Throtl: Removing Everything From Our $300 Nissan 300zx! (Unbelievable condition!)

Removing Everything From Our $300 Nissan 300zx! (Unbelievable condition!)

Posted: 2023-03-21 16:00:06
Author: throtl
Let the build begin! Today we completely strip down our $300 Nissan 300zx. What should we build of it? Crazy swap? Complete restoration? Drift car? Let us know what you think!

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Throtl Video Transcript

We have a 300 Nissan 300ZX and we’re going to blow it up we need to strip this card down to its Bare Bones so we can begin the transformation let’s get to it what is going on guys welcome back to the throttle YouTube channel my name is

Quinn and I’m here with Ricky and as you can see behind us on the left hey we have our 300 ZX that we’ve recently acquired regardless of what we’re going to do with it there’s a lot of things on this car that we’re just not going to be reusing So today we’re

Going to start stripping this thing down getting the natural aspirated engine out getting the transmission out getting a crusty terrible well that exhaust off and see what else is salvageable what else needs to be thrown away and replaced so if you have a lot of work to

Do to get this thing stripped out you ready yeah man that thing is Officer boy with these bunch of the trash it doesn’t matter which one we go with this car what we’re doing today has to be done we’re gonna get cracked in we’re gonna start removing Parts yep let’s get into it

So we’re gonna get this thing running or what Quinn no we’re gonna rip it all out no we’re going to rip it all out so we can get it running right no no no no no that’s how you that’s how you fix these engines you take them out and you fix

Them you fix these engines you take them out and then you put something else in here if there was a turbo maybe it would be fun to rebuild a bg30 uh the ETC one we had was so smooth this thing doesn’t have an engine harness at all so

Nothing’s going to plug in Ricky we’re just going to take it all out all right we’re going to rip it all out starting with the radiator that’s filled with hose wire It’s water it’s just the water it’s literally hose water There’s so much Hardware on this engine that is just gone a water pump missing half the bolts this thing’s missing bolts all of our bolt patch in it all of this doesn’t have bolts in it this thing doesn’t have bolts in it this thing’s missing bolts somewhere exhaust bolts is

Just snapped off like it’s not in good shape I feel like this car was on life support genuinely discussed Bro it’s bread ties those are catch can mounted brackets dude all coming up hey not on the headlights oh I didn’t make a mess Ricky made it that was Ricky this time mine was awesome didn’t even have a bolt on it it’s literally just in there just shoved in there Foreign [Applause] so we got essentially everything up top off the engine from the top is about ready to come out so we got to take the exhaust off which is disgusting and squeaky and then the transmission I’m thinking to be taken out in the car and so we’ll take the transmission off the

Back drive shaft all that stuff out and then we can grab the engine with a crannies just go Boop straight up be done foreign Guys we know it can be really hard to think of ideas for your significant others or wives but Mother’s Day is coming up and now is the time to get the orders in Before Time runs out now we’ve partnered with a brand called foreo and they are a Swedish brand that makes some

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Well with some masks offered by foreo so if you are interested in taking your skincare to the next level or surprising your significant other then check out the link in the description below I’d like to thank forreo for partnering with us for this episode now let’s get back to work

Do you think you think we can get for that if everything’s brand new that’s Cap all right I accuse you of camping two dollars in steel in three dollars in metal I haven’t touched this at all no tools nothing look okay we we saw that in the last video

It’s freaking bad what did he say this drive shaft only has half the bolts in it by the way there’s only two bolts in that right now and I basically they’re both Rusty oh yeah bro You’re joking that’s the battery harness it’s right here bro look even the terminal came out with it foreign [Laughter] Hey shut up she’s going dude no she’s going for sure all right we’re in good shape dude we’re in great shape [Applause] That engine bay is completely done I like your shirt by the way I like your shirt by the way hey Twinkies I don’t have the Hat no you don’t have this hat yeah this Hat’s not out yet that’s not out either it’s the shirts are currently live

Nice wheel hats not live yet but the shirts are a lot when does it come out okay yeah huh so if you guys want to pick up one of these fresh fruits head over to thank you now that we’re done with the engine I think it’s time to move on to the

Interior and lucky for us none of the seats are bolted in so it should be pretty easy seriously yeah they’re not bolting it at all look at this look at this none of the seat your your seats same way oh this is gonna be an easy day well

Let’s get popular I don’t have a door projector I don’t have a door handle let’s get the center console out let’s get the back seats out it’s gonna crop it out all the junk there are no door cards in here so you don’t have to worry about that you

Know what I didn’t know what it is what’s up the CPU is coming from yeah it is coming from the door so I mean from the door yeah yeah those are going to be pretty trick I don’t have any here which means oh you don’t have that yeah well

We’re probably gonna go harness racing seats in any way so yeah oh here’s our other intake pipe that we didn’t have All right Foreign [Applause] held together by electrical tape what is this this uh gotta make room bud We got the interior stripped out and I want to roll this thing outside and clean it because that is absolutely disgusting but what I want to do before we do that is actually get all the junk like around the front wheels that’s hanging that that’s junk the fender well

