Throtl: Revealing Our NEW PROJECT Car! (Early 2000’s JDM)

Revealing Our NEW PROJECT Car! (Early 2000's JDM)

Posted: 2023-03-27 16:00:06
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

You’ll never believe the legendary JDM car that we’re about to go by we’ve been wanting to build one of these for years now let’s get into it all right well we are in Long Beach California and that’s because I’m about to reveal to you guys our next car and this one actually has

Me pretty excited because we’ve been wanting to do one of these cars for a number of years now we’ve kind of been waiting for the right time and the right opportunity to to buy a Honda s2000. man I can’t believe we’re actually getting an S2000 you know TJ and Sabrina had one

Years and years ago I helped them buy that car I’ve always been a huge fan of the S2000 because it’s rear wheel drive and as you guys know we use a lot of S2000 Parts on our freak the rear wheel drive Honda Civic that we built you guys

Aren’t familiar with that car check out our playlist for that car on our Channel but uh it’s time for an S2000 project I’m excited about it we’ve got some huge Partners on board that leads me to why we’re here today and that’s because we’re going to check out a private party

S2000 that’s for sale actually by a friend of mine someone that I’ve known for probably going on 20 years now this is one of his his cars probably he daily drove for a while and is now getting rid of it because he turns over cars left

And right so he’s a pretty finicky guy he actually owns a body shop so his stuff’s usually always pretty well taken care of I’ve already seen photos of the car I trust the dude so because this isn’t a dealership we want to respect the owner being this is a private party

Sale so I’m not sure how much we’re going to be able to film I think we’ll be able to show you guys the car we’ll probably leave the owner off for privacy reasons but I hope you guys can respect that but we’ll show you as much as a car

As we can when we get up to Man brings back so many memories love this car you know I’ve never owned one of these and I’ve had the engines in other cars but never had an actual S2000 it’s kind of neat to drive around with the top off and everything would you drive an S2000 with a top down I think

He said he could count the number of times he had the top down on one hand Thank you I’m happy I don’t even think it’s worth going to look at any others to be honest I don’t want to deal with used car dealers honestly and this car is so clean and tidy and the car doesn’t have extremely high miles or anything like that everything’s intact in really good

Shape it just shows signs of it’s been sitting for a while because this isn’t his main car it does do a lot of resting so which isn’t a bad thing because he just showed me the paperwork on the car he recently had a bunch of service done

On it at the end of last year to the tune of about four grand pretty happy to see that means he’s been taking care of it just a great car I don’t think there’s any need to shop any further yeah F20 sounds so good love this I

Think I’m gonna have to enjoy this car for a week or two before we start tearing into it this is too good All right well now that we’re back in San Diego I’m gonna run inside and hop on the computer and run the VIN on this S2000 I feel really good about this one I think it’s the car for us but before we get crazy and go get this man a check

We want to make sure that it’s actually a good car so we’re going to check the background and history on it and see how it is so now is a good time to tell you guys about today’s video sponsor bumper so if you’re like us and you’re constantly

Shopping for new project cars you don’t want to be left wondering about its maintenance or accident history and that’s why we use bumper to learn about those things before we buy a car with a one dollar trial from bumper you can get multiple vehicle history reports before

You decide on which vehicle is right for you to purchase and by using the VIN or even the license plate number you can learn all about your car’s history and current market value before making the deal plus with bumper rewards you can save on pre-purchase inspections maintenance and even insurance so I’d

Like to give a huge shout out to bumper for sponsoring today’s video before you guys buy your next car make sure you give bumper a try before you buy all right well now that the car checks out on bumper let’s get a check head up

To LA and get this car picked up to surprise the boys we are back up in the Long Beach slash Gardena area to pick up the S2000 that’s going to be our next build and Anthony was kind enough to drive me up here and the uh throttle

Ford Ranger and it is rainy so kind of a bummer it’s like looking forward to driving this car back to San Diego with top down but uh yep that’s not gonna happen today because it is really rainy outside we’ve been having a lot of crazy weather in San Diego all right I’m

