Throtl: Plymouth Prowler Gets a Hellcat Redeye Engine Swap, BUT We Had to Change Directions Completely…

Plymouth Prowler Gets a Hellcat Redeye Engine Swap, BUT We Had to Change Directions Completely…

Posted: 2023-07-25 16:00:15
Author: throtl
Welp… That didn’t go quite as planned. Unfortunately, we had to pull an audible and swap the Roadkill nights project to our VIPER! We’ve got a lot of work to do to get this thing dialed in for the race in 2 weeks! How fast will it be with the Turbo400? Comment down below!

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Throtl Video Transcript

It’s always a good day when you get the phone call that your 797 horsepower Hellcat red eye engine has arrived our motor is here for roadkill nights I’m so pumped we’re gonna get this thing strapped down and back down to the Boys At throttle HQ and I can’t wait to share

It with them so we’re out here at Temecula this is Chrysler Dodge Jeep and RAM brands are here and they are our direct connection dealer so direct connection is where you can order tons of different crate engines including this Hellcat red eye they also have hellcats they have all different engines

And stuff so everything you need when it comes to crate engines comes from direct connection we’ve used their engine packages for several years very excited to get this thing loaded up and get it into the Ranger and get back down to San Diego Thank you all right thanks guys all right now we got our Hellcat red eye motor unpackaged this thing is an absolute beast and we’ve got our Prowler that this thing was meant for but unfortunately we are going to be pulling an audible or more so I should say a

Pause with the Hellcat swap Plymouth Prowler we’re still going to be doing that project we have something else lined up later in the year but this year for Motor Trends roadkill nights powered by Dodge we are going to be bringing back our 2001 Dodge Viper throttle

D so well last year we just barely lost to Weston Champlin in the finals for the influencers Undertaker Lane right lane and we all wanted revenge and this year is all about the return of the Viper and how much faster and how much more dialed

In we can make this thing we learned a lot this year about drag racing and we are coming for that W well for that being said we are going to be dialing in all the problems that make the Viper extremely sketchy to drive and we’re going to be working on making

This thing go straight and fast this year on top of that we’re going to be transforming the entire exterior giving it a fresh new look new wheels and tires a bunch of stuff you guys are going to have to sit back relax and enjoy the Viper series 2.0 So in the rear resource from 16 by 11 and for the front we saw some 16 by five anyways we have matching Wheels skinnies and figs and this tire is not going to be this small we are going to get a proper 28 by 10 and a half Tire which is

Pretty much what we ran before foreign What do we got here these are scales we’re gonna put the car on the scales read the weight of the car and see if we can adjust the height or add ballasts to get our weight distribution where we need it to be boom let’s go so essentially we have a scale for each

Corner so we put the car down on all four scales and each scale is going to tell us how much weight is on that specific scale we can determine a few things one what the overall weight of the car is but more specifically what we’re interested in is in the weight

Distribution of the car so for a drag car you want like a 55 percent of the weight in the back 45 in the front and you also want it even left to right Right I want to say it’s 3 700 pounds 39. no I’m going like 35. you’re saying 3500 500 or less that is off the lift 3 400 pounds wow okay you ready it’s a light it’s not that it’s not a crazy heavy thing damn I’m way off front 51 so 49 rear it’s

Almost 50 50. We got our wheel off we got access to our coilovers we’re gonna raise this side by an inch and I think we’re gonna do the front and inch as well and then uh we measure our weight see where we’re at if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to the throttle YouTube

Channel and turn on the Bell notifications so you don’t miss a thing Thank you we’ve changed it way too much oh really we swung Mega though we’re from 781 to 892. a little later all right so we ended up with 175 pounds of lead shot and this gave us a proper percentage for us to go straight on the track

But we are running late so this thing needs to get off the lift up to the right shaft so we can get this baby done yeah we gotta go tell literally everybody in the office that we’re starting the Viper otherwise we get yelled at by literally everyone foreign House to drop this thing off to get a fresh color change on the Viper it’s gonna be sick and looking nice too did you bring the wrap did we put that in there oh we didn’t bring the wrap did we where are you playing right wait do

We have we have to wrap yeah no but the wrap was right in front of you guys dusk it was we actually didn’t grab the wrap I didn’t know I thought they had the wrap what do you mean I didn’t know we were providing the wrap bruh no all right we’re back

We’ll be back we’ll be back into the camera it was a joke bro it’s a prank you get it no I don’t get it it’s dumb so don’t press it was a good thing so you guys plan this yeah yeah wow wow we’re here at SD design house we’re

Gonna drop the Viper off their shop entrance is on the back side of this building but it has a really harsh like Corner that I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to make with the trailer so we’re gonna unload it right here what’s up dude how are you man pretty good yeah

Not that bad We’re gonna wrap this whole car satin black uh to like the base of the Livery we’re doing so the hood is so big probably the biggest Hood we’ve ever done we’re gonna do it in five pieces Thank you All right so we just got here to SD design house I’m here looking at the Viper for the first time to check in on some of the progress oh man the black is so sick this thing is gonna be insane Sinister when it’s done we have a little Livery plan which

You guys will see so tomorrow the new transmission arrives at our shop these guys are gonna get as much as they can get done over the next like 48 hours and then we’re gonna pick this thing up bring it to our shop we’ll probably end up finishing some of the wrap at our

Shop while the transmission is getting fitted and tested we want to make sure that we hit our deadline for this so it’s very very very compressed so I really appreciate Nick and their team for just accommodating us kind of last minute and making this happen for us so

