Throtl: Revealing Our New Project Car & Instantly Building It + Calling the WINNER of the Turbo Honda s2000!

Posted: 2023-07-19 16:00:46
Author: throtl
Congratulations to Rene from Bloomington, California for WINNING our Turbocharged Honda s2000 + $20,000! Today we reveal our next sweepstakes build. After the team meets the new car, we immediately get to work with modifying it. We start with a new set of coil-overs to get it handling even better than it already does. Then we toss on a brand new set of Rotiform KPS with sticky grippy Falken Azenis RT-660s!

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Throtl Video Transcript

All right inside this envelope is the winner for our S2000 plus 20 000 you guys ready all right no let’s get it here we go in the winter out of Bloomington California okay local okay he bought a tuxedo truck bed cover for his Ford Ranger okay okay his name is

Renee nemacio that’s right let’s do it hello hey is this Renee yeah hey what’s up man this is Evan Beckerman from throttle okay you’re placed an order uh maybe two months ago for a truck bed liner from throttle yeah yeah I just wanted to let you know that

You’re the winner of an S2000 plus 20 000 you are yeah congratulations I’m here with the team right now we’re recording this call so you can hear it awesome congratulations yeah we wanted to call and let you know your purchase of the truck bed liner got you the

Automatic entries to win and now you’re the winner and we’re down here in San Diego I realize you’re not too far from us either do you ever watch any of the YouTube videos that we’ve published okay nice oh cool that’s awesome that’s great well now you got an S2000 too we’ll get

It coordinated and within the next couple weeks we’ll have you come down here and pick up your new car and a check wow this this I don’t know that’s kind of I don’t even know what to say it’s all right it won’t feel real until it’s in your garage I think yeah

Yeah congratulations I can’t wait to meet you and we’ll talk soon all right thank you all right thanks Renee bye all right awesome that’s awesome that’s very cool so congrats to Renee thank you guys so much for everyone who participated I’m just excited to meet him he’s gonna

Love this car this is amazing now it’s time to kick off our next sweepstakes we’re doing it big we’re doing 2x entries until Sunday roll the clips all right so now the vs2000 it’s gonna be gone gone I know Becky you got a new car

And he’s on his way here right now do you know what it is no but I remember back in January when we were talking about cars we were going to be doing this year Mickey and Evan both were talking about Broncos I have two ideas I’m thinking two different cars and none

Of them are Broncos right should I say it yeah what do you think it is one is the new WRX I just don’t know if we will buy a brand new car to give away I I don’t know because it’s really hard to find parts we have before I think that

Would be interesting but I’m not like super in on that the new WRX I think it’d be cool they kind of look funky though man if I’m honest no but that’s what we do then again we grab the funk in the game and then we make it freaking

Sick I know we’ve seen like any of the aftermarket that’s been coming out for those so I don’t know yeah I haven’t seen much either and then the other one is like uh what’s the Subaru that just came out the BRZ or FRS that could be

Cool a new one I’m kind of I don’t know that’s not the only two that I’m like thinking that that you immediately went to Subaru for both yo can I put my guess in yeah I think it’s a gr Corolla would be sick I’ve been saying we should do a

Geochrome for like the last three cars I will say yes but they’re so hard to find I don’t know yeah that’s a fair point what about a 400 400g would be cool yeah honestly that’s that’s more likely than a gr that should be all the options that

We’ve said so far I’m super down for Bronco would be cool but it’s just a big truck that’s the only thing it’s really not our style we’ve done quite a few of them he just texted us he’s right around the corner he’s gonna be showing up and

I hope it’s not a Santa Cruz Ricky’s been talking about that I don’t want to sign a cruise bro weird they look so weird they’re so sick it’s the new Prius how would you feel about that I would actually be really stoked oh yeah let’s go baby Bro who’s your man dog you’re right yeah it was right for the first time I don’t mind it being a little dirty yeah Sparkle is crazy oh it looks beautiful the interior is so much nicer than the older brz’s all the suede Alcantara the red stitching it’s