Excited I got a check in hand I got some paperwork you got to fill out with the owner and then we’re gonna head back to San Diego with this s2000. our Audi sweepstakes is ending soon you could win this 2018 Audi S4 plus 20 000 in cash every dollar you spend on

Whether it’s on aerobits carbon fiber new Wheels suspension or merch we have some new long sleeves we have some new air fresheners every dollar special entered to win this car it literally takes one dollar you could buy this air freshener and win this car plus 20 grandkid pretty much Is it a new project is it another one of that is it that we love that it no no no no no no you know and then by the time we’re done he’s like yo I want one of these uh my okay so that okay okay

Was it is it another no just guess is it driving is it at least driving let’s go come on Ricky I said at least right he’s pulling up ah you don’t know what it is KDM we got a whole bunch of people excited what I’m gonna say is okay so you

Actually know what it is another day how did you find out oh no I know I know some people what I’m gonna say is that it sounds like we’ve been wanting to do for a long time and I’m talking about years is it a car that has not been done

Before yes anything other have not been done this open is an RX8 again now I can’t have any fun with that other one is it another Volkswagen Audi I can’t tell you that oh yeah I was gonna go GTI oh but he just said it’s not VW yeah but

We he we we do want to do an R32 for a long time or an hour that’s not this but that has it that that idea came last year is it a truck I’m talking about years dude it better be it just better be JD’s years Simpson

That would be sick that’d be fun is that a Tacoma that’s better that’s not it you got excited though that was a truck so is it a truck whoa he got you there see I’ll tell you this the Broncos are new so it has four wheels

What do you mean what does that mean I hope it has four wheels that’s four wheels oh wait see it yeah don’t bust your butt he pulls up in one of those like signs you’re gonna see him no I haven’t seen the one that he

Actually got but I know what he got I don’t know there’s no way you heard it he’s no I just know because we’ve been talking about it for years and then I heard that they’re getting that that car but I don’t know the color I don’t know the

Interior color I don’t even know what it looks like it’s not Hyundai it’s not a Kia so sorry Katie MP the only thing that’s coming to mind right now is like an EVO we’ve done well we did a dime but it’s pretty much the same thing you see it baby

Yeah for Fusion that’s not it oh wait he’s recording yeah is that it one yeah baby yeah wow and that’s 2 000. Had it previously added that and the front lip it’s got a brand new top on it did you roll all the way here with the top no I just put it down but oh sick it was raining all the way back so we got off the freeway so I was like yeah I’m

Gonna put perfect time oh this is beautiful seats are reupholstered and real leather yeah it’s hard it’s like fantastic everything works not a single thing I tested didn’t work on the car 100 Phone Stock pop the hood this is a I’ve created option at the factory yeah

All right that’s a long engine yeah that’s a really long engine though ap2 what’s cool is the guy that had this is a good old friend of mine he owns a paint and body shop so he’s really meticulous so that’s when I saw it go up

For sale I was like this is the one yeah and of course he gave us the homie hooker oh awesome so we got a good deal yeah as you guys know like five years ago it’s two thousands were like cheap yeah not no more oh my God it’s like

Another soup right now so since we started throttle this is one car that Evan and I have been wanting to build and we’ve been putting it off putting it off putting it off to the right time and it’s finally a new product in the marketplace that made it worth building

This car it’s gonna be a fun one and we found one that’s in basically stock Edition so good starting point yeah for sure dude perfect all right dude I’ve worked on a few of these and every time I work on one it’s like you get reminded

Of how short yeah and like narrow and like so when you say your box top is so much space here dude it’s like a lot of space reminds me a lot of FB you take every often it’s like a lot of things like the stereo is aftermarket and

Everything works on the dash like you know how’s the volume up and down on the left side it all works through the Alpine head unit and I called Courtney just to see if the wireless Works everything works great but it literally needs nothing except they were all

Factory drive by wires how cool is that except the turbo no uh AP one was not sure that was a new top on it triple stitching and triple beams on it like extra material material yeah I love this thing it’s like a two-door version

