Throtl: Rebuilding Our Hellcat Swapped Dodge Viper to Make It EVEN Faster! (1,XXX HP)

Reading Time: 13 minutes
Posted: 2023-07-29 16:00:38
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

What is going on guys welcome back to the throttle YouTube channel my name is Quinn I’m here with Ricky and we are taking our Dodge Viper back to Motor Trend presents road kill lines powered by Dodge you guys that we ran this last year this is a Hellcat swap 2001 Viper

Throttle what’s going on how Quick’s the car gonna run there it is no Ricky Fernandez throttle takes the win and last year they had a stick shift rule every car on grid had to be a manual transmission they are not doing that rule this year which means we can

Put this in this is a turbo 400 automatic and we’re gonna get this thing in the Viper fired up and running and the car is going to be fast let’s get to it This section of the transmission here is 19 inches wide our transmission tunnel frame rails are 18 inches wide we’re gonna try and put it in see what happens Queen doesn’t care which they are gonna try to put it in even though we know it’s not gonna fit because the frame rails are 18 inches and the transformation is 19 which means we have one inch that is not gonna fit but we don’t care because we’re gonna make it

That’s what she said Trying to rotate it and tilt it up but this thickness with the pan on is just not going to be enough what we’re gonna have to do is pretty much Notch the frame rails what’s interesting is the frame rail on this is actually really thin metal it’s not super thick so we’re

Going to reinforce it as much thicker stuff than we had already we’re going to do is put the transmission up see where it’s hitting here because the rest of it should fit perfectly and then we’ll just come in here and Notch this section out as much as we need to and then we’ll

Plate it weld it all back together and then it should slide up there nice so let’s go Is So we’ve got some of the frame rails cleaned up on the Viper Ricky went and picked up our yolk which is now on the transmission so we’re going to take a break from cutting and trimming and making plates to reinforce the frame we’re going to put the transmission in

Bolt it down get our drive shaft measurements and then we’ll keep jamming on the frame foreign [Applause] Ty all tacked in where they need to be so now we’re going to test for the transmission make sure they fit let’s go Oh dude that’s money money that’s so money that’s proper dude yeah that’s proper pretty much clear you’re not touching but you’re really cool but it’s like really cool your place work my plate Works something’s weird you got an auto in the Viper baby we just gotta finish with all that throw the converter

On Boom automatic All right to accomplish all the weather that I’m doing today on the Viper we are using the Lincoln Electric Power make to 10 MP which is our most used machine here we have a bunch of them but this one it is the most portable one and the easiest

One to use it literally just set it and forget it and start to weld so Ricky was working on it I got our basis for our transmission mount setup because the transmission is shorter than the cr6060 was we need to make our trans mount luckily the first time we did it with

The manual swap with this engine swap we reuse the stock Mount so that’s not the case for this so I made this this is going to bolt onto the transmission somewhere like there and we just make metal brackets and reinforce it another transmission mount foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Our transmission cooler is mounted we got all of our spacing set up on the converter now we’re pulling the transmission back out for the final time we’re going to be cleaning everything we want to kind of sort out where the shifter is going to be see if we need to

Put anything up there from the inside and then we can of course fill our converter and put it all back in for the last time since this is an extremely high performance automatic transmission we’re not going to be using anything just regular off the shelf in terms of

Fluid we’ve got Dexron 3 by mosul you guys know we love multiple we run it on every single car we have here and there’s a reason for that this transmission is going to be dealing with a lot of power a lot of stress and this is the product we’re going to be using

So let’s get the transmission out get the converter filled up and then we can put this Auto turns in for the last time We just follow our torque converter so automatic transmissions are very different this is a fluid converter automatic so there’s like a few different types automatic like dcts and stuff but most cars use fluid converter automatics which is what this is pretty much what your clutch would be in an automatic and then Transmissions

Automatic transmissions use a lot of fluid so this entire thing is fills with fluid the entire transmission is filled with fluid so this will take the manual transmission will take like two or three quarts of manual transmission fluid or ATF something we’ll take automatics take

Like 12 to 16 chords so quite a bit more there’s our shifter you ever seen this Ricky nope the used one nope first time all right so park is way back here we’ve got reverse is a subtle time to detent because Greg you showed me that and you

Press this and this at the center yeah so if you want to go to reverse you’re gonna press down on that and then pull back and then reverse there neutral is there and then the shifter so there’s first gear essentially if you keep a forward pressure it’ll stick in second

