Throtl: Revealing His Dream Car & Then Giving It To Him! (AND $20,000!)

Revealing His Dream Car & Then Giving It To Him! (AND $20,000!)

Posted: 2023-03-07 17:00:20
Author: throtl
Congratulations to Glenn for winning our 2020 Honda Civic Type R plus $20,000! Who is going to take home our 2018 Audi S4 + $20,000 cash?

LAST CHANCE for 2X entries on our 2018 Audi S4 $20,000 cash sweepstakes! Double entries is only open for a limited time, shop performance parts or apparel to get entered today!

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Throtl Video Transcript

Today’s the day we are giving away our 2020 Honda Civic Type R and twenty thousand dollars the winner Glenn has flown all the way out from Virginia to come to hoonigan to come pick up his car let’s get into today’s video Good All right Glenn just got here we are ready we got the whole hoonigan team here we’re ready to go out into the retail space go meet them and then we’ll bring him in to show them his new Civic Type R we’ll give him a check for twenty thousand dollars Glenn there he is what’s up dude what’s up man put a dollar in win a car nice to meet you nice to meet you is that the winning shirt it is yes We’re gonna give you one of the crates you can fill it up with gear from here also helps us kind of limit because I mean we don’t need to take like everything but yeah fill up the crate man have a good time check it out right

Here one minute to get whatever you want it’s like shopping spree We’re ready we ready yeah you got all your merch let’s go check out your new card let’s do this let’s do the thing do it Here it is here we go you get this dude from Honda HPD to help you start it drive it Zach and Gary they did our last reveal and I gotta say these two phenomenal at pulling a cover off of a car I don’t know where these still is skills

I give them away I don’t get to keep them so we just checked this is the 20th tar sweepstakes that throttle has done and now partnered with hoonigan this is I think our third car we’ve done together many more in the future as well and I

Would say out of all the cars we’ve done so far this is like I would say one of the most well-rounded cars you are absolutely going to love it you ready to see it awesome yeah yeah okay here we go we’ll come down three two one let’s go

Look at all that carbon fiber thank you brought it up you know it got detailed too it is clean yeah Ricky spent two days on it polishing it off hey yep being corrected open it up hopefully it’s unlocked there you go ahead wow these belong to you now

Thank you what do you think this is amazing oh the sheets feel pretty comfortable they’re comfortable feel that shifter too Acuity short shift around it yes just got a shorter shifter that’s fully adjustable except you can you can lengthen the throw you can shorten the throw it’s at about I think

It’s like 30 right now but it’s very direct yeah that’s cool that feels really tight and then we obviously did the yeah yeah so how does that work it’s basically Alcantara and uh okay so it lights up so yeah yeah as a starry night

I think if you push the key key on two there we go there you go look up oh my goodness that is so cool it’s cool like when people get in the back seat to ride with you they’ll freak out it’s such a neat feature that not a lot of people

Have this is mostly meant for luxury cars yeah exactly exactly today is your last chance to get double entries on our Audi S4 sweepstakes we’re giving away a 2018 Audi S4 plus 20 000 in cash every dollar you spend at is going to get you two

Entries to win this car whether that’s parts or merchandise anything on the site gets you answered good luck guys we’ll go over the car real quick with you see if I can remember everything that we did to this thing obviously save on carbon to actually provide us quite a

Few components of a front lip front grille and a hood and one of the issues with these cars is they tend to overheat at the track I don’t know if you plan to track it or not but nice thing was um this Grille they actually opened this

Up and later models that was a feature of the car because of the issue a sabon actually modified their Grill to do that which is cool we also added a mishimoto radiator a turbo blanket from them as well which was a new product got our Cusco straw brace we’ve got our

Mishimoto carb legal intake also carb legal intercooler which is really neat you’re not in California so you don’t really have to worry about it much but if you get pulled over they see those you’re good to go which is nice yeah not a lot of companies are going through the

Trouble of getting video numbers for the park so kept it pretty simple just really want to give you something that was reliable something you could have some fun in and not have to worry about it so everything’s fairly fresh and new underneath there as far as the side and

The rear go we added carbon fiber save on side skirts carbon fiber rear lift we have an mbrp exhaust system with three carbon fiber tips which adds a nice tone to the car that allows you to hear the driving you also got Wheel and Tire setup TSW Kimura which between this and

The amatra two TSW Wheels that we call the formula hoonigan Wheels is that it literally all of our cars on them and that tire right there the 660 is nuts that’s what all of us run at the track myself yeah all of us like the dude as a

Track tire it’s unreal what’s cool as you can drive from the track on it right and drive on Falcons done a great job with that tire so we added these Morimoto headlights this is a full headlight replacement hit him with it yes it has running lights uh has we call these ice cubes

Kind of like an nsx-5 yeah yeah way more modern and blacked out inside which really tied the front end together and all the sequential terms as well dude this is seriously raccoon again right now yeah like 660s kw’s good brakes done so this car has actually the

