Throtl: Revealing Insane Nissan R34 GT-R’s in Japan!

Posted: 2023-03-13 19:00:15
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

Foreign Did you know you have the second fastest slot no way yeah holy I didn’t even get a full clean lap out there that’s the thing every lap I had some little mistake second fastest up there oh yeah Nikki not skiing on it that’s trying to gain

On it oh did I upset that he had to go back out there I think he had to go back out there all right I can go back out there I know I got time left out there I’m gonna let him set the next one and I’ll go I’ll go back out

All right guys real quick before we get into today’s video I have to let you guys know we just restocked a ton of the most popular items on so if you are in the market for some new merchandise like some new throttle socks or a new t-shirt a new hat maybe even

The official throttle boost jacket head on over to or check out the link in the video description and remember that every one dollar you spend is one automatic entry to win RS4 plus 20 000 so thank you guys so much enjoy today’s video all right we’ve got a

Special little episode for you guys today I’ve got some friends with me here I’ve got Mr Dustin Williams I don’t think he needs any intro most of our audience knows who this guy is and I got Brian jandish here from Top Rank car salesman extraordinaire also known as

The Tokyo Tower because he’s six foot one million and makes me look small so we’re going to Showcase a couple cars today Dustin has a very special R34 you guys have probably seen on his channel if you uh already watch his channel if you don’t click the link in the

Description down below and check it out because he’s got a bunch of great Japan content as well as cool content from his shop in Southern California Brian also has his own YouTube channel his link will be in the description and he also just got this amazing R34 GTR

Very nice very nice yes and we just got off the track here at Fuji Speedway in Japan and it was absolutely fantastic two hours open track it was incredible you can’t beat it well we brought you guys here today because we want to showcase both of these machines and

We’re gonna kick it off with Dustin’s here so let’s take a look at it Dustin why don’t you tell us a little bit about it yeah so this is my 1999 R34 GTR just base as it comes it’s really cool oh you’re so basic Dustin you know no

V-spec all right it doesn’t look too basic to me so I have had this car for four years now and I’ve been building it ever since leaving it here in Japan which is it’s fantastic yes I think the only other like really big modification is the Nismo r-tune carbon neighborhood

This is this makes me very jealous yes one day I’ll graduate to this level of tuning yes this was my like my dream part for the car and I just got it for this trip which has been oh awesome also to have I have t-37s Bridgestone re71 RS

Fantastic tires with project moo brakes rotors and pads which happens to be the same exact setup on my car and they performed awesome today yeah hopefully yours did as well yeah they’re great they’re great this front bumper looks not small so also I have the full z-tune kit starting front bumper fenders side

Skirts rear fender things and these are FRP FRP not carbon and this is oversized yes so it has a wider Arch correct to allow you to put a little bit more meat in the front correct and then you also have the arch in the back as well yes

Along with like the little extensions on the rear belt oh yeah these are kind of interesting because you know you touched briefly on the way we have to keep these cars here in Japan because of shotgun which is a testing Criterium here in Japan these actually help so you can put

A decent sized wheel and tire on the car without yeah being illegal for contacts in Japan your wheels are not allowed to extend your wheelbase of the car right so that’s where these come in and you know get an extra 10 mil yeah yeah it’s very very nice A little cheat a little

Cheat code so what about the inside I know you got it loaded with luggage but that’s okay mine is the same way it’s a Grand Touring Car right GT car a very very basic on the inside I do have a personal steering wheel Apple carplay

Because we like to drive a lot not to that’s basically it for the interior engine bay Wise It’s very very stock but uh cool thing on this trip we’re actually dropping the car off to a GTR Pro Shop called Midori Savi for a full High spec rb26 engine so it’s going to

Be built rb26. how excited are you about that I’m stuck I mean it’s been it’s what I’ve been working for for the past four years so that’s what I’m I’m super super pumped for so when it comes to America it’s going to be a completely

Dialed ready to go well you get to enjoy it here before it goes back as soon as it’s done it’s going to go so unfortunately if the car be done this year yeah before it comes to America but like again with the shocking rules yeah

Oh I can’t drive it so I’ll probably put it on the track at some point and drive it on the track when it’s done but it’s time to start looking for another car oh it’s in the works it’s in the works I had a feeling yeah so throughout my four

Years with the car we’ve toured all over Japan so like a Tokyo Kyoto Osaka Guma and Nico all over and I love Initial D so one thing that I think is pretty cool yeah let’s see the um I wanted to have the ultimate experience with this car I

Love Japan I love the culture I love the cars and of course I love driving so throughout my time in Japan through watching Initial D I have gone through and hit almost all of the national de togas and this is kind of like my that’s

My seal it’s like a billboard of all the togias you’ve got my medal for for all the tokes I’ve gone to and I continue to build this up and hopefully get one more on there before it goes on to Midori one more yeah we got we got Nico one month

Okay all right always fun seeing this car it’s very similar in likeness to my car so I obviously love it thank you Dustin of course let’s check out uh Brian’s silver what do you call that this is just called White so I know but what is that one called oh no Masa car

Got hello maso loves cars and maso knows everything about cars what color is that brother uh it’s a Sonic Silver Sonic Silver yeah okay thank you Masa I’m gonna go check in with Brian now thank you brother of course of course you guys want to see more

If you guys want to see more follow me YouTube channel oh you guys want to see more followers [Laughter] all right now as I mentioned Brian you just recently got this car a couple months ago yeah but it’s really only your second time technically took delivery of it like four days ago yeah

