Throtl: Revealing “NO SECRETS” R33 GT-R – Abandoned to Amazing! (GT-R Festival 2023)

Posted: 2023-06-13 19:12:55
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

Foreign I’m Mickey and welcome to the throttle Channel we are here in Sydney Australia at GTR Festival 2023 where we’re going to take in this event and bring you guys along for the journey so stay tuned guys we’re going to take you on the Epic GTR Journey that is GTR Festival 2023. Oh foreign sorry for the quick Interruption but I have to let you know that we have some leftover lean custom Eclipse pins that we dropped at fuel fest last weekend we have a very limited quantity if you guys are interested in picking up one of those for yourself check out the link in

The video description we just loaded those up on the site and as a reminder there is not that much time left to get her to win our S2000 plus 20 000 in cash so every one dollar you spend on our website whether you’re buying car parts or merchandise or even these pins is

Going to give you one automatic entry to win so go ahead pause the video right now grab yourself a pen get yourself some entries before it’s too late all right we just banged out a meet and greet over at the motive video stand with Sakamoto and Larry Chen super fun

Got to meet a lot of the fans which is amazing and now we’re off to do an unveiling of some pretty special cars so check this out this is going to be an unveiling of Andrew’s gold r33 this is a car that has a lot of history here in

Australia as well as in Japan where it was sent over from and Andrew has been getting it ready for the event today so they’re going to go ahead and unveil it now so I’m going to see it for the first time I made this was always a passion project and thanks guys

It’s bigger than a hobby business because it’s just getting bigger and bigger and more and more fun and crazier and crazier obviously I want to say a big thanks to our special guest Sakamoto from garage Atkins here Larry Chen and we’ve got Mickey from throttle here as

Well so it’s got all good friends of ourselves all right here we go let’s get the covers off listen let me know what you guys think here we go foreign just unveiled as Andrews r33 GTR this is Project dub no secrets this was a car that was built over in Japan has some

Top secret lineage was brought here to Australia and was essentially going to be basically scrapped and Andrew bought it a couple years ago and saved it from the scrap heat it looks pretty beautiful now he’s got to build an engine for it and he also has to get the interior done

Outside is looking fantastic I can’t wait to see what comes with this one another debut here at GTR Festival 2023 is this awesome R32 with a garage active wide body kit I’m told this is the first one in all of Australia we’ve got a couple in the states and there’s a bunch

In Japan already but this is Australia’s first eyes on a super super wide body R32 turned out fantastic and this is from the team over at dattone racing obviously it’s incomplete but it’s going to be a monster when it’s done if you check out the engine Bays check out the

Header check out the work they’ve done on the the valve covers and the center coil pack covers it’s Flawless it’s beautiful this one is going to be Sleek when it’s done thank you This is an r33 GTR N1 so it’s already a pretty rare limited edition car but then he’s gone through done the 400r treatment but it’s also got a lot more than that foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] good morning all right well we’re walking through the pits here and there are GTRs as far as I can see I’ve never seen this made GTRs in one location in my entire life and it’s overwhelming but I couldn’t help but notice this awesome Lamborghini Urus

In the parking lot that was completely overshadowed by this amazing M3 competition wagon that we don’t get in the United States if I could simply get one of these in America I would be driving this every day this thing is awesome so awesome color I’d want a

White one but this is pretty cool and it’s neat to see it in person it’s actually a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be man it just has all the right bits big screen inside awesome seats look at that thing it’s sick sick but seriously M3 comp badass the wagon

Nice job BMW now let’s go check out some GTRs foreign Foreign you guys have probably heard me talk about our Tech and Quinn talk about our Tech on our YouTube channel and that’s because we’ve been using their turbo manifolds they’re cast they’re really nice products and they’re very well designed and flow tested before we’ve used them so we’ve got them on our 2JZ

On our rb20 on rb26 that we just built and we’ve had great luck with them now Ben from our Tech just showed me a new product that’s coming out and this is their intake system and so this is a really new cool idea for an intake and

What this does is it really Strays away from the typical just bent tubing that you would run off of your turbo and what this is doing is actually moving a six inch k n filter down underneath this allowing a lot more airflow and you’re getting the the filter away from the

Heat of the engine which a lot of people say that as soon as you put a cold air intake on your car you’re basically just sucking in hot air what’s really cool is they’ve designed this awesome little heat shield here as well you can put some gold foil on there you can do

Whatever you want but it’s going to block the heat the hot air from getting to your filter and allow you to siphon in or funnel in some clean fresh air into the front of the intake really really cool product one of the best if not the best the intakes I’ve ever seen

On the market foreign of the basically the vendors row and I found this beautiful R32 GTR after talking to the owner of this car he told me this car was built 15 years ago and to me that’s just astonishing because these are new to me like fresh and new

Even though these cars have been out for so long in America we didn’t have the opportunity to to be building these 15 years ago so to see a build that’s basically was built 15 years ago and has aged this well is really remarkable this is one of my favorite cars of the event

I love the Alcon brakes I love the fact that they just took so much pride in this car when they built it 15 years ago that it’s aged this well and still shows this well today really cool car and a really awesome family to it So we’re in the mainline Dino stand area this is where they’re dyno tuning the cars you can actually pay to have your car Dyno tune here and they’ll put it on the mainline pro hub and Dyno it for you a lot of the cars have been going through lately have been stock bottom

End cars and they’re pushing High sixes low sevens which is incredible so Croydon just had one that uh made like 690 horsepower wheel horsepower um stock piston stock Rod stock crank stock box that is insane absolutely insane and then this one’s going to try to back it

