Throtl: Our NEW Car! (AWD, Turbocharged, 6 Speed) – Mitsubishi Evo IX Wagon

Our NEW Car! (AWD, Turbocharged, 6 Speed) - Mitsubishi Evo IX Wagon

Posted: 2023-06-10 16:00:36
Author: throtl
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We are in Sydney Australia with @MotiveVideo for GT-R Festival 2023! Stay tuned for complete event coverage from the throtl lens and we dive deep into Australian car culture!

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Throtl Video Transcript

What’s up everybody welcome back to the channel I’m Mickey Andrade and today we’re in Sydney Australia and we’ve got a very special car to show to you guys this is our new car for the week that is our friend Joe from cars from Japan actually allowed us to

Borrow his car for the next seven days so that we could drive around Sydney and enjoy ourselves while we’re here in town for GTR Festival this is not just any Mitsubishi Lancer Evo this is a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Mr wagon very few of these cars were made none of them

Left Japan Shores during their production run they’ve now started to leak out into other countries such as Australia and New Zealand we still don’t have these in the USA yet due to the 25-year rule so we thought it was a perfect car for us to take on our road

Trip this week and really get to have fun with and understand better now to many of you this may look like just your run-of-the-mill Evo 9. and it kinda is but it’s special because it’s a wagon you guys know I love my wagons so it was

A perfect opportunity for us to get a chance to get behind the wheel of one and see how it performs now this being an MR model means it has a couple extra things on it that make it a lot more unique than a standard Evo 9 sedan this

Car being almost 20 years old the previous owner has already replaced some of those components the suspension has been changed the wheels have been changed out for 18 inch raised Wheels which are probably even lighter than what was on it from the factory but under the hood or the Bonnet however you

Want to call it we have the same potent 4g63 that was found in the Evo 9 sedan foreign [Applause] You’ve got your standard 4g63 turbocharged four-cylinder engine this one makes about 286 horsepower the previous owner actually spent a little bit of time under here they added an aftermarket turbo manifold it looks like a stock turbo and it has a turbo back exhaust system to make it sound a little

Better and I will tell you it does spool up pretty fast feels really responsive and 286 horsepower is plenty for this car to be fun and Zippy around town we had a little bit of time with it in the back roads and I will say that the car

Feels very light and Nimble one of the things that we found on our previous Evo project was that it felt a little bit front heavy now with this car being a wagon it has about 150 pounds over the rear wheels and to me it feels a lot

Less front heavy with that weight back there there are a couple other things going on here we’ve got a cooling plate from ralliard looks like a carbon fiber snorkel for the aftermarket air intake that’s on here but other than that it looks like about the only mods that have

Been done to the engine itself and the cutouts for the strut tops show us that this guy has obviously also upgraded the suspension we’ve got upper camber plates with pillow ball mounts and I’m not sure what coilovers are actually underneath those we’ll get a peek here in a little

Bit and check it out so not a whole lot going on under the hood but I think that’s what’s really cool about this particular car it’s a 2005 mildly touched up with a few aftermarket bits but not overly done with few to almost no mods it’s almost better in my

Opinion to get a car in this condition because you can make those mods that you want and easily reverse it back to stock if you wanted to so I really like this setup and as I mentioned earlier it is a really fun car to drive up to 7000 RPM On the front area here we’ve got basically a stock fascia whoever owned this car previously has added a lower lip which I actually like has a nice little faux vent on the side gives it a little bit more of a low feel and look but other than that this car is

Basically standard on the outside I did mention the aftermarket wheels but let’s step around here because basically what you have from the rear doors forward is an Evo 9 sedan now back here is where things get different we’re having an absolute blast over in Australia as you

Guys can tell I need to take a second to let you guys know that later this month we are going to be heading to the east coast that’s right the entire throttle team and we’re going to be going there to do a special car build thanks to our

Friends at Sunoco we’re on the hunt for a special car that we can transform in just one week with some help from our friends do you guys have any guesses on what it is we’re going to build leave us some comments in the comments section

