’s ECU the funny thing is that this is where the clutch pedal goes this is gonna have to change ah you think maybe it goes like that here we have our master it’s gonna be just like this is the new one yeah like this I’m going to be

Inside the car putting this through he’s going to see two rods come out I think he’s gonna place this just like so and they’re gonna put two nuts in it and then the pet is going to stay in place this is gonna stay in place Thank you So I was able to finish all three pedals and I also installed the new ECU that Queen provided me everything is installed the next step is to put the steering wheel column back into place but Quinn’s still messing with the key so I’m gonna wait for that to be done

We’ll get it in here we’ll put everything back together and we should be ready to start going never mind we’re gonna do this right now let’s go baby we’re done okay now the steering column is in there’s like 30 000 plugs that I have to put back together to include the ECU one

Uh from there we’ll start putting all the panels back on the uh gauge cluster uh cover and then the steering wheel column cover and then the dash has some of the cover down here Now we’re pretty much ready to get this motor back in the car so we’re gonna take it off the standard we’re gonna put on a clutch here we have an action stage two this is a Kevlar sprung clutch which is gonna be really nice we’re gonna get

This thing on our Miata engine get our new transmission on and get this thing back in the car let’s go Hahaha Foreign so let’s get it on We have a Miata engine with a clutch and a transmission on it there’s going to be one thing it’s time to get the engine back into Miata let’s go We’re gonna move on to the interior we have a new carpet kit we’re going to be installing we have new seats we’re going to be installing we have a few other things so let’s get this old junk carpet out get our new stuff in old junk carpet out

We are going to hook our boy Levy up with some nice black carpets Levi Levy why are you calling Levy I was calling Levy he doesn’t watch Attack on Titan obviously okay you guys said in English say in Spanish oh is that how you said in Spanish

I know what a levy is that’s down by the water When the Levee Breaks got no place to stay I have no idea what’s going on right I don’t know what a lovey is no look at this though this is basura oh boy foreign Did we find it all half dirty oh we’re missing a passage I need to find that comment on the Facebook VIP page he said Ricky can keep all 31 cents in there I believe that’s what he said I got 30 so far I found that it is old and crusty

Wow you really did have 31 cents in here you gotta find that in the comment I don’t know how what are you talking it’s in the VIP group where but like on a post like you have to go through every post Bro Look I swear look look this is the picture

That’s why I haven’t posted not to me that’s Queen’s elbow three comments clean the out of that interior but if Ricky wants that 31 cents I found he can have it planted it bro it was under the carpet how did he know they’re under the carpet there’s no way

Oh carpets out baby let’s get the new stuff get it in here and we actually got our own Hardware Clips Ricky where we got new clips you’re supposed to catch it all right he’s number one is going in the back brother laughs Hey you know we’re supposed to glue this to the floor right I’m gonna glue you to the floor Our carpet kit is installed we got these little kick panels we saw it too I think they complement the new carpet really nicely and they kind of bring the two-tone of the Interior back together which is really cool as opposed to The Faded tan plastic one these are like

Nice aluminum so now we got to replace these we got some Delrin Jam stops and we’ve got the new seats going in so let’s do that Thank you yeah that’s nice so those of you with a canine May notice these are out of an n a Miata and the quality of the material is different and holds up a lot better over time so if there’s many seats like whoever the uh had him before took care

Of them except Queen right now he’s dirty dirty dirty dirty finger I got it I got it I moved on to this which is our shifter we have a rebuild kit so we’ve got a new rubber boot here a little brass thing on the end there because those uh are made

Of plastic and they like to break so I’m gonna get the shifter in so I actually have a stick shift in our stick shift Miata Ricky’s gonna work on our aluminum pedal covers that we have which are really nice we’re gonna be in the middle

Get this thing back on the rack let’s go All right so we have some really cool CNC aluminum pedal covers it’s going to make it look really nice this is the rest pedal I’ll show you guys in just a few seconds but it looks like while being installed All right last Quinn gets closer to getting this thing fired back up we’re gonna get our exhaust system unboxed here this is an exhaust that we saw at our friend Jimmy oaks’s shop on his Miata and we really like the style and the look of it so we reached out to ISR

Got one from them for this Miata as well because we really like the the big diameter of the stainless steel tubing and we also like the tip the way it comes out the back it’s really a neat look when it’s on yeah the muffler looks cool dude look at that little tip We’ve already put a new starter on the Miata now we’re going to throw on a new alternator match Completely installed everything’s plugged in uh we got our vacuum lines sorted we’re going to throw the stock air box on for now go for first start so we need to plug in the exhaust system the O2 sensors the intake we need to put fluids in it and then crank it to get

