Throtl: Rebuilding Our Hellcat Swapped Dodge Viper to Make It EVEN Faster! (Adding Nitrous Oxide!)

Rebuilding Our Hellcat Swapped Dodge Viper to Make It EVEN Faster! (Adding Nitrous Oxide!)

Posted: 2023-08-05 16:00:10
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

Thank you Foreign ly put our Hellcat swap Dodge Viper with a transmasters built automatic transmission to the test now let’s get this thing out on track do some burnouts make some good passes and get ready to take on the competition last year we built our Infamous Mongoose from Motor Trend presents roadkill

Knights powered by Dodge and we’re headed back we made it to the finals in 2022 against our friend Winston chaplain it was an epic event and if you’re looking for tickets so this year’s event go to the link in description for tickets we set our two-step uh pretty

Conservative so we’re gonna kind of work up to a higher launch RPM so we’re gonna head up for our first pass and we were just kind of running through the break-in procedure like the burnout procedure what he has to do in the car now that it’s automatic I’m excited this

Is my first time racing in automatic transmission especially on this Beast of a car foreign set too low so we bumped it up we’re gonna try it again hey that worked that worked pretty well huh I’ll blew the glass off okay so I turned the two step way too high so

Now we know what not enough is and now we know what too much is we lost the mirror did you see that yeah I got it cool good so I was still a little bit too much or a lot a bit too much so I dropped it another thousand on the two-step

So the transmission brake button is kind of being finicky so we’re going to pull it back in the pit see if we can fix it and try and get some more passes in Greg ran over and they got us a buff button as you can hear it clicking means it’s

Working which we’re good so we got a big buff boy now we’re gonna zip that up to the shifter so Ricky doesn’t have to hold it and then drop it that was sick that’s what I’m talking about wow oh my dude that was great yeah way better it went straight barely any

Minimum movement on the steering wheel to keep it straight it was definitely scary as hell because I wasn’t expecting anything to Just Shoot Straight Like That our cars the car is working really well the the wrinkle walls like you couldn’t even read the Hoosier on the sidewall

When you launched and it lifted the front tires up off the ground all right made a couple changes gonna head back out do a couple hits here oh grago’s just putting in work over here looking good Greg Craig’s an expert of this stuff this is Greg’s home track so he’s here all the

Time so I came back to the pits because my line lock signal got stuck which is not good I couldn’t do a burnout my trans brake worked and didn’t work the first time but it worked the second time issues that cannot happen when we’re trying to race because we can literally

Lose the race that way alright so replace them really if the only thing we could find is another 40 amp uh relay and it’s just still not doing the trick so we’re gonna just do rolling burnouts Edition so we can keep practicing I can get more familiarized with the car we’re

Ditching the line lock for now because it’s it’s messing up but I’m just very excited because already just this many runs were already running way faster than last year all right here we go let’s even get my reaction [Applause] oh different car now oh my God that is

Totally different whoa every time you see the Viper drive up until just now it skates all over the place it just hooks foreign as you guys know we had a few issues with our line lock our trans brake uh button uh not being properly mounted so

Our line like I ended up fixing it was a simple fix which literally just removed the relay and ran everything from a power to a fuse to the switch to the solenoid and it’s working perfectly The Next Step that I’m going to be working on I’m working on our trans brake Button

As you guys remember it was zip tie here because we were testing it uh thanks to gregos and this Terminator switch and it works perfectly so now I’m actually gonna just hard mount it in place that way um it’s gonna look something like this Cool trans brakes installed line locks fixed the last thing to do today is a steering wheel so let me show you yeah Sparkle sway steering wheel with a flat bottom so Queen’s big old licks can fit and then we have it Universal two button switch adapter plate for it for the noise

Yeah man what this will do this will be oh that’s cool oh man that’s not I’m gonna have to modify this plate are you gonna say too soon Junior so the whole point of this was for these things to be close to here but it’s not so all right I’m gonna buy that

No big deal and then our hops just showed up this is what we’ve been waiting for this whole time so now let’s take apart our stock steering wheel let’s hope that this fits when we’re doing a line lock hold to do a burnout or a nitrous our right hand

Needs to be free so we can shift the second we do a burnout on the Viper first gear and second gear and we continue on second gear and I can hold the line lock and shift at the same time so for that case we are going to use our inside hole

For a line lock button and we decided to do them both on the left side for you to do the line lock you will have to overextend your uh your thumb and then the nitrous is going to be more relaxed to be able to press it in without thinking about it so that’s

That’s why I came up with this It’s time to do oil change on the Viper we pushed this thing very hard this thing makes a lot of power we’re doing a lot of passes we want to keep this thing in tip tip tip top shape running condition that’s why we use remote tools

So let’s get all the old oil out get our new stuff in yeah oh that looks good actually that looks really good Oh yeah dude no particles no like bearing material nothing so far I don’t see any Shimmer there’s no Shimmer to it a lot of times if you’ll have like a lot of metal in the oil you can actually this has a magnet on the end of the

