Throtl: Revealing how BAD our $300 Nissan 300ZX REALLY IS! (MAJOR Surprise!)

Reading Time: 10 minutes
Posted: 2023-03-04 17:00:02
Author: throtl
We take a deep dive into what our Nissan 300ZX really looks like!

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Throtl Video Transcript

[Applause] [Applause] Thank you What is going on guys welcome back to the throttle YouTube channel my name is Quinn I’m here with Mickey and on the rack we have our new new 300 uh ZX new to us new to us 300 not new yeah she’s uh she’s a little rough rough

And um a bit of an eyesore currently yep but today we’re gonna find out how much of an eye story last episode we pulled it into the parking lot and kind of looked at it that was the end of it so yeah we have it on the rack we’re going

To take it up and actually see if this car is savable if there’s a massive rust or anything like that hopefully there’s nothing too terrible and it’s just kind of rough around the edge of yourself but actually getting a chance to walk underneath the car and see what is going

On underneath is a Telltale sign of whether this is going to be something that we decide to salvage or something we pass on to the next guy to let himself yep so this is going to be a make or break moment there’s already a lot of uh tomfoolery going on everywhere

Throughout the car putting it nicely I’m actually a big fan of all the fuse boxes hanging out the wheels what is that jump away the jumper typically on Nissan’s that I’ve ever played with like my old s13 convertible I had to do a jumper because it was an

Automatic plus it had a retractable top so you do this to trick it to think your foot is on the brake pedal for the shift lock or also for the convertibles so the top will go up and down so this car was originally automatic it looks that way

Was it a factory turbo car it was a supposedly okay but it would have been a factory turbo car automatic which I don’t know enough about these cars to know if that was a valid valid yeah like an actual uh arrangement for these cars I don’t know but it does have the wide

Brake pedal which is a Telltale sign that it was certainly an automatic at some point in his life so that’s what I think that is oh we’re gonna start here we’re gonna go up I was gonna start under the hood and actually grab a flashlight and take a

Look Beauty don’t even need a prop rod for this one no I guess not maybe that’s how the hood guy or we got a free snail snails oh aside from a lot of parts missing the engine bay actually isn’t too terrible I mean like the manifold books and that’s

Like a lot of the stuff it looks like they can clean up pretty well the radiator looks new we’re missing a lot of pieces and a lot of Hardware it’s like none of the ignition coils here have bolts in them really I’m pretty sure somebody just scraping this right

Another thing I noticed is this was like stuck at half per hour there’s half throttle and there’s closed mad tension on the cable I like it I like everything this is super cool especially with the King for lines they’re here there’s two here this one’s

Oh no I see one oh that one’s probably your vent so that’s probably going to Atmosphere it is actually Plum to nothing yo is this literally from a kid’s 10th I got like a kid’s plate playset Mickey Mouse tent so anyway yeah definitely not the way to do a catch can

Setup this is not this is not gonna work for anything that we’re gonna build on anyway let’s move on the catch cans at least my worries that’s going in the trash before we continue I want to let you guys know that we’re doing double entries on our Audi sweepstakes for four

Days straight so double entries to win our 2018 Audi S4 plus 20 000 of cash every dollar you guys spent on the website on merch or car parts or whatever it is it’s gonna get you two entries to win get entered guys so how this is how it’s mounted tethered with speaker wire

Some Mad Max right here yeah the electrical tape wasn’t bad enough then you have speaker wire around your fan shroud to hold on to your catch can I guess that’s where times call for desperate measures all right where do you guys want to start I don’t know there’s a lot to take

Oh my God first of all I don’t see any rust through the chest you’re the floating so that’s it however this is a little concerning gas tank has been high centered on something at some point I mean this is pretty gnarly I’m not sure that I would want to reuse well you

Probably lost a few gallons of capacity in that too it would be my guess a lot of surface rust which doesn’t scare me like a lot of these arms and stuff are going to get replaced regardless there’s a magnet under here original shocks from the factory 30 year old shocks still in place

Oh maybe this one’s running on there maybe this one might have been replaced oh no it’s Nissan as well you know is that a good sign or a bad sign no I mean it just means it hasn’t been someone on this race car or it probably live this life as a

Streetcar I don’t see lowering coils on here so their Factory coils disappears so they did like a an exhaust mod here welded in some straights oh it’s a like resonator doing maybe it got rid of a resonator I’m not sure what these stock look like it was low at one point in its

Life because I see a lot of ground out here look at this what is that how does that happen I wonder if somebody wanted to jack it up and like Miss the rail I don’t know but it removed all those all the undercoating the pictures the Pinterest are pretty pretty much

So that we can fix I’m not too worried about that I don’t see anything that makes this a throwaway do they run over everything they can find or what oh crap I don’t know how the front like how these got scratched that was just a second freaking speed bump or something I don’t

Know that’s promising honestly like I would rather have it in this condition than something that had been like uh you guys have been around for a long time you remember our RX8 project that car was some stance kid’s car and the whole bottom like literally these frame rails were gone

We had to fortify everything Ricky remember that basically everything underneath the car was ground down so to have it only on these basically these are just heat shields is not terrible we’re gonna get rid of exhaust anyway so yeah we just have to be mindful and it back up

Where it belongs so what is that loose that’s the start it was one bolt in it no way yeah I feel like this car was like somebody’s parts car you know as we saw in the first video the guy had two of these in his driveway

