Throtl: Surprising our EMPLOYEE with his DREAM TRUCK BUILD! (Full Transformation): Toyota 4Runner TRD (2021)

Surprising our EMPLOYEE with his DREAM TRUCK BUILD! (Full Transformation): Toyota 4Runner TRD (2021)

Posted: 2023-04-15 16:00:20
Author: throtl
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Our employee Tim has been dreaming of this for a while now. What do you think of the transformation? Comment below and let us know!

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Throtl Video Transcript

Today is really special because we are going to be starting to transform this 2021 Toyota 4Runner TRD off-road for one of our employees named Tim and he works so hard we just want to give something back to him for doing such a good job now I’ve got Quinn Ricky and will here

With me and we’re going to get started on this thing right now Tim is actually on vacation he’s about to land at the airport and he should be here within the hour so we got to get this thing inside and stacked up with all the parts we can surprise him thank you Thank you Foreign guys just got everything laid out for Tim’s Forerunner now real quick if you don’t know who Tim is Tim started as a throttle brand ambassador way back at the beginning of 2017 and we really wanted to repay Tim for all of his hard work with throttle you guys may not see

Him he does a lot more stuff behind the scenes but Tim is an awesome guy and an awesome friend so I’m so excited he’s going to be stoked I just found out his airplane just landed so I’m going to give him a call and we got everything

All staged and ready to go for Tim to arrive here at throttle and see his dream Forerunner right before his eyes surprising demo yep Tim’s gonna be super stoked this is like his dream truck he’s been talking about this for months since he got the truck basically before he got

The truck and now he’s off-roading it scratching the crap out of it Vic you’ve known Tim probably the longest year yeah Tim used to be an is guy and then he traded him for the truck it’s pretty awesome Tim was a Miata guy hey guys Tim went from dragging his exhaust on

The ground so now you want to give him a call see where he’s at yeah let’s see where he’s at hey Tim are you almost here okay we’ll see you in just a minute surprise here he is here he is yeah oh what’s going on dude wonder why this camera is filming right

Now come inside a little video [Applause] what’s going on so Tim you left your 4Runner here yeah and uh we know that you’ve saved up a lot you bought that truck brand new yep and it’s been stock for probably a year year and a half since you’ve owned it yeah yeah today

We’re gonna change that what yeah come check this out what you’re gonna be pretty happy bro here we go baby oh my gosh in the background building out the mod list check it out dude oh my God so those are the lowering springs [Applause] oh my gosh dude I’m like shaking right

Now black rhino Wheels Falcon Tires MagnaFlow tiny bot icon suspension lift kit this thing is going to be amazing yeah we got tons of Morimoto look at look at how buff this icon stuff holy smokes I don’t even know what’s happening is your idea is this your idea

It was kind of a collective idea we everyone’s been looking at this truck in the in the parking lot whose truck is that whose truck is that stock not for much longer full build is incoming I’m literally like shaking right now dude thanks oh my God I gotta give everyone a

Hug thank you oh my god everyone gets a hungry epic bro now you gotta take a small wheel on them I’m excited for you here we go in the desert oh we’re going every week I do have some bad news though too it’s pretty bad what happened you’re gonna

Have to take an Uber home all right that’s it let’s get this bill started here we go Or disconnect the battery whoa Timmy what are you doing bro dude that’s too scary oh crap dead snails my guy’s out here Timmy how are you installing it to me this is not throttle proof oh you called him man Timmy it’s okay that’s why we’re doing what we’re doing we’re gonna set this

Thing right all right Thank you now in order to understand how all this suspension Works a whole lot of math and science is needed fortunately with today’s sponsor you can learn all of these things from the comfort of your own home is an awesome online learning platform where you can take courses and learn

Things from science to technology to mathematics and even engineering it’s not like your usual boring classes it’s engaging and interactive you’ll find videos practice problems some interactive quizzes to help make learning more fun it’s great for developing your problem solving skills and for getting a deeper understanding

