Throtl: Surprising our EMPLOYEE with his DREAM CAR BUILD! (Full Transformation): Subaru WRX (2016)

Posted: 2023-08-08 16:00:32
Author: throtl
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Mishimoto Radiator:
Seibon Hood:
Seibon Side Skirts:
Morimoto 4Banger Fog Lights:
BC Racing BR Coilovers: (Order custom spring rates via our LIVE CHAT!)
OEM Audio Plus:
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Throtl Video Transcript

Today is a very special day today we are going to be modifying Nate’s 2016 WRX now for those of you who don’t know who Nate is Nate is our social media manager he’s been with us for over three years and a lot of the stuff that you guys see

As a result of all of his hard work so we want to repay him and we know that he’s been wanting to modify this car for so long so we have a mountain of parts inside to modify it but just like Sean’s truck we had an issue with the truck I

Slammed the front into this pole just kidding Sean and Victor’s E30 we have to play a little trick on him Victorino let’s go to the garage That’s where I come in I’m gonna take his air out of his tire I’m going to get his reaction and see what he does that will allow us to get his keys and bring his car into the shop so we can surprise him with a huge mountain of parts let’s

Get into it let’s do it hope he doesn’t hear that oh yeah she’s going down these little Pro Tires you kidding me too I took all the air out and it looks low but it doesn’t look flat flat and there’s literally no air in it this low Pro Tire

So I’m just gonna have to tell him that it looks like it’s got low tire pressure and then we’ll see what happens thank you I got the keys from Nate that was very easy the flat tire obviously was very convincing as you know this guy’s already said my modified but talking to Sean which is actually the man holding the camera oh he told us that nay’s been trying to do different mods like upgrade

In a different way that’s where we’re coming so we decided to do that for him this guy’s very low sorry Nate so now we’re gonna drive her over we’re gonna stage it in our thumbnail area and you guys are gonna get to see everything we have for him which is actually quite a

Few parts for us just uh bringing it up to uh the 2023 status right fights are right on this wall we’re gonna stay here right now before Nate comes in here should work yeah did you fall for it yep was he suspicious at all I don’t think

So I don’t think so like he just he was like freaked out because he drove from his house he would have flat tired okay but you know he had to come out here and like start asking questions and stuff or you told me you guys I told him I’m like

Just a basic flat and let me take a look at it give me 30 minutes and then I’ll come back so we got 30 minutes [Applause] we just got all the parts laid out for an eight Subaru it looks awesome we actually have more parts than I thought we did I thought we had like maybe five or six it’s a lot of parts so we’re gonna go grab Evan we’re gonna go surprise Nate let’s go [Applause]

All right Nate Dogg you’re not gonna believe what they just found your tire is so bad you actually cracked your wheel and your tires are repetable are you serious yeah sorry dude really any spare wheels or anything no socks we’re gonna have Ricky well I feel like you guys I feel like you guys are

Messing with me no dude it’s really bad it’s dude it’s so bad that I have a throttle clip video buggy too it’s not so bad man you gotta try to roast me right now is that what you uh like five months ago to be honest the

Outside didn’t look so up at the inside or oh uh tore up is it no way you got me Big Sean Sean helped you out he helped pick out everything but we we decided we want to do something really nice the last employee transformation went over

Really well you guys seemed to like it so we thought I was wondering where everyone went I was like check it out so walk around the parts what is this we got awe yeah oh I didn’t even see that damn front lip holy this is crazy bro sorry sorry you’re gonna have to

Bleep that all right so save on carbon fiber hood front lip side skirts we got an awe Cat-Back exhaust we got some pairing goodies scrap bars we we wanted to go clean and simple so they made tons of different colors but we went with that nice wrinkle black got the fender

Shrouds mishimoto some new coilovers for you some OEM Audio Plus you’re on some clap suspension right now OEM Audio Plus came through with a clean sub for the trunk that’s it this is really cool it’s the Morimoto four banger kit for your fog lights so replace the fog lights