Really nice bro like you know that was crazy for a quick second I thought this was like oil temp and water temp gauges I was like oh it’s got gauges at this the AC’s temp this is really sick those are not the actual mileage right so it’s two thousand miles three thousand three

Thousand miles yeah that’s probably the lowest mileage car we’ve ever had so I put it on track mode if you hold that button the cluster changes complete right there hold it okay see that wow damn hold on let me see if I can put it

Back I like that one that’s it I like the last one yeah yeah I think Daddy’s attracting comparing this to the older BRZ the interior is so much nicer it has an STI shift knob that’s Factory though I think right does that say SDI yeah I don’t

Know what does that say does it say BRZ no it’s STI I know it does yeah I think somebody must have upgraded it there’s no way it comes like that do they pop the hood Pop the trunk run Hood 2JZ turbo wow I almost dropped the hood what are we

Gonna do in here you got to subscribe you gotta wait to see this thing’s gonna transform though I’m really excited it’s a great platform to start with it’s really really really fun to drive transmission’s awesome it actually makes quite a bit of power way more than some of the wrx’s that I’ve

Driven and the old BRZ like way way way more refined than that so you got to drive I heard the torque is much better on this than the other one it’s fun the first the first how do you get it is it first generation now is that what

We’re calling them the first gen this is the second the first generation brz’s drove exactly like the 2004 Celicas like exactly this is it felt it felt like the same car so I’m curious to see how this one drives and how it feels everything’s better headlights are cooler the body

Looks way slicker uh brakes feel good maybe you need a little upgrade in that department wheels and tires definitely got to go the ride heights got to go that’s for sure I mean for stock wheels though these are actually kind of nice oh it’s got a livery yeah dude that’s

Factory I’m assuming I don’t know and then look at these little exhausts these we definitely got to change uh the exhaust out on this thing I got it yeah we need to change that out ASAP we drive it or not I want to drive it yeah drive it first how sick are the

Back seats can I fit back there no chance you can take your phone with you though hop in there Quinn hop in there Slide the seat forward you got it look at him when the seat goes back you got it no no no no no okay get out there you

Got it no shot no I’m gonna take my shoes off you’re only like five three am I coming in crap dude not behind me that’s what you get all right it’s maybe not the best family you got it away dude oh my God can you imagine this on a road trip

Maiden voyage we got Quinn in the back six foot one in the back seat I’m six feet in the front so you can you could do it I don’t know if I’d want to drive to Vegas He’s literally brand new it’s yeah it doesn’t look like the back seat’s ever been satin or anything already no it’s really fun so I drove this home over the weekend so this BRZ is a 2022 BRZ 3000 Miles six-speed manual it’s a BRZ limited it’s got a really nice metallic

Black exterior and then inside which I think is really cool is the you turn on my heated seats right now I’m roasting it’s cool looking at the AC to make sure this is on I’m like oh yeah it’s hosting right now oh okay Red Line oh that’s cool sounds good yeah

We’re only going 50 miles an hour right now yeah I thought this was really cool too the Alcantara and I mean I’m 99 sure this car’s never been modified in any way so everything’s Factory which is cool it’s like they almost from the factory modified a little bit because

They know what people like to do so you can actually hear it we actually stick it on the gas yeah it has better sound inside than it does outside right it does I wonder if it’s one of those speaker things that they put I think so I don’t know I don’t

Know either the handling is really nice the brakes are good I think the brakes maybe we can get a little bit in that department I’ve actually been ordering parts for this that are oh really they’re here they’re here they’re in the garage when we get back I’ll show you we’re gonna

Put it in this video we’ve never done this before we usually do like a car Reveal video and then that’s usually the end everyone gets to drive it because there’s I guess two big things I think this car really needs right away we’re gonna change that so we get back to the

Shop I’ll show you guys the parts the first order of business is getting this car to sit lower as we talked about it’s like a monster truck right now so we’ve got some St coilovers we’ve got a set of rotiform KPS wheels and of course we

Have the Falcon a Zenith rt660. have you seen these yet you have a you have a razor blade on you I am so down to help you open this right now they’re like new news brand new tada oh they’re black and I think you want to pull one out and

