Throtl: Revealing our NEW project car! (Not what you’d expect from throtl)

Reading Time: 11 minutes
Posted: 2023-01-14 17:00:08
Author: throtl
With the CTR sweepstakes closing, the tesla Z sold & the R32 delivered to Top Rank, it was time to pick up the next throtl project car! Not what you were expecting? Thats OK! We’re about to transform the B9 S4 into something really special and one of you guys can take it home!

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Throtl Video Transcript

It is time to go pick up the next throttle project car I’m so excited we have never purchased a car of this manufacturer before so let’s get into it Word on the Street yeah Becky’s about to pull up with a new whip oh another Fiero bro is it a truck

A truck is it a truck no what does this shop look like Becky’s been bringing a lot of trucks here recently man I’m just saying take him back see that Polaris Ranger that was the ultimate truck I know he showed up with that thing too all right taking

Bets dude what if it was a model like a Tesla Model 3 or something would you guys kill me no actually if you do a test I think it’ll be pretty cool dude what do you do to a Tesla you bag it you bag it Wheels really that’s it

Custom sound system like I would say a Model S though nah yeah yeah Ricky donate your Model S all right all right we just did a Civic we did a vet right so we got gdm in us one of the news I’m also down with the brand new WRX

Because I can see us building one of those and then what else we have so we have Japanese Japanese I think he’s going VW two minutes away I’ve heard him talk about something what’s your guess Ricky if it is going to be uh Golf R what about you well you

Just took my okay wait you guys are both oh yeah I would be sick an M5 would be so sick I don’t think people care anymore about Vietnam bro what do you what do you mean dude actually you guys all are BMW fans top tier I’m the only one no that’s not him

Yes I don’t know is that him [Applause] Check out the interior on this car oh dude it’s an S4 I just said part S4 S4 with the red quilted leather heads up display carbon everything what is Ricky thing I’m all about it yeah so nice I would actually trade my M3 for this this is safe it’s just like

They come up yeah they come out that’s weird that’s cool though I like it this thing has a lot of trunk space I set it in five and this is like pretty much the same cow no this is way smaller dude you need to drive this car this thing is freaking awesome the

Interior is the nicest interior that we’ve on a car that we’ve bought in a long time what’s the specs what is it 2018 S4 pretty low mileage this is a Prestige package S4 fully stocked never been modified it’s a three liter turbo V6 you know what you know why I love

Audis because they’re so comfortable the seats are so comfortable thank you you can drive the hood pop the hood baby This thing it’s nice what are we thinking hey hey I’m thinking it sounds good I think we need to drive it because he was driving it dude you could hear the turbo just from him grabbing sounds good dude we gotta go we gotta go get this thing out look GDI direct injection

Got all the fancy bits on me that’s nice if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to the throttle YouTube channel and turn on the Bell notifications so you don’t miss a thing who’s taking it for the first question sitting in the driver’s seat we forgot to oh this is that good

Halloween we got four doors what four doors I want to drive it you will drive it next look you want to drive it look at him he’s upset is there any is there any sport modes in here heck yeah look at his Drive select dynamic oh

The Rev like kind of did a little funky something with the revs what are you putting Auto I didn’t put in a battle I don’t know what Adam is full race full race is there even now you said full race comfort you guys like Comfort individual oh here there you go oh yeah

There it is what is individual oh it sounds good the stew super nice too wow I’ve never had a flat bottom I’m kind of digging it shut up what about the red seats my bumpies has never been flat how are the back seats they’re comfy they’re really comfy I wish it was lean

Back just a hair but it’s confused I got plenty of leg room so does it well it doesn’t count as well yeah look at this I can feed this too I was giving Quinn room but now no you’re not you’re done with your tippy toes right now I see that’s how you

Drive I don’t drive like that we’re doing super turbo in this Jay-Z spot hey no what the oh yeah wow so what’s better dynamic we know dynamic it’s red it’s gotta be cool oh she sounds great oh my God he’s got the little DSG parts the average started the DSG fart started

With the Audis that’s where it all started oh there it was oh it’s got some Pops to it I think we got to make that louder this thing’s gonna have a lot of character with the exhaust on it yeah it’s gonna make a lot of cool fun noises

It’s gonna be a fun car to drive this three liter sounds really good why aren’t you using them paddle shifters I am it goes back to shift after if you don’t touch it will doesn’t know how to use paddle shifters he’s an EV guy they don’t have any of that

Huh I didn’t hear the shift There you go there’s the little farts it’s so cute what’s the ESG stand for uh some German something German I don’t know what is the second look it up he is asking the man back there I can look it up and I’m gonna totally botch no we’re

Gonna make it up wait can you give me a guess before you look it up dos shift gear hey yo you missed that I’m gonna buy you lunch if it’s that but that’s pretty good all right who’s driving next uh me Ricky kid uh Ricky what does GSG stand for

What so that’s shifting say it again direct shot get rice I think I don’t I could be bossing the pronunciation it translates to direct shift gearbox okay all right hold on let me fix we gotta get in cholo mode now you’re just showing off oh yeah my man’s gonna be

Like this dangling yeah can you even reach the pedestal pedals yeah why are you sit so far forward that’s crazy he drives at this tippy toes yeah those calves are so flexed all the time you got those Moon boots on he’s bad all right all right first initial

Thoughts on the driver’s seat very comfortable like super comfortable it hugs you okay so in the last video you said I want a car that I can go to Vegas and back yes yes I can drive five hours go to Vegas eat get back in this car and

Drive back and I will be comfortable still like my back won’t hurt that is so why would you drive to Vegas why would it take you five hours to drive today I guess because not even very far from this freeway you know 10 hour drive in

