Throtl: Revealing Mickey’s R33 GT-R: 1998 Nissan Autech 40th Anniversary R33 GT-R!

Revealing Mickey's R33 GT-R: 1998 Nissan Autech 40th Anniversary R33 GT-R!

Posted: 2023-08-19 16:00:21
Author: throtl
Today we introduce you to Mickey’s newest pick up! The Autech Version R chassis’s have quite a background especially this 40th anniversary.

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Throtl Video Transcript

[Applause] Today is a very special day and that’s because I get to introduce my new to me r33 Skyline GTR all-tech version 40th anniversary edition this is a special car and I can’t wait to show it to you guys We’re going to go ahead and begin with the exterior of this very special car this is one I’ve wanted for a long time once I got the Stasia which is also an all-tech version I found out about these at the Zama Museum when I was in Japan I

Saw one on display and it piqued my interest at that point with the Altec version 260rs Stasia in my possession I started to seek out one of these and I had my friends at Top Rank scour the auctions over in Japan and find just the perfect example for me if you aren’t

Familiar with what Tech version is so autech is a tuning company similar to TRD or SVO or SVT from Ford it’s basically a company owned tuning brand that’s under the umbrella of Nissan so you’re probably familiar with Nismo Nismo and autech are now one combined company so that should tell you kind of

How they work together back in the 90s and even today Nissan uses autech to build their special model cars and so this particular car being the 40th anniversary of the skyline was actually vinned as an actual GTR not a GTS and it came with the full running gear out of

An r33 GTR that’s right rb26 dett all-wheel drive a Tesla system and hikis all-wheel steering this thing is an absolute weapon in sheep’s clothing so there are a few things on the outside that make this car very special and unique so let’s take a tour around the

Outside and I’ll show you guys what those things are so those of you that know your our chassis or a little bit about skylines know that 1998 was was actually the final year of the r33 chassis being a 40th anniversary of the original four-door Skyline that came out

Of the prince Factory basically they made this car to commemorate that and so we’ve got a four-door version and what’s really weird about this car is that it comes with the series three headlights now these headlights are about on the used Market currently about seven thousand dollars a headlight if you had

To buy one that’s more than some people’s cars which is insane that right there is a weird thing because they put the late model headlights on the car but they put the early series one lip on the car and so the reason being after doing some research was that they wanted this

Car to still feel a little mundane they didn’t want to give it the aggressive outward appearance of an actual Coupe GTR so they went with the smaller front lip it does have the same GTR front bumper front fenders and aluminum Hood so basically from the front doors

Forward it is essentially the same as a coupe GTR with the series three headlights and a series one front lip which makes it a little bit unique now I do have a series 3 lip for this car at home I haven’t put it on yet and I will

Say before we get to too far into this video I am going to be modding this car but everything I do will be reversible so if I ever do plan to sell this car in the future those parts can be pulled off the shelf and put back on this car

Nothing will be irreversible so moving further back on the car we’ve got the wheel package and so essentially this came with the same wheels that are on a r33 GTR Coupe and these are the split 5 spokes that you would find on that variant of car we’ve got the same GT

Badging on the fender and it also has the black brembos that came on the Coupes as well I think those may be upgrades for a GTS car but they were standard on the GTR version of this ATEC so moving back we’ve got a side skirt that is actually reminiscent of the

Coupe side skirt and a funny tidbit about this is the side skirt itself is actually exactly the same Dimension and length as the coupe side skirt so I had to actually Pull up pictures side by side to actually understand how that’s possible but if you do it you’ll see how

It’s able to be done and so I was actually able to order Coupe side skirts for this car and they fit on quite nice so very happy about that less work at the paint shop which should tell you that I am going to be adding side spirits to this guy moving further back

You can tell this is now a four-door car but what makes this really really cool and unique are these fenders here and these door caps so essentially r33 sedans were typically narrow body now GTRs are always wide body cars so that leaves Nissan or attack with a conundrum