Of my eight the red and two are so nice these seats I like as they reupholstered these because they were worn about a year and a half ago you said I have the receipts for them they went with real authentic leather this isn’t like any type of combo yeah like is it ventilated

Oh the seats themselves no it’s just perforated leather perfect little anti-slide one thing that I’ve been preaching since we built the Bad Apple was when you do seats do real leather spend a couple extra bucks on it because in an older car like this it makes the

Interior smell brand new it like takes any of the funk and stuff and just makes it have that extra little touch I love it I love how the radios are hidden away and then all the controls are on the dash so the driver is focused everything

Is like Within Reach of the of the stairs and as I mentioned to those guys everything works all the controls the Bluetooth calling and everything I tested it on the way down money I gotta test this digital display you guys ready for a round take it for a job you wanna

Go for a drywall do it yeah all right I think I’m in Reverse find out real quick you ever drink one of these four nope it’s a pretty good transmission oh ready for this dang that is just some short throw already this is one of the cars that

I’ve always wanted to drive and feel what it like it I’m not disappointed this is like the best ERA of cars for me a lot of people like 90s I like 2000s JDM a little bit better technology this thing just feels good drive by wire and all that it’s not numb steering it’s

Very responsive I’m happy this is awesome if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to the throttle YouTube channel and turn on the Bell notifications so you don’t miss a thing when S2000 huh can’t find reverse is that reverse that does not reverse it says it

Right there I know I just all the shifters are different man wait is there six gears yeah it’s a six speed whoa this is the oh no the type R has an AP1 in it this is an ap2 and I haven’t been an S2000 in a long time this is my first

Time in one I’ve never been my uh my friend used to have one and we used to like go back and forth because I had an E36 M3 or I still have one and he had an S2000 and they’re not like super comparable cars but from like a power

Aspect so the E36 M3 makes 240 stock and this makes 240 stock so that’s like a very comparable car so I’ve never actually driven well this is the first time I’ve ever driven an S2000 but I used to ride in his all the time and it was fun and it’s very different coming

Back to it now because it’s a little bit older and some of the things haven’t held up like cosmetically like this gauge cluster looking at it now like it still looks cool when he first got it we’re like whoa like super crazy and I mean it’s still really cool and it’s

Still very modern it’s just different there’s a lot of ergonomic weird things with the S2000 like the radios down here and like the start buttons like way on this side that like has a little Hideaway so funky cars man funky cars I like the AC controls are like all over

Here and then like on this side of the dash like all the way over there there’s literally nothing I say thousands are fun man this is a fun car and then having a six-speed is really nice too if the FD did not exist I would have one of these if you want an

FD but you want a car that actually is reliable and works and you can daily drive it you buy one of these should we put the top down I mean it’s not raining anymore we totally could is it gonna go down quick though I don’t know

How it works you gotta do that and then I do I have to have a perfect breakup oh I do yeah there it is bro oh this is kind of cool all right so I figured you had another you have to have the parking brake down so if you have

The parking brake up you have to have the parking brake up for the top to go down yo this is sick I haven’t been in a convertible in a long time pretty good huh out baby S2000 is a rad I’m excited for this one this is gonna

Be a fun build I see us putting a lot of really cool Parts on this the thing is with an s2k there’s like so many different ways you could do it there’s so many ways you could there’s like so many body kits I think Varys makes some

Stuff for it charge speed has a kid for it there’s all the OEM stuff like I mean this thing already has some really cool OEM body parts s2ks are like a super huge open book for platform Tunes which is really cool there’s a lot of really cool components with it so I’m excited

To see the build shoot in this one got a brother up there Quinn there’s a silver s2k you’re in front of us I think it’s AP1 is you top down in two or no uh he’s got the top uh he’s not about the Cloudy weather it’s not about the top download

Two dudes in a bone stock s2k is not the look your turn whoa that’s nice look at that it just goes all right so Quinn was just telling me that he thinks you might have owned one before have you ever owned one of these people yeah yeah if you want our ap2 I

