Throtl: Shopping For A NEW Project Car! (JDM & Right Hand Drive)

Reading Time: 13 minutes
Posted: 2023-01-12 17:00:01
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

Foreign today is the last day your final chance to win our 2020 Civic Type R plus twenty thousand dollars in cash every dollar you spend at is going to get you one entry to win this modified car good luck guys What’s up guys welcome back to the throttle Channel we are here at one of our favorite places I think in Austin no every time we come here it’s like bad news for us because we always have way too much fun and we always walk out with something so let’s see what happens

Today this is what I call JDM Heaven amen so this is obviously top rank importers we recently brought them our gtst to sell that means we got a hole in the shop that’s Amen to that too that means we need to find a new car to fill that

Hole right to feel that up correct so they’ve got a lot of really cool stuff as you guys can see here tons of 32 GTRs tons of 33 GTRs a couple of really interesting evos I see some Type R’s behind me here a lot of K cars back here

Honda beat a Honda CD car I’ve never seen that before oh wow a convertible one you see the Mugen Wheels I’ve never seen a convertible one I didn’t even have an H6 over there which is pretty interesting as well so we better just get to it because we’re losing sunlight

Here I want to drive some cars we’ve got three picked out you want to drive you want me to drive I drove the last time we were here I want to drive one at least and you can drive two okay because we got three but you go first I go next

And then all right again well you know I’m a Honda boy at heart so let’s grab it I’ve never owned a Type R and so every time I come here I just want to drive them I want to get that Nostalgia back and who knows it might be a good for the

Channel imagine an ITR oh no like that’s something we could easily do and right yeah S1 build all-wheel drive system maybe a case interesting yeah something like that so we should drive one let’s get a feel for us let’s see what it at least what it’s like stock

Yes I think these are pretty stock there are some Arrow bits I’m sure there’s some cold air intakes and stuff but mostly stuff and then there are two other cars that you and I have picked out that we’ll take after the Integra as well we’ll show you guys those in a

Minute you’re gonna stay tuned So this is one of I think six itrs they have here right now and I simply picked this one just because it was the easiest one to get out of the lot they got them all back in here so this one looked the most intriguing to me so it’s a little

White yeah they’re all white and that’s pretty normal for itrs that was what the championship white was one of the famous colors for this car but this one is pretty stock it seems stock wheels stock brakes stock original paint stock mirrors it does have an aftermarket

Front bumper one thing I do like is this does have the ball or headlights definitely has led driving lights and it just looks cool I mean I love white cars so it’s not hard to sell me on this oh even as a stock Wing this is just an

Iconic Wing to me for these cars I don’t know oh it does have aftermarket tail lights this is not original right I’m not real big on those but that’s an easy fix we know that oh it does have an aftermarket exhaust yeah what is it kakimoto kakimoto racing so it’s that

Far has come with this Wing right yeah this Wing they also make this in the four-door version yeah as well this is a B18 engine so let’s hop in let’s give her a rip oh man I feel right at home in here this is just such a good feeling

Headlights oh yeah xenons yeah baby clutch feels nice and light the brakes need to have a dust worked off of them a little bit all right here we go now this car has been outside so windshield’s a little dirty radio’s been stripped I see a power FC ECU a little Pepe

He tag me tag you just gotta love that sound when it kicks in just gets a whole nother octave I love it Wheels uh it’s like a really small steering with his aftermarket Momo wheel so I said this guy was almost stocked but man was I

Wrong there’s actually a lot of stuff on this car it’s powerapps ECU aftermarket steering wheel man this thing gets after it now that we’ve actually liquidated a few cars from the shop we actually have a lot of room so Ricky Quinn myself will Evan we all kind

Of have an idea of what we want to do and one of those things is another Japanese right hand drive car so this year we will be picking a car we will be getting a car from Top Rank to kind of do what we do with the gtst basically

Buy it from them and modify it have fun with it learn about it bring some great content to you guys and hopefully you guys enjoyed the gtst content because it was a really fun car to build this is so fun I definitely could see this being

One of the cars that we actually put on the short list to take home because there’s so many things you can do to it and it’s not a budget killer this is actually a really budget-friendly car the overall buying price shouldn’t be too bad and then there’s so much

Aftermarket support for these cars we could make a really killer street car or even a track car out of one of these so let’s let Ricky grab a car um I think he’s kind of already chosen what he wants to drive and I think you guys are gonna be pretty excited because

It’s really cool so yeah guys let us know in the comment sections don’t be shy be vocal about what you want to see us potentially purchase from here because this is a real project this is gonna happen and we want to hear what you guys think because your opinions do