V3s which is kind of like it’s sort of like the Middle Road yeah but it’s probably the highest and Street coilover that they make so it has external reservoirs it has compression and rebound adjustment instead of just a rebound which typically that’s what you would get um so this thing if you did

Want to take it to the track it’s kind of ready yeah yeah on top of that it also I forgot we also added the external oil cooler as well to keep the engine cooler too so we knew that this car had those temperature issues at track so

When we put it together we anticipated the person that wasn’t wanting to go to the track at some point so let’s take a look on the inside because there’s quite a few things that we’ve done in here as well we did add all this Rebel dry

Carbon stuff in here as well as this Alcantara covered dry carbon panel this is actually dry carbon as well which is really strange that they yeah went to that line like they could have just used plastic or something right so you know how to clean that right don’t wipe watch

It yes he’s not wrong don’t don’t wipe it it’s going to rub into the materials yeah and we actually had to clean up a steering wheel because the uh it had quite a bit of oil on it from the previous owner okay and uh and now as

You can see it looks brand new and there’s a we can show you how to do that okay you should use gloves or you know gloves I don’t want to Bare hand man yeah he’s not wrong I’m just a stuff from an experience trust me you’re going

To wash your hands get some driving gloves yeah Chanel makes great gloves Chanel yeah tips of the trade Chanel and Coach yes how do I know listen O.J Simpson taught me well yeah so one of the things we didn’t change and describe was the seating um these seats from the factory are

Absolutely beautiful and they’re very well bolstered so this was a nice feature as well as the steering wheel we did add the suede headliner to kind of class up the Drone a little bit more and we added the opal light stars for you so at night you can entertain your

Passengers with that it has all kinds of modes you can switch it to music mode where it flashes with the music which I’ll be honest you got to be ready for that it kind of turns into a dance floor in there I don’t have any care tips for that just

Do it while you’re driving yeah yeah and then uh obviously you watched all the videos we did add the Acuity shifter and a bunch of components from them to really tighten up the shifting feel and whatnot I think this is you know one of the best cars we’ve put together from a

Driving standpoint I think you’re gonna get into love it I think you will end up at the track at some point yeah it’s just begging for it that’s right you guys got vir right we do yeah yeah not too far from you so don’t enjoy it

Summer’s coming up this has AC as well so yeah it’s not one of the best parts is you can actually take people with you yes we’re a couple of the sweepstakes cars we do they don’t have back seats so hey what do you say we fire it up yeah

Listen to the exhaust see how it sounds 100 all right good give her the beans brother Can we take okay you want to go out for a little test drive yeah for sure I think initially you’re gonna find out just how awesome this short shifter is good definition of grabbing gears you’re like bam straight into it it’s got the Rev battery probably noticed that already so you’re not

Having a heel toe yeah yeah and you’re only in I think sport there’s actually even even more like torquey version so now it’s gonna a lot more throttle yeah so many whooshes so fun this is gonna be awesome we had a lot of fun with this yeah you like the

Shifter it feels good huh it does yeah the seats are super comfortable these seats are like this is going to keep you in place yeah yeah exactly what I find with the like leather seats yeah that are built like this you you still tend to slide in them right

This is actually kind of nice I’m worried about my other cars they might be sitting in the garage all right now it’s time to sign over the title to Glenn that will seal the deal and we will get him paid then he’ll be on his way so I think Glenn’s gonna have

The car shift to Virginia just in a couple days so if you guys see this thing on the road please tag throttle tag Hoon again it’s gonna be great I’m so excited for Glenn seems like he really likes the car so let’s get this done and we’ll be on our way

Gary is gonna give Glenn and Noah a tour of Hoon again because not everyone gets to see this place no so it’s kind of a special moment I’d love to give you a little tour something these are behind the scenes yes you can’t show I’ll have

To pixelate it we’ll just go around so we’ll start all right okay this is mostly you see was a creative space but now it looks like a storage but don’t think that way stuff creatively still happens here a lot of ideas that you probably see on the internet start here

Going to another department and then end up on your screen which is the coolest part about that I will take you to a place where there’s not a lot of stuff in front of stuff so over here this is where a lot of our projects are being

Built and or have been built so you’ll notice over here this is shark cart this was a Miata turned into like an EXO cage car for drifting fun and everything else at the time it’s just decommissioned but it’ll be recommissioned very soon and then next to us we have our LS3 E36 like

Kind of yard car so the cool thing about this is like pretty much indestructible then our tried and true leaders Ferrari as you can see the dust is settling on that as if it was a library book and it continued to be a library book or we’ll

Put it in the Smithsonian our tried and true Ridgeline Indie truck now it was started off as a base model Ridgeline converted into an indie truck and the reason it’s an indie truck if you follow me here in the back the beautiful people over at Honda blessed us with this