And you can read back that’ll be the third so it’s not like put it in drive and it shifts automatically for you we still have to shift it we’re working with you Ricky well we got a bunch of holes here so we’re gonna make that Solid Plate nice thick plate so when

We’re pulling or pushing the plague doesn’t wobble but I think this is like where it needs to be I’m very comfortable right here and so it’s Quinn Quinn has to move back a little bit okay moves back all the way and it’s the same thing for him so I think that’s a spot

We just gotta make a nice blade mount it and then test it again foreign Let me show you how it works goes in that’s where it will stop and then our speed master shifter will be bolted on right about here yes like so and I have four marks that holds this in place and then I have four for the shifter I’m

Gonna make sure that this is bolted permanently to the plate and the plate will be able to be removed on and off with the shifter attached to it that way we can access the transmission from above or access the cable but I want this to stay the same I’m working on

Making this permanently to this now and then from here we will start working on our bolts and rip nuts for the plate itself and then we’ll make it look nice I’m masking the edge of our plate because it is the same thickness as the piece of metal that’s underneath of it and I’ll be able to tell how much metal I have to work with where I’m going to start drilling my holes and get it ready for the rig not set yes We’ve written out of the chassis and we down started the plate and it just marked up right it’s not bolted down from here so you gotta put the actual cable that goes through here and then we have to do the hole and it could go through the trans housing so I’m gonna

Be doing that next making a hole and putting a cable to it These are center console cover center consoles we even cover that our shifter panel black suede baby let’s see how long it lasts before we ruin it it looks sick did you look good for the race that’s good yeah it’s pretty good thanks man go baby Oh now that Ricky’s happy with the shifter we can get it in and out properly and we know it’s going to work well it’s time to install the transmission for the final time we got this thing ready to go we got the converter full of fluid we’re

Gonna put the converter on get this thing bolted down finalized which is awesome we can pull up the converter down and get the starter we can start buttoning up and finalizing all the little systems that need to go on here such as the core lines the dipstick get

The shift linkage on and really get in the final Paces of getting this car back together let’s do it I’m gonna race the car up when it’s gonna check down there to make sure so there’s two ways you can install this it can be a pole level or a push level so we’re gonna make sure that we did it the right way Ricky give me neutral give me first

And then then give me a racing shift two to three sick awesome we’re jamming baby I also got our cooler lines done so we’re gonna go ahead and throw these on at this point we can pretty much start adding food to the transmission so let’s get these installed Funny I got a surprise for you bud for me yeah come on over here what you got hey Ricky got a surprise for you what’s up what come on out here Sean surprise we’ll be here any second I’m so confused right now yeah you guys serious right

I’ll make serious is it a new drop is it more hats is it finally more hats more hacky sacks for real I’m being serious yeah hold on dude we can’t handle any more projects right now just look in here it’s a mess in there right now if

You still got to do that finish the BRZ so I gotta do something with the prowler we gotta do Miata still as long as it’s not another Fierro this is gonna be great oh this guy’s gonna be I don’t like that already I’m excited I don’t

Like that there it is I see what all right it’s kind of dirty don’t come here bro give me a hug it’s Willy that’s a really good surprise I’ve done this driving a while oh I see you again what’s up Willie what’s up dude hey I I get I get the rotary stuff

Now dude how you been Bud good how are you good show me what you got here hey a little bit more so will left but came back and then left and came back and then left no he never left but you wanna explain us what’s going on with this

Yeah so how’s it going if you can burden shop my boys doing EV full time our cooler is on our shifter is on we just need to put the drive shaft in and then we’re ready to start this thing and run it through a skier so it’s time to add

Some food let’s go Got our drive shaft back picked it up from Oceanside Driveline this morning let’s get this thing in and we can start it outside from a few wiring and solenoids and buttons we need to wire up transmission will be done We’re at the point with the Viper where we can actually put the front wheels on Take It Outside run it get the transmission fluid going through it get the level done but we’re gonna do a few things before that the first one was you took the front bumper off because it was

Red it needs to go to wrap we’re gonna wire our trans brake and get our line locked out in so the line lock should be the same as what it was where you snagged a button that was a parking brake button actually on the Tesla 350Z

To act as our trans brake button for now so we’re gonna order a set of buttons and actually have them steering wheel mounted but for now we just want to make sure that the circuits are working so we’re going to wire them up We’re gonna test this right now so we already had a light for the line lock so if I press this that should turn out which means the line locks didn’t power and it is okay so let me make sure that the solenoid is actually clicking yep I can hear that clicking I’m going