Looks OEM but it’s so much brighter LED balls and then right here oh baby wheels for you 18 by nine and a half et35 is perfect 2015 and up WRX and Stiers you asked for that this color I think if you could think of like what’s the most Subaru combo that bronze

With World Rally blue I think it’s gonna look great and then of course we got some Falcons 265. are you ready for the me 65 are you ready because you’re on a little strike right now uh they are super stretched I don’t know they’re super stretched we’ll

Just say that we’re moving them over pretty much pretty much moving them over to them so so one other thing that you’ve expressed a lot over the past three years is that you would always prefer to have paint over wrap so we were gonna wrap it and then we’re like

No let’s fix up this paint so we have Eric coming over he’s gonna do a full massive paint correction buff ceramic coat the world rally blue is gonna really pop it’s gonna look awesome thank you thank you thank you Oh You too can be like Nate and own a Subaru WRX whether we’re looking for a personal car A new build for the channel or an epic sweepstakes Car Auto Temp this is how we find it Subarus are extremely popular and shopping for a low mileage clean example can be extremely

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Magewrex a Mach 5 Supra or something like an old classic BMW E36 you know where to find it head straight to another great thing about Auto Tempest is they just launched their app now available for Apple and Android which makes it so much more convenient to search for your next

Project car trust us boys here at throttle the car of your dream awaits and Tempest is the key to finding your next project car or daily driver So we’re all finished with cleaning the car we used a waterless wash and now we’re going to Clay it to remove all the bug stuff and everything that needs to be taken off So we’re all finished with the clay bar got all the contaminants off and now we’re just gonna get started on the polishing Yeah the car’s finished now it’s looking great we did our single stage paint correction and now we’re just gonna put a ceramic coating on to protect the Finish So I’m going to start off with all of our carbon fiber by Savon so I’m going to start with the front lip and we’re gonna move it inside skirts get the hood on let’s get this installed foreign bumper off it’s going to make fitting the lip a lot easier and we’re also

Going to be replacing the fog light with some new Morimoto ones so I’m going to get Ricky who’s over there walking away from me we’re gonna pull from my bro my life is looking really good a Savon lip actually has some more holes in it so we’re actually going to rip knot the

Bumper and kind of suck in the rest and it’s going to close it off a little bit better and it’ll actually stay a lot better on the car which is cool so we’re gonna flip it over I push pinned it so we can get a first look at it but also

It’s going to tell me where my holes need to be we’re going to go through drill the bumper Riv nut it and then put it back on for the final time Big moment right here Quinn just finished up the front lip you ready first time we’re gonna see it all buttoned up damn son that’s proper it looks so good yeah that’s sick did it suck up nice yeah I did oh yeah it’s a real proper All Along The Edge

Let’s go dude hell yeah good job Foreign Morimoto four banger fog lights and two-stroke LED bulbs we’re going to replace in the factory fog light system in this this setup is going to be super bright it’s going to look awesome Let’s Get It On Our carbon fiber save on lip is installed our four banger fog lights are installed time to get those bumper back on the car Good what’s next what’s next we’re in the hood next hey no it’s coming off Bumper’s on Hood’s next I’m helping out Quinn it’s cool to work on my own car here it’s locking in I’m clocking in foreign Hood scoop huh oh it looks way better from the front than I thought it was going to I thought the scoop was gonna be way too tall but from like straight on the front it doesn’t look bad at all so this hood is actually WRX STI type ra

Style carbon hood which is really cool I think that’s why this is so big kind of rallies now it’s like Mega rally stuff the little cows that what they call it yeah the heat extraction you got a big one on the back super sick I love this spicy spicy it

Fits great look at this look at this boys perfect we didn’t adjust it at all we literally just bolted it down where it was and that’s how it landed so great good shape we got next one next up we’re doing the side skirts Side skirt extension that was on previously is now off it’s got some few cracks in it we’re actually gonna be replacing this with a new save on carbon fiber skirt extension so let’s get those on foreign Fiber bits are installed the side skirts the front lip and the hood it looks amazing so now we’re going to move on to the next thing it is time for me to jump in on this WRX from Nate this is for you baby what I’m going to be doing would