Of Concepts like suspension so one fun fact about me that you may not know is I actually went to school for mechanical engineering and let me tell you that would have been a huge help for me back when I was in college to really help Master my skills and give

Me that edge the best way to invest is in yourself in brilliant makes it fun and easy to strengthen your intellect and try everything that brilliant has to offer for free for 30 days check out the link in the video description or go to throttle and as a bonus

The first 200 people that use our code or by using the link in the video description are going to get 20 off their annual subscription a huge thank you to brilliant for sponsoring today’s video now let’s get back to Tim’s Truck so we’re going to start off Tim’s build

With the rear suspension this is all icon stuff so we have two lower control arms we have a traction bar a set of lift springs and some remote Reservoir icon shops we’re going to kind of take everything off as we put all the new stuff on so let’s get started yeah Let’s compare uh rods is it really that different okay so look so I guess a new one and then this is also adjustable this is fully adjustable this is stationary oh like a glove give me a hole baby give me a hole baby Thank you baby Kind of stuck in now it’s gonna really start getting hit oh that’s a left Spring right there baby are you gonna get that in it’s good I don’t know we’ll figure that out that’s gonna take all three of us Thank you So this is the top oh yeah yep Oh yeah you need to drill a big hole the bracket for the reservoir so it has a plate that requires for also mounted to the frame so we are going to create a bolt-on Bolta situation in case it needs to be serviced or removed our buddy Tim can easily access it Thank you Foreign The rear lift kit is installed now we’re going to move on to the front the front’s going to be a little bit more involved we have of course our shocks and struts here we have a set of upper control arms that are going to be replacing the factory ones as you’re

Going to get the alignment where it needs to be in addition to that we have mounts for the remote reservoirs we have new bushings for the upper control arms we have a sway bar spacer kit a couple of other things these we’re actually gonna have to do some trimming on the

Inside of the frame rail and some trimming at the front to clearance the tires these are actually going to be a little weld in things so we cut the frame out we’re going to put these back in it’s going to add some rigidity and weld it back up and we’ll be good and

Then we also have a dip drop kit so it’s going to lower the front differential so it doesn’t put as much of a strain on the CV axles on the lift the truck so a lot of stuff to get on let’s get the old stuff off we’ll start putting the new stuff on Thank you Thank you We got our new struts in we got our old control arms off now we’re going to put our bushings in we’re going to grease these bad boys up bad boy bad boys and then in the car goes Foreign For the reservoir part of the icon front suspension and it’s going to mount just like this it actually takes place right under their sway bar mile but I can already tell that this isn’t the way oh yeah that’s already way better Thank you Our icon front suspension is on we have our control arms our shocks everything looks really good so now we’re going to start moving into installing the diff spacer kit and then just making room for the new wheel and tire package So we’re going to put the OEM wheels back on it we’re going to bring it outside we’re going to pressure wash it and meanwhile I’m going to start pressure washing the two plates that we have on the floor that was nice and clean so we start getting ready to do

Everything else we clean them Time to clean this this mess it’s great foreign That’s what I’m talking about right there way better mucho better oh the mud is gone we’re gonna wait for it to drive maybe hit it with some hyper dressing yeah tomorrow make it look brand new we got the underside nice and clean we got our under trays back on they’re

Freshly cleaned so now we’re going to start our clearancing for the new wheels and tires so on the back here we’re actually becoming this little section of frame off so this this is where an area where the tire intersects which is not good so we’re gonna have to clearance

Set and then we have some RSG mounts that are going to go in there these are going to be welded mounts to kind of seal that area off and pretty much add some strength back and then Mickey’s drawing a tape line here for the front where we’re going to be cutting the tire

Also contacts here they’re way bigger than the factory size so we’re gonna get Rookie right on it and we’ll keep going all right Okay so here we have the RSG plate and it’s just you know just your regular uh plate and then this has a really thick coating on it and the wheel is not going to go through that so I got to take all the coating off where I’m going to be