Drain plug and they actually kind of can pull the oil stream with it if there’s metal in it but that oil doesn’t care sick especially for how hard we abuse this thing Moto is doing its job it’s putting in work and it’s keeping this motor safe and together which is what we

Need if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to the throttle YouTube channel and turn on the Bell notifications so you don’t miss a thing Oh a little surprise we got here all right so we got some nitrous it has a lot of stuff should be the complete kit it is definitely complete Brian told me 100 shot start with 100 shot he said we could probably go up to 200. bro let’s go two that’s what he said

Yeah actually you know let’s make it to an area I need a bite a knife 200. yeah might as well a little later Evan mounted I made a custom bracket for the bottle Mickey you’re in the mainline ideal the electronics and switches and stuff on the trailer load it up baby

11 000 horsepower We are back at Verona for the second test day the Viper is back we’ve solidified a bunch of things that were kind of intermittent with the car on the last test day we got those solid let’s do it baby I hope everything I do work guess who’s back gregos he’s back oh

All right I just went 6 30 straight off the trailer it was just a test pass that’s pretty good that means I was like set it up exactly how we had it everything that we did yesterday Works everything the line lock the trans brake the car is super fast all of our numbers

Not tuning if they’re spot on you get a little adrenaline whichever you want every pass right before right before I’m like and I’m shaking uh right before one and then once you take off it’s like so it’s like an excited nerd I don’t know

Did you guys see my my head to hit the back of the seat no bro that was a hard hit I was like dude we’re going for pass number two Feeling Good Feeling Good Ricky yeah numerals yeah let’s go oh we re-blooded the intercooler system for the supercharger it’s working well we’ve

Got a tune Ricky’s uploading that onto our uh Diablo sword Trinity right now that we’re gonna put that in the car and go make a run and make sure we’re all good it’ll be good yeah until it’s not we’ve also added a duct so one of my

Theories is that it was sucking radiator air into the air intake system um so you have hot you have cold air coming into the front of the car hitting the radiator extracting the heat from the radiator and then that’s going into the intake and shooting the AIT so the

Roof so we made a little plate out of cardboard and duct tape there that’s going to separate those two coolers foreign negative three four on the reaction so he’s red lighting but it’s like consistent so I think we want to get him to cut the perfect light we need to pull

A shim out but so the the trans brake button has like shims on it and the further you push it down the longer it takes you pull it up I’m pretty confident driving the car now every step so I’m hitting a deep red line uh this

Last uh gear because I’m still trying to keep the car straight before I go to second gear it’s a lot to take care of right it’s like take off go straight you know hit the shifter it’s a lot to do but I’m getting it let’s go bro Ricky Ricky get used to the gas and what the brake is it’s very very close to the tower this year for rokio nights we have a mentor and a mentee we have two different races happening this year obviously I’m the mentor and queen is our mentee so baby this is your first

Time drag racing I drag raced once and we blew the eclipse up so first time drag really drag racing are you testing them right now I’m testing them yeah first gear you’re at the line pull up roll through the water someone tells me to stop going on the brake this button

Down I’m gonna go the break burn out okay let off yep trans brake on floor it light light off pop and then die don’t look at the shifter ever just left a second all right so hold on I thought this car was automatic what’s all this shifting it is automatic but we still

Have to shift from first to second there is an automatic freaking eyeshadow you can buy for these things to make it like fully automatic but we don’t have that right now we’re men around here so the valve body is not an automatic valve body the valve body we have to manually

Shift it so if we want to make it an auto where you like put it in drive and then it does all that stuff where you need a different valve body but that would not that would make it not a drag transmission essentially so how does

This shifter work so it’s a slam shift so that’s Park um there’s a reverse detent in neutral but this is your reverse so in neutral or our push either it goes under first so first gear all you have to do is slam it second gear and then third gear so

This track is not fast enough to be in third year and third gear correct and where are we going it’s getting shorter than this so we definitely have to shift to third be aware of the initial impact I think my first pass I’m not going to go all the way through I think

Foreign so it’s gonna take him like two or three tries before he can actually recover from the impact and be like okay I need to shift or do whatever yeah he’s seeing Stars right now yeah right now he’s just I bet she’s like I was nervous I was

Nervous for him me too he handled the loss good yeah yeah really good that’s good this Viper is three times scarier in the passenger seat than it is the driver’s seat really because you have no control I rolled it out I rolled off I was like I got this

In the passenger seat I was literally literally dying in the passenger seat yeah driving it is way different that’s good news yeah it is good news all right run it back thank you That’s my boy right there baby 6’4 for his first pass that’s awesome you’re looking on the track you’re good

Really good it’s crazy to me how much different being in the passenger seat is like lights be different yeah and like being a pastor in a car that’s like Fast yeah like yeah you you drive your FD but you get driven in your FD it’s like it’s a completely different car at the