One day for lunch yeah that’s a good lunch what are you getting when you get to Vegas what lunch steak a steak here like a hundred dollar steak here all right no not that good but It’s got some good torque and good parts I love it if you just say that bro cause I’m freaking Audi this thing’s sick this is like the highest luxury car we ever gonna give away right like up to this point is that I do whatever the R35 was definitely top tier

As far as like luxury feel I mean the R35 is like almost I think this car had a little bit of a nicer interior than the R35 it’s just it’s such a different calendar R35 like this is gear numbers interior Comfort the R35 is not geared

Towards interior the R35 is a calorie so you just to go fast right it’s not the interior is not impressive at least to me this thing is impressive this thing is comfortable it makes you feel good about yourself and you can still go fast this is like I’m taking my wife out to

Dinner to an expensive uh dinner date and I’m taking this I will not take a 35 for that it’s also like a daily driver too I feel like you could drive this to work oh yeah for sure this is a much more time and you can fit four people in If this thing is sick I can’t wait to see what we’re gonna do with it I’m already loving it the way it is right now what’s your favorite part red interior I’m a sucker for red Interiors but that’s your favorite part of the car no the interior of the car is my

Favorite part for sure yeah super comfy all right well everything I like the color gray car with red interior something about it we should do first to it first thing I think we got to get this thing sitting lower with some better looking Wheels that’s the first

Thing I think this queen agree I think the first thing we need to do is exhaust I want to get this thing opened up sounding a lot better it’s got really good power it’s got really good torque it’s got a very flat torque curve despite it being a turbo engine which is

Really cool and it drives really nice and the DSP parts are awesome but I want it to be about it well no but it sounds great I think you need to go I I was set from the back seat so I was close to you driving it right that’s it how’s

The driver’s seat feel driver seat feels good the front cabin is actually really nice can you tune the bolsters I don’t know there are a lot of buttons on this what’s that one what massaging seats what what really waves stress made that’s kind of cool we definitely do

Need to upgrade the paddle shifters they’re like tiny you barely get a finger and a half on there I do like the heads-up display though you guys can’t see that because I’m driving but you can it’s got all my it’s got the speed limit on there

Which is pretty cool and then it’s got the actual speed readout it’s pretty nice on the window yeah on the front windshield one front windshield up there ah this thing’s fun man this thing’s a cool car I could just listen to that those shifts all day

I do like how they have some of the things laid out on the side like the gas the steering wheel is like a little bit in the way so if you want to see you kind of got to duck a little bit around but the coolant temps over there too

Pretty nice layout I do think we need to change some Aesthetics about it change some driving characters about it it looks too much like a normal car wouldn’t you agree well oh yeah I think they need some space we need we need to lower it and put wheels on minimum and

An exhaust I don’t really know what else we could do to the interior I think paddles is a nice start but there’s like the interior on this thing is so nice already this is this interior is what I would do to my interior it’s the fact

That it did to my Beamer yeah like I’m trying to think of what else maybe we could do like a carbon steering wheel but even then this one’s already really nice are we bagging it or are we doing coils I think we do a bag system on it

Air suspension getting low getting down maybe I can see us doing it wrong Erica be cool yeah it feels good this thing’s got a really flat torque Bend really flat power here which is really nice so it doesn’t really like climb up at the top it’s just kind of linear across the

Board I’d be curious to look at how the turbo setup is laid up on this thing because they have it very much like a diesel where you have the v in the engine and the Turbo sitting in the middle so I bet the exhaust manifolds

Run out the back and then up which is kind of cool kind of a different setup so it’d be fun to poke around the engine bay on this thing and see what what’s going on with it so we’re gonna have to do some research we’ll to see if there’s

Anything we can really do under the hood of this thing to spice it up yeah I don’t I think a good start would be getting rid of some Plastics and replacing it with something like a carbon fiber or something that’d be cool yeah we’re gonna have to go through the

Catalog and see what’s available for this thing but it’s already pretty well freaking set up out of the box so what a nice car this car feels good man it drives nice it looks good it’s a little understated in styling I think I think there’s some room for improvement is it

Gonna be a really fun build we’re gonna sit down look through what we can actually do to this car but over I’m happy with it I think it’s great All right and that about does it for today’s YouTube video couple announcements real quick the Civic Type R sweepstakes is officially closed so if you had some entries just sit tight all the entries are now with our sweepstakes company and they need about seven to ten business days before they can give us

The winner for that car I’m very excited to be giving it away to one of you guys so just stay tuned for that now with that being said the B9 S4 and 20 000 sweepstakes is officially live right now on so if you want to get

Your chance to win the S4 you just saw in today’s video check out the link in the video description shop for some of the latest throttle merchandise or even some car parts Wheels suspension everything you can think of every one dollar is an automatic entry to win the

Car and twenty thousand dollars which is pretty awesome the last announcement we want to make is there’s something that we’ve all been working on in the background which is a second YouTube channel by throttle and we call it throttle Clips throttle Clips is a place for us to be posting way more content

For you guys so we have behind the scenes stuff we have some of our favorite moments from throttle we are posting every single day on that YouTube channel so if you want to check it out and support us help us reach our goal of 100 000 subscribers we have a lot of

Cool behind the scenes content like Mickey and Nate over in Japan right now and a ton of other content planned for that channel specifically so yeah please go check out the link in the video description show us some love blow up the comment section on our latest post

And remember we are posting every single day on that channel so if you’re looking for more throttle content and some of our favorite moments from throttle check out that stuff thank you guys so much for watching we appreciate each and every one of you we’ll see you guys in the next one peace