Welding which is going to be in the outside areas of it and after that we’ll go back to the truck we’ll start welding All right so we ended up cutting this grinding it down and I’m gonna be using a Lincoln Electric Power make 210 MP to do the make welding for this first thing you’re going to do is turn around just that simple Ready Set weld it is ready for you to start welding if you

Are going to be welding a different gauge of Steel you literally press home go to the selections that you already pre-selected and then you change the gauge of your steel and it’ll put you in a general area of where you should start welding a lot of the boys here like

Myself will just set it and forget it and from there we should start welding All right Okay so this is PVE which we use a lot of the times here is right before we start welding and what this is a quarter primer that will sit on the areas that you can no longer access after you get done building a plate like ourselves

Like we’re going to be doing right now so I’m going to be throwing primer in this area right now and then after that we’ll build our plate and then we’ll throw a little bit of primer over it and we know that it’s going to be completely covered and protected from the atmosphere Okay so I have the around the mount and then I have the back of the plate a primer it is time to start welding about it If you guys are interested in any Lincoln Electric products go to the bell in the description below where you can get this Power MIG to 10mp [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Applause] To go along with what Ricky did back here essentially we have to cut this corner of the bumper off and we’re going to cut at the base of our tape line here then we’ll take a straight line and go straight across and remove this as well because if the tire is hitting here

There’s a good chance it’s probably going to hit in here as well we’ll start by getting this cut and then we’ll figure this out later All right so now find a way to secure this because we don’t want this flopping around while he drives put another Fastener in there and you can see like from this side I left it kind of long down here as you can see the washer bottles right here so instead of

That taking all the hits from rocks and debris I would rather hit this liner so I left it just long enough to cover the bottle but we may end up having to remove some of that you may even have to remove the bottle I don’t know

I cut Plastics a lot of times I like to use a deburring tool just to knock off the extra slag that happens when you essentially cut plastic you’re burning it and it creates these like balled up melted massive plastic metal deburring tool actually works really good on plastic to clean it up Starting point you may have to go a little bit higher but I feel pretty good about where it is also the research I’ve done [Applause] all right we’ll grab a little file and just went ahead and cleaned up all of our edges here after riding the deburring tool over it just ran a little file over everything made sure everything was nice and straight and square and it looks good so we got a

Nice clean cut here and it should allow the clearance we need for those big 35s so here we have the black rhino convoys in Gator green they are 17 by eight and a half and they are wrapped in the Falcon wild Peak ATS 35 overall diameter these are made specifically for this

Forerunner awesome Thank you all clear got about a half an inch of clearance in the back Now that we have the lift and clearance sorted we’re going to move on so me and Rick are going to be installing some bowling panels in the back seat along with the rear shells Tim’s gonna be able to hang whatever he wants from these as well as have a usable shelf for more

Storage so let’s get this thing up Thank you All right we got a couple more mole panels and to put inside of the Forerunner and these are going to be actually mounted to the center console like this now this just kind of allows you to fasten whatever accessories you feel we are going to be doing a CB radio

A short wave right here on the passenger side and then he’s going to have another one on the other side I don’t know what he’s going to put on that side but we’re giving him the provisions to do whatever he wants foreign as always we are going to throw in

Optima d35 in here this is the yellow top and it is a deep cycle so this is going to be really good for if he’s Overland or anything like that he can get a little bit more usage out of this yellow top and not run into any issues Oh suspension wheels and tires are on this Beast now it’s time to take it to our guys out at SD design house for them to wrap this in the tinybot vinyl that we have when this thing comes back it’ll be a whole new color All right next up on our Forerunner is to have it vinyl wrapped so we brought it here to a local shop called SD design and they do primarily vehicle wraps but you guys also do other stuff so yes people have like Wall Graphics as well certainly kind of what we’re becoming

Known for uh in San Diego is like the custom stuff so we design everything in-house and then we’ll print on like all these different materials at these companies so you shouldn’t print on that so like we’re always trying to push the limits of what we can do and like really