Extreme like this it is so different because that’s good because I’m thinking about steering and shifting and all this stuff like I don’t feel the acceleration as much when you’re in the passenger seat that’s all you’re focused on right that gave me a lot more confidence good

You making her what it’s funny seeing Ricky up here because usually he’s in the car and it’s like Mickey or Drago’s putting water down oh foreign how you feeling out there Quinn really good that last pass was really good I do know later in the day which it is a

Little later we’ve been here for a few hours now and the track temps do get really high and that definitely affects water out of the track gets the less drip you have this is probably the end of the day today then we’re headed towards the end of the day for sure I’m

Feeling good in the car Ricky feels good in the car which is what the point of these days are Test day number three we’re feeling good we made some adjustments the end of the game today is nitrous tuning and seat time for everybody so Ricky’s gonna go out for a few passes I’m gonna go for a few passes and then we’ll be convene and start playing with Nikes She’s driving right so that we have an issue on every right corner for sure because the car was never leaving like that before it’s leaving and kind of pulling right you can see it as it gradually goes down the track he’s fighting it it’s not terrible but

Definitely not what we want okay okay all right so Ricky just spun a little bit too much on the last run so we wanted to double check the tire pressure and yeah the tire pressure came up to about 14 PSI we’re gonna drop it down to

What 10. it swelled four feet of sour took it back down to 10. we also made a little adjustment on the two steps so let’s see how this next pass goes oh we’re not drag racers so we’ve been doing this enough now that we’re figuring out what’s the procedure to

Make things work when they’re not working and that honestly is the most rewarding part of this whole thing for me is just understanding what drag racers have learned over the years yeah I would do that before we go what’s the next chain we do how do we wow

You’re still a beast all right Mentor mentee hopping in there’s my boy Queenstown now well she uh definitely pulls a lot harder now that’s what she said so she’s gonna have to watch out for that but he knows because he’s been watching me take off so he knows what to expect

Someone playing the drums back there sorry dude keep it down Check the wiring you did yesterday oh I know what happened huh didn’t take fell off did it rookie breaks every Curry drives I swear you got that Bluetooth quick quality here what do you mean what do you mean that was me it was you huh yeah the mentor this is supposed to be

Your Mentor here it is a I love him though no seat time for our mentee zip tie huh we got the zip tie Audrey see what happens when Ricky’s running well and I’m working on the car this is not that this is me behind the wheel Ricky working on the car

Six to one baby bro what did Clinton do that’s what’s up man what adjustment that’s it how did he get two miles an hour faster because you’ve got that solid intake on yeah oh it was the intake adjustment yeah all right nitrous tune is installed on our Diablo sport thank you Brian for

Getting that to us very quickly I also opened the valve on the nitrous bottle we are right it’s like that scene in the movie when you I guess your bottle’s in the trunk but yeah it move the seats forward oh yeah Fast and Furious come on

Baby yeah you good I’m about to see everything blurry like the movie thank you 619 baby 116 that’s the fastest trap speed we’ve seen ever actually so two mile an hour gain 619 116. no way yes it fell slower really yeah see where the bigger Jets at yeah we’re

The 200 shot at I didn’t feel they’re not kicking at all I was like man this is weak I only squeezed nitrous in the second gear now I’m going to squeeze nitrous on first gear and second gear and we’ll see what that does Skin faster 6 16 at 116 and a half so we just gained another mile an hour and a half how was that you got a new PR 616. let’s go it fell faster it definitely felt faster Mentor this guy um usually I after the burnout I took

The switch to activate the knots yes and then first gear bomb yeah that’s it chicken bake baby it’s like non-stop 116 116 116. I was gonna come back around and that was nitrous on second gear only gonna come back around do a nitrous first and second and see how he does foreign

I felt this LastPass spin a bit out of the hole but like mid track and up I can feel the nitrous doing its thing the race in Michigan is going to be an arm drive there is no lights there’s there’s no none of that so it’s going to be a

Human being out there making sure you’re ready to go make sure you’re ready to go arms up under the drop down and then from there we take off that’s what I’m saying like the takeoff is the is Everything is Everything we learned that the first year yeah

Hey Ricky Evan’s gonna arm drop you that’s the same where you’re being rushed by the hands all right Ricky this is one of our last passes huh it’s pretty much a last pass just to make sure that Queen gets the arm drops testing everything else is is doubled up let’s see what happens

Don’t worry we’re done baby I think we’re done here all right just getting over to SD design house right now to pick up the final piece of the puzzle for our Viper project now you guys have seen us wearing those jerseys those are going to be dropping on August 16th and I think

In just two minutes all of that is going to make a little bit of sense so let’s get inside and I’ll show you guys what we’re working on foreign oh foreign got the Viper all buttoned up and we’ve got one more track day tomorrow which we’re gonna do off camera you guys

Aren’t going to see that the next time you see us and this Viper is going to be in Detroit at roadkill nights we’re ready to rock and roll Army boys let’s go let’s go racing [Applause]