Have been selling the OEM ID plus system and this is what I have you have a couple amplifiers we have our pool harness kit which is extremely big we have a couple of tweeters and a subwoofer enclosure this thing is going to look and sound amazing by the time

I’m done with it so let’s get into it First up we’re gonna sign the trunk I’m going to disassemble everything from there and it will move on to our render bar Nothing nothing is attached here nothing thank you you’re making my you’re making my make him homework way easier First hardness going in it’s going to be the subwoofer enclosure one to the amplifier we’re gonna zip tie right here and from here we are going to transfer this one under that race all the way through to the passenger side area because under the passenger seat that’s

Where the amplifiers are going to be located and this needs to be able to reach there so let’s get it done Foreign That goes from the amplifier to the stereo and then to the battery it’s a long harness all right so this goes in the back of the stereo this goes to the battery and this goes under the seat which attaches to the amplifiers provided by OEM I do plus Now that the amplifiers are installed the next step is going to be running the remaining of the harness pretty much through the glove box once we get to the stereo we’re gonna have to plug in half of this thing and then we’re going to keep going across over to the engine bay

To the battery which means I gotta take this off this off this off this off this off this off and then that off through the firewall into the battery and then and then we should be able to start testing Okay so off camera pay attention hold the camera stop Sean all right so off camera off camera oh all right so off camera I ended up running both power wires through the firewall up to the fender right through here don’t worry about this oh this is

Going to be replaced you see right here everything looks like if it’s OEM it looks like normal but it’s not normal aftermarket now we’re gonna move to the back next step I’m gonna be putting everything back together and then the subwoofer will go right through here and that’s already at rivna that I’ve

Already installed I have to show you come here figure gets removed a little tiny hole here it’s going to be a nice big ball that goes through there holds it in place we’ll be able to plug it in and then I’m pretty sure we can test the subwoofer and install the tweeters Thank you foreign last thing left to do before we start doing testing is putting the base knob on completely forgot about it I just saw it well Nate saw it in the counter and he chose the little Fuse cover right in here kind of hidden oh it’s completely

Hidden it’s like a little compartment yeah open it’ll open up adjust it and then he’ll be ready to go I like that Well that sounds good All right let’s try another song Twitter’s already made a huge difference oh wow it sounds so clear dude let’s go foreign Next up we have some engine bay dress-up bits by paren we have a strut bar which is actually going to step from the front end a little bit we also have these guys which replace the carpeted ones that are on the car currently they kind of look

Weird and this is a very nice aluminum piece that’s going to replace that dress it up clean it up we also have a radiator’s route decklid cover that goes over the front of it we’re gonna wait to install that until the radiator’s in and then we’re going to be hitting the

Engine bay with some McGuire’s hyper dressing because it looks old and crusty and this stuff is really going to make it shine so we’re going to freshen the engine bay up let’s get to it please Thank you it is time for our awe touring exhaust system this is a quad tip system the car currently has a twin tip just a standard dual setup on it so we’re going to pull that off give this beautiful exhaust on let’s go All right I asked them to take off my diffuser he doesn’t like it no more the whole diffuser just I don’t I wouldn’t say I don’t like it no no no all of it everything out take it all full mod baby I’m gonna look sick Bro look at this I

Like this diffuser I think it looks good I just I want to run the car really low we have custom VC coilovers and I want to slam pick it up this thing just dude it hits everywhere bro if you can tell it’s everywhere straight this is already

Cleft if you look at the edge it’s just plastic it’s just ABS plastic super cheap all right it’s coming off Thank you Ricky one is very mad right now Ricky who’s exhaust your smile so who’s box so what comes in the Box a lollipop a very delicious specifically for the lollipop and also cut up for your fingers to grab something so what I did I utilized the space for the fingers to go and grabbed

