Throtl: Prepping @MotiveVideo’s +1,100HP R32 GT-R For An 8 Second 1/4 mile Drag Pass!

Prepping @MotiveVideo's +1,100HP R32 GT-R For An 8 Second 1/4 mile Drag Pass!

Posted: 2023-06-16 16:00:00
Author: throtl
Doing some wrenching with our friends in Australia! Today we are working on @MotiveVideo 1,100 horsepower Nissan R32 GT-R. We need to prep the build for a track day where the car will hopefully make an 8 second pass! That means, fresh oil, new brakes, new wheels and tires, and a parachute!

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Throtl Video Transcript

Foreign What’s up everybody I’m Mickey welcome back to the throttle Channel today we’ve got some amazing content for you from Sydney Australia we’re gonna be working on this awesome 1100 horsepower R32 GTR Andrew tell us what we’re going to be doing today well I’ve been racing this

Thing over the last couple of months I did hoonigan this versus that I did our GTR challenge I did old Japan day and you obviously you saw it race at GTR Festival on the weekend and we went out cruising with it on Sunday a normal

Person would want a bit of a break after all that no I want to get ready to go back to the track and try and run an eight second pass so we need to give it a check over a service and get it ready to go back into drag trim sign me up

Let’s go let’s go rocking oh all right first thing Mickey I’m going to get the air filter off so we can give it a quick clean and make sure it’s all good but the main things we need access to this Clearview filter I use this to basically monitor engine wear and

Obviously it’s done a fair bit of work lately so we’re going to take a look at that clean that out then change the oil really cool yeah it’s unreal huh yeah I’ve never seen that before very cool Through all right you ready for this so basically to use the Clear View between runs you can hear all the oil going everywhere can you hear that yes so what you do you see the screen now yeah yeah you can see the screen so then there’s always going to be a little bit

Of stuff but that’s all silver a little silver flecks in there which is more like the kind of material you expect from alloy but well look what we’re looking for is actual bearing material see look at that wow that’s cool man I’m gonna have to invest in one of these

This is cool and what we’re looking for when we’re going to here on that screen is we’re not looking for there’s always going to be some stuff there’s going to be a little bit of silicon from that’s fallen out from the engine build there’s going to be little bits of alloy what

We’re looking for is we’re looking for bearing material the rest of that stuff that’s normal stuff that you’d see in the in your filter what I’m looking for is the bearing material if there’s bearing material in here then I’m worried All right foreign but if you have a look at it it’s all just little bits of alloy and like if you might get a little bit of thrust washer over time but it’s like what we’re looking for then we don’t realize how much of this is in a normal

Filter right you don’t get to see you don’t see it unless you cut open a filter and try and get it all out which you can’t you won’t see any of this but that you might look at that and go oh there’s a lot of crap in there that’s

Pretty normal for like a big engine like this over you know four race events there’s nothing in there that worries me at all because as I go like that I’m not seeing any of the shiny bronze stuff from bearings if all of that was bearing material I’d be panicking but there’s no

Bearing material maybe one tiny bit which might be a bit of thrust wash away from such a big clutch and laundry I don’t think it is actually I don’t see that exactly the coloration that you would see yeah there’s no there’s no bearing material this is all very silver

Man at 1100 horsepower engine’s been making 800 plus it’s pretty happy for nearly two years and it’s done about three and a half thousand kilometers and it’s done on street and racing it’s done 100 Dyno pools testing products I’ve seen it it’s done a lot of work so cool

Actual kilometers is not that big and it’s a little bit of Blue from the silicon and stuff like that still in here so yeah thank you Thank you so tired catch all your oil Yeah so basically it’s a just a drip tray and the whole idea is if once your Tech to go under tens one of the requirements is to have this tray so if there’s an engine failure that tries to catch some

Of it and it’s not flat it’s actually like you can see on the side at the back up and welder to actually have it actually has to catch fluid it might not catch all of it but it’ll certainly catch a lot of it if you have a dramatic

Failure so it’s it’s folded up so it can actually hold oil so that’s pretty cool I have to have it and um yeah that’s basically what I need foreign A little bit it’s quite sturdy yeah I don’t know I need to take a second and remind you guys that the sweepstakes for our S2000 plus twenty thousand dollars cash is about to end at the end of the month only a couple weeks left I’ve got some good news for you though we’ve got our throttle slash gretty merch collab

Coming out on June 23rd so if you haven’t already got your entries in head on over to the site pick up this dope artwork on this new collab and get those entries in because this car is Super Rad I hope I’m handing one of you guys the