Down below do you want to join us or even see the build in action well you’re in luck and that’s because we’re going to be showcasing the car at the NASCAR Chicago street race on July 1st this year will be even more exciting than the last because this is the 20th year that

Sunoco is going to be fueling NASCAR get your tickets using the link down below and join us at the event and meet us it’s going to be one you don’t want to miss and we look forward to meeting you now let’s get back to the Australia content

So you’ve got this area here which is where I said that extra 150 pounds is found is here I just love the boxy flares on these evos they look so good and the fact that it’s still a pretty small car but a wagon this thing’s been able to fit all of our

Bags in here for the trip which is awesome so we’ve got a sports car that can haul all of our stuff and we can have fun in I don’t think it gets any better than that one of the other things I love about the boxy flares is how they’ve taken this almost volvo-esque

Rear end and it’s widened out here and they’ve got these cool little add-on pieces with vents in them that look like an active Arrow sort of a rally part which is pretty cool and underneath the rear bumper I believe this is a Japanese Market thing these bumpers seem to be

Quite a bit narrower than what we had in the states I remember the Evo bumper is having a pretty big shelf on the back so because they have lesser crash standards in Japan these bumpers get sucked in because there’s no big metal beam back there anymore or it’s much smaller than

We had in the states and I’m pretty sure I’m no evo expert but I’m pretty sure this diffuser under here different on the JDM models as well all in all it rounds out to what is a very good looking Wagon in my opinion and this could be the ultimate sports wagon And previously had lighter 18 inch wheels and different Bilstein suspension as you can see it comes packaged with this really nice let’s say basically Chrome red Mr badge makes it stand out from the other Evo wagons on the road and as I also mentioned previously this car has a turbo back exhaust system

Which makes it look a lot more aggressive in the back now one thing I thought that Mitsubishi did really well on this car is always kind of funky on wagons especially the 260 RS Stasia wagon from Nissan the wing tends to sometimes look out of place now on this

Wagon here I think they did a fantastic job just sort of sloping off the roof line giving it that little bit of extra length and visual appeal and it doesn’t go much further past the rear bumper I think it’s absolutely perfect I have seen some aftermarket wings that are a

Little more aggressive in this they also look really good but for an OE part I think they did a great job here rounding out the exterior as in typical Japanese fashion this car has the over window visors apparently a lot of people in Japan smoke they can vent the wind

Windows when it’s raining or inclement weather outside and smoke inside the car let the smoke out or just get fresh air whatever it is I notice a lot of cars that I’ve bought from Japan and I’ve seen imported have these and a lot of them are made by the OEM manufacturer

Which is really cool these are stamp Mitsubishi I know a couple of my Nissans have them as well and they have Nissan badging on them let’s step inside and check out the interior So on the door panel I noticed here on the Japanese model it has a sticker in all Japanese it says ACD and I’m pretty sure that means Active Center differential and it looks like tarmac gravel and snow are the settings I also noticed those uh I also noticed the ACD

Button here as well and I think this toggles through on the dash or the gauge cluster whether it’s in tarmac gravel or snow mode pretty cool now the drivetrain is the same as the Evo 9 sedan however on the wagon this one does not have active yaw control and it was done like

That for a reason I think they figured if you’re buying a wagon you’re probably not going racing so they took the active yaw control off which leans this car towards understeer which most OES do that because it’s a lot safer if you have understeer than oversteer all in

All you’re basically getting an Evo 9 with extra room in the back and in my opinion more style you’ve got the traditional Momo steering wheel that came in the Evo 9s you’ve got leather seats that came in the Evo 9s and that carries on to the back seat as well

You’ve got leather and suede this car in particular is in really good condition now I did notice there are some Electronics in here we’ve got an HKS turbo timer and also an HKS boost controller down here so it does have some adjustment and a turbo timer to let

The components cool down when you park the car and then this particular owner has updated to a modern head unit which has Apple carplay and those sorts of things which has been really helpful for us getting around Australia being our first time here but yeah basically this