Utilize printing to do wraps whereas most companies just do solid colors and so it sounds like if somebody has an idea but they just haven’t been able to find a shop maybe it’s worth reaching out to you and see if you guys are willing to dive off the cliff with them

We never say no so right now we have a like a dark metallic gray Forerunner but we’re going to be changing the color to a it’s a tiny bot gloss sand dunes oh cool and it’s gonna look really nice on this vehicle all right well let’s go check out that rat Thank you Thank you Thank you Foreign Has done a really good job and made a lot of progress wrapping this Forerunner in gloss sand dunes now it’s time to add a little bit of light to this now that they have kind of the surrounding areas wrapped it’s okay to put on our awesome new Morimoto these are some XB tail

Lights Look at that that looks cool against the tan ah there it goes I love tail lights they’re always so Plug and Play I Like The smoked lens it’s kind of all tying together really well oh check this out this is most likely if I read the instructions correctly you

Want either like a standard blinker for the whole thing to Blink or if you unplug this it should sequence throughout the the LED strips So I’m going to disconnect that quick little jumper so that one’s still connected that one’s disconnected now let’s see what the difference is and make the call oh cool okay that’s what the difference is so they start at the extremities and then they meet in the middle for the sequential so that’s what

That jumper connected that’s with the jumper disconnected Noise oh yeah look at that plug I can’t say Play Because play is when you drive this thing in the desert but at least plug and see where you’re going at night um there is a plug here that looks like I need to convert for a two pin instead

Of a four pin that’s something I’ll probably do a quick Deutsch connection when we’ll be back to the shop Yep uh nope yep let’s do a quick disconnect of that jumper see if it changes it yeah that’s cool too see how yep how long it has to travel well that’s everything except for the headlights themselves but we’ll be driving this during the day so that’s okay I have a

Quick two pin Deutsch to do in the back once we get back to the shop it’s time for me to do the second headlight and then move on to the fog lights we like to sequential on all four corners so I’m just going to disconnect this before it goes in there So I’ve got everything I need here in order to install these four banger pod lights this is our cool little diorama and then our four banger wides so they have the full pattern of the scatter kind of refraction instead of having a clear lens which would be more of a beam these

Are going to spread the light so that it covers way out in front of you instead of just way out in front of you These were LED before but much like the CTR headlights they still have a scatter housing as good as the design is it’s not going to be as direct and as clean as an LED scatter is Boom oh right which is not this side [Applause] This one plug right here handles all the fog light power they’re both going at the same time so this is me plugging in the fog lights basically and we’ll zip this up nice just like that and then all they got to do when they put the bumper

Back on after wrapping is plug in this one harness and that’s it for the fog lights oh so that’s it for all the Morimoto headlights tail lights and fog lights everything is plugged in so as soon as they start putting this car back together all they have to do is plug in

Where they already unplugged nothing new to them so I can’t wait to see the final result I’ll let them get back to it and when this gets back to the shop I’ll show the guys all the new headlights and all the fun stuff that I just put on thank you All right so we’re almost done we’re gonna head over to Elite finish now they’re gonna do a full ceramic coating on it when we finish up the rear bumper so we should be done in a few hours thank you hi my name is Colton from Elite finish

I’m the lead detailer I’m going to be applying ceramic Coatings to the vinyl wrap on this Forerunner it’s going to be anti-static so dust isn’t going to cling to it hydrophobic so it’s extremely easy to clean it’s not going to stain from bird poop or anything acidic we might

Get on it and it’s going to protect it from the Sun so it’s not going to fade over time Oh I just got back to really finish this is my first time seeing this completely put back together with all the mirrors and handles and everything it looks awesome SD design house did a great job applying this tiny bot gloss sand dunes and Elite finished of course came through for us

Applying that ceramic coating to protect this vinyl for Tim I think he’s absolutely gonna love it the color is something unique let’s go see what the guys think back at the shop All right Forerunner is back from Vinyl wrapping and I think he saw it obviously bro I knew it was going to be tan but wow that color oh my God that’s really dead headlights too the headlights went wrong and the fog lights wait for the headlights hold on