To press the brake and I’m going to hold it with this and when I let go the brakes you should not be able to turn that yeah she’s locked okay I’m gonna let go of the button yeah yep okay for the trans brake we do have

The same light but we should have we haven’t connected it yet because all this is going to change tomorrow morning we’re going to get to this steering wheel with side Mountain button side buttons and then we’re going to add the library and stuff like that so I don’t

Know if you can hear this or not you’re gonna have to check that go foreign get the fluid level right get the fluid level hot okay all right let’s do that thanks we got a pre-made harness here with a stage six Motorsports two-step what the boys are telling me is that

They have some buttons on the steering wheel and what they’re gonna do is be holding a button for the trans brake and for the RPM limiter this is going to hold the RPMs at a perfect launch then when they want to go they just like go

The button and it’s going to take off right away so this thing right here is just going to interrupt our coils it’s already pre-made for a heavy motor we’re gonna Mount our control box somewhere accessible because if we want to adjust the RPM that it’s going to hold uh we’ll

Just dial on some of these attenuators in here I don’t know if you can see those or not you can dial them by thousands and hundreds so we can go like 6200 damn it’s a hell of a lot Oh we’re ready baby we’re gonna whoa you’re gonna what Captain wow what’s happening right now Watch out all right so we found reverse Starfall we’ve never dealt with this transmission with the turbo 400 you can put it on reverse or neutral and the trans brake is your reverse just the way they are just the way that the torque converter works for the for the staging and taking off

So learn something new every day transmission is happy we got fluid in it it’s at a place where it’s being the transmission doing all the things it should do which is good we have to get the transmission hot to dial in the fluid so we’re gonna have to wait till

We get on track to do that but for now we got a lot more stuff to do this car so let’s keep going thank you foreign Against the clock we’re going to the track tomorrow and the car is not 100 dialed in so we need to get it to that point where we can actually drive it so since we changed the ride height and changed Each corner as far as height for the weight balance goes to change the

Alignment of the car so I’m getting that dialed in real quick you might have to mix some minor adjustments on the track tomorrow as far as alignment but for now this will be good enough let’s go Thank you we are running out of time we have acid design here trying to finish up the wrap with us we have will here helping out I’m back I’m trying to get to finishing panels in on the car and from here once I get down what are

The panels we’re gonna throw all four wheels and tires on which you guys haven’t seen have you seen it I’ve seen it they’ve seen it we’re gonna throw it on and we’ll show you guys the finished product and then we’ll head it to the track right after this Is that a fit that’ll be perfect that’s it man Greg that’s a good stuff it’s gonna look like this that’s what we want baby that’s a skinny Absolutely yes here you go yep Greg says yes we’re now then it’s got grego approval you’re good to go It’s time we just got these back from the powder coater Rick oh what the heck yo you’re gonna start with the friends yeah let’s go baby you ready oh you have to follow me bro So I got a question for everyone yes will got fired for stealing small parts small t-shirts whatever would fit in this backpack what time do you think the Viper will run tomorrow I don’t think we can even say that we don’t even know how

It’s going to run I mean you got to give a prediction tomorrow because it’s the first time we’re going to be tuning and adjusting I say seven five seven five seven five okay end of the day I’m going six four six five I don’t know yeah out the gate 7

The thing is the Supra is heavier by like 100 pounds super runs a six three but it it probably has more power but not by but hold on how many days did it take us to make that thing go six three oh a lot of days the red we know we have

The recipe we got the setup we got all the things it did we had done to that car anyway yeah they’re gonna have to tune in the next video to watch that I think I have tune in but before we cut off this video we should address why Will’s here I think

Yeah well we kind of did but we’ll do it again so will was not fired or let go will decide to go on his own and Tackle his own business ventures check out his shirt and we’re proud yeah yeah of course yeah uh full EV conversions fit and finish

And everything not just power plant out the door it’s you want a new suspension whatever yeah to handle whatever weight so I’m doing gauges radio suspension brake uh drum to rotor conversions for this first car everything so so also we have the privilege but also we have the privilege of having

Will come down here and help out with our projects from time and time again so you will still see will hopefully more and more in the next couple builds and whenever we need wiring stuff we know wheels are got to do that so we don’t want to trust Ricky with that whoa okay

Wow wow I’ve seen some things already [Applause] [Laughter] all right that’s gonna end it was the end of the video peace that’s it for today’s episode make sure to like comment subscribe say what’s up to these guys and tell them what you’d like to see let us know your guesses for

What the time will be and we will try to do you guys one better boom bye see ya okay bye hurry up