Throtl: Surprising our SUBSCRIBER with HER DREAM CAR BUILD! (Full Transformation) : 1997 Honda Prelude!

Surprising our SUBSCRIBER with HER DREAM CAR BUILD! (Full Transformation) : 1997 Honda Prelude!

Posted: 2023-04-03 16:00:32
Author: throtl
#throtlDreamBuild6 is officially LIVE right now and we’re waiting for submissions. Join throtlVIP (our car club) and submit your car today!
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Congratulations to Shelby for winning throtl’s #throtlDreamBuild5 project car transformation! Shelby’s Prelude was pretty rough around the edges when we received it. With a little help from our partners/friends & hard work — We were able to completely transform it and it turned out awesome!

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Throtl Video Transcript

A few weeks ago we selected Shelby and her 5th gen Honda Prelude as our winner for throttle dream build 5 which means we’ve already transformed four cars throttle dream build one throttle dream build 2 throttle dream build 3 and throttle dream build four all going to awesome throttle VIP members now this

5th gen Prelude has seen better days it is in pretty rough shape but good thing we have a mountain of parts inside to transform it let’s drive it in there and let’s start the process We have Shelby’s fifth generation Prelude in the shop and we’re all itching to get working on it especially with this huge mountain apart so what do we have here Mickey let’s jump up on the front here this is exciting I love when we do this because we have the full

Build basically right here in front of us minus a few parts we started up front with a Grady front lip this thing is pretty tall the gritty stuff actually is pretty aggressive we also have a rear lip and side skirts that are going to complement it really nicely and we also

Have a really really cool Mugen style rear wing that’s all carbon and this is from Savon it’s going to give this thing a really sleek and more modern look in my opinion and we’re also going to be upgrading the lights so we’ve got kind of an OE style light now Shelby had

Upgraded her lights to projector style previously with a daytime running light we’re going to go more with an OE style very nice lighting upgrade in my opinion we’re going to put some really bright bulbs in there for her so that she gets the output that she needs for driving at

Night we’re also going to be upgrading to Crystal lens turn signals so right now she has a crystal lens turn signal on there with a orange bulb we’re going to go ahead and put a clear bulb in here so that it really clears out the front

End of the car we also have a Savon carbon fiber hood you guys are used to us using sabon around here we really like the product it fits well it looks great it’s going to be a really nice look I also I’m gonna really enjoy the carbon fiber hood on this because the

Hood is very prolonged on this car and the factory hood is also really heavy so we have an action clutch and flywheel we love using their products they work really well and all the cars we use them on which is really nice so this one the plywood looks really nice it already has

A new pilot bushing in it which is really cool the clutch in this car currently is a little spongy we’re going to be replacing her battery because it’s dead we don’t have to jump a scar every time we have to move it so we’re replacing it with a yellow top Optima

Battery this engine does need a little bit of work it’s got some fluid leaks it’s got some old components on it we just want to go through and refresh everything and give her a really nice car to be able to enjoy and drive which is really cool so we have a brand new

Alternator we have a spark plug and wire kit all the drive belts are going to be replaced we have a valve cover gasket set because the valve cover is currently leaking we’re going to be doing a full timing belt service so this is the water pump new pulleys everything in it to

Make it run and drive well so we are going to be pulling the engine out of this car moving into suspension suspension Department we’ve got a set of BC BR coilovers I love these coilovers they’re honestly my favorite coilover and they just look so good out of the

Box and they’re very nice to install and very easy to work with and adjust which is fully adjustable which is cool not only are we doing the coilovers we’ve got a bunch of arms and other components here as well so I found almost every single control arm that we could find

For this car which is really nice we have fronts we have rears we have uppers we have lowers we have tie rods we have traction rods in the back just all the suspension is going to be brand new which is really nice bushings and ball joints everything we have a full Wilwood

Big brake kit which is pretty freaking sick for this car we have a set of rear rotors and a set of Hawk pads going on all four corners which is really nice I’m excited to get those on and see how it actually cleans up and it’s going to

Help the overall aesthetic quite a bit behind our new Wheels I think it’ll be rad of course we’re going to be doing a color change on this car we have a roll of tiny bot vinyl we’re not going to show you the color just yet you guys