Is oh excuse me that’s junk the fender well on this side is you know like we have so much crap here’s another fuse box there’s so much stuff just hang around if we take all this off it’s going to be like just a nice little roller push it around we don’t have to

Worry about ripping everything off so I want to get that fuse box out from the front and we’re going to take the headlights off to do that because that’ll give us the Ruby looks to kind of come out so we’re gonna blow the headlights up take the front wheels off

Get everything out of the fender Wells and it’s outside going to get washed [Applause] thank you we’ve got just about everything out of the engine bay that I wanted to get out unfortunately this fuse box is part of a harness that kind of bear hugs the whole engine bay so this splits off and then kind of runs up underneath both Fender

Wells into the chassis so I don’t think we’ll be able to get that out for now this is perfect all of this stuff is about to get washed out so we’re going to roll this thing outside and pressure wash the crap out of this engine bay All right all right we have the 300ZX down on the floor now and there’s two things left to do we gotta remove the tail lights and we have to remove the rear bumper so I just get to it Must have you ever seen anything like this oh too junky yeah foreign Vlog yeah yay if you guys don’t know this is Masa he works with top rank over in Japan uh he’s usually our tour guide when we’re in Japan yeah and now I’ve been tour got well I’m not I’m being a

Tour here I’m a tourist yeah I’m a tourister yeah how’s everything been in uh in America what have you been up to what are you gonna do I’ve been to Texas 2K and it was a very let’s just say totally different from Japan oh yeah everything was just different from

People to cards to the builds and everything so yeah it’s a quite interesting experience so far it’s like kind of your you guys in Japan you know everything is so different definitely thank you Oh where’s the clip still there oh it slides up [Applause] it’s so bad I don’t know what that is what is all that is that the gasket that was the gasket look that’s crazy oh yeah that’s a gasket the waterproof gasket with that is not waterproof anymore oh the silicone net they

Silicone the tail lights so look that’s like my head like treatment thing you do they did make sure it doesn’t leak I am surprised is that in order for you to take this off you had to take the middle one out and the middle one he

Didn’t seal this is there two really big freaking holes he didn’t steal this one but then he sealed the other two which makes no sense why not do this too because you had to do these two first and then put this thing on why don’t you

Do this one as well I mean I’m glad you didn’t wait or what why you didn’t it’s in good shape a little tiny dick inside other than that I can buff this and I can make this thing look brand new like brand new brand new foreign [Applause] Yeah that’s a lot of love we’re gonna give her some love It’s time to make this thing just a bit better this is it’s a lot of work Oh is that thing waterproof to grab that camera did you clean that before you put it out there no thick that’s your fault oh Cars blown apart in 30 million pieces we got literally everything out minus the suspension we got the engine out we got all that out we got that fast bar out seats are out Interiors out carpets out side panels are out rear bumpers uh front bumper didn’t even have a front

Bumper no didn’t have a problem Transmissions out this thing is blown apart we still haven’t decided what we’re going to do with this car we had a meeting with all the boys on the team and we still haven’t made it we concluded with we have no idea still we

Don’t know so let me know down in the comments what we should do to this thing should we clean it up and make it nice and make it stock I already cleaned it up or no this sit one color Oh you mean like do we stance it do we air bag

Leslie want to read you guys’s comment here because I really want to know what you guys wanted we’ve been reading every comments from all the 300 videos so far let me know down below what you think we should do with this car just a reminder

New merch is live right now head over to the site link up every dollar you spend is going to get you one entry to win our Audi S4 plus 20 000 in cash thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to like subscribe I’ll see you guys in the next one

Wait Quinta what do you want to do you’ve had some ideas all right and I don’t know if we’ve told the audience your specific ideas Quinn’s got ideas everyone could guess Ricky’s Ricky wants a rotary hey not wait stop not just the rodeo I’m talking about a 20 b that

Would be good n a I would like put the site you know itv’s sticking to the side and Loud freaking mufflers and like sauce 12 000. no calm down ten ten five Turbo 20b like super reliable powers like 650. I was thinking like a screamer OS like

High ramming LS like high Revenue LS like like 9 000 rpmls never seen that whoa I’m sure it exists sure exist but I build one and you can do it okay okay okay that was mine I mean everybody Swap and everyone’s like I think RB is kind of like the go-to

Salon okay what about the R35 engine the R38 I mean that would be kind of like the same thing this is a V6 do not even compare that engine no but I mean whatever no I’m talking about size wise no we’ll be working on that you know engine bay that has no space

For it the problem is is what transmission do but with that yeah so that would be cool that would be cool I was saying case walk maybe case swap is that’d be kind of interesting face swap it that would be interesting yeah huh there’s a lot of ideas

Two-stroke V8 how about a Hellcat Swan boost just pissed off everyone at the same time we already did that oh what if we took the cab motor out of the Viper no no no no no no no no no no no you’re not touching the Viper that’s it we’re done Foreign