Oh look at that oh that’s super damn Timmy you’re gonna be stunt now brother it looks so much better in the sunlight than I thought it was going to dude the taillights are sequential sorry Timmy no bumper the lift looks sick the color combos dope we need to get a windshield Banner

On here and then there’s a bunch more stuff to go on right all right now we have the truck back to the shop it is time to get back on the lighting I gotta get the headlights working and I’m gonna start putting these four banger pod

Lights uh this is a custom bracket for above the hood and this is of course a Morimoto four banger this is a combo wide and beam so it’s going to give a good Spotlight but also a little bit of a floodlight effect when he turns these on foreign Good job will yeah all right so we have this midi build air compressor for the Forerunner we also have a battery tray to add a second battery to the front runner instead of putting a battery we are going to put this meter build air compressor right on

Top so right now it doesn’t really fit very well so I’m going to be taking the space plates off I’m going to be placing this in here drilling the four holes we’re going to mount it to this and from here it’ll get bolted onto the forerun All right just finished coating this thing black and looks great looks perfect and this goes in here somewhere it goes right here like this I believe All right so it’s midi build air compressor has been installed on the battery bracket and it’s very very steady it’s not going to move here’s the airline and here is sneak peek all right we are unwrapping the bumper but we just got it wrapped we’ll have so when we picked up the

4Runner from uh SD design the rear bumper wasn’t done yet there’s a lot of angles and stuff to these bumpers and it takes some time now it’s back here and Ricky and I are going to put it on [Applause] Dusty there that’s it’s got like leaves and all kinds of stuff in it either way we got a nice k n filter to replace it with for both the cabin and then we also have the air intake for the motor that we’re gonna do as well foreign Like 30 horsepower bud all right so we have this nice small CV Raider that we’re going to be installing and will here has the antenna cable we are going to mount this so one of the attachments that we put on the inside console that you see here but on the

Other side that way he can is easy access for him Oh Well Ricky was mounting that CB radio inside I went ahead and hooked up the mount for this thing I sandwiched the extender plate right here it comes off of the mount it just kind of sweeps that out it’s got a isolator so that the antenna is not grounded twice all I have

To do is Mount the antenna itself to this we’ll extend it up we’ll open up the hood just make sure that it doesn’t hit anything when it opens up and then he is good to communicate with Truckers next up we’re going to be installing a printive roof rack on the car which is

Here laid out on the ground we’ve got the hardware laid out first we need to get the factory roof rack off this should be a very simple install because this is an oem essentially an OEM replacement roof rack which we can mount a lot of fun stuff [Applause] Enough stock roof rack is off we’re going to start by putting this side blade on so this is what runs pretty much the whole length of the side and then once this is bolted on we’ll do the other side then these are our little crossbar guys

These are going to go across like that we’ll start dropping them on and then we’ll have a full roof rack [Applause] Hello [Applause] foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Things on it hanging supper first thing we’re going to do is this Crate Box by Rome so we’ve got some pretty trick little quick connects so that’s how the Box sits so this gets mounted to the roof rack I’m just going to lay on it so then it’s got this trick little locking

Mechanism that’s going to hold it in place so thank you [Applause] Thank you all right well the boys are getting the roof rack settle I’m going to start working on the snorkel system for our Forerunner it’s a Airway brand not that difficult it just takes time and a lot of cutting oh yeah oh this is huge oh my God hey that’s what she said Ricky was in the middle of installing our scoot what’s that Scuba snorkel if you make that you got to make a big hole in the fender it’s like a four and a quarter inch hole and we don’t have four and a quarter inch hole saw so Ricky went to go get a hole

Saw that size in the meantime we took the car and we put it on the lift what do we got here Mr well uh I’m sure it’s being exhaust of some sort this is a magnum this is just any exhaust wheel yeah this is a Gen 5 4Runner MagnaFlow