A lot of Bob grab that I opened it and then I tricked coin and I put the wrapper back in here I put it back in there it’s a queen one like this and there was nothing there ha whoa let’s get these tips on baby Our awe touring exhaust system is installed we’re gonna fire it up and see what this exhaust sounds like let’s go I thought it was going to be quiet but it’s really good you’re rabbit oh look at that that’s what it should sound like that sounds really good perfect how’s it sound inside it sounds deep in the car right it sounds deep nice dude the tips look way better it like completely fills

Out they’re Fuller portion too it’s really nice I do like the contrast between the blue and the tips and that’s to mention how thin this pipe is the original pipe is very thin I mean you probably gained double the size that’s what she said you’re definitely gonna feel the difference that position

On the road foreign Package we have a motegi mr147 in bronze this is an 18 by nine and a half we have it wrapped in a 265 35 r18 Falcon Zenith rt660. let’s get these on the car get the car on the ground here’s what I like you saying that because that would have

Been like 18 minutes r3660s let’s go see that two seconds same information you got to say all the specs though it’s that wide that beautiful color and it sticks look look look at this what the heck whatever that was waiting I can’t do it but when I say oh I’ve

Been going to the gym watch look at this Rolls around let’s get this thing on the ground Wheels look really good man it’s a very classic Subaru look I do think we need to lower it in the back though we need to bring it down but I like it looks really good the offset money nailed it looks great see did you hear that nailed

It 18 9 and a half 35 is literally perfect spec for 2015 and up WRX in fact even older wrx’s this fitment looks really good but 265 all around you’re coming from a 215 or 220 25 225 looks like a real subie now bro looks really

Good it’s bronze on the wheel rally blue baby A little bit crusty brother wow some tines so this is one thing that people oh wow what’s up with that that mountain is uh is gone so a lot of people have problems saying tane it’s tame not time time a lot of people saying you know what it stands for no technical innovation

T-e-i-n in Japan they do a lot of acronyms yeah that’s what team stands for now you know floppy tops dude no good [Applause] We have our BC racing VR series coilovers installed these are extreme low so we’re gonna go ahead and throw the wheel and tire package back on put it on the ground and see where we’re at we’re probably gonna need to make some red hat adjustments because the spindle

Height looks like it’s a lot lower than it was with the chainsaw I think the car’s gonna be a lot lower so let’s get him on and start adjusting the height on this thing foreign now we can go lower dude it doesn’t move at oh I’m mishimoto stuff just arrived started off we have a radiator here oh yeah look at that beauty brand new all winter men tanks no plastic and we also have a foam cooler kit here so here’s some critical components of our oil cooler kit we have a sandwich plate this is gonna go

Underneath the oil filter it’s gonna allow us to run to and lines which are these guys here and of course we have the cooler itself which is a beautiful black cooler we’re gonna get this mounted up we do have all the front bumper up to mount this and get the

Cooler set up so we’re gonna do that and then we’re gonna drain the radiator get this radiator let’s go We have the factory radiator out here now the reason we like to upgrade them is because of these plastic end tanks after heat cycles of heating up and cooling down sometimes they will start to leak at the junction where the aluminum meets the plastic that bonded section just doesn’t really hold up that

Well over time especially if you’re pushing the car hard also plastic can crack when it gets really old luckily this car is not super old but it is starting to get there so we’re going to go ahead and replace it so we’re going to pull the factory fans up set them on

The new radiator I’m going to wipe them down because they’re Dusty we’ll get this thing in the car Radiator going in [Applause] Our mission motor radiator is installed in before we finalize it I actually want to move into our oil cooler and get this mounted up I don’t know if we have to move some things or re-disassemble the cooling system to install this I don’t think we should but just to be sure

We’re going to go ahead and mount this up get it dialed in then we’ll finalize the cooling system Thank you all right Chris got the sandwich plate on and I’m gonna help him run these lines through here with my understanding is that they go right next to the headlight somewhere in here that’s what I’m working on while he preps the cooler Is that a proper huh sounds good dude cooling system is finished on the WRX it’s holding 10 very well everything is working as it should now we’re going to install the last piece in the engine bay for this car which is the Cobb Redline cold air carbon fiber intake system for