It makes me wonder if he didn’t buy this on the cheap as like a I need spare parts they’re really hard to find this chassis was cheap I’m just gonna buy it and then take off what I need and then sell it I have a feeling that might be

What we’re dealing with here because there’s a lot of stuff that’s kind of like halfway put together which means he might have taken that half of the stuff for his car I don’t see anyone buying a running one modifying it and ending up like this no right you know what I mean

This is also an automatic transmission radiator by the way the clutch line is literally holding the starter up I’ll just wrap the clutch under kind of like the way he mounted the catch can how do we have oil leaks when we don’t have a running engine that’s a good question

Doesn’t even have a harness there are so many like vacuum caps and plugs just on random ports and all the stuff right major exhaust leaks so you see all the well this stud is snapped off completely oh my God having come from like back to back R32 builds a lot of this suspension

Is set up pretty it feels very familiar yeah tension rod setup is the same lower arm looks the same so I wonder how much of these components are shared with the R32 chest like a rear wheel drive R32s GTS oh probably probably some yeah oh what is that we have brake line like

Almost touching the wheel no it is touched it is touchless I don’t see any major red flags in here that says this is like a car that we need to drop off at the scrap yard the chassis definitely we can work with it there’s a lot of things that need to

Be done but it’s definitely salvageable it could lead to a pretty unique project I think we could do it yeah now the question do we keep the VG is uh you know I read the comment section of the last video and I was surprised at how many BG fans there are

My initial thought is no because it does fill up so much of the engine man it is such a pain in the butt to work on as Ricky mentioned in the first video it’s just basically consumes the whole it’s like the engine bay was like shaped around the engine yeah everything sucks

To get to if you have to repair something it’s basically engine out so for me I’d rather put something in there that’s you know we can clean up tidy up and make it so that it’s easy to work on I think we’ll think about it like that

With this and come up with an engine solution or drive chain Solution that’s going to fit the car for what we’re going to be using it for and also the serviceability let me know down in the comments what engine you think we should put in this

Car is it VG did we stay with another Nissan engine or do we just go A1 and put something else completely different what are we thinking for this what you think like what to do with it you should throw it away which I think we should we

Should start modifying it if we have to keep it I say Beach the stock engine if we agree on the engine swap I’m all for it if we’re keeping this engine yeah so it was it was a twin turbo yeah yeah so now he’s now hi everyone

I’ve driven uh uh na1 twin turbo one uh RV one yeah it’s a cool chassis it just feels like you’re encapsulated you know you’re very like in it but everybody makes the stupid Diablo Ed light joke right because these are the same headlights around the library in Diablo

Yeah you know if you pull them off the lambo have the Nissan logo on it yeah oh that yeah that’s why I keep calling them Lambo headlights but the motor is cool when you do build them but there’s better options oh yeah it was a certain Island that really

Really yeah so everybody gets a rotary head I love them I just have never owned them so so I don’t even know if there’s one ever built I do have a 20 beater well at 2015 yeah it’s definitely sits in here turbo or where we keep it ended

Through on 20. did you know did you know that the freak was supposed to be rotary yes you pulled the plug [Applause] [Applause] Ricky’s rotors are the only ones that I’ve known to have run for several years without any issue like 12 000 RPM on this thing it’s gonna be loud and it’s going to be ridiculous and it’s going to be the best car ever it’ll be six oh

Yeah 100 I would like to make a statement out of all the builds that we’ve done like the really rough ones there’s usually like one or two pieces that we end up using in the final video I’d like to be Tomatoes no no the fog lights fog lights broken what oh no I

Was so convinced there’s usually it’s like this exhibit in the house there’s usually like one or two things the ice cream truck we used this nothing we bought a whole nother bands no no but we use the roof from the first one and and the music box the music box

Oh yeah it was from the original that’s true and then on the Supra we used a decent amount on this but headlights got cleaned up so I can reuse something it’s just like a little but most of the stuff gets tossed yeah the good thing about this car is that if we

Do build this car and we strip it down everything just gets to go in the garbage we don’t have to save anything because it’s all bad yeah chicken it could be a women’s 500. it’s called the lemons endurance rate it’s a 24-hour endurance race you just make like the cheap cheapest

Car you can and then just go race it for 24 hours you trust this motor we gotta get it working We will be wasting weeks of our time we thought I’d get this crap running and I don’t think it’s worth it I think it’s worth just tossing it out and start getting that 20 be ready to drop in I don’t disagree we could have this thing stripped down yeah well he’s

Almost there yeah he’s already working on it I really stand behind my father this was somebody’s parts car I believe somebody bought this car took off what they needed and sold it because we’re missing the little pop-ups that when you take the 2000 to win things yeah they’ve

Been removed and it’s been recently look it’s like recently like within the last probably a couple weeks oh yeah like it’s fresh paint under here so somebody got this took what they needed and listed it for sale look up their whole kit s yeah that’s that’s the one on the

Uh yeah that was nice they look pretty good all right well that’s been our quick little run around with this uh 300 ZX yep I want to give a huge shout out to David Patterson or that dude in blue as many of you guys know him as his little uh featurette in

Our video because he is here visiting us but yeah we’ve got a pretty Blank Slate here and uh it is missing a lot so it needs a lot and uh I think It ultimately just needs a lot of TLC a lot of care but uh we’re not new to that so I think

We can bring it back yeah I think so too just gotta figure out what motor and drivetrain to use and start searching for new parts thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to like comment subscribe we’ll see you guys in the next episode later Thank you