Of do we widen the car or do we not widen the car well they decided to widen the car and so with this being only one of 416 units ever produced they actually made fenders and door caps for these 416 cars which is insane so if you’re

Getting a fender bender on the rear one of these cars today it’s going to be quite expensive because these are no longer available and they would have to be crafted by hand or you have to find a donor car which is going to be few and

Far between as you can see the door starts getting wider about here so that makes this whole panel a one-off panel for this car and then also this rear quarter panel section is also specifically made for the Altec version very cool very neat and it has a lot of

Presence when you see it on the street it’s really really cool now moving around the back is one of the things that a lot of people don’t like about these cars but I actually kind of like the fact that there is no Wing no spoiler was added to the all-tech

Versions along with the front lip where they went with the smaller less tall front lip they went with a no wing on the rear to keep the car looking smooth and sleek and sedanish and also a throwback to the original Skyline which had very minimal Arrow so this is really

Neat in that it’s a blank slate and one other thing I did forget to mention was on the back end here these pieces back here also made specifically for the GTR sedan these wouldn’t work on any of the other GTS sedans because the fender has been widened so these pieces here too if

They get damaged I’m in a whole lot of trouble because I’m gonna have a hard time finding a replacement I guess I could always pull a mold off them and make my own but worry about that when the time comes one of the other points of contention on the rear end of this

Car are the tail lights and so essentially these tail lights are the same as what you’d find on a gtst however the previous owner of this car upgraded them to LEDs LED turn signals and reverse lights and they also de-badged the car in some fashion they remove the all-tech version badge which

I’ve put back on but one of the things I love about this car is this little badge right here little 40th anniversary badge it lets people know that this is actually a special car it’s not just a regular GTS or a conversion one of the really cool things that I found out when

I had this car detailed was I was going to replace all the badges so I went ahead and bought a whole complement of r33 GTR Coupe badges to replace the badges on this car so I had all brand new ones and this one I found is actually just a hair like literally a

Sixteenth of an inch smaller than the actual standard Coupe badge so this is specific for the 40th anniversary car which is mind-boggling to me that they would go through the trouble for 400 units to actually make a badge specifically for it and this is the factory location for all of these badges

On the car this is how it would have come directly from Nissan and so as you can see this is not the stock exhaust however this car did come with the stock exhaust and it’s in very good condition and that’s something I’ll address later in this video is the undercarriage of

This car some very special things happened to it before I took possession of the car and we’ll get into detail but I did spend some time under the car recently I found this period correct Nismo exhaust system over in Japan it actually came off of an all-tech 40th

Anniversary so that was comforting and it’s kind of a weird design it’s like super wide and rectangular shaped or oval shaped but what I love is it has the the correct Nismo logo on it with the round O versus the new version so that would have been you know this would

Have been a new product when this car came out to me that’s really cool not only does it look great it makes this car sound a lot better and a lot more like a GTR so in case you guys want to hear what that sounds like or what the

Car sounds like now with the Nismo exhaust I’ll go ahead and fire it up for you thank you so as you can hear it’s a pretty mild Rumble but it definitely is enough to know that this isn’t a standard rb25 or rb20 this is actually rb26 I think it

Sounds just right when you get on the throttle you can definitely tell it’s an rb26 turbo I love the note of this exhaust I’m really happy with the way it’s turned out now let me turn the car off and let me show you guys the interior this car is also unique in that

The interior being a late model car should have a series 3 interior use Skyline gurus will know that the series 3 Interiors were red this car is actually blue like the early models I don’t know why they did that maybe I can ask some Nissan people in the future and

As you guys can see here we’ve got the gray interior seats with the blue stitching look up here in the headrest you can see the blue and you can see the blue around the edges of the seat now that’s an early model chair in a late model car doesn’t really make a whole

Lot of sense I don’t know why they did it I intend to find out when I go back to Japan I’d like to ask that question when I go see some Nissan folks the idea for this car is to basically make it pretty close to oems back like new but I