And what do you do with it yeah uh the first day you get it you’re taking the first week yeah first we can get it you take it to the track that’s what they’re for yeah hey I’m not that much further ahead of you so today was awesome yeah

You know Dustin’s car is white my car’s white Sebastian’s car is white there’s a lot of white r34s in the crew you got a silver one I would have loved the white one actually it would just be matchy-matchy but um uh silver uh was my first choice uh because my Supra is

Silver and I thought it looked really great I don’t plan on ever selling the Supra I don’t plan on ever selling the 34. so uh hopefully we’ll have them together forever okay you know it’s pretty iconic Duo to have the mark IV those are kind of R34 yeah I get a

Silver FD and uh I don’t fit in an FD oh yeah yeah you are kind of big maybe a silver 911. hey all right you haven’t had much time to Tinker with this you kind of bought it as is yeah so I bought the car and and Sato went to work on it

Right away because we knew we had this coming up we had a ton of maintenance done at Top Rank added a few other things too just to make the car overall better and one thing to say is when you buy a car at top rank the maintenance

Comes with the service I mean it comes with the bill of sale uh so no so if you buy a car it’s operating Japan you’re buying just the car okay if you want to do Maintenance and Service we provide you a quote for that conditional and

We’ll do it uh all the way for you yeah if you’re buying from our us inventory those cars are completely done already it’s enough stopping yeah so my car sales through topic have gone through the states so my maintenance has always been done when I got the car and that is

An awesome service I can’t tell you how rewarding it is going to pick up your car knowing it’s going to start the battery’s not dead oil’s been changed you can just get in it take it on the drive that’s the plan and then you know

Here for all of us having the car at the track you know Maintenance and Service got done on all of these cars yes including mine thank you Sato yeah thank you Sato and uh we added a few little things to it as well uh like the te37s

Hey my car had stock wheel bills when I bought it and the first thing we needed was Wheels can’t be rolling around a stock wheel so you picked a good seats were the plant what’s the spec you know uh 18 by 10 and a half plus 22. wow okay

Yeah big boy Wheels otherwise on the car so yeah the car came uh as pictured minus the wheels so ask tune front bumper carbon lip uh it’s got the Nismo uh eyelids oh it’s a tough find this one he just one-upped us it’s got the Nismo fenders

Um and the Nismo rear spat on the back as you kind of mentioned earlier with shocking and it doesn’t run a big wheel uh you’ve got to have enough Fender to cover it you can’t have any poke at all in Japan so I had to buy these and put

Them on so that they fit properly but the Nismo side skirts Nismo spats already came on the car there’s a rear carbon Wing here I have no idea what that is check this out um it’s actually quite unique Mickey found it uh well it came with the car Mickey found a photo

Of it in a magazine Workshop while back yeah so I don’t remember who makes it it’s a lot bigger than the the one that you would typically find on here it’s extended both ways yeah front and back and it’s also adjustable so it’s actually I think it’s cool

Yeah I wasn’t either but I might re-clear it get some risers and see how it looks if you put the Riser I put the risers yeah yeah so uh exterior wise like I said just those risers uh I want the Nismo uh piece right here which I

Got to pick up yet when they’re not sold out and the blue mirrors like Mickey’s got we looked at omori and they were sold out so no dice inside a relatively stocked uh added Apple carplay uh it’s got a power FC with the controller a boost controller and a turbo timer under

Here a few little trinkets so you won’t be able to see it but it does have HKS 25 gtss turbos hey uh that’s a bonus yep it’s got some hard pipes in it right now but I did just buy the Nismo hard pipes yeah so those are going in we’re taking

Out not carbon aluminum no the aluminum yeah they’re still very nice they’re nice yeah so it’ll be cool um this is going to come out I’ll probably defer to a stock air box or maybe the greddy cone filter yes yeah I don’t really like foam filters I like

The foam ones also in line with greti we’ve got the Greg oil cooler and oil filter relocation kit stock Putnam this is worth its weight in gold yeah on an RB it makes a big difference oil changes on RVs are the worst thing ever yeah and then endless coilovers so that came on

The car so I found like a car that had been lightly tuned or modded yeah already yeah it had some stickers from some previous shops and it looked like it was in a club or something like that so I’d like to do some more research and

Look it up learn a bit more about the club but you know next cooling panel nope not on this one so I need a cooling panel uh I’m gonna do the top rank CSF uh Edition I just found radiator yeah that’s so cool our first part so uh

That’ll be getting dropped in here maybe on the next trip I got to clean up these headlights got endless pads on the car now with slotted rotors but Nissan is offering the Brembo calipers that you can buy for the Z which also fit on this

Car So the plan is to do that we checked them out at SEMA they’re really sick and that I think is going to be that’s cool about it now that I’ve driven on a race track with my R34 it’s exciting and I can feel the excitement and you and dust

Yeah Dustin’s been doing this it’s four years now but they’re kind of newbies but like it is everything it’s cracked up to be it’s cool to be able to make like these kind of memories here in Japan with your car before it goes to the States because it just gets harder

To send it back you know so once you know the car’s here the more time you can spend with it the more you can do with it the more you can enjoy it here yep I strongly encourage because when it’s in the states you’ll have all that

Yep yep that’s true and so if any of you guys are interested head on over to top ranks website we’ll leave the link in the description down below they’ve got a bunch of great cars already and they’re always getting new ones pretty much daily all the time so if there’s

Anything special you’re looking for that’s your man right there hope you guys enjoyed this little special we’ll see you guys in the next one thank you very much peace thank you [Applause] [Applause] Foreign