Have to wait for later in the video for that I haven’t even seen it yet I haven’t seen it either oh yeah I literally just got here we just put it in the powered tile so nobody really knows what the color is I think Evan and

Shelby do maybe yeah yeah they do but because he had to order it and she had to tell us what color she wanted me so so if you guys want some tiny ball vinyl for yourself are you think about wrapping your car pick up some tiny Bob

Vinyl use the code on the screen and you’ll get free shipping with your order which is really nice we also have a full mishimoto cooling system going on in the car we want to upgrade the radiator as well as all the hoses and all the things

That go along with it be nice and reliable I don’t know if that’s the upper hose or the lower hose but that is a huge radio I’m gonna go on a limit say this is the lower hose so we have a race triple core excellent radiator so full

Aluminum end tanks which are really nice we have a fan shroud kit going with it and then a silicon hose kit moving into our wheel and tire package these are a set of Nietzsche cargo Wheels very nice looking wheel I’ve never seen kind of one colorized like this which is really

Cool oh it’s like it was machined and then colored because we got kind of a two-tone look going on and they’re 17s so this is going to be a good setup for this car the brakes the wheelwood brakes on the front are really going to fill

Out the wheel really well and it allows us to put a really really sticky set of Falcon a Zenith rt660s on all four corners and for that we’ve chosen two 1540s a little bit of meat on there so that the car rides nice and isn’t a

Super uh I don’t know how you say like super bouncy and vibrated and yeah I love a bigger sidewall when I do cars so we’re gonna hook Shelby up with a 40 series and hopefully she enjoys it as well as we do we also have moving on the

Interior we have a set of NRG quick release Hub and then a steering wheel combo the steering wheel is actually pretty cool this is an MPI steering wheel and it actually has throttle branding on it which is pretty cool it’s got a throttle horn button and it’s a

Perforated leather with a gray Stitch so it’s going to tie everything together really nicely inside a set of gorilla lug nuts for the wheels and some straight control arms and then this beautiful box right here what are these Mickey yeah so those are Recaro seats

We’ll show you guys more on those as we go to fit them really excited to have Recaro on board again for this project and guys as you can see we have got an absolute ton of work to do here so there’s nothing to it but to do it we

Better get started let’s get into a baby submissions for throttle dream build 6 are live right now and if you want to have your chance of having your car transformed here by the throttle team in San Diego hit the link in the video description no project is too big or too

Small for us to handle and we cannot wait to see all the submissions good luck thank you Green Belt 5 begins right now we’re going to start by taking the hood off and then we’re going to pull the engine out let’s get into it Cooling system is draining so while it’s raining we’re going to take the air intake and the battery out and then we’ll start taking the rest of the cooling system the radio and the hoses foreign Most of the things in ninja Bay are sorted out and taken off is we’re going to drop the whole subframe trans and engine out as one I’m gonna start taking the wheels off we got to get our suspension off exhaust we’re going to disconnect the steering rack and a few

Other things up underneath and the engine will be ready to come out [Applause] thank you Well when left we are here to somewhat save the day Navy guy and that dude in blue yeah so we’re gonna do the extremely hard thing of just taking the exhaust off that wasn’t that hard that was actually pretty easy that’s pretty done pretty quick foreign Motors are pretty much ready to come out of the Prelude so I’m going to drain the engine oil we’re going to take the oil filter off and we’re going to drain the transmission fluid and then we’re going to go one by one and crack all the subframe bolts just to make sure that

They come off when they’re loose and then once that’s done we’re going to re-tighten the subframe bring it down put it on our little roller coat right there take all the separate bolts off and then the chassis is going to go straight up and the engine and subframe

The transmission is going to stay in place then we can start working on it taking things apart and cleaning it all right Our private engine is out of the car and on the standard we’re going to do a lot of cleaning before we do anything on the transmission is absolutely disgusting we’re going to clean out the subframe I didn’t realize I was a two-piece suffer it was a very interesting design but

It’s still there in this room clean literally everything and then we’ll start working on this engine Foreign Make it look brand new while he’s doing that I’m gonna start doing some basic maintenance and refreshing some things on the engine we have a new valve cover gasket going on because that is leaking that seems to be the primary leak on this engine is kind of from the valve