Old pressure plugs in and then we should have a running Miata engine foreign Fluid we’ve got engine oil in we got a battery that’s connected we’ve got all the ecu’s all the controllers that need to be swapped over to manual done the harness is done everything’s plugged up so we’re hoping it cranks we’re going to get all pressure in it and we’re going

To put a new set of spark plugs in it we’ve got some NGK laser platinums here they had a mix match set in so I’ve got some educator Rams some Delco plugs which is not good let’s see if it cranks battery battery and it is super light

And it’s uh actually lithium ion it’s not even a lead acid battery like the one that’s in there now so this thing should be much more up to the task than that battery is you’ve actually got different uh terminal options here so the terminals are removable on this one at least so we

Can get different sizes and thicknesses which is really cool so those should fit the Miata and it’s time to put this thing in yeah I can’t even pick it up you can’t can you pick it up one-handed no I can’t oh you’re strong you’re strong boy [Applause] and then this is like nothing

Foreign spark plugs going in All right let’s see if it starts let’s go well that was easy all right That’s perfect that’s totally perfect dude that was like your easiest startup ever that was ridiculous I could not have gone when you go from Auto to stick shift when you do a swap like that it is very hard because you have to replace every single module every ECU everything

That goes with the 6V right if anything is missing from the big puzzle it will not start I was dreading trying to start this because when we tried to start it before we took it apart it didn’t start right yeah that’s gonna suck and then it did

It it did it super easy how funny all right cooling system next cooling system next yep get a blood get the intake on and then move on to suspension let’s put it back in the lift let’s go So next up we have a mishimoto x line radiator for the Miata this thing’s awesome it’s got aluminum and tanks and it’s actually going to fit with our Factory fan so let’s get our fans on here and get this thing in the car foreign And the brakes we’ve got everything laid out here on the table we’re going to start with our BC BR series coilovers get these installed we’re going to put our white line sway bars on then move on to the brakes we have a power stop rotors and new rear calipers as well as

Some brake pads and then we have this which is a beautiful four piston caliper front setup by Wilwood two-piece floating rotor with an aluminum Top Hat we got brake lines all the hardware to make it work so we’re going to get the old stuff off this get all this

Beautiful stuff on then we can actually Mount our new wheel and tire package we get this thing on the ground stance and looking good all right Foreign Caller was in we need to get the stock sway bar end links off we can put the front sway bar on then get our new little end links here on which are adjustable All right front sway bar is fully installed time to move on to the rear coil levers What is that when is that toothpick just a little sway bar dude he’d see it flexing Queen you can’t say that you just said a little no yeah you did it’s not it’s the same We’ve got our suspension on BC coilovers are fully installed our sway bars by wetlander and salt now we’re gonna move on to the rear brakes we got power stop replacing old rusty stock stuff let’s get it off Thank you [Laughter] Foreign just assembled our Wilwood two-piece floating rotor for the front we also have the four piston caliper this is a huge upgrade over the factory brakes it’s much better at heat dissipation it’s significantly lighter and has more stopping power so let’s get these things on [Applause] Thank you [Applause] Time for some brake lines baby you haven’t put that on yet no what are you doing what is he doing what are you doing yeah stainless lines and the adapters so one of these is going to go into the stock in the outer brake line which is that guy right there that’s the

Dash three and then this is gonna go from a female to male what’s this yeah what’s the benefit of upgrading to stainless rather than the what is it like rubber line it’s a soft rubber so there’s rubber inside of this but it’s protected by a steel liner which is much

More durable and it doesn’t flex and stretch like a rubber line would when you press on the pedal instead of actuating the brakes the line will go I guess we’ll go and you don’t want that because it gives you a softer pedal feel so this brings a pedal feel back

Increase durability and it looks really nice so let’s get them on All right [Applause] We’ve got our rear power stops installed on the back we’ve got our wheel Woods on the front we’ve got Ricky in the driver’s seat and uh we’re gonna get this brake system bled and working properly ready let’s do it baby So we’re going to move on to the frame rail reinforcement plates that are going on the Miata these are our guys right here so these guys actually go up underneath this main rail section here and braces it you can see all the damage that’s here already which is not good

It’s also going to be a nice jack point for this car structural rigidity an extra place to jack up the car can’t lose all right All right now the car is running properly we’re gonna throw our cold air intake system on so let’s get the stock intake off foreign Getting this thing ready to wrap so I’m going to pull the tail lights off the Chrome buffer off the headlights off yeah we’re going to remove the mirrors the door handles we’re going to be replacing the locks and the door handles and we have no Center mirrors to go on

