Throtl: Shopping for a JDM Engine for the Nissan 300ZX! (We got one!)

Posted: 2023-05-30 16:00:41
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

Foreign We just pulled up to JDM in California and today we’re going to be motor shopping for an engine for a 300ZX we haven’t narrowed down exactly what engine we want to put in this car yet we’ve got I think we got like two or three maybe a fourth actually because we

Need to pick up a motor today so we’re not leaving here without something we gotta take some moment with us I’ve also never been here before so let’s go walk around and see what they’ve got let’s go look at some Motors found the row of Motors that I want to

Bring home I think Evan might kill us if we bring on one of these though Evan might kill us nice little line of 13 V’s Evan’s not here anytime Evan sends me out shopping I usually come back with a car that he doesn’t want or maybe even

An engine that he doesn’t want there’s like I don’t even know where to start here this is like K series 2 liter 2.4 liters it’s a beam it’s a beam swap back there yeah I see a VQ back there someone fart it’s full of farts no that’s diff

Oil don’t let all these motors distract you from that like five to ten Grand worth of authentic Mugen CRX body kit up there and I might have to buy a CRX just to buy that there’s someone outside I’ll take an offer on it it’s like dream dreams for me right there awesome Subaru

Brembos all right we made one quick lap around here they’ve got everything we’ve got everything kind of everything yeah it’s they do kind of have it broken up in manufacture I did notice two that jump out of me right away here more or less near and dear to my heart however he’s

26. two of them here this one’s actually fully complete with uh gearbox so they’ve got two rb26s here which is pretty interesting um these come complete with ECU this one has even has the fuse boxes I mean maybe all-wheel drive 300ZX whatever that is kind of scares me a little bit but I’m

These Bars heard us we would use a lightning Specialties harness 100 wouldn’t be too worried about that so that’s an option RB would be a cool route there’s a few Jay-Z’s oh man we’re not Jason get out of here that’s been done we shouldn’t not look at these These are

Vq’s so these are out of like 350Z 370Z Infiniti G35 G37 and a lot of other I mean this was base this is basically Nissan’s Flagship engine from what about 2003 or four and up this is kind of like the Workhorse engine and this thing you can beat the snot out of naturally

Aspirated six cylinder agreed but not the best sound in the world for me it’s a little too close to the VG I was already in there yeah it is oh for sure and it’s a big motor it is a big motor that may have been the guy that did the

First VQ swap in an S chassis platform in the United States oh yeah is that where you want to pick one of these I mean I just know a lot about it as far as like putting it in other chassis at least the S chassis stuff which can’t be

Too far off from the 300. I would honestly almost pick the K series over I’ve never been a big fan of the BQ and they’re hard to get them to sound nice they don’t sound good I’ve never been a fan of the sound that came out of them

And the more you open them up the more they get kind of noxious a k-series is an interesting concept they have quite a few H series around here too so now we’re at turbo four-cylinder and a four-cylinder V6 or twin turbo straight six rb26 we’re all over the map I’m kind

Of in on the turbo I kind of want the turbo turbos are fun man Turbo Charge well then why don’t we just do VG twin turbo super easy different I’d be in for an RV I mean the VG is a viable engine I don’t see anything here but it’s such a pain

To work on I’ve never worked on one okay you want to do something different vgs were cool but we pulled ours out for a reason well let’s stroll back over to the Nissan I I love the idea of a K series but we recently did the freak

Which is a k-series turbo it might be kind of boring to do that have an army under our belt already and we already just did an RB I don’t know how we’re going to top another RV they do have an s13 SR20 and an S15 SR20 here this one

Looks like it’s already a big single conversion has a bottom mount manifold on it both of these have been toyed with they both have bolt-on goodies on them I want to pick something that we can build though something that we can fully rebuild oh I mean we can rebuild any of

Them I’m pretty sure these are out of like a Prius or something yeah this is a pre-ass engine does it happen oh that’s a PG right there dog oh there you go is that a turbo one I don’t know man look how big that thing is it’s huge

Huh I wonder if they have any VR 30 it’s here a VR 38 or even the new Z Motor would be quite interesting as well but being that we have to get this done in a reasonable amount of time in a timely manner that’s kind of like the

Rb26 route is kind of this additional work we want to make it cool we want to make it fun to drive I want to make it lightweight as you say lightweight and I think four-cylinder immediately yeah anything V6 going okay so that so then that narrows us down to either a k swap

Or an SR20 if we want to stay in the Nissan family or go with something we know which is a K series K series would be sick I feel like we almost have to stay Nissan though I think we might go Sr that’s our marketing move and it’d be

Fun I haven’t built an Sr yet all right let me grab David and see what our options are see if he has a lot of times he has stuff hiding around here David came out of the back room after we kind of narrowed it down to a four cylinder

He heard us talking and he brought us out a special it’s pretty special it’s kind of special but what’s funny is like normally to any other human being this probably wouldn’t work but because we do what we do this actually makes more sense I think we can

Make it work thankfully for him he kind of rationalized it in our heads because at first I was kind of like no no we need to complete yeah we kind of we don’t but we don’t we don’t it’s been sitting here for a while so we’re actually doing him a favor kind of

Taking this off his hands this was supposed to be a table it was going to be made into a shop tape a shop table for here in the lobby and it just happens to be an Sr without further ado Airports our new 300ZX engine it needs a few parts I bet none of you guys guessed this one it needs quite a few things can you just come over here and show them the hole in the Box the hole through the hi can you see me kind of she is missing a