Cover just covering everything we’re gonna be doing a whole timing belt so this does have a water pump included we’re going to make sure all the cam seals and the crank seals are looking good and in good shape and just get this thing refreshed and ready to get back on the road

Thank you So the intake cam is off the tooth so as you guys can see we have a little Mark there and a mark there that’s sitting nice and straight along the backing plate this one is down and this one is up which means the cam is actually a

Tooth rotated this way so this car should run a lot smoother make more power and be more efficient once we re-time it Thank you Um so I just got our action flywheel installed and we’re gonna install our clutch next and so we can get this engine back in the car now we got a very nice streetable clutch for this car so it is not some crazy six Puck it’s also

A sprung Puck so this is going to be not only a stronger clutch than Factory it’s going to be very engaging very smooth to dry which is really cool it’s perfect for a street car so if you guys are looking for a good Street clutch head over to action clutch pick yourself one

Up thank you Foreign The cooling system with a full cooling system by Mission Moto so we have an x-line aluminum end tank radiator here this is a race radiator very nice it’s not going to crack like the factory plastic on oil it’s going to hold up a lot better over time we have a set of

Silicon hoses which is a very nice upgrade over the factory rubber it won’t age and crack and all that stuff and of course we have a new fan shroud to fit it all we do have a thermostat it’s already in the engine you guys saw us

Put that in when the engine was out of the car now let’s get this cooling system installed oh Now we’re going to install the valve cover which Ricky’s painted a wrinkle red we’re going to throw a new valve cover gasket to get it on the car Got some NGK spark plugs going in the prelude Maybe we should have painted the valve cover blue it’s going to match our little blue lipstick we got a new dipstick by Grady oh dude that’s exactly the same blue how cool is that All right Mission wires are on let’s get our new carbon fiber coil cover and we’ll drag this wiring harness over and wire our alternator up So I’m just about finished with the engine the next step is going to get our axles back in but today we have to put the rest of the suspension back together so we’re going to start with these These are BC racing coilovers let’s open them up Foreign we’re going to start by taking the old struts out first which is easy since we already have these Corners pretty much blown apart [Applause] this lower section we actually have to take off because we’re going to put that on the new coil lever but I’m going to

Take it off and clean it we’re going to shoot it black so they look nice and they don’t look like this anymore and then we’ll put them back in the car and start getting the uprights and all of our new control arms on so let’s go Delicious what yeah let’s go paint them clean them up in them we’re going to clean these and paint them delicious yeah I wouldn’t say it’s delicious would you eat that oh yeah see what are you talking about Foreign finish replacing the front suspension to include the front coilovers here I have some BC racing coilovers that I’m going to be installing in the rear as well we also have upper arms and Tall arms and our stock replacement brakes with some high performance pads so enough talking let’s get to it

All right well as we’re working Oscar and the boys from SOS Customs have arrived and they’re going to actually just look over the car really quick check out the paint check for any major damages and these guys do an awesome job of basically just going over the paint

And making sure that when the vinyl wrap goes on it looks fantastic and you guys have seen previous dream builds that we’ve done the wraps always turn out really good this is a good model the guys are going to spend the rest of the afternoon probably just getting

Everything sorted out for us so that when it goes off the enhance for the rep it’s gonna look awesome foreign [Applause] By replacing the rotors and the brake pads that way this entire side is completely finished then moving over to the other side and we’ll do the same thing Thank you Foreign foreign [Applause] [Applause] ERS brake pads arms and coilovers have been replaced in the rear everything’s complete back here now let’s move on to the next thing next up on my list we’re going to be installing a hybrid racing shifter and a set of cables and a few other bits around in the engine bay as

Well so the Prelude already has a short shifter in it I’m not 100 sure if it’s the right shifter for this car but there’s a big problem with it and that is the shift cable actually hits the center console and you pretty much can’t use third or fifth gear which is really

Unfortunate so we’re gonna go ahead and fix that we have a beautiful shifter from hybrid racing it’s very smooth we have a set of shift cables that are going along with it and we’re going to top it off with a beautiful throttle shift knob we also have a hybrid racing