Beautiful Indie engine it takes a minute to start up but you can believe it sounds like how it looks wild and just very very quick it’s cool to see that something started off on a piece of paper then you get it in real life and

Then now you see it in real life I never thought it was going to look like this but the boys put in the work did everything they could and here it is and then of course one of the very many beautiful cars that we have your car now

Your CTR bells and whistles heated seats fancy lights it’s almost as if you have a whole mobile solar system in your car this is our dog this being a big wheel big tire supercharged exactly it looks exactly how it sounds spins the tires and the coolest thing about this another thing

That is great and everyone will tell you like when you get something and it starts as just an idea and then the idea becomes a real thing and the real things you get to enjoy and see and hear and the thing is about most viewers I don’t

Come that was watch the videos if you come here you’ll if you can like I said you catch the right thing you might be able to see this if you came the right day this is here unfortunately at the time I think it needs a little bit of

Work but that’s anything here at hoonigan either works or don’t but it’s like 1500 horsepower or something crazy right it’s 1500 horsepower and as you can see these tires aren’t built for grip so as soon as you get on it it’ll just just like a wild portion of a buck

To the right but it’s just you just hold on hold on and pray that’s all you can really do or just get off the gas the seats even the cage wrapped in leather like that’s that’s not something the wood grain steering wheel the zip ties the The Notches everything the only

Thing that’s missing is about 14 subwoofers yeah and an m m CD you come over here this is a third gen Camaro straight from Chevrolet themselves like it’s loud it’s routing revs high as hell looks like it’s America like if somebody knows who took place when I heard this

Thing outside it sounds like America what’s America this this it’s the only thing I can show them that’s like American the rain has flooded us out on in true SoCal fashion none of our storm drains work because we all put trash in them unfortunately but you didn’t you

Didn’t hear that from me so this is everything you see here as far as like pavement if you can do a burnout in it you can within the confines of this space so as soon as you leave the driveway the shenanigans stops everything has to be here due to we want

People to keep stuff off the street so the best way to do that is why not have a facility where you can do it at so it’s nothing like coming to work say you had a long day or got an argument with the misses you just come to a burnout

Real quick it’s the best way to start the work day get all the stress out and if you really think about it what other job can you just come to do a burnout for like 10 minutes and nobody’s going to tell you nothing except like hey keep

Doing it here this is a lot of the videos build breakdowns yard parties and all that if this wasn’t under a half a foot of water this is where everything goes down that you’ve ever seen mind you this blacktop wasn’t always this dark it’s just surrounded by the layers and

Layers of rubber that do it’s a lot of water this keeps raining like this I’m gonna try the burger these are the storage cars that sit on top of the containers one of them being hurts and the rest are Scotto so I’m gonna say forgive me if I mess with

Something that’s called rabbit rabbit I don’t know what the hell that red thing is and an Audi so these are great crop pieces that are probably worth a lot of money and somebody on the Internet is like let me buy it but no not not for sale unfortunately but everything has a

Price so you talk to Mr Scotto the right way info you didn’t hear that part but you could you could probably buy one of these but this is this is the cool part like driving this and actually like filling the surface changes between like slick top concrete and then just

Whatever that gray stuff is it’s just like you can feel it as you drive being able to being able to work here and see the environment like I said if you come on the right day and you hear so I see something just ask somebody in the front

And we’ll come and show you the worst thing you can happen is just get enough transitioning to y’all beautiful yeah let’s talk about that let’s show Glenn that because Glenn you had a RS5 you tell me and yeah and something else yeah before that I had an S4 okay so yeah

What generation uh it was a 2001. 2001. so what’s that you are supposed to V8 so this is a B9 s for 2018. this is the next throttle and hooting in sweepstakes car ends at the end of March airlift suspension so it’s on air rotiform forged wheels carbon fiber kind of

Everywhere we added the Thule box which is a little controversial yeah yeah I think it’s rad we even tested it will fits in it I lay down uh RS style Grille inside is red leather it’s so nice banging opalsen sound system so you bought you bought merchandise you won the car I think

That’s a lot a big question a lot of people have is oh I got to spend thousands of dollars to get entered we’ve had people win buying a single jet tag to stickers to some people who bought car parts one but yeah it only takes one entry to win so yeah this

Sweepstakes for the S4 is live right now if anyone’s interested check out the link in the video description every one dollar spent is an entry and who knows it could be you did you think you were gonna win no no not at all I think I

Think it’s a shock it was a shock 100 it’s done yeah it’s done yeah man congratulations thank you thank you very much good health this is awesome it’s been a great experience and we can’t wait to drive it so cool okay so you’ll be out in La for a couple days and then

You have it shipped back to Virginia yep all right guys so that about does it for today’s YouTube episode if you like what you saw please leave us a big thumbs up subscribe to the channel and we’ll see you guys in the next one peace Foreign Foreign