Few parts but what does actually make sense is that we don’t need those parts because we’re getting new ones yeah pretty much so we have a block it’s a block a lower oil pan a head a valve cover no intermediate oil pan intermediate opener not the lower

Opinion it’s like five or six of the main big Parts you need engine ground is here okay so we’re a good shape there it doesn’t have cams it doesn’t have a crate wait oh yeah it does not have cams yeah so there’s quite a few parts missing but that’s like stuff we replace

Anyway yeah we’re gonna be pulling those out and how can those in so honestly I think it’s perfect decision is made dude you don’t have to sell me you have to sell me I I love SRS um going back to the early days of drifting in the US

This was kind of the go-to bullet I think we can build a fair amount of horsepower out of this probably in a 400 range I think we’re gonna need to color change on this though yeah one one cool thing that I learned a long time ago

When you see a valve cover that’s and custom painted like this a lot of times they use like a bass boat flake and stuff over in Japan koguchi was known for doing this and he would always he told me years and years ago that whenever you saw a valve cover that was

Custom painted that’s typically in Japan means that the internals have been changed so it’s not it’s not original internal yeah this makes me feel good inside of here like the cooling jackets for the block is like super clean all right Quinn’s got the truck backed up we’re gonna get this thing loaded up

To get it back to the shop so we can start tearing into it but before we go I want to show you guys this CRX I’ve always loved sierrax it’s like they’re one of the coolest Hondas ever made during the Golden Era for me of Honda’s David just doesn’t normally buy cars

From Japan and bring them in but he said he got this one at a fair price and as rare as these are becoming this is a pretty cool little car such a neat two-seat Honda swaps for days he’s got every engine you could ever put in this thing probably

Here on site so he’s actually selling this one so if you guys in the market for CRX this one’s actually for sale and the price is really good I can only think about buying this car buying that Mugen body kit inside complete I’m putting it on getting it re-sprayed and

Having such a cool street car this one has a roll cage in it got it inside Mugen Wheels gonna have fun with this one Foreign Anytime we come up to the Orange County area we have to stop off at Pepper Lunch and uh today is no exception we’re heading back to the shop but it’s time for lunch we’re gonna hit a little Pepper Lunch you’re gonna miss it about to go get fat love this place ever

In Southern California you gotta have Pepper Lunch it is Japanese fast food essentially but man is it bomb All right okay well got our pepper lunch we’re full wow really full we’ve now got an rb20 home we’re gonna get unstrapped here yeah this is not an RB our SR20 Quinn’s gonna grab the head for our engine stand I’m gonna bolt it on now and uh get it

On a stand so we can start tearing this thing down We’ve got our SR20 back in the shop and now it’s time to tear this thing down and see what parts we have what parts we need and how bad the condition of this thing is there’s quite a few parts that are missing when we pick the engine up

Obviously the crankshaft is probably the main one but as far as little things inside of the engine I don’t know what we have I don’t know what we need so we’re going to tear down all the way we’re also going to check the condition of everything make sure everything’s in

Good shape it probably just needs machine work but if we have something like a crack cylinder head or a cracked engine block or a cracked sleeve then this engine is not going to be usable So today we’re going to tear it down see what’s going on with it let’s start if

You haven’t already make sure to subscribe to the throttle YouTube channel and turn on the Bell notifications so you don’t miss a thing Thank you [Applause] So the cylinder head is Pretty Dirty inside we have lifters and that’s about it we don’t have any cams we don’t have any cam caps for the cylinder head which is unfortunate although all the valves are in place which is good All right Rusty boy huh we got our cylinder head off and this thing is in pretty rough shape there is literally water in every zone or just sitting here so that’s not good if you look on this side of the block on the cylinder boards there’s like a scale and this thing hasn’t run

In a really long time let’s see all that stuff coming off that is not good we also don’t have the crankshaft in which means these Pistons aren’t really attached to anything and the fact that I can’t move them at all is not not good so all four Pistons

Are seized in place and this is going to be fun trying to get these things out if you look on the valves on the cylinder head you can see the same thing so this is all rusty gunky water so this thing’s definitely going to need to go to the

Machine shop and get some good clean this thing’s gonna need at least a full valve job if these valves are even usable but none of the valves are burnt which is good let’s try and get these pheasants out and inspect the boards foreign All the rods moved which is good so what are you thinking how you’re gonna get these puppies out uh we’re gonna smack them out with a hammer the engine’s Pretty Dirty this is definitely not the worst engine I’ve seen not the worst engine I’ve ever built before luckily

This is a sleeve dungeon no so we can always replace the sleeves foreign That’s gross huh so this thing sees itself up like I think under under oh no no this is just sitting this sounds sitting catastrophic failure somebody took it apart and just like let it sit here yeah I think we’ll be okay I think we’ll be okay Foreign is completely torn down this engine was in very rough shape as you guys saw we had some seized Pistons they weren’t as seized as they could have been uh we got them out no problem though which is nice this engine is in rough shape but I do

Think it is far from being drunk I do think we can get this thing running I don’t think this engine has ran for the last time for sure so it’s going to need a lot of machine work I think but this engine is going to bounce back really

Nicely so I know what parts we have I know what parts we need to get so I’m gonna go make our list start ordering things for this Sr thank you guys so much for watching today’s video if you liked what you saw drop a comment down below make sure to like the video

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