Throtl: Racing our Hellcat Swapped Dodge Viper at Roadkill Nights 2023! (Crazy Ending)

Posted: 2023-08-16 16:00:53
Author: throtl
We arrive in Pontiac Michigan to take on our competition in the Roadkill Nights influencer grudge match! Our Hellcat Swapped Dodge Viper rebuilt with an automatic drag transmission and nitrous is ready to race. Thank you to Motul for sponsoring today’s episode!

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Throtl Video Transcript

We are back for roadkill nights we’re out here in Detroit Michigan with Ricky we brought our Hellcat swap Dodge Viper Now with an automatic transmission and dialed in today’s gonna be an epic day I’m racing in one heat Ricky’s gonna be racing in another it’s gonna be awesome

I believe you’re going first right I am going first let’s get to it let’s go Actually back for what your second third year third year is going to be our third year in real kill nights so I see that you’re going with the Viper again we added nitrous Corner balancing weight distribution what are you feeling what are all the feels about your competitors

Well that’s um demonology Museum my boy Herman coming for you baby that’s just it’s just gonna happen bro do you have it out for Herman too not necessarily and this is he’s got the beef with Herman but I’m saying there are so many competitors that did so bad last year

That they started running automatics this year so we’re gonna see what happens you know it’s it’s coming down best of luck out there today guys foreign Kill nights we’re doing a rookie bracket which is what I’m driving in and we’re doing a veteran bracket which is what Ricky’s racing in so there are six teams we’re one of them you guys already know our vipers we’re gonna check out the rest of the competitions car this is our

First competitor this is from we’re up to build they were here last year with their Cuda as well this is a little since it was last year it is you can put it put a lot more into it this year you know if you got a parachute you know

You’re fast team corrupt their Barracuda is one of my personal favorite cars on grid it’s such a classic car and it looks so good what do we got here Ricky this is a Plymouth and I only know that because of the name on the side other

Than that I have no idea what this is but it’s very very cool so this thing has traction bar inside the trunk area so if you get really really low you get to see it and the tires are massive and I heard it pops wheelies so I can’t wait

To see that today all right next up we got a Prius hahaha now we’re racing it that hey this is sentimentality tell me about your field hey I’m charger we know he’s slow but it’s okay it’s a 2010 Dodge Charger that we that we got it guys give me 2009

Charger That We rescued from the crusher yeah I had a V6 in it and we we stripped everything out of it we put the Holley 12 inch in there you know about that 12 inch I’m his daddy I do know he know he knows you don’t know but he knows me put

Nitrous Outlet bottles off in there we run into air shifter we putting race equip seed in it and uh here let me when the piper Community came after y’all I was like Ricky you better not lose that race and he represented the family well there you go he beat all the

Vipers with the Viper B10 engines okay I’m okay we got the Gap sauce right there that’s cows we’re gonna change this name to Booty Juice right here because he gonna be eating it from the back it never happened let’s see Outlet in the house we got this leg maker on here

So that’s all we did man we just you know we just did a little something something my boy ran out of weapon this year I’m excited to see this thing wrong I’m excited to see y’all run y’all y’all gonna be the threat I know how Ricky do

He come in with all smiles and hugs I’m a lover I’m a lover he’s a fighter he want to make you think he’s a lover but he’s a fighter I love it bro my boy Rob brought out a beautiful 71 Challenger so we can have a good race this is the

Last card in the competition it is a Dodge Ram it is beautiful he was saying his interview yesterday this is a Big Daddy Don Garlits Edition which was one of like 200 trucks made and it was like almost like an attack or something like that that you can get from the factory

But like they redo it after the manufacturer made the truck it’s a kit or package pickup truck Dodge Ram no problem it’ll fit tight squeeze even in here which we actually were thinking about doing but oh I’m like it would have been so fast dude Ram trucks are my favorite trucks

Of like the big three and seeing this number one is really cool really nice so those are our competitors cars we’re gonna be racing against Lacey Erica Kayla Lee and EJ so pretty soon we’re gonna have about two hours of open test practice the drag strip’s gonna be

Flooded so we’re gonna try and get a few passes in get the car dialed in make sure we’re feeling good and then uh it’s race time so let’s go Thank you we did our driver’s meetings get that camera out there lose his face you want to tell the audience we’re gonna go get our run groups and then we’re gonna make some passes is that right yeah yeah we’re gonna make some passes you’re doing right lane Lifeline

I’m gonna be in the right lane we’re gonna take the right lane ha ha ha ha ha ha be sure she has dropped and the rest of the collection go to the website and get yours brother we got two bottles bottles of the sauce this here is Mofongo baby let’s go let’s go Thank you Oh we were supposed to go out on track and do test passes and then it just started raining heavy like Mega hey it was sprinkling a little bit we’re like oh that sucks and then it was pounding dude I feel like I was in Chicago again for the Nascar race but hopefully they

Drive the track and hopefully we can start making some runs what I’m afraid they’re gonna do is like it’s finally gonna dry out and nobody’s gonna get any test pass there we go okay let’s go racing and then who knows what’s gonna happen so we’ll see The rain has finally stopped it is sunny out the track is dry they just send out some big tire cars for some practice very soon we’re going to be in the car making passes I know so my boy Quinn’s gonna get his first taste fast and then

You’re gonna go straight to racing he’s going to be very quick yep right after that it’s gonna be myself hopefully I get my own test passed and then a full raise and then we should be ready to go ah let’s go Ricky Oh Hi brother run me through it how you feeling I’m feeling good man excited I just want to make a path once you get that first pass under you’ll be way more comfortable first pass is really make or break here because we don’t know this setup works extremely well at Verona the track’s a