Oil cap that we’re going to be putting on the beautiful 8 series engine in there because the factory one is a little Booky and the hybrid racing one is very nice and very beautiful so let’s get the old shifter out Foreign Shift cables are roughly in place we’re gonna bring the car down I want to get them on the transmission first and then we’ll get our plate under here on and then we’ll put our new shifter on we’ll be good [Applause] Thank you oh yeah how good dude there’s so nuts and it sounds so cool what a nice looking piece it’s like small and Compact and it feels really good add an action clutch dude oh yeah this thing’s gonna be a ripper Time for some throttle shift knob action baby oh shifter amazing shift knob amazing let’s keep going I just finished installing a hybrid racing shifter and I grabbed the wheel because we’re gonna get this thing running again we need to put our exhaust system on we have a beautiful skunk 2

Exhaust here they make a lot of really cool parts for Hondas and this one is no exception I love the look of it it has these really cool flanges which I haven’t seen on any exhaust yeah they look really nice what is that this is a

Quiet tube so I tried to put it in then I got I got barked out by will because it’s going to make the exhaust A lot quieter but essentially it just slides in the back of the muffler and then you have this little tiny exhaust and it

Makes it nice and quiet so let’s get our stock Cadillac converter back on this thing and aim this beautiful skin through exhaust system [Applause] all right Our scone 2 exhaust is installed fitment is great the thing looks beautiful we can’t fire it up yet because we have a few things under the hood to finish up so let’s get to that We’ve got our am cold air intake up next once this is on we can throw a battery in but I need to do a little bit of trimming because this is a cold air the filter actually sits in the fender well in front of the wheel so this pipe needs

To go through this hole and then once that’s done we can bolt this down and it’ll lay nice and flat with the air filter hang it down here it’ll be good so let’s get trimming Foreign intake is installed we have a little bit of trimming to do it turned out nice and the intake is sitting nice and flushing it’s going to draw a nice fresh cool air from not inside of the hot engine bay which is really nice we’re going to move

On and get our offset battery in this thing we have our am intake our Optima battery and our skunk 2 exhaust system installed and now it’s time for some fluids we’re going to start with some good motool engine oil we’re going to move into the coolant add some power steering fluid

Top off the gearbox and then go from first start let’s do it Now we’re going to move on to some good old-fashioned coolant baby Now it’s time to put some transmission fluid in and get this thing fired up I think it’s time to start this thing I can hear the exhaust from here yeah that’s it car is running sounds really good engine is running really smooth and it sounds really nice so we’re gonna let it run get up to 10 so we can finish bleeding the cooling system then we’re gonna load

This thing up and get it to the wrap job foreign As we get this car ready to go off to wrap one final piece has showed up so we’re going to toss on our Wilwood big brake kit yes this is a Wilwood brake kit but no Wilwood does not make a brake kit for the Prelude essentially there’s a company called fast breaks that

Actually adapts a Wilwood brake kit from a Honda Civic to fit the Prelude by utilizing a centering ring basically on the front hubs and what this does is it allows us to change the The Hub bore size to allow us to use this rotor hat

And Center it on the Hub itself on the car there ain’t nothing to about to do it we’re gonna get these tossed on oh [Applause] Brakes are all put together now it’s time to bleed to get the wheels on this thing and go for the drive onto the trailer take it to the wrap job let’s go [Applause] thank you All right we have our tiny five vinyl here we’re here at Advanced Auto with Michael and Jose wow it’s kind of like an Alpine way just with a little bit more curl to it a lot of blue in it that’s nice yeah that’s a lot of proof

Yeah we’re excited again so this gloss Galaxy desk blue to white tiny bot vinyl is going to look really good on this matched with some of the carbon fiber accents and some of the gloss black that we have so I can’t wait to see it we’re

Going to leave it in their hands it’s in very capable hands and we’ll be back to pick it up foreign Just really quick while they’re still wrapping the car this is a good time for us to do small tests like throwing on the steering wheel so we have an energy quick release Hub we have our awesome throttle perforated leather wrapped steering wheel so I’m going to toss this