The door which is probably going to be done after wrap you guys are probably wondering why we’re replacing the locks that’s because we got a whole new ignition system for this car which came with a new key which means we have to change all the locks on the car so that

The one key works instead of him having to carry a couple keys Foreign Foreign [Applause] Glass we’re going to be replacing the glass on the Miata because it’s got some damage on it so we’re gonna get this old one out Thank you That’s our side skirt kit from carbon Miata and we’re going to fit it to the car we’re not going to do a final installation just yet because they have to wrap that side of the car but we want to get these skirts fitted up in the carbon fiber let’s get these things on

Are you scared to the move dude these are like a Mazda speed style skirt so they kind of have like a factory design to them instead of something like an ARP style which is really angular and sharp there you go look at that he’s got the

Wrap yeah I think yeah oh yeah it’s really really good big big moment here first biggest piece going on tomorrow yeah this is the first piece we’re gonna start with the hood because the Hood’s a nice flat panel and I’ve never worked with this in those attack before this is

My first swing at this so Oh Foreign On this MX-5 with these awesome carbon fiber wrapped halite set they are LED ready to go already pretty awesome looking these headlights are pretty cool looking they are projector and they have separate bulbs instead of combo but we are going to be swapping out these halogen H1 bulbs for these awesome

Morimoto two-stroke 2.0 H1 LED bulbs they’re going to be a much brighter cleaner white and they’re going to make this look a lot sharper let’s get wired Thank you Just plug in the tail lights they have to go on with the bumper right now we’re going to test them and make sure they function properly before we go putting everything on here the Halos yeah right all right break ready for break wait that wait that’s not the brakes yo

That’s right you ready go back oh wait turn them off camera that’s that’s right yeah reverse we have reverse check reverse that’s definitely not working oh yeah that’s reversed it’s working I’m tired of it that’s awesome so that is it they are tested they are bright as heck and

They look awesome when the bumper goes on we’ll put these on for the Final Touch looking good next up we have our APR formula GT3 mirrors and they are full carbon and they are very light and of course our door handles are Mickey wrapped and he did a really good job All right Foreign What’s up oh let’s go see that testing testing that’s it That’s part of the lighting setup we have on this we have some Universal fog lights with some halos in them and he’s gonna be able to use the mounting feet for the OE fog lights that are in there instead of make a small bracket right here utilize some of the feet on here

And this is going to actually wedge itself in there and fit rather nicely boom just like that Thank you So this is our our Theory rear diffuser or the Miata looks very nice however our exhaust system the muffler that we have on is interfering it so it won’t suck up high enough and what we’re going to do is pretty much make a hole to cut out

The muffler so the Mufflers will kind of sit through the diffuser and allow us to bring this thing up and high so we’ve got our marks we’re going to make a hole So we got our diffuser all trimmed up for our exhaust system and I’ve made these brackets so this is going to suck the diffuser back up to the bottom of the bumper it’s going to look real nice so we’re gonna put it on right now It’s time to throw our wheel and tire package on we have a motegi mr156 this is a 15 by 8 and we have a 205 50 zr15 rt660 on this is a super like Club sport Miata spec wheel and tire package Thank you for out of the box this is pretty freaking down dude ‘s gonna be still he’s gonna be so excited looks so much different when this car came in this Wing is crazy I would say this is very much neat for Speed style this part but that’s Levi if

We mentioned this that Levi has designed every single throttle build and is it me for Speed or Forza he’s recreated them in the video games and then he posts up the link so other people can drive them too the entire throttle Fleet is in Forza all thanks to Levi all thanks to him Today is the big day Levi’s here in San Diego he’s not at the shop yet but he’s on his way and we’re gonna give him his Miata back so we’ve got the whole team in the house we’ve cleaned up the shop Ricky’s doing some final detail touches

On the car and we’re gonna get uh Levi in here in a minute and show him his new car [Applause] Thank you foreign Is going on Levi just texted me he’s like 10 minutes away so we’ve got everything here with Gary from the hoonigans is down here so kind of a fun little fact Levi’s actually a huge fan of Gary and he’s a huge fan of will so we got a will in the house as well

He’s back wheels back that’s like a family matters there he is hey look who it is Josh Graham’s here what’s up thank you excited dude you ready yeah what’s up Josh how are you good to see you hey Evan hey good to meet you Josh dream build one winner does this look

Familiar to you I knew right when I got in here I was like I’ve been watching him so long dude all right you guys ready here we go [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] look who we got here as well we got will down here we got Anthony we got everyone here

How you been you tried to pull faster on me I told you I was a meeting [Applause] Levi thank you so much for coming down here to throttle you are the winner of throttle dream build six you’ve also been a throttle fan and throttle VIP