Very exciting and let’s get back to work Okay Foreign We’ve arrived at transmasters here in Escondido California we’re gonna pick up the transmission for the Viper I don’t know how much you guys know about what we’re doing to this thing yet but this transmission is going to be sick see me on another level but let’s go inside and

See what the boys have for us You said this 3300 horsepower yeah look at the exhaust pipe it’s huge foreign So we’re putting a turbo 400 in the Viper and this is the unit here this thing is beautiful these guys did an amazing job putting it together so yeah how trick is the dipstick it’s pretty sick huh locking dipstick on both sides you don’t have no problems with that

This is what I’m excited about you’re excited about this yeah it’s kind of cool I never saw one of those before we don’t have much time so let’s get this thing out of here and go stuff it in the car let’s do it Bro stop with the damn people blah blah blah blah blah automatic transmission in the back seat of the truck let’s see it uh coin your strap didn’t work too well yeah I didn’t know I’m trying to reveal it dog I’m making it doesn’t fall off sit down

Look at this thing what is this that’s a stick dude it is it is oh this is nap oh six geez that’s your dipstick see why is it so long hello full oh Jesus bro so this is set up for the Hellcat yep there’s a turbo 400 with a gen 3

Hemi Bell on it it’s gonna be your secret weapon here Ricky let’s see so we need to get you we need to get this in the car so you can learn how to use it I’ve never I don’t even have the car yeah I’m gonna go get it right now I

Might just be late Boys I love the black the black’s gonna look sick all right so like I said I knew it wasn’t going to be finished um I mean it’s already looking great but we have a lot of work to do with not enough time so all right let’s go back to the shop foreign Foreign stuff out and get this turbo 400 in All right it’s coming out oh yeah baby does it fit the new transmission nope I didn’t think it was gonna All right that’s it that’s the shift knob coming out of the Viper so here’s the game plan the very similar game plan we had when we took the Viper transmission out the first time which is that the frame gets really narrow really quickly so especially now with this

Setup we have a V8 which has moved a little bit further forward than the V10 was but we have a twin plate clutch that is super thick so we’re going to take the transmission off the bell housing and then we’re gonna Slide the entire transmission backwards because the only thing that’s stopping

Us from doing that is going to be the bill housing so once we have the bell housing off it could slide back nicely the other interesting thing is going to be getting the new transmission and it’s got a big bell housing on it and we cannot put the belt housing on and then

Put the transmission on because that’s not how Autos work we’re gonna find out we’re gonna find our installed and automation sneaker in my life really like ever yeah so it’ll be fun for you to learn we might have to notch the frame like we did this

It’s going in it’s going one way or another it is going in A true mechanic which I am not one know what this means you’re coming off baby one reason why anybody does this and is to take a transmission out here you got something bigger I’ll need you Quinn check this out um catch that boat that’s that boat come on

Okay it’s out it’s just not coming now watch watch this question squash oh take that one too wow foreign bell housing up there so we’re gonna try and get those out right now Yeah we’re good to have it all right we’re good yep yeah easy peasy that’s what I’m talking about baby wow actually that’s not even not even that bad no it’s not or the amount of hits it’s done pain we’ve given this thing what kind of clutches it that’s

Crazy act twin play it dude look at that look at that she’s in great shape drifting is way harder on clutches than what we’re doing drifting you see a bunch of small dots from the all the clutch dips you got it you gotta go Ricky why is he so happy

I dropped one of the washers that’s why the car’s so fast you gotta find it so that’s gonna be it for today’s episode guys our tr660 is completely out our act twin flight clutch is out and we’re ready to start installing the turbo 400 automatic into this Dodge Viper it’s

Gonna be good the automatic is going to refine the Viper a lot more the car is so sketchy to drive and part of the reason is because of the manual transmission [Applause] 1100 horsepower immediately and then all I know bro and then the car tries to cut I’ve never driven

Um an automatic go with the type of automatic that we’re going to be putting in this car I never installed one so I’m doing it he’s actually teaching me a lot all right thank you guys so much for watching today’s episode let me know down in the comments what you guys think

Of the manual or the yeah the manual to automatic spot yeah usually it’s out of the manual but we’re making it faster with an automatic so let me know what you think of the swap we’ll see you guys in the next episode Peace we know the Vipers fast

We know the Viper wants to kill me every time I drive it what the is going on you are very warm it’s hot in here it’s it’s hot I heard you swallowing what was that come here Bible content ready you’re recording we know the Viper’s fast

The Viper is also very sketchy the Viper wants to kill us every time we drive it and there’s a few reasons for that the first one is running a big street Tire on the front and the second one is we have no idea where the weight balance of the car is

Yeah that’s right that’s right it’s doing my way better you don’t want to make it dramatic what’s up zoom in phase in yeah boom we know the Vipers fast we know the Viper wants to kill me and queen every time we drive it we know the Viper could be better

We know the Viper could be faster you know the vapor can be more reliable and more safely than what it is right now and that’s what we’re here to do stand by ah foreign I am always longer and bigger than queen stop stop doctor go off then take them off let’s go watch

It’s my holster bro we can like do stuff then you go back and come back to work let’s just you know that reminds me of that reminds me of Puss in Boots look at that boom a little short got a sword hanging on you know pushing boots huh well come on imagine

Imagine if Zorro was half the height I can’t say what I’m not that sure bro