Matter to us and we want to build cars that you guys think are cool and fun so definitely let us know down below What do you want Ricky what do you want yeah I want this one I got an evolution four four-door here I will throw four doors but this thing is sick and the white with the gold wheels let’s do a little walk around Ricky it does BBS gold wheels it’s got the

Raleigh style from bumpers got up from my intercooler part of it oh this thing 4g66 yeah bone stock and it already sounds beefy it sounds like it right I hear a little lump in there yeah sucks drop bar suspension sorry dial up ricotta seat you know what I love about

These cars they got four doors and that means I can go for the ride along I’m an evil guy too hot though oh it really does exhaust is so popular I think they do it before they import it no I don’t think so sounds really good let’s see here

In this car you know what this reminds me of my Evo where you going bud oh can you fit yeah I’m okay I mean don’t mind me I’ll just my bad I just fold myself I do I Lean Like A Cholo bro so Ricky I don’t think the audience knows that you

Did have an evil I don’t think no yeah maybe I forgot I had a uh Evo 9 SE gunmetal gray it was a beautiful ride a lot of carbon cams tune is a beautiful ride and then I got four speeding tickets in two months

And then I was like I gotta get rid of this thing see I love the Momo steering wheel it’s funny that it’s the same exact streamer that’s in my Anastasia oh dude evil should I get an evil again I mean throttle should go to Evo but if

Throttle doesn’t get an evil maybe Ricky [ __ ] maybe I’m gonna get an EVO Go straight oh that’s right right hand right Jesus so one one thing that I one thing that I learned about driving right hand drive is like I always told myself wherever the window is that’s the side of you’re not sure correct that’s like that’s one thing that I try to

Tell myself to do you know what I used to do in my EG I just took the wiper arms off bro that is very smart that way you can’t that is very smart these seats feel nice they’re great they’re super comfortable oh damn oh okay

Wow I will say this is way faster than the Integra Type R oh this is stuck well we don’t know it stopped I’m pretty sure it’s stuck that’s right you can go right here or it’s easier to go right here if you can yeah that wraps a little bit

Oh it’s because Mickey’s in the back you’re a Savage leave me alone I think this is a great starting platform and if we do get something like this we should not touch it at all I want it just the way it is because I want to clean it I want to

Polish it I thought you meant don’t change it at all no no no no no no we’re definitely going to modify it but I just I like the way it is right now it’s too guys these 90s style the 90s patina and this thing is great I think this is this

Is a great starting point when it comes to having our next project I think so too this thing just feels so freaking late 90s to me bro it drives so smooth it’s great it’s powerful it’s fast already yeah oh my God I need an EVO in my life again

All-wheel drive dude there’s nothing like all-wheel drive I keep saying that which when you say that about the Integra making it over there I was like oh yeah I’m all about it yeah it would be cool with a k-swap yep I love this they proud of them bodies

I’m buying it let us know in the comments if we should take an EVO home and build this or the Intex Let’s see we got one more car to drive stuff and it is all-wheel drive and it is a six cylinder displacement it’s got more Pistons it’s got all-wheel drive bro the

Idle on these cars but it also has probably twice the price yeah this thing has so that’s that has a lot to do with it because we like to build cars that our audience can uh relate to yeah but I got on something out here that we should

Probably take a look at that’s what we’re done let’s go I know you guys are gonna find this very weird but I’ve actually never driven an r33 GTR before Oh really never that’s I’m surprised that you should say I’ve driven 32s I have my Stasia 260rs I have a 34 but

I’ve never actually even driven a 33. so top rank always has GTRs on hand this is a really cool example of course I love it because it’s white and if you notice all the cars we drove to they are white that’s because white is the best color

For cars so this is one really cool thing about the 33 32 as well has this really nice key these Keys actually sell for like a hundred dollars now it’s insane so if you need to replace your key you’re gonna spend about 80 to 100 bucks on a freaking key which is insane

This car is a really cool spec it is a base model but it has some LMS on it from Nismo these are made by rays which is a really nice forged wheel these things have basically become a cult wheel now and they bring a premium whenever they’re up for sale I do love

The I think it’s like a 400 style front lip on here I don’t know that much about 33s for me this is kind of the redheaded stepchild of GTRs I know a lot of you are going to hate me for saying that because I know there’s a lot of love for

33s out there but for me personally this is the least appealing one and that’s why I don’t own one and that’s also why I’ve never driven one just don’t really intrigue me however what’s under the hood does intrigue me and that’s an rb26 d-e-t-t ah rv26