Had an AP1 black on black and then I had a multiple body kits but I ended up getting like the saibon uh trunk Hood fenders so all carbon and then I had a Vortex supercharger which was also 50 state legal which is pretty cool they’re

Really really nice car I was there for a few years actually it wasn’t an ap2 so I’ve never driven an ap2 the main thing that I love like this cars came out in the 2000 which is like the year that I have and the cluster the dash looks like

A kind of like a full race car right especially for something that came out that early and it just looks amazing which a lot of Honda Civics and Acuras have adopted the dash this was so clean I like this door the spoon door they also had a kid that you can put your

Stereo up here messed up thing is that you have to make a hole when it comes to this ABS kid that molds into here and it looks like a kid and then you can do something else out here in my case I used to have

Nitrous also on mine and so I had the gauges down here and all that stuff and then I had my stereo but this is like way back then a long time ago when they were affordable they got paid eight grand for mine wow yeah it was eight

Grand for mine the super turning tea was like six thousand that all the carbon five percent was like another four grand and then I had wheels so obviously Wheels tires I did brakes multiple front bumpers so I ended up running three different ones yeah I love their

Steering wheel in the 2000s you will never see a certain room like this what this cars first came out on Library 2000 they were pretty pricey for there was some people that had them you know we used to look up like damn this food has money yes a brand new it’s a thousand

Because they were pretty pricey I do Envy the red interior that’s one thing that I’ve always wanted with mine because I’m a sucker for red interiors and this one has it so I’m super stuck on that can’t wait for you guys to see what we

Got plans for this thing like I said I know a little bit I know a little bit and for what I know it’s it’s really really we have some really cool parts coming Top Notch stuff and stuff that we haven’t done in this channel before when

It comes to Honda so it can be pretty cool you’re gonna do it you got it oh it’s stuck I didn’t want to go oh because we’re moving put it down stop all right let’s get out of here man you guys are going to want to make me get on

The last 2000 again it’s been years it’s been a long time since I had it you just like the Top Gun huh I used to always roll with it down always yeah always I could see you rolling around the top here is that s2k it’s not like it’s like

A Miata right like you see a guy in the Miata you’re like ah look at this dude right but it’s an s2k like you know people see an SDK top down you’re like damn that was cool Sesame as you guys know this is a project that we’ve been wanting to do

Around here for a long time we’ve got the perfect canvas now and it’s time to get started on this and we’ve got Parts inbound some really cool stuff and some brands that we’ve never worked with before so you guys can have to stay tuned to that I hope you guys can see

The sense of excitement in all of us this is going to be an epic project coming out of the shop and I can’t wait for you guys to see it as we produce it one of the best things that I love about this timeline is the interior I’m a

Sucker for Ratings here and when you pulled up with it bro I was super excited and like I said I used to own one but I never had a chance to open up with the red and tears I’m excited for this oh we’re gonna keep red interior in

It in some capacity we may have to change the seats up a little bit because of some of the other bits that are coming for the car but don’t worry the red stains I’m excited for it it’s gonna be good I’ve never really played too much about s2k but they are very code

Performance platforms and there’s a lot of really cool things you can do with this car and it’s going to be a good car in the end no matter what well maybe we can find a power Adder for it we could that’d be fun that could be fun it’s my

First time digging around with the b-tec I’m excited so it’s kind of like branching out from my usual Mazda and stuff like that so I like high revving Motors thing revs high like an RX8 so I’m already excited but before we kick this thing off I have to remind you guys

That our Audi S4 sweepstakes is ending soon that’s right our Audi plus twenty thousand dollars cash can be won by you simply by heading over to pick up some swag pick up some car parts every dollar is an entry so thank you guys so much for tuning in today hit

That subscribe button leave us some comments down below let us know what you think we should do to this S2000 we definitely want to read through those and see what you guys think is the perfect S2000 and we’ll see you guys in the next one thank you so much for tuning in

Thank you foreign