Up as well so this is from dottone and they’re also another leading tuner here in Australia we’re about to see what the pro hub says that this thing can do as well [Applause] 739 stock block stock crank pistons and rods and a big Turbo that’s incredible rb26s are so potent when they’re set up right the Aussies have got it figured out All right we’ve been walking around for going on like six hours now this is overwhelming we still haven’t seen everything it’s insane one thing I am noticing I can’t walk 10 feet without someone actually saying hi to me or saying that they love throttle they watch the channel they love Quinn they

Love Ricky they love what we do I can’t tell you guys from the bottom of our heart thank you so much for watching the channel and uh being interested in the content that we’re providing you guys we love it I love even more coming off these events and being immersed in the

Car culture and getting to meet you guys personally it means the world and hearing all that feedback just gets us amped up to keep doing what we do and do a better job at it it’s now time to do the trophy ceremony I’ve been chosen to

Give out an award for my favorite uh Dressed Up car here so I’m going to go ahead and pick a car we’ve already shown it in the video but I’m not going to tell you which one it is yet we’re gonna head over to the ceremony now and hand out that award

All right foreign Festival four that uh Mickey has picked but before we pick that firstly Mickey pick your brain I know you’re super excited about coming here but like I said to Larry does it does it live up to the hype Australia yes absolutely and I have been to Nismo Festival GTR Festival

In Japan I’ve seen GTRs and basically most countries and as Larry said we never had them so uh to see the strength of the community here is is amazing and kudos to you for putting this all together because uh it’s it’s inspiring like I want to go home and just start

Wrenching on my car the minute I leave here so thank you for that and thank you for having me out as well everybody’s been so great to me and uh it’s been awesome but yeah it’s got a place for Mickey from throttle I know what it’s like to rent on a GTR

With Mickey we’ve done that now he’s got three GTRs to wrench on this in total that he has to keep her he’s got the all-tech now right the r33 four-door 34 in Japan so there’s a lot to work on so all right so you’ve looked at a lot of cars this

Would have been a tough choice and uh I do really like this car it used it actually came in the early days of GTR Festival it kind of disappeared for a bit but it’s back and that’s uh which one is it I kind of picked it because it

Was like uh it’s a car that was built many years ago but it represents really well today even 15 years later is what I thought it was it’s been around for 15 years so um it’s Kip’s Car so down in the detailing Booth down there all the way

At the end I had to travel all the way to the back side of the parking lot to find it but love the paint love the interior engine bay is perfect love it there you go Kips R32 GTR from fresh finish All right we just finished up the autograph session with Sakamoto slime and Larry Chen now we’re gonna head down to the drag strip and see some fast GTRs like six second GTRs what the hell just happened okay this is the animal right here man Goosebumps right now holy [ __ ] that was amazing

All right everybody we are down here at the Star Line at Sydney Dragway this facility is phenomenal for one but look at these cars holy crap these look like show cars some of the baddest GTRs in the land out here there are GTRs here but we got some

Dope bikes I know absolutely zero well it looks like they have like dash 10 fuel lines on them that’s pretty impressive foreign come on [Applause] I can’t even figure out how this is this all right GTR Fest I got it I got it I got it 23. 2023 GTR Fest you know what this reminds me of and you can agree with me or not we’ll see this is basically the top level like

Domestic drag racing that we have in the US yeah but it’s this this is what they well but if you showed up to this event in the states it’s Mustangs Camaros Corvette yeah and the best like cleanest Bill once too nice engine Bays great Chrome good paint like

Thousands and thousands of man hours yeah dollars spent on these cars to make it look perfect instead of those kind of vehicles it’s GTRs it’s evos so you’re 100 correct that’s that’s the rationale that needs to be put in place because I couldn’t put my finger on it but that is

Exactly what it is and the thing is it’s because it’s what’s available it’s what you grew up loving it’s a proximity to Japan it’s right hand drive cars already there’s just so many factors to it it’s not like we couldn’t have this but we never had the opportunity to have the

Ability so yeah you look at our super Community two Jay-Z’s everywhere and fast 2JZ cars LS cars and now Texas 2K is shedding a lot of light on the R35 GTR big twin turbo or big single turbo setups we’re starting to get more of these a lot we’re playing catch-up to

These guys a lot of supercars oh yeah well that’s what we have Hondas for the for the longest time right probably the well the fastest front-wheel drive Dragsters of all time yeah yeah so I mean it’s just every country has its strengths um a lot of people are asking me about

How it compared to Japan there’s not even one drag strip in Japan you can’t even compare no they use the frustrator saying I’m like yeah they use like Fuji Speedway but uh I think they’re about to go we’re about to get run over because this is our domestic crowd in the states

Drag strip in anywhere in America it’s the domestic guys that fill this boardroom you see they’re huge stacker trailers you see all the big money you see this is like their passion you know they have their day jobs I’m sure they get wealthy somehow and then and then

They dump their money yeah they dump their money into what they love and it happens to be the best GTRs in the world I think so thank you for summing that up because I was having a hard time and I think you’re 100 correct in that rationalization and we’re about to see

Some racing so we should wrap this up thank you Larry and um dude some like running into you somehow we always run into each other and it’s not in the US sometimes in the US sometimes but a lot of times it’s out of country and that’s okay because we go

Where the cool action is yes yeah thankfully we have that opportunity and guys if you aren’t aware who hilarious Larry is a epic photographer he travels the world shooting the best Motorsports activities there are so if we didn’t see your videos like in our video go check out Larry’s channel it’s uh actually

Integrity right yeah well Hagerty and the Larry Chen Channel I’m shooting for both this whole weekend so yeah yeah so much see you guys