Keys 10 liters of oil takes a while to drain unless of course you’re at full operating temp and want to burn yourself so while that’s draining I usually just take a little look at everything and then it needs a fresh wipe because something has seeped so that way you can

Monitor it better at the track make sure nothing’s loose just have a quick look over make sure nothing’s rather than anything nothing’s burning or melting and um yeah I usually spanner check these for any exhaust leaks so so yeah Yeah so ignore there’s this thing no ties Australia in terms of what we’re using but I obviously want to look after these when we take them to the traffic I’m going to get wet we want to get started on them nothing so they’re basically the soft compound in a drag

Radial if you do too many heat Cycles it can damage it if you keep it in the sun or get it wet or too cold like there’s you want to keep it indoors in a nice temperature keep them dry we need to cover yeah ET Street R is like the more serious

Mickey Thompson Street Tire yeah everyone is on the Supra that’s right so we have the SS which is more of a actual streetable one because it disperses water or anything Street R essentially is just basically by having less tread grooves you have more contact patch this

Is what makes it a DOT approved correct the little look at that yeah Foreign While we’re in here we’re gonna go ahead and give Andrew’s Brembo brakes in the rear a little bit of a wipe down it’s got a beautiful red coat on them so some of the brake dust off you can see them through his wheels it’s one thing to be

Fast but another thing to look good going fast Well when your car hits 160 mile an hour plus and a quarter mile and you have a habit of like staying into it a little bit further than the Finish Line your brakes need to be pretty good we do have a parachute on the car for drag racing

To be honest I don’t use that at kudamundra or when we do other events like power Cruiser all Japan day so I like having good brakes time for a fresh set of pads in this car that are a little bit uprated so we’ll get these bad boys out

I’ll show it we’re going to use so I’ve got here is the new pad from DBA it’s basically the new race pad uh we’ve got a lot of work with them a lot of testing for them so this is the new compound we’re going to put in the car to help me

Pull up from some pretty silly speeds let’s go Some serious heat there boy wow you were do hey yeah yeah I um you’re meant to pull the Chute anything over 150 mile an hour yeah in other words you’ve got an actual fast car yeah um and yeah I don’t pull the shoot and keep getting in trouble for it and I’ve

Done years of racing without pulling shoots stopping from sort of like 270 plus case an hour that’s some serious wear if I need a shoot to stop how’s it a street car right yeah that’s that’s my attitude I love Japanese parts and I love the JDM industry and everything it did for GTRs I mean we might have built the quickest Motorsport GTRs in the world in 1991 and 92 with the group a cars but Japan mastered the tuna GTR world in the late 90s early 2000s but that scene changed

And it stopped authors have taken over I’m gonna build a fast GTR you put Aussie Parts on if you want to build a JDM internet points Instagram car well then it’s Japanese use Japanese Parts I’m not saying the Japanese one will be slow or not any good it’s just

When you want to go really it’s like you want a fast car or you want a really fast car which one do you want yeah so me personally I want a car that makes a really fast car look slow [Laughter] In that studio we are done underneath let’s get some oil in this bad boy yeah and um let’s put the parachute on and that’s pretty much it It’s a test because I just passed I’m gonna grab a rag Look at that look how much oil you put in it and it’s full but now we’re going to run it let it fill up with all everywhere this thing doesn’t know well and it does it no that’s right so what I normally do or what most people do

Just let it crank with no spark yep Baby a little bit over full is gdr wife you know what so here’s a fun fact the reason you run GTR is a little bit over full is because they pump a lot of oil into the head at high RPM and obviously when you’ve got really big oil pressure from a Billet

Pump like this Nitto Billet pump you are yeah the head can fill up with oil so what you want to do is generally you find that even though it’s over full when it’s cold like this when it’s running there’s going to be oil trapped in the head almost at all times when

You’re driving so you always get a little bit over full on a wet snap GTL and even if you’re over a four it has a place to go oh it’s going to drain right back in it yeah so while we’re here we might as well talk about that so we run

A PRP cam cover it’s got baffles inside it restrictor in the head and then we run a head drain on the back as well um which is oil and water we just run an oil one on here the reason for that though is we have other water

Distribution outlets in our in our Inlet manifold our catch can is enormous as you can see we relocated the fuse box the reason that is even though they’ve got a drain back to the sump in the in the catch can you have to remember when there’s oil

When the oil is trapped in the head and then the things breathing due to the amount of boost the oil basically can’t return because the the actual I guess the crankcase pressure is trying to push up into the head that’s trying to push back into the catch can the only place