Little colder the altitude’s different so it might blow the tires off or it might hook and buck I don’t know we’re gonna find out first pass all right go kill it brother yeah yeah thank you And I’m taking everybody to church introducing them to the new religion of Gap types so let him go arms up here there it is no Ricky Fernandez [Applause] [Applause] hold up I know what you guys are thinking why was I sitting at the line and we actually did that on purpose I knew we were only getting one test pass and I knew there was a good chance we’re gonna line up with the boys at

Demonology I told him I was going to sit at the line arms were gonna drop his boy was going to go I was gonna wait a full second and then take off because this is our third year at roadkill nights we know how the games get played I wanted

To save the racing for the actual race and not give away our secrets of the car and so that’s why we did that Hey man hey man I didn’t know y’all was gonna make sandwiches and do saucers he took a nap that baby was sleeping all right so right now Queen’s gonna go he’s gonna do his actual race we just found out that I may not be able to race

Just because we ran out of time and the rain really screwed up so what they’re saying that they might give us a practice pass and that’s gonna be it for me but at least we get to see Queen uh win this whole race for us doing good

Dude help me here loves here it’s just another day I’ve been on a baby let’s have some fun entertained this is going to be the Dodge direct connection Grudge Match you’re going to see the guys in the throttle back here for the third time with their Viper yes

And they are here with Ricky Fernandez of course and Quinn Clark is one of their shot guys who’s going to be playing the role of the road okay before you guys grab a chip would anyone just like to call somebody else out oh right there he’s all about it who would you

Like to call out sir my friends the dominators first race we did a call out call out my friends the dominators we love Rob he’s always out you said our shop a few times driven a bunch of our cars he’s a really good friend of the channel thank you foreign

Build and then we have Herman’s charger build and all three of them are moving very fast but we steal a small tire car and we’re keeping up with big tire cars which is badass got the dog baby 15 minutes to do this or we don’t finish run so there’s three chips in there

Big drop oh not even [ __ ] man goodness you got to buy okay beautiful so please I love you all so much get suited up and it’s as soon as you run back up same thing make this happen if your winners okay okay let’s do it let’s go baby

Round two we’re moving up let’s go that’s what you’re doing Quinn you’re doing great it’s awesome dude you’re looking good out there not backpack you’re fast moving dude you’re fast so you’re spraying I did that okay keep it going don’t change anything yeah don’t change anything same size come up there

And he says the second half of these [ __ ] cars super fast they say you’ll definitely take him on the second I’m leaving around yeah he’s gonna do the same thing is he he’s gonna do the same Go ahead the crowd has wanted to see and this is it demonology desperately wants to get a win that matters foreign snatched from the soul Snatcher let’s go baby it was a Fair Race got up there and was ready I mean like a beyond ready wow what a win that was a

Lot of car links right off the head and obviously they just you know the soul snatchers couldn’t get back around I did that was basically you just got drunk yeah he did the car is silver back Silverback is gonna get all of them we had to nickname It Booty Juice cause

They all gonna eat it from behind because we gonna be in front of them [Laughter] [Applause] coming back thank you Hey my grandson did a good job he caught my boys Yeah you want the right lane what do you want left lane cool yeah you too good luck guys almost there baby you know we got to be prepped we lose we get seconds so we’re in good shape dude we’re in good shape the Iceman off with their head

You know how you die YouTube halfway up I heard it was perfect yeah so do the exact same thing so when you see it halfway up launch okay because that by the time you pull that button it pulls you at the perfect shot okay all right shaking back baby foreign what’s up

You gave it in Hell bro that was awesome that Cuda is bad man that’s thing is better big tire full drag car against an interior street car with Sonic IRS she figured it out real quick yeah that was fun yeah she got out in front of me and

Just parked it there man something was terrific cardigan’s car it’s just not now yeah well we were talking about that that’s something big tires way more horsepower way more tire but I was I was hoping and I was hoping we could beat the driver and she

Did a perfect Drive dude so Tony tweaked his suspension before they went out that’s what they were doing you dialed it that’s cool I mean they they really didn’t have any test pass so she’s gotten out of it once I would have won oh yeah yeah so good good for them

Highlighted great driving the fact that our small Tire well it sucks that I didn’t get to race um Herman was ready to go I went to get my helmet ready to go and then once he finishes race they told me that there was no time for race so

Herman you owe me that race I wanted to be you again a second year my boy Queen already did his part it was my turn but we’ll settle this later maybe in the future bad cars not a big tire I don’t know if we got

Off she was right next to me and then it just went full and stayed like that really yeah yeah that was crazy so glad it’s like two veteran cars coming back I know we get to do it again yeah that was so cool your car is insanely fast you guys came

Back so much stronger this year your car Tony you guys built an amazing car yeah the driver though delivered the driver yeah I think a lot of people would have got out of it yeah it was crazy like that last pass you think I should have gotten about it out of it

It was like it like slid right and the front went left and then you came back you were drifting so this is right down my house yeah we were talking down there but right when we finished is that we were the only ones that really worked on our

Own car and that’s right competitors yeah there’s two out there so that was awesome good driving I’m lucky I’m really happy it was both of us time to go party that’s been roadkill nice 2023 we’re here on Woodward Avenue we just raced our Viper we got second place baby

We’ll see you guys in the next episode foreign