Kind of hold it up yeah the black on black look is just for me you can’t go wrong I know you like that too yeah that’s gonna look really really good it’s back in my times when I started with cars all of my cars were black on

Black I need two of them me too I was such a fanatic of it it just looks clean we’ll have to get the windows tinted for sure yeah all right you ready yeah let’s do it let’s slam it foreign Here we have it nice new set of St coilovers this is the XTA so they have the adjustable camber plates on top they’re really thick really beefy they’re very well prepped too this thing looks amazing it’s not the rear one so we should start with the small ones

First okay first thing we gotta just open the trunk grip the whole trunk area until we have access to the top half and then after we loosen those two balls we’ll go to the bottom and then we’ll start replacing them all right get to it Thank you We have to use the original uh top hat from for the rear ones and then that’s it Now the old suspension is Adam we already put a new top hat on our new SD coilovers every night is just double check our measurement from the bottom of the collar towards shot just to make sure that really doesn’t matter what you measure it long as the equal distance is

The same right so we check both of them they’re both the same we are getting ready to throw them back in there and we are going to keep our lock screws loose even when we get it off the car we can make some really quick adjustments in

The car and then I will be able to tighten everything out from there so let’s get them on Thank you foreign ERS are in now it’s time to move on to the front so while Ricky’s in the office I’m going to pop the hood take off the top nuts on the top and then hopefully he’ll be able to help me pull these front shocks out All right [Applause] This is the last thing to tighten down which is the six nuts on top then we get to test the wheels which we’ve all been waiting for at least I know I’ve been waiting for that but I’m gonna grab the ramps and put them on the bottom and see

Where it sits at if it’s drivable then we’ll take a quick drive so I can settle and it will adjust from there foreign Suspension is on that was actually really easy Ricky and I knocked that out in what maybe an hour or so so if you’re new to modding cars suspension wheels and tires I would say is one of the best first rounds of modifications you can do it’s going to totally transform the way

This car drives so suspension’s on now it’s time to grab the wheels it’s time to get our rotiform kps’s mounted up I’ve got two done already we’re running an rt660 Tire as always we’re putting the factory TPMS sensors back in this thing so everything works as it should

So it’s gonna mount it up thank you We got a real entire package fully assembled with Factory tvms time to get these things on the car let’s go let’s fit Quinn let’s see if you did your math right I don’t expect these brother uh Becky specs all right Let’s go baby let’s go [Laughter] is that all the way down dang look at that it can’t it runs perfect the rear is perfect look at that uh let’s open the trunk and bounce on it I don’t think it’s all the way down you think so dang

Dude you’re sitting on the lift right I think a little up dang dude that was sick no that’s clearing no yeah it’s touch and tired it looks sick in the front dude what are you talking about that’s sick that’s sick I mean you’re not driving it like

That but it looks good dude that looks money that’s out of the box that’s how it was yeah wow that’s it pretty nice solid hate the black on black the black on black actually looks really good it’s perfect look at that man I like it a lot

Car looks sick on the ground but that’s just not feasible so Ricky fired it up we went like started to do a turning sweep and it was hitting the fender so we’re gonna raise it by half an inch all the way around just to make it be in a

Range that’s like 100 we should be safe we just made our final suspension adjustments the car was way too low so we raised it up let’s get it back on the ground oh We just got the BRZ outside took it for a little spin around the block and it’s driving perfectly no rubbing car looks amazing what do you think looks sick I’ve always loved the black on black stuff and doing one right now here virtually this one is pretty amazing

A little bit too much shiny on it but it’s literally glossier than the paint itself lowered wheels and tires it just transformed this car looks so much more aggressive now you look so sick it drives a lot better too it looks good man wheels and tires dropping it changes

Like the whole aesthetic it looks really cool but we have so much more planned for this car remember get those entries in to win this car plus a check for twenty thousand dollars we’re doing two x entries for the next couple days and then it’s gone so thank you guys so much

For watching this video if you liked it please remember to give us a thumbs up and comment down below let us know what you think of the car and what should we do to this thing as well we’ll see you guys the next episode Peace Thank you