To get out is the Breather out of the catch can right right so even the oil that’s trapped in here it won’t return When you’re at you know on Boost and Full Throttle so it won’t return until you’re off the throttle there’s vacuum inside yes and then it can go back down

Again so you need a huge catch can to be able to last long enough that you know if you’ve got to do a full drag pass or a full lap it essentially needs to hold enough that it can fill up for a lap yeah so that way you’ve got time to burn

Back down so in circuit applications it’s really hard to get these things to drain back because you’re always on the throttle even if you’re well let’s talk about that because we saw a little bit of this issue on the car that we built for Las Vegas yeah and group a cars have

Been running since the late 80s early 90s so they had to have addressed this issue correct is there anything you know of that was done in those cars I could talk about so the glass from the group a team Gibson Motorsport told me that when they tested sumps for these things they

Went to the track like you know for an entire week and tested multiple different sump designs and catch can designs if you look at their like breeding system you’ll see multiple catch cans multiple lines multiple oil coolers like it was crazy what they had

To do to keep oil in this thing to be able to go circuit racing but they weren’t allowed to go dry sump in these for group a and what kind of power are we talking on those group back then it’s like 600 horsepower and a little bit

Over 8 000 RPM but we’re trying to rev these things to nine and a half now yeah 10 000 even so the problems with over a thousand horsepower so the problem’s even worse now so it’s just it just it just keeps whatever it says you make the

Engine more powerful look I just tell everyone this do you want to go around corners on a GTR yes then dry Sun but just save all of the drama drama and there’s going to be people out there that go oh I’ve circuit race mom and I

Went some cool I get you can but if you want to avoid the drama I’m just trying to get it right just go dry some I’m building a group a tribute car right now I’m just going to go dry some I’m just not waste my time with a wet sump on a

Car that does lapse if you want to go reliable circuit laps dry some yeah and we’re not going to get into what address some system is if you guys don’t know what that is we’ve got a video on that yeah oh you do okay check out motive video they’ve they’ve got all video

About it otherwise Google it um but for me with a wet sump because I’ve got a Billet oil pump from you know huge pressure lots of flow even with all the restrictors and head drains and everything it would fill a small catch can in one drag run wow but that’s why

I’ve got a monster catch can and it returns to some so since I finished the Run that’s why you know as soon as I finish Chopper fifth I don’t sort of pull six and keep guards put my foot on the clutch stay in fifth though because

You can’t go back down put my foot on the clutch and straight away that means the engine revs will drop it’ll go into vacuum all the oil can drain back away and obviously return of this so for those people that are worried about oil contamination by returning the sump ask

Yourself this if it came out of here why can’t it go back yeah I mean that’s that’s the reality the OEM has re-plummit into the air yeah exactly so like if it came out of the engine it can go back in the engine the contamination that you see when someone

Drains their catch can that is usually just condensation it’s just moisture so you can imagine this can is full of hot oil right and then you turn your car off you leave it outside the air cools down condensation forms inside and then water builds up in the catch can and then the

Ethanol stuck in the oil that then separates so before you know it looks terrible but honestly it’s fine we noticed that if you start and stop these without warming them up a lot on E85 it contaminates the oil but as soon as you get it warm it just burns off yep so

Don’t stress the the no warming up thing just escalates that probably correct if you I have a theory that every time I start this car I warm it up and drive it so I don’t start it move it turn it off start it move it turn it off because

Then that over time is just really bad in terms of contamination v85 so so if you’re just going to move it out to the car park you just push it push it we push it out yeah and we don’t push it because it doesn’t drive we push it

Because I just don’t want the contamination so every time I start it I drive it that’s cool it’s just it’s just looking after the cars GTR things I guess a couple other little touches in here that I guess people from overseas that are watching might wonder about we

Use a uh we do the fuel hours twin entry so we actually made it come in from each end and come out in the middle um that’s just for even fuel so your feed line is wide off underneath yeah it is in one soda and you can see there’s a

Mechanical fuel pump so that’s why you’ll notice when I start this car for the first time in the morning it takes a little bit longer and that’s just fuel getting from the surge tank in the front coming up through this line to fill up this obviously when you’ve got a fuel

Pump higher than the surge tank it can just fall back away so it takes a little bit longer to crank if it’s been running it starts quickly but if it hasn’t been running another little fun fact is when you have one of these and you don’t have

