Throtl: Revealing His Dream Build & Then Giving It To Him! (AND $20,000!)

Revealing His Dream Build & Then Giving It To Him! (AND $20,000!)

Posted: 2023-04-30 16:00:38
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

Today is the day we are going to give away our 2018 Audi S4 and 20 000 the winner Cody huddock from Pennsylvania is flying out right now and he’s going to drive this thing across country back to Pennsylvania let’s get into it we are going to move DS4 and we are going to

Put in this final spot uh for the giveaway We are moments away from surprising Cody the winner of this 2018 S4 and 20 000 cash but before we do that we want to make sure this car is in perfect condition and with the help of Carly we can do that so Carly is a device that every car Enthusiast should have we’ve

All experienced a check engine light or something happen with our car and we don’t always have the right tools to diagnose the problem now this is Carly’s universal Bluetooth OBD2 scanner this plugs right into our OBD2 port on any car that we’re servicing and this will

Allow us to use the app to see an abundance of information about our car so now that we have the app open and I’ve selected the year make and model of the car I want to go through this check the Diagnostics and make sure everything is Ship Shape all right we have one

Acceptable it is the canned Gateway it is not serious so it’s pretty good this is awesome it gives you kind of a attention needed type thing so not serious means there’s nothing that’s going to keep you from safely driving this car so that is our diagnostic scan

Of the car and we found really no issues but there’s plenty of other features on this app so let’s see what else we can do let’s just see what our live data is let’s monitor our RPMs we can monitor our throttle positions so I’ve started

Logging and as you can see I’ll hit the throttle right now and we’ll see throttle position go up and we’ll see our RPMs go up So if you want your very own pocket mechanics head to the link in the description below use code throttle 23 to get 15 off your very own Carly now let’s get back to surprising Cody all right this is the silk sheet that we use every time we do a giveaway or a dream

Build or anything like we use this thing every week now it seems like it seems like it is every week like it’s time to cover up the S4 I don’t even know which one’s the tops I’m at the front well what do we got going on here I

Think we got a hearse oh no it’s CS4 she has four under here not big enough it’s not big enough no we need a truck cover in order to uh start doing our full covers for the reveals now it looks so funny from the front because it’s so

Like yeah high up it’s funky you know this is like the first car I mean it’s not a sports car we used it all low sleek and this is just like this is the first car that you’re gonna have to actually watch out for your garage door

Make sure it’s open before you pull all the way in is Ricky gonna be able to pull the sheet with me can you get up that high I would offer but I’m no higher no I’m No taller well well you did a lot of work to this

One are you sad to see it go or what a little bit I had a lot of fun driving this thing I think Quinn got to take out the mountain curve so he learned a little bit how much fun it is to drive I got to take it for some sound Clips so

That we could uh have those in the background some of the clips but uh it’s so luxurious this thing is going to be a blast I think this guy’s driving us back to his home country yeah back to Pennsylvania yeah it’s a whole that’s a totally different country over there it’s totally

Different from here in SoCal he’s probably still snowing over there so he’s gonna need the all-wheel drive all right Cody’s here let’s go get him Cody I have congrats man welcome welcome to San Diego what’s up Devin nice to meet you come on in welcome to throttle this is our new

Lobby area here got some wheels in the wall some merch some new stuff so this is all new so we just moved in here in January it really hasn’t been too much content but we essentially rented the unit next door as well so this is our editing room here uh Social Media stuff

This is Kitchen couple offices all the stuff that I’ve seen on YouTube yeah some of the bills it’s like a little race suit section all right guys [Applause] thanks good to see you man you guys want to grab a bite to eat before you uh before we get in there I

Want to see the car you wanna see the car all right come in here come in here I feel so weird being here in person yeah then like does it feel real yeah cut your bags down I’m gonna steal them I promise look at that shirt Fast and

Furious yeah my wife found this for me really it’s like a real fast and furious shirt I have no idea it has a Subaru on it so yeah oh yeah so this is it this is wild this is the shot a couple it looks so much different in person does it on

YouTube oh so just I’m here I’m here I’m here it looks a lot bigger on camera it really doesn’t look all that big yeah yeah so like if you remember before we shared part of this yeah so he’s in the unit next door now so now we have a

Little more space to kind of lay some things out kind of looks a little funny under there but be honest it kind of looks like a hearse or something but that’s not what it is I can’t believe it yeah so and you guys are driving this back to Pennsylvania

Driving into PA it’s a long drive you ever done the cross country trip no we’re gonna get home by Monday though by Monday today’s Friday whoa yeah we’re both like driving 12 hours and just oh I’m okay bombing home all right so how long have you been