Want to mod it in my ways that make it a very like more modern car and more usable this is a car I plan to drive a lot on the streets and so I want to make it feel like new to me so as you can see we’ve got the Nissan optional Momo

Steering wheel this was a product that I searched for on auction I actually found a brand new one in the Box over in Japan which is pretty crazy 25 years later to find this piece somebody must have removed it from their car stuffed it away in storage and forgot about it for

25 years I happened to be in the right place at the right time I was able to buy it now the nice thing about the r33s over the R32s it’s a lot more stuff is still available for these chassis I was able to find these stocks directly from

My Nissan dealer here locally brand new I swapped those out one of the things I hate is all the touch points in cars especially when they’re 25 years old they get worn out I like to replace all that stuff straight away when I get a

New used car because I want to feel new and so the riding was very dull and worn off on these stocks now look at them they look like brand new because they are and they function as brand new as well which is cool moving further into

This I do love nism and I love the bits from Nismo that were available for this car during that period so I did opt to change out the gauge cluster to a Nismo cluster as you can see here lights up with LED lighting and we also have the

Triple meter here which has our front torque our oil temp and our boost all on the dash which is really cool this is a GTR cosmetic so all the GTRs 32 33 34 34 has the digital one but they all have a gauge package on the dash which is

Really cool I wanted to retain that but I did want to go with the Nismo version kind of give it a little bit of an upgrade over the stock one thing I did recently actually this past weekend was I installed a double DIN head unit and now typically that’s an issue in these

Cars because typically you have your gauges you have your climate control and then you have your radio din Den so in order to do a double DIN you have to move the climate control now my friends over at garage Yoshida in Japan actually make this OEM replacement shift surround

Panel that houses the climate control system really cool setup basically it moves this from where it would have been here under the gauges down to here where it’s not in the way way of anything and it’s fully usable whenever you need to use it but it allows you to run a modern

Head unit and for me that’s important because I like to run Apple carplay I like to see my maps up on the dash instead of holding my phone in my hand this allows me to do that also I can use Siri and everything for directions so

This is one thing I do to most of my older cars is to modernize them and make it feel a lot more like a car that you would purchase today I’ve also gone through and upgraded all of the the plastic old Nissan leather boots which from Nissan they’re like a pleather so I

Went ahead and put real leather in here one of the reasons I like to use real leather in my cars is because it helps with the odors so cars over the years they pick up odors in the carpet and the materials the cloths they tend to have

An odor to them when you do the leather stuff it actually brings in a nice clean fresh leather smell and a nice odor to eliminate some of that stuff now you go as deep as scrubbing the carpets and the seats and everything and you get all

That out and you’ve got a new smelling car which is awesome we went with a stock shift knob for now OEM upgrade wheel this car feels very new inside we’ve replaced the old worn out leather handle for the e-brake with a mines unit here and I even added a cup holder

Because these cars didn’t come with cup holders which is really silly but a lot of 90s Japanese cars no cup holders I guess they didn’t want you drinking in the car but the nice thing is is Etsy there’s some people on their 3D printing cup holders this goes in there and I put

My Starbucks or whatever I want to take with me generally against drinking in the car but sometimes I like to have a coffee or something so I’ve got that very simple now there’s one other really cool feature about the 40th anniversary car that didn’t come on any of the other

Sedans and that’s in the back seat so in the back seat because this is meant to be a sports sedan they actually rebuilt the rear seats so they re-bolstered this seat in the back which normally would have housed potentially three people now it can only house two and that’s because

They made this big giant bolster in the center to keep the passengers separated to basically provide a more Sports seating and I think that’s pretty cool and pretty unique to this specific car they only made 416 of these and so there’s only 460 in these back seats

Ever made which is really cool very unique in my opinion I just went to a Nissan met last weekend and I had four people in the car cruising and it felt so good to use this car for its uh you know the four-seater action that it is