Member for a very long time so I did want to ask you a couple questions before we debut your new beautiful Miata that’s under here how long have you been a VIP member just under three years just under three years so we appreciate that

I see that hat that’s how I know he’s an OG that’s not a Euro hat what is your favorite build to date minus this one because I think this will take the cake what is your favorite build I really like the Mongoose but if Mickey’s

Probably heard me say a bunch of times I like the NSX as well so one of the really fun fact that throughout this video has been mentioned a bunch of times is after we make a build you recreate it into a video game uh is it Forza or Forza Horizon five so every

Single throttle build from like pretty much the start of the business to now is yes even the ice cream truck is in Forza we’re gonna put a link to grip City 503 on Forza or you can just search it so you guys can play with throttle cars which is pretty awesome and we

Appreciate that too so without further Ado are you ready to see your new Miata yes here we go we’ll do a countdown you ready start with five four three two one [Applause] what do you think check it out check it out I had a feeling it might be yellow yeah I don’t know just every time I close my eyes I saw yellow so we spent a lot of time on the outside of this car and as

You can see the one shocking thing is the color this is a nose attack wrap 100 coverage except for the soft top of course and this is Marigold yellow and we paired it with some Sweet motegi mr156 Wheels a nice Wilwood big brake kit up front and as always the rt660s

From Falcon which we love around here so hopefully you’re gonna get some time in the canyon to get to enjoy them yourself we also have a slew of carbon fiber stuff all over this car and I think those tail lights might be special to you that was one thing that he was

Really adamant about we had to get some more carbon to match it up and the outside is awesome but let’s check out under the hood because that’s where a lot of time was spent the hood bro pop the hood quick it pop the hood so this car was pretty rough mechanically when

We got it we had to jump start it it barely ran and it leaked so much fluid we honestly didn’t even want to run the car because we didn’t want to risk damaging it so you pulled the engine completely out pulled the transmission completely out re-gasketed everything it

Doesn’t leak a drop of fluid at all we also threw in a six-speed manual transmission for you action clutch full mission motor cooling system and a k n intake to top it off all right what do we got inside Ricky come here I’m gonna call you Levy but that’s how you say it

In Spanish all right so I don’t know if you noticed the APR coming from Ramirez you had this remote but they were they were plastic right so we still got the plastic on there like we’re going to let you mess it up inside we got you a brand new uh

Pioneer head unit we fixed your switch which is what’s wrong with your window so now it’s working and I’m sitting on some very good looking OEM replacement seats replacement on the carpet if you’ve seen that you got three pedals down there and we put some anodized pedals on it the

Shifter of course I’m sure you’ve seen that before it’s from throttle all the bushing have been replaced on the shifter so it feels really really nice look at the keys right there oh yeah we got you a new key yeah Are you ready to give it a little wrap [Applause] Here all right we’ll show you the lights on the Miata these are usually reflectors so those are from carbon Miata actually carbon me out of wing carbon me out of taillights we got the r Theory diffuser as well and the ISR Cat-Back exhaust the headlights were very oxidized at first

We’re going to see if we could restore them but then when I saw these I was like this looks like Forza this looks like Levi all over it we’ve got the Miata outside it is time to get Levi behind the wheel of his new refreshed Miata let’s go for a drive thank you

Yeah it feels really good no rubbing these tires are amazing dude easy pullovers ride so nice and the Wilwood brakes stopped so freaking well it’s unbelievable that was crazy Yeah here we go for it it’s your car hahaha yeah the sound is so good so what do you think man love it dude love it sound is amazing yeah the induction noise is really nice I like the hearing yeah it’s pretty good that’s like the third is good okay

It’s a weird driving your car with a manual it’s awesome it’s also been the whole time yeah amen you see the smile because it’s just I can’t put it in the words bro it’s awesome love it all right there we have it dream build six is officially wrapped up Levi

Congratulations once again thank you so much for coming here to San Diego thank you for letting us transform your Envy Miata and just a quick reminder guys dream build seven submissions are open right now so check out the link in the video description join Prado VIP and

Submit your car or truck today it literally takes five minutes or so remember to fill out the entire form and we are so excited to be kicking off the next stream build so we can transform another awesome VIP members build so Levi is there anything you would like to

Say to the throttle team or anything I would just like to thank everybody on throttle team you guys did an amazing job love how it turned out I love how it drives I love how it sounds I love the colored combos cardboard access I didn’t win the first time I submitted

I tried again and look where I’m at you guys got to enter to win baby let’s go I love it all right guys thank you so much for watching if you like this video please consider subscribing to the throttle YouTube channel and give us a

Big thumbs up we’ll see you guys in the next episode Peace