This car really nice piece very beautiful intake box very complete okay we do sell Cabo throttle if you guys are interested in picking up one of these intakes we’re also adding an access port to this car let’s get to it foreign take us off here’s some of the piping

For it and compare that against the new Cobb stuff looks really nice so now we’re going to start assembling this we need to get this piece in first and we can attach it all up to the turbo We just laid the intake in it looks sick the carbon fiber finish is amazing this placard is a really nice touch overall it’s a very good aesthetic for the engine bay so we still have to put the induction pipe in the air filter on we

Got to bolt it down so let’s keep going All right all right Quinn just grabbed me he said he finished the intake install and damn this thing looks it’s amazing like the spacing the way it’s set up really good I followed the instructions to a T from this one and it worked out perfectly this thing is

Beautiful dude this is like a machined piece here looks amazing and it’s got like some felt like rubber felt on the underside so it doesn’t like rub against the carbon when it’s on here like it won’t vibrate or anything really nice piece Cobb always makes really good stuff and they provide really good

Instructions which is really cool and my favorite one was step 12 yeah so you pretty much stick on the stuff that’s under this and step 12 is dispose of remaining portion of gasket appropriately and it’s suck it on yeah so we got mine disposed of properly

Right there Ricky come here oh my God come here we need your help this is how it comes so it comes as like one molded piece like that and then and then you take the the center ring out and the outer ring out and then you install that

On this cap so it doesn’t vibrate and then you’re left with that other Center ring and then you got to dispose of that properly did you guys put one on my back turn around around okay ah you got it soon as I saw that I was like this

Freaking good all right comment takes installed we gotta reinstall the promo bro let’s go foreign Here we have our Cobb accessport this is a must-have if you’re into Subarus we’re gonna get this thing in it’s going to allow us to run the cop intake better it’s going to make it sound better the airflow is going to be better the overall performance of this car is going

To be better so it’s good to sing and song We live baby we live except all right we’re gonna go key on two Stage one plus Redline map there’s one plus Redline 91. the access ports are awesome all the software is already uploaded onto the access port so all we do is plug it in and we’re ready to reflash really cool stuff Cobb makes it so easy it’s so simple to use these

Things and it’s extremely effective on these cars I love these Cobb access ports they’re a must-have if you have a Subaru I think we need to drive it dude yeah we need to go for a spin yeah we do [Applause] Let’s go take this thing for a drive she’s a stiff girl huh she’s a stiff girl wide yeah go wide rubbing not rubbing that’s a good thing we got the access port loaded up on this that’s all set up oh it’s not terrible it’s not brutal but everyone thinks it’s gonna be

Really bad but no this road is honestly really terrible this is one of the worst this is the worst Road where I drive every day yeah so it’s a good test the exhaust is much quieter right off the bat it is much quieter than my previous

Everyone was kind of like trying to get in my head about the spring rate it’s not as bad as everyone hyped it up to be everyone was kind of scared for me saying like oh it’s gonna be really stiff and like you’re not gonna like it but this is sick this is great

Feels good yeah oh a little intake noise yeah that cop intake sounds good wow that’s louder than I thought it was gonna add induction noise too oh yeah how sick the steering is insane though it’s like exactly what I wanted you feel that oh she’s restored totally very responsive a little pop

It feels good dude it’s popped do you hear it popping yeah first gear pull damn this thing is sick I’m so stoked I’m glad you’re happy with it you know it’s awesome that’s gonna be it for today’s episode guys we got Nate’s WRX completely transformed it turned out amazing what do you think

Brother I love it I think it turned out awesome so thank you thank you Ricky the best part about it is that they actually got to do some work and you got to film most of it yeah yeah pretty cool which ones before my favorite part honestly ah

It’s so hard to say there’s so many the intake is really cool because it’s fully carbon fiber the uh Cobb accessport’s really cool really helped the car open up and feel a lot better on the road and then the BC coilovers you went for a

Ride with me and as a total Game Changer we can go lower if we want so I’m really stoked it’s hard to pick I feel that that’s it for today’s video I’m wondering who’s gonna be next see ya foreign Foreign