A vented Bonnet if it gets a lot of heat soak it can almost evaporate and heat up some of the fuel inside the pump so it actually like almost gets like vapor lock when it’s hot but because I have a vented Bonnet my car doesn’t get it

That’s good so I’ve seen some other guys get it but I don’t get it yeah so yeah obviously you can see drive by wire electronic throttle body um that’s another interesting fun fact on this I use a hyper tuning Inlet manifold ID 2600 injectors obviously we

Need to get a bit of grunt yeah we’ve got split fire R35 coil packs the reason for that is the R35 coil packs that I had in this car they’ve been in the car for like five years as you can imagine they’ve done some work yeah so um on the

Weekend I seemed like one of them had just degraded a little bit so we put a whole new set in um what else can we look at j45 1500 okay I’ve dropped it down in there so it doesn’t look like a pro mod 1500 horsepower but I run the smallest for your housing

So I run a 101 twin scroll T4 which is actually this for this turbo is the smallest one but you’ve been in the car you’ve seen how drivable it is yeah but it’s super streetable but at the same time still makes 1100 very efficiently yeah without really leaning

On it so quite shocking how nice it does well I did a video about all that has to do with the setup and a little bit of the tune that’s right I mean it’s a combination of everything this car has always been about the combo not one

Thing so 11 years of development slowly means that you get the chance to get every part of it right you know what I mean We’re about to put this parachute on the back of this R32 and what’s really cool is before we stick this in look at the roll cage so the roll cage comes down ties into the chassis got a y shape here that comes off of those and then there’s a receiver that is

Placed underneath the license plate that flips up really well thought out design slide it in put the bolt in soft and ready how far they go Thank you there you go so when you race now pull that pin out and it’s armed and then now the lever will work actually why don’t you forget to pull the spinner oh it won’t work that’s why your crew member has to be there to do that for you so so in

Australia for ihra I’m sure it’s similar NHRA uh once the car goes over 140 mile an hour although I heard that changing that to 150 um you need a parachute so the sub 10 is what makes you need a cage the 140 plus is what makes you need a shoe

And they’ve changed that to 150 now because there’s better technology with your brakes brakes are much better and I go 161 on a everything pass so um yeah I’m a little bit over 150 units so I need to shoot the car will pull up no problem but the Street’s not

There to pull me up the shoot’s there to pull me up if my brakes fail right right so if I have a safety correct so you have to pull it I get I’ve got in trouble for not pulling it because I forgot but you have to pull it because

Their attitude is the reason you pull it is in case your brakes fail by the time you realize your brakes have failed it’s too late I want to get the track on a proper test day now my GTI Festival was fun and all but I was trying to run an

Event I was trying to do a lot of things it was very very flustered to get out there and I was just happy to do it at least our run for the crowd yeah it was still a 9-6 at 155 on the on I guess not

All of the Boost but you know I was on a thousand nine six is pretty fast yeah so I just just wanted one test hit to get some data logs I bogged it a little bit very sticky track but nine six at 155 in this car is like you can you can stuff

Up and it still goes that quick yeah the goal is to try and go like an 8889 at 160 which the car has everything it needs to do it it just gets at that level It’s just sometimes a little bit of setup time a little bit of State time

Get it get it ready for the a highly prep track yeah go to cootamundra it’s easy we know exactly what to do but we’ve been there so many times but when you go to prep track it’s Sydney Dragway was oh it was Emo’s prep track I’ve seen

Aside from like any Top Fuel exactly right it was um breaking everything and everyone’s bogging down and like like six and a half thousand two-step was not enough in this car but that’s too much on the street you know what I mean so we

Have to do 72 I was down there when that bog happened I was like oh not enough hours it bogs and it still goes 96 155 and we’ve still got another 150 lost pad add to it so all right well we got a bunch of stuff done none of it was real

Difficult no but it was fun to actually get my hands on it you’ve worked on my car I work on your car now and as you guys can see we did get a little bit dirty so so it’s got to be done right I

Mean at the end of the day it’s just a quick check over and a service I think it’s a pretty good Testament the fact that we’ve got 1150 horsepower engine’s been gone for a couple of years yeah it’s never had to be a part at all to

Have multiple turbos and inlets on it and it’s still going and it’s ready to go around an eight second pass I can’t wait to see it yeah thank you guys so much for tuning in to the throttle Channel today I hope you enjoyed this little segment here in

Sydney Australia with our friend Andrew from Moto video if you haven’t already checked out his channel do so we’ll leave a link in the description down below thank you guys so much again hit that subscribe button leave us some comments we’ll see you in the next one Foreign Foreign [Applause]