Watching throttle for I found you guys when I was watching TJ a lot and then you guys like appeared just appeared and then I started watching you guys and I started watching the eclipse the Supra okay oh so wow all the other builds what’s your favorite throttle build so far

350 Tesla that was that was wild like you never think you’d see that yeah yeah that’s that’s insane never in my wildest dreams would ever think that someone would put a Tesla and of 350. Cody has a 08 hatch yeah WRX hatch like that I watched that build I

Watched that build the blue one you guys did here yeah I was like um oh that’s clean as hell yeah yeah yeah that was that was an awesome one that’s going to get wide-bodied now since we have this yeah yeah now that car can just sit in the garage yeah for

Sure now I got time to work on it so what did you order I ordered an energy steering wheel yeah mission motor shift knob uh the energy quick to hub for the yeah okay and then I think it was a blow-off valve for the Subaru yeah go

Fast bits I think yeah and I ordered all that stuff in January yeah right when this sweepstakes started yeah I was like never in my wallet so I you kind of forgot about it yeah I forgot all about it like I’d wash the build and then like

Nothing like I said when I was driving home and you called yeah oh yeah I was like about the random FaceTime right now hey Cody Cody Cody bro you won the S4 brother yeah [Applause] this is it yeah yeah I’ve been watching that entire build wow that’s awesome they got the

Keys in my pocket for you I don’t know when you want to come out to San Diego but remember [Laughter] I was freaking out and my daughter was like what’s going on and I’m like you don’t understand but I’ll explain later it’s funny and it’s kind of off the

Record but like most people that we’ve called if you’ve been following for a while like most people I very much just don’t believe it’s real yeah and usually don’t give us any reaction yeah but you had a great one yeah I saw this random number come across my

Phone and I’m like I don’t know if I’m gonna answer it so I’m like whatever I’ll answer it so that’s why I held my phone up from the ceiling of my car I was like I don’t want them to see me and then I saw you and I was like oh

Sh Evan and I answered it and then all you guys are standing here I’m like there’s no way I’m like there’s you were tipped off at that point yeah I was like there’s no way and then you scream congratulate you on the S4 and I was like I was like

I still don’t believe it and then all this happened and it’s it’s here all right here we go Cody you are the winner of the 2018 Audi S4 and 20 000 are you ready to see your new car oh I’m ready here we go let’s do a countdown in three

Two one here we go foreign [Applause] what do you think it looks so much better in person like the people that watch it at home you need to see it in person that’s for you check it out this is it insane a star with the most obvious things we got

Rotiform ltns they’re fully forged wheels for this car Falcon FK 510s on all four corners and obviously the car sits super loose we’ve got airlift 3p Air Management System moving on what else can we have it’s a good ride but on the outside we had s-tec wrap this thing

In Dynamat to take that same color keep the metallic flake but give it a matte finish yeah it’s beautiful and it contrasts beautifully with the piano black Thule box the vector M on Wing blades keeps it nice and aerodynamic but I fit in there yeah I remember that

Ricky shoved me in there I think Ricky put me in there yeah so if one of you all needs to lay out yeah so I saw that video yeah if you come over here to the front speaking of piano black you see these are in style from Grill yeah which

Is a Camelback and everything covered fiber you see it to me I’ll just wrapped all the way around and let me show you the backpack we have awe exhaust with some black chrome tips it looks amazing way too here man I know it sounds okay

In the video it sounds amazing oh my God so we’ve done a few things underneath the car you can’t see because it’s slammed we have uh 034 chassis bracing underneath the car completely but you can see from o34 is the brake rotors we’ve done brakes front and rear we have

Two piece floating rotors in the front and the back and they’re like beautiful and they perform really well so why do we have the Hawkeyes foreign hit the drive select right here yeah and it should go to individual up on there so right now this is a switch path

System and it’s got valves so only one exhaust all I want is pumping out right now all right once you switch it to individual or Dynamics all four pipes are going inside a heck of a lot you hear that difference now yeah yeah now it’s all of them I’m gonna get in trouble

All right it sounds better in person oh yeah it does you can hear the more Crackle you ready to drive this thing oh hell yeah all right let’s go here if you haven’t done so already make sure you just subscribe to the throttle YouTube channel and turn on the Bell

Notifications so you don’t miss an episode That’s not the exhaust that’s the compressor don’t worry and everything oh yeah that’s this thing is like a full package it is great so hug to the left and then right as you’re hitting the dip cut it right so I think you’re already on Dynamic which is

That’s the fun bit oh that’s gonna be all Dynamic the whole oil I haven’t done it yet but I guarantee you there’s a way for you to basically say always start up in Dynamic I think right now it starts up in Comfort all right gator A lot quicker than the Sully but a lot more settled it is it doesn’t sound like it’s getting out of control when you get on it it’s comfortable staying when oh everybody said just just driving it they weren’t jumping nope like these seats they’re nice it’s gonna be a nice drive