Is an Evo 9 inside minus the all control I love the gauge package on this it says Spirit of competition has a reality art logo it looks very special for basically a standard gauge cluster very cool so let’s check out what this does differently than an Evo 9 sedan

Not that you can’t put bags in the trunk of an even iron sedan you just can’t put this many check it out we’ve got a week’s worth of clothes we even got Larry Chen’s Luggage in here with ours so this thing carries a lot of baggage very easily

And nicely and I’m going to pull some of it out because there’s something in here that I really think is cool and I want to show it to you so a lot of you guys know I own a Nissan stage a 260 RS and these wagons oftentimes come with

Really cool OEM accessories that you have to get when you buy the car from the dealership and so I’ve spent a lot of time hunting down a lot of the cargo covers and mats and things like that that in the the partition Nets and stuff

Like that for my wagon in Japan what I noticed first thing when I opened this hatch is this really cool Evo basically carpet protector or floor protector and it folds up these things fold in here and you can roll this up out of your way and what it does is actually protects

The carpeting under here so you can throw your bags in and out without screwing up the carpet and what’s really cool about it is if you want to put the seats down you just reach here and the seats fold down and the cargo oh yo these are reclinable too Doug look it yeah

So I just found out something I didn’t know and that the back seat is actually reclinable check this out you lift the button pull back it has like four different settings that’s all the way back so you can actually use this like a like a truck bed style so you have a

Full flat floor in there one thing I noticed as well is they have the adjusters for the coilovers here still in the peek under there and take a look now before we hop in this car to go for a drive I poke my head down here this car actually has Owens dfv

Coilovers on it with dual adjustability which is pretty rad and that explains why it handled so well on our drive over here it also has the Brembo brake package from Evo 9 which you’d expect as most of the components is shared with that Evo 9. so let’s hop in let’s see

How she does Thank you Foreign Slow down man this thing is so fun so as I mentioned previously the olin’s suspension on this is really dialed a really good luck with olins we’ve got him on a couple of my Nissan cars and they’re very good uh very uh forgiving and very predictable which is nice in a coilover

And also very tunable the brakes feel really really good on this I know this is a 20 year old car with 20 year old OEM brembos um but they do feel good I don’t know if it has a performance Pad but it does have vented rotors or slotted rotors I noticed

Uh either way the braking feels very confident and very balanced for this chassis so far this car is a lot of fun I could see this being like a really really good daily driver for someone that likes to have fun you know like go out in the

Evening and go to the twisties and have a little Canyon Run or just have fun on the way to and from work just something that’s a little more sporty and uh not your run-of-the-mill vehicle that you would buy to haul the kids or family or luggage whatever like

You know you’d buy like a minivan or something like that this is a great alternative to that not quite as big as a 260rs Stasia or some of the other wagons on the market that are considered sporty wagons but I think this is probably the best handling of them thank you

Well I will say pulls really strong from low RPM all the way up to 7000 RPM Redline it’s actually quite impressive I know the evo 8 suffered a little bit from being a little laggy so it took a while for him to get up on the pipe and actually start ripping this

Car is pretty responsive and I don’t know if that’s because the previous owner has done the manifold and exhaust and everything maybe there’s something done with the turbo that I’m unaware of um but this thing seems pretty peppy for what it is much better than I remember the Evo 8B

It likes to go up to 7000 RPM it’s pulling all the way up there the other really nice thing about this is the gear shifter this thing is stock As It Gets and the throw is long but not too long and it’s definitely not too short just right I think

Now I know evos typically have a brake squeal all the ones I’ve ever driven have and I don’t know if it’s because they’ve had upgraded brake pads or not but My guess is the way this thing is stopping and slowing down is it has some sort of upgraded pad inside these Brembo calipers it feels really good and confident man this car feels nice all right well I hope you guys enjoyed this special little segment on this

Special little Evo 9 Mr wagon I want to give a huge thank you to Joe at cars from Japan for allowing us to use this car for seven days and enjoy it while we’re here in Sydney please leave us some comments down below it’s time for

Us to go enjoy this thing so we’ll see you in the next one Thank you [Applause]