On and try to stay out of their way All right We just put that to Advance Automotive we are here to pick up the Prelude and I can’t wait to see it because I have no idea what color you guys chose for it let’s go see it I haven’t been here this is my first time ah nice is that white

Girl yeah that’s it from red to White you see that can you see it in the camera yeah like I don’t know let’s see so like from different angles it’s like purple and it turns green oh that’s a big gravy logo I love it man we got no headlights no Grill we got

Nothing what a big transformation huh yeah it’s not even done yet Thank you I’m gonna give a huge shout out to Jose Michael they did an amazing job the car looks amazing enhanced Automotive yeah yeah so we’re right here located in Southern California in San Diego so if you guys ever need anything you know customization wise wraps vinyl give us a

Call we’re gonna put their Instagram right here so check them out all right something to get this thing back in the trailer so we can get it back to the shop and we have a long night ahead of us so let’s get to it Wow wow that was a lot different white than I thought it was going to be ready to go he’s gone dude he just left with it I think he wants to keep it it looks like Pearl in that wow that’s dope dang that’s really cool that looks really

Good I’m not blown away by how much there is going on in the color yeah it’s like it’s like it is it is a good name of this it looks wild I can’t wait to get the rest of it back together it’s gonna be sick Trailer just back from The Wrap Shop they did an excellent job and we still have a few things to go on this car before it’s finished I’m not 100 down under the hood one thing we noticed with the startup was that the old starter was

Starting to stick so we hit it with the Hammers that are working again but we’re not going to leave thank you so it’s way better sounds like a new car all right we got a wheel and tired package here these are Nietzsche Targa wheel they’re 17 by

Eight with an et40 wear all the way around it’s going to be a very interesting color combination for the scar I think it should look really nice once you’ve got a wrap and a falcon rt660 this is a 215 40 017 and we absolutely love the r266 is around here

So let’s get this mean wheel and tire package Foreign Looks pretty good dude I don’t know if we need to lower it I guess we’ll have to see what the front bumper is because our front may be a hair yeah lip sits back looks nice they’re nice Thank you our wheels and tires are on looks really good I like the style of it I do think we need to bring the front down a little bit just to kind of close that wheel Gap and make it a little bit more symmetrical so I think we’re gonna get

To that and do some other minor suspension adjustments the car Riser 5 seats for the Prelude best thing about them is the reclinable which is perfect for daily drivers but before we start doing the new Ricardos in here we’re gonna remove the old ones remove the brackets because we

Actually do not find brackets for this car so I’m going to customize some for this thing foreign We have a 90 seat bracket done I said 90 because let’s do some work to do but we’re getting there To stand she works and she slides sure Shelby you’re ready to have a passenger but you’re gonna be driving I think I have it done not sure I’m gonna put it I’m gonna test it if it is we’re both winning for the last time Foreign Test s down baby seats are completed I am done with this part time to move on let’s go so we have here is some new spec D tuning headlights that we’re gonna put on this Prelude we had some old projector ones that are a little bit weathered so we’re going back for the

Classic black housing with OE scatter housing and we have some H1 bulbs to put in here some City Lights which are an awesome mod and then we’re gonna put them Oh We got the driver’s side done now it’s time to do the same exact thing for the passenger side because that right there looks freaking good [Applause] please search All right we got both the passenger and driver side headlights in the black housing with their kind of like Crystal lens looks really really good now let’s turn these things on and see how bright they are and how well they work Now I’m gonna start working on the tail lights we’re gonna clean up the ones that were already on the car so I’ve got some 3000 grit we’re gonna wet soapy water sand it and then we’re gonna polish it after and then we’ll have some nice fresh lucky Now we’re gonna throw on some McGuire’s compound clean it up make it with my glass please You know Yeah yeah baby these cars look so cool from behind what do you think Ricky what did you do oh what’s that mean bro that completely did it in the back end tail lights are finished moving on Oh Yeah a fan made these for us a long time ago I can’t remember your name but I think yeah yup boom I don’t know if we can take off one of one I know the red does look good can we paint them black you can paint them red or white or white