Home so the bolsters are tuned to my little tiny frame you can push those out if that’s a little bit bear hugging and like I said these seats actually massage and are heated yeah that’s awesome the engine in this thing is so trippy I am

Not used to like this big old snail in the in the center above the motor it makes sense people are always saying you know he rises so you pull the cold air underneath yeah and then it just exit out the top yeah when you guys were

Doing the uh with the little carbon bits inside the motor Bay and it had the uh the engine cover off and I’m like that’s the turbo right there yeah oh yeah that’s the cat yeah right there yeah that’s a catalytic converter I was like I’ve never seen that I forgot to plug it

In but you should have a gauge readout yeah right here OBD2 yeah I remember that was like one of the last thing these guys did to the car yeah watch the build and then uh wound up winning the car and then my son I showed my my kids and my wife and I

Was like like this is the car because they don’t really watch it either right it’s like squirrel in their attention spans or all over the place but my son actually sat down and watched it he was like that’s awesome there we go yeah she’s quick I can’t the all-wheel drive it still hasn’t

Settled in with me yet meeting all you guys it’s the best part of the job I gotta tell you it’ll settle in when you’re on the road you turn on the seat massagers you know and then you’re just like oh okay again nobody take me home nobody believed yourself man 37 000 miles

That’s that’s awesome it’s broken in for you Okay real a red interior huh yeah it’s awesome it drives so nice so comfortable like bagged part before it feels like you’re on a boat and this this is nice did you see the trunk set up too yeah the tanks up in the air it’s not really high so like you still have

Full use of your trunk you got your two by air compressors under here everything’s simple and really shouldn’t have to worry about it yeah this fuses right there you know besides the noise of hearing it you’re gonna really if you ever even need more trunk space

You got the box on yeah that’s all and you can put the seat down oh yeah this is awesome how the Tank’s mounted up getting it off of the uh the brackets mounted up there yeah the brains all up there super tuck nice yeah it’s beautiful everything it’s so it’s

Queens that’s what I like all right we just had some pizza and now Cody and Devin are here we’re gonna give him a little tour of some of the cars yeah you said you like these two I know the Tesla Z was your favorite it’s not

Here anymore but uh Ricky and Quinn do you want to show these guys pop the hood yeah maybe fire up the Supra Supra with that one I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of videos clips Queen this is your first baby right uh yeah yeah this is the

First uh 4063 first party build that he uh he did Ninja Storm together 530 wheel horsepower that’s like six yeah I think we did right by this car I think like what the movie was missing I think we completed it with this one since I took the shifter out on that one yeah

It’s so sick oh and the bottles went from 10 pounds to 15 pounds and that was my mistake that’s a big bottle we ordered 10 pound bottles and two things all right I guess we’re using them oh she’s a it’s a race car yeah she’s nice and tight

Yeah this is nuts feels like I’m living the faster first literally like this is the car Which is why the suspension is the way it is because the guys these wheels on there and we had a race to run for drag racing purposes we have an event come out next week yes next week after that it’ll be back on the 18th and we’ll slam

It again 1090 wheel horsepower insane and she runs very very very good she takes off like oh I should show my video no I don’t think Dixie yeah oh I guess yeah that’s from Wednesday Jesus yeah he’s still straight up yeah for the Supra Foreign [Laughter] [Applause] oh my God oh the best car we have hands down that’s it this is it I mean is it one that opens your eyes in your mouth when it turns on the most no matter what still my favorite startup ever don’t sound like that loud on the camera I can tell

You that much the stock Mount we’re still using the same one which is modified it slightly it’s a t-56 yeah tr66 it was just like the replacement this was the major amount yeah we just had to cut the frame rail the notch of the nachos yeah and then we just had to

Build the motor mount off of the actual engine itself so you can see this is this is a different one okay yeah we actually didn’t even need to feel ready so I remember you guys changing this yeah so it was more level yeah laughs foreign That’s it for the 18 S4 this car is so sick congratulations to Cody once again and good luck on your road trip so if you see the S4 driving across the country please honk your horn or tag us on Instagram and that’s going to do it for today’s YouTube video I hope you

Guys enjoyed it if you did please leave us a big thumbs up and remember that the S2000 sweepstakes is live right now so if you want to be our next winner head on over to the link in the video description check out buy some merch buy some car parts and get

Those entries in before it’s too late that’s it guys we’ll see you the next one peace My name is Cody I won this beautiful 2018 Audi S4 and 20 grand cash from throttle got a phone call and now she’s mine Foreign Foreign