Now a coupe is also a four-seater but I can guarantee it’s not as comfortable as this one that’s about it for the interior let me run up front I’ll pop the hood I’ll show you guys the engine bay oh I love that sound so if you’ve ever seen an r33 GTR this

Is essentially exactly how it looks just a four-door version so I’ve already started sort of modifying under here when I got the car it was 100 stock under here it still pretty much is I’ve I’ve added a few bits so far but I do plan to build an engine for this car and

Go a little bit more in depth with the cleanup and replacement of a lot of stuff have not started it yet I’ve really been trying to enjoy the car a few things that we did do so far was a Nismo period correct strut bar with a brake master cylinder stopper over there

I’ve also reconditioned the valve covers to cerakote to match the protocraft coil pack cover underneath the coil pack cover I have prp’s R35 coil pack setup conversion kit basically which gets rid of the igniter that you would typically have in the back the protocraft cover actually adds vents back here because

Heat in this area is a problem and what this does is actually it’s ventilated to let the heat out so you don’t smoke your coils and just keep some of the temperature out of the Valley of the engine it’s a really nice product and I think it really looks great on this rb26

Engine which is a very Sleek engine as it is so anything you can do to kind of clean it up I think really helps a lot aesthetically I haven’t gotten to the intake side of the engine yet this is still a little funky but I do have plans

For that in the future as we get there we’ve added some carbon stuff in here the protocraft there we’ve got the garage defend cover here in the front this is basically a cooling panel full carbon fiber and then we also have the built by Legends carbon fiber hood prop

Which weighs nothing it’s insane still fairly simple uh fairly basic and has not been begun to really be upgraded yet to the level that I want to upgrade it to but I’ve been collecting parts for this thing and will slowly start to trickle them onto the car so if you guys

Don’t follow my Instagram that’s where all that stuff’s going to happen so definitely check that out I will be updating it weekly with content from the r33 so this car actually is pretty old it’s 25 years old one of the really nice things about it that when I was looking

For this car and it came through the auction was on the auction sheet was noted that it had a chassis restoration or a chassis refreshment in 2019 at Nissan Prince which is where skylines originated in Nissan Prince dealership so this car actually went back there in

2019 put in their facility and the whole undercarriage of this car was gone through every arm every bushing everything was replaced underneath however we put this car on our lift here at the shop when it came in and we were appalled at how nice the bottom of this

Car is I mean it literally looks like a five-year-old car not a 25 year old car underneath and it handles just as well it’s very tight very stiff and feels great to drive not like a clapped out 25 year old car to me that means a lot and

It’s a lot of work savings on my side I don’t have to do I can just get the car from the boys over at Top Rank and I can take it on a road trip mechanically it sound the suspension and everything has all been redone to me this is the

Ultimate car to have that I could just hop in and drive and have fun and have something unique it’s not a run-of-the-mill car that you’re going to see every 10th car on the freeway just something cool and for those Skylander fishing outside to see on the road and

They see it they geek out because it’s such a unique example of a GTR one last little fun fact about the 40th anniversary All Tech version r33 GTR is that this is an ultra rare example of a Skyline a lot of people obsess over the midnight purple 2 r34s being super

Limited this car is just as limited as that it’s just not as well known I think that’s really cool I think the fact that this is probably one of the only one of these in all of North America it’s pretty remarkable sure there’s a few others I haven’t found them yet but I’m

Sure I have some brethren out there that are looking to uh to get some notoriety so if you have one of these and you’re in North America or you’re in Canada please speak up in the comment section let me know where you are I’d like to

Know I’d like to follow you on Instagram those sorts of things and I guess that’s it I really don’t have much more to say about the GTR I’m excited to introduce it to you guys on Channel we don’t get the opportunity to do a lot of skyline

Content here I love skylines I love talking about skylines if you guys want to see more content on this particular car on our Channel definitely leave some comments down below if there’s enough demand we might actually have some more upgrades to this car that we can do on

The channel for you guys to watch along don’t forget to like comment and subscribe and we’ll see you in the next challenge