Look at these dude someone made these for one of our Subaru projects oh whoa they’re already primered dude old logo huh I know wow it’s one of one though you can never get those again no boom lays to red foreign [Applause] we’re done looks pretty good huh all

Right not bad I like it it’s definitely different maybe yeah let’s get another car Oh Throttle dreamville 5 is officially finished everything is done the wheels tires brakes suspension wrap the hood the lip the body kit the seats the engine everything’s done we just got to go take them for a test drive so let’s hop in All right first drive and throttle dream build five and it’s also my first time driving a Prelude First Impressions shifter feels amazing engine feels pretty good the clutch feels great let’s try the brakes out here oh yeah brakes work will was doing their job for sure steering is actually really

Good it feels firm responsive so that’s good Furniture feels good tires Trucking rocks like rt660s always do down there doing their job this thing feels good sounds good it’s not like super loud but you know it’s there even on D cell you can hear it which is cool test drive is approved

Everything feels good we are less than 24 hours away from giving this car back to Shelby so we’re going to give it one last final clean and then give it back to her foreign We just got word that Shelby is in Uber she’s on the way here so the last thing to do is to cover up the car with this trusty cover we’ve had forever we have covered up how many cards of this like 25 oh dude at least She’s here big moment what’s up you’re welcome This is the new throttle office which actually hasn’t been in too much content yet this is our lobby area got some Wheels on the on the wall here kind of our merch display a little conference room which is unique for us because we’ve never had space to actually have

Meetings and things like that here on the left is like our social media teams this is like the editing room photography that kind of stuff and then the right is uh kitchen area bathroom if either of you guys need to use that so let’s move into so this is the old shop

So this is sorry we’re in the new shop right now this was the kitchen so we’ve got a little race quick display for all of our suits and stuff and then this is throttle right here so welcome [Applause] I’m so glad you’re here Josh thank you for submitting your videos

Don’t cry I hope it’s our happiness oh man it’s real do you yeah you want to see the shop yeah there’s something under there you may you may recognize you may not also recognize but I knew there was silicone s2k as well oh so that’s also that’s the

Next uh throttle sweepstakes car is the Honda s2000. I might have to put up there again I wanted to ask you guys just a couple questions and you guys you kind of work on this part together that’s my understanding first off like why a Prelude why’d you get a Prelude

Why not yeah okay one like tidbit I don’t know if we talked about is my first car was not a favorite I had a fourth gen Prelude VTEC I literally learned so much on that car first engine swap first clutch job everything so like when this thing came in even though it’s

The Next Generation it’s so so much so many similarities and I took it for a little drive and it’s awesome we were kind of looking for a project car and we had a couple in mind and we both really like S2000 and uh s2000s are a little

Bit of a price range for a project car you know because we have our main cars that we got and getting worse right that’s the days go by and um we I was looking just at Hondas in general because Honda is good to learn on yeah

I’ve always loved them and one just come up that we couldn’t couldn’t pass out it was a good deal we didn’t pay very much for it and they come with extra parts and it was just it wasn’t heavily modified so we could kind of work on it and learn that’s always important yeah

Okay the next question I had is how did you find throttle originally what was the first video you saw that’s what it was I think I know mine but I think mine was with the freak it was the first ones because the E case I love the ecos yeah

I think mine was originally I watched TJ hunt a long time ago you guys were always kind of in the same area or like kind of like working with him and stuff like that and I kind of slowly moved out of his content and moved into more like

Hell’s content cool so it’s been I think I think I’ve been subscribed for a couple years and then you guys watch throttle together a lot yeah that’s cool that’s pretty good all right Shelby and Josh you guys ready to see your fifth gen Prelude yeah yeah you guys ready

Yes the big moment all right here you go five four three two one let’s see it again yeah so obviously the color is the one thing that’s kind of foreign Galaxy dust from tinybot it does crazy stuff out in the sun like you can see it in here it

Has like a real pearl in it it’s blue and purple you pink out in the sun it’s really cool we’ve paired it with the niche Target Wheels Falcon rt660 Tires also we put BC racing coilovers on so this thing is going to handle awesome you guys can go grab the Canyons Cruise