Exhaust it’s gonna make it sound a lot better than it already does we’re Landing patches and stickers that’s actually really cool Richard’s way into this stuff yeah that’s cool I’m in let’s do that let’s do the Drone tube NDT chamber that’s cool Stock exhaust is off we’re gonna put the new beautiful MagnaFlow stuff on this will probably sound better than that but Thank you There’s the last piece and we get to tighten everything down and make sure nothing Rattlers Foreign let’s get Mickey back on our snorkel Laughs You guys just finished up the truck it looks absolutely amazing we’re gonna go grab Tim he’s working in his office right now he has not seen the truck at all we’re gonna grab him we’re gonna blindfold him we’re gonna bring him out and show him his brand new truck let’s go Oh we got a blindfold you brother it’s time are you ready Tim yeah we have the throttle shirt oh it’s perfect I’m gonna hold him like this I gotta guide him he’s sweating I’m sweating send me to the gulag all right you can’t see anything right no no okay the moment

Is from here right in front of you is your brand new truck but we just want to say one more time thank you for all of your hard work for throttle for so long for almost four or five years I think at this point and we really appreciate

Everything that you’ve done and everyone has put their hands on this thing and it looks absolutely amazing are you ready to see it yeah here we go is there a countdown ready three two one foreign the lights are sick the roof rack oh my gosh dude everything the whole car Dude air raid snorkel you can actually take this thing into some really hot water and it’s just gonna be pulling air from way up here so you won’t flood your engine yeah what do you think of the color this is from Tiny Bob yeah sand

Dunes it looks insane so up top we have a prinzu roof rack we have a Rome awning that’s going to pitch out here and give you a little bit of shade on the passenger side Max tracks on the other side just kind of counted the weight a

Little bit is an awesome cargo box we put it there specifically so you can hop up on your wheel okay just unlatch that thing and then get into anything you want to store up there oh I see yeah this is nice this is sweet dude oh I’m not used to it

Being that half the ground [Laughter] well you can see on the other side we already got Tasha CB radio so it works from ACC and on position on the key if he’s completely off it’ll turn that off so if you have it on and you forget Once

You turn the key off it’ll turn off for you so it won’t drain your battery yeah you want a little test you won’t break your breaker one nine fricker one now we got rubber duckies on the 805 Northbound there bye bye bye wow 104 there goldiling this is rubber

Ducky what’s your 10 20 over well he’s been practicing that for a while I think rubber duckies now what’s a rubber ducky that’s a balloon tire oh okay I think I don’t know for sure it popped the hood pop the hood Tim just a couple goodies under here buddy Ricky

And will install the air compressor up here for you so you have onboard air we also used a k n drop-in air filter as well and the cabin air filter too well Behind these big meats from Falcon and black rhino are the icon vehicle Dynamics external Reservoir off-road

Shocks and then last but not least we did toss an exhaust system on here for you well let’s hear it you want to hear it foreign The whole thing’s been ceramic coated by a leaf finish so that you will have a clean truck for longer and it’ll make it way easier for you to clean I think last thing we need to talk about or think is the team here because a lot of people have their hands on this

Specifically will Quinn and Ricky did a majority of the heavy lifting on this truck guys I love all of you this is this is freaking awesome man you’re welcome buddy Quinn aggressive thanks dude where’s your will absolute pleasure killer work man thank you everyone thank you everyone

Uh I just want to say thanks again to everyone on the throttle crew I’ve been working with these guys for a long time and I really appreciate every single one of them this is honestly the best gift I’ve ever gotten in my entire life so that’s cool thank you and that about

Does it for our third employee transformation congrats to Tim and uh I hope you guys enjoyed this YouTube video I know the team crushed it on this one and we are looking forward to doing our fourth one here very soon so thank you guys so much for watching if you like

This video please leave us a big thumbs up remember to subscribe to the channel and please comment down below and let us know what you think of the build and how it turned out that’s it guys we’ll see you in the next one peace Thank you Foreign [Applause]