Um this one has stock air box and air intake which is really cool this actually looks 100 stock under here I see some Blitz coilovers Factory strut Tower bar and if you’re gonna buy one this is the way to buy it nobody’s messed with this thing all

Right I’m gonna stay with my baby one thing I love about Nissan GTRs is the chairs they put awesome chairs in all these cars this is I think a series one or series two car because it has the early model seats that would make it a

Zinky all right well this has 88k on it which is not a lot of miles feels like an rb-26 chassis feels good wow that feels tight and that’s great oh man you just can’t beat the feeling that’s very impressive well it’s it just it’s stuck it’s literally not even 300

Horsepower oh man this car is awesome I think I need to buy this one Evan don’t kill me I think I might bring this one home for myself wow this car is so good this car is actually very good it’s amazing like once you drive one of these you you

Immediately want to buy one like it it happened to me it happened to a bunch of my friends they’re just too good and how was this from the 90s it feels like it would be a great car if it came out today I will say it feels a lot bigger than the 32

But because I’ve driven the 260 RS and my R34 it doesn’t feel like a whale like people say it’s so much bigger than a 32 and it is but I think the predecessors and the uh the family cars also are pretty big so I think this was just like

The first step into that you know bigger platform but man I think they put a couple more ponies in the uh rb26 on the 33s and as the rb26h they did add horsepower by uh fine-tuning the engine and so this one does feel a little stronger than my rb26 in my 32

Well not for long but in stock trim and a chassis feels honestly I I actually like the feel of the chassis better than the 32. so this car like I could build this car in my sleep as far as mods go I eat threes and live GTR now like so to

Put a car like this together is a fairly simple proposition for me and for us at our shop like nothing would be out of the ordinary or hard for us to accomplish and I think this car is so iconic that it would just be a really cool build now that begs the question

We’ve done a 32 gtst we’ve dabbled with my R32 GTR on the channel a wee bit but would you guys want to see us build an actual GTR on the channel I know I would jump at the chance to do it on the channel is that something you guys would

Want to see us do I would love to do it so that’s my answer we’re back we’ve definitely got some uh decisions to make for sure hey screw your Evo this thing is epic this is my choice this is my My First Choice honestly me

Too then I would say Evo then I would say Type R I say I say 33 GTR Integra than Evo and the only reason is is because we’ve done Evo 10 we’ve done Evo 9 or EVO 8 I’m sorry we’ve only done the freak the uh fk8 as far as Hondas go and

The freak is so far out in left field because we made it rear wheel drive and all that I don’t think it’s really applicable to a build series on the channel from a normal Honda Acura build that we could do and by normal I mean all-wheel drive case one

Which is kind of crazy but it is pretty run-of-the-mill these days they’ll throw a K series in that car and it’s also run-of-the-mill these days to do all-wheel drive systems as well in those cars I need to sit down with the boys back at the shop see what Quinn thinks

See what will think see what Evan thinks and I’m not letting Ricky get that stinking Evo see I look for Comfort like I try to buy cars that I can sit in the car go to Vegas have lunch and come back and not have back pains that’s all right yeah

You could that’s what I look for without getting a headache without maybe I’m old aftermarket exhaust aftermarket wheels pretty much a stock GTR I am blown away the fact that this is a mid 90s car that was basically I mean it was expensive at the time but I think they’re probably

More expensive today than they were at the dealer level when they were new um this thing holds up I mean just like my 34. that thing blew my mind this thing is just as good it’s insane well I think we got some really serious thinking to

Do and I honestly was like prepared to take a car home today because we need one yeah fill the hole in the shop but I think it’d be best if we sleep on it that’s a great idea because I want to know what the audience wanted yes

Because we usually come we buy something and take off yeah and I really want to build something you guys want to see next in our channel so if one of the three you know brings your attention comment down below or better yet or even anything you see in the background yeah

Yeah if you just go to top ranked website which is going to be in the link description below go to the website yeah and then you can see the entire inventory and then you let us know in the comments what to choose or if you’re in the market for your own vehicle you

Can just swipe one of these out from underneath us and then we won’t be able to buy it please don’t do that but anyway guys I would like to say once again if you guys are in the market for a gtst definitely check out top rank because our yellow gtst is here on

Consignment now and if you want to buy it it’s available we made this video because we wanted to drive some fun cars I want to give you guys a chance to potentially pick our next car it’ll be awesome if they actually pick something yep I agree so hit that subscribe button

Guys leave us some comments down below leave us tons of comments we read them all yeah and we’re going to take into account what you guys have in mind we’ll see you in the next one see you guys