It around town but we should probably show you what’s under the hood Quinn can you pop the hood so we did a lot of cleaning this thing got quite a few fluid lakes that we corrected if you have a good clean we have an action clutch in here which is a

Very nice streetable clutch they have a full mission model race cooling system which you can keep this thing running very nicely it runs super smooth Ricky pain in the valve Fabric and it looks great so there was a lot of debate over what color to do because these are

Typically blue yeah but we thought the red would coincide a little better with the engine bay and everything all right well what do you got you guys had some some headlights on there we’ve got you guys some black housing kind of OE scatter housing with some H1 bulbs new

Crystal clear fog lights and turn signals and we got some black side markers Ricky you got some stuff on the inside here right yes if you look inside we put a aftermarket steering wheel for use an energy release top so this room will actually comes out for you so you

Can get in and out you can see we have some recovery speed Pam and some custom brackets made by me took me a long time and then we got a hyper racing uh short shifter which it’s amazing so you please do me a favor and have a seat thank you

Sure how the steering wheel works so you know it’s actually a special way to do one yeah do one-handed I usually put it back in and put it back on yeah check out the back of the wheel too that little thing on the back we got our logo in there yeah

It’s the key for you both seats slide back and forth out a lot so you have you guys have plenty of range to go uh and then set her up do you feel that shifter too not yet oh that’s yeah that’s different yeah I remember when the car showed up it

Didn’t start that quickly right so now like instantly starts right up and did a great job you wanna you wanna pop out for a second we’ll have Ricky rev it up for you so you get a new exhaust on it oh yeah yeah I’ll bring it for you that

You can actually hear it from out here I think we should go for a little dry yeah I think we should do all right okay cool okay where am I going so swing just to the left of this guy like it seems counterintuitive but go to the left and

Then kind of hang a while that’s the hard part right now now you just keep it going I didn’t install I’ll get it it’s okay so go all the way to the right lane otherwise we’re getting on the freeway like you didn’t want to I might want to shift it’s a lot different than the St I would say it’s the St is a lot newer and it

Helps you a lot yes with the shifts does it have the like the hill assist and all that like if you just kind of slowly let out the clutch does it gas for you yeah see this is gonna be a better one once you have this one mastered any stick

Shift will be just fine yeah Hey that was first a second too nice you’re learning a lot quicker than other people that have been trying for the first what’s your favorite part of the car so far [Laughter] [Applause] I will say the seats are super comfortable they were very comfortable so Props to Ricky for that so Queen’s

Gonna start up the old Supra Thank you we’re gonna start the Viper right now without telling them this thing is so loud it’s ridiculous Ricky just got the keys [Applause] no I wouldn’t have come out here to California if it weren’t for throttle as a souvenir I got a surprise for the shop

But also a little kind of like just memory for myself as well I got the throw oh is that the first one ever that is the first tattoo to my knowledge so cool and it’s the right logo too that’s like a second skin on it yeah so I promise it

Looks better oh so there’s a you like peel it off from last night so yeah holy crap because I saw in your story yeah that’s kind of weird like I mean you know I guess maybe that’s some I don’t have a brilliant one tattoo he goes everywhere he travels he gets a

Tattoo oh wow that’s so cool like just my I want to have a full sleeve of nothing but like just memories and like just little things that like remind me of like my loved ones and stuff like that so well we’re honored yeah it was better than yeah

It’s got some gear for him we’re just hooking you guys up with some of the latest stuff some stuff that’s not even out yet like this hoodie I’m wearing a bunch of stuff for you guys to take back home or wherever there you go and Tacos you gotta take back 30 tacos

Because we ordered way too much [Applause] That about does it for throttle dream build five congratulations once again I hope you guys enjoyed the Prelude down in Florida so if you guys are in the Florida Jacksonville area go find them go see them I’m sure they’d love to show you guys the car and just remember that

Throttle dream build 6 is live right now so if you want to be our next winner check out the link in the video description join throttle VIP and submit your car because you never know if you’re going to be selected and one other thing I wanted to add that if

You’ve submitted your car for previous stream builds please do it again every single time that way you are in the running so that’s it guys thank you so much for watching if you like this video please leave us a big thumbs up remember to subscribe we’ll see you guys in the

Next one peace Foreign