Throtl: Giving Our S2000 to a Subscriber, If He Likes It

Giving Our S2000 to a Subscriber, If He Likes It

Posted: 2023-08-12 16:00:44
Author: throtl
Congratulations to Rene for winning our Honda S2000 + $20K! We’re so excited that this one is staying in California and so happy that he absolutely loves the car! Get entered to win our 2022 Subaru BRZ + $20K here:

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Throtl Video Transcript

Today is D-Day Renee the winner of the S2000 is coming to pick up his brand new car plus 20 000 in cash we’re getting the garage all set up cars moved we’re gonna stage the S2000 right there it’s going to be beautiful we got a lot of

Work to do so let’s get to it oh Ricky let’s go okay I know the car ain’t leaving the shop he’s sad at the same time but at the same time it’s good because we need the space and I want the new owner to actually enjoy this car and

Not to just be sitting here doing nothing collecting dust so I’m excited all right mick how are you feeling this is like one of your favorite sweepstakes because you’re excited to see you go I am excited to see you go but I’m also happy because I know this guy is local

We’re going to see the car around at cars and coffees and local car shows so it’s a little Bittersweet I am stoked that you pick the Spooner bumper all right yes when I was in the stage we put our soft top back up because it still works

We’re gonna show Renee how to take the hard top off and use it now we have the electric well with parking brake so I wanted to get it up I want to clean it because it’s kind of Dusty uh so we’re gonna clean it up drop it put our hard

Top back on stage the car foreign about to be here in just a few minutes the last step is to get the sheet on Clinton’s already got it it’s looking good I have a corner brother I think every time we put this thing on a little differently thank you

All right they’re here here we go Renee congrats Evan thank you good to meet you how you doing good welcome he’s taking me a lot of car shows let’s give Renee a little tour of throttle how’s it going nice to meet you guys I know this is uh

Where the magic happens give you kind of quick tour a little conference room this is where our editing team sits and here a little kitchen we have some pizza coming we got the winner right here Renee I think 23rd Car Sweepstakes we’ve done so we’ve done a lot of them but let’s

Show you where the other magic happens in the garage all right actually some of these cars you may not have even seen yet some aren’t even really revealed yet I recognize the eclipse for sure recognize this one Supra the Viper the Hellcat red eye motor that’s going to

Motor Trends roadkill nights okay you’re erasing this one I’ve seen yeah nice and then there’s the Mustang that we just finished up in Connecticut the three 300ZX but I think that is what you’re most interested in here because I think looks pretty sweet look at that cover there you won this

Car and a check for 20 grand what did you buy from throttle to get those entries I watched the ranger build okay I found that on your website the tonneau cover for my Ranger too so you just place the order yeah part showed up you installed it probably didn’t think

Anything of it and then what a month and a half or two months later we called you yeah I think we can put up a little bit of that phone call hey is this Renee yeah I just wanted to let you know that you’re the winner of an S2000 plus 20 000. yeah

I never won anything man wow that’s this I don’t know that’s kind of I don’t even know what to say which is pretty funny I think you were pretty surprised yeah the fact that you won all right Renee you are the winner of our S2000 in the check for twenty

Thousand dollars are you ready to see your new car I’m ready let’s do this all right let’s do a countdown ready five four three two one let’s go oh we got some delayed launches there what a beautiful car this thing’s amazing look at all the carbon fiber wow

It’s literally a brand new STD yeah it’s all the engine build yeah the motor has what not even a thousand miles on it paint jobs not even got a thousand miles on it I mean Mickey made this roof for you especially um let’s pass it off to Quinn he’s gonna

Go a little bit over some of the details let’s pop the hood wow amazing dude got a fully rebuilt engine we have a Grady 50 state legal turbo kit full mission motor cooling system and a lot of other fun bits like Cusco bracings and all new fluids all

The way around this thing’s ready to go with the outside sabon carbon fiber hood with a big vent we’ve got an APR carbon fiber Wing in the back which can allow for some downforce on this thing we also added a spoon Sports Arrow kit and I was

Happy to see that you chose the spoon rear bumper because that was a little bit of a touchy subject you know yeah front it flows really good I think once the car is done and complete now it looks really awesome we’ve refreshed the headlights for you because they were old

And crusty so we’ve also added some Morimoto lighting for that the front fender is actually quite unique these are some that we actually made in-house it’s a stock front fender with a belade sports vent that’s been basically molded in from the bottom to look a lot like a

Porsche GT3 RS and my favorite part of the car the carbon fiber top that I actually helped make at 7 Apple which was pretty fun and a great learning process for me through the spoon Sports Bar bumper back on will was in here last week we had him tackle that for us you

Saw it with the stock bumper with the spoon diffuser underneath it as well but what was the reason you chose to have us put the spoon bumper back on because I had the Dual cut out on the interior to go along with the spoon stuff we actually also added a spoon Sports roll

Cage let’s send it over to Ricky he can show you around the wheel tire package that we put on here for you it’s our motegi Wheels okay and they are white Pro which is the only ones we’ve ever done here you’re the first ones to have

It on a street car we also have rt660 Falcon Tires wrapped all the way around and if you look through the wheels you will see our wood brake kit this is a big brake kit we have four pieces in the rear okay six piecing caliper in the

Front and this little guy right here is an electronic parking brake which is the only S2000 to have it in my knowledge for suspension we have BC coilover suspension they’re fully adjustable and we also have combat arms for you so you can adjust it in many different ways I’m

Not going to start the crop with the keys on okay you press down it disconnects the brake you hear them you press up and now the brakes are activated and it’s that simple right here with the old emergency brake used to be the handle we removed it obviously

Because it’s not being used anymore okay and it’s a cell phone pocket so you can throw your cell phone here we also have an ACA carbon fiber and suede steering wheel and a hybrid Racing shirt shifter now it’s time to fire up hear the keys I

Don’t know if you have it driven at S2000 before but you put the key all the way to the on position and on the left side of the steering wheel you will see the start button okay that’s how you start to turn it off you take remove the key out okay hey yeah

Amazing dude I feel truly blessed to have this car you guys did an amazing job you guys take it for a drive yeah sure that sounds Wicked dude it makes the coolest noises huh just the happiest little turbo all day long just singing that’s amazing dude yes what do you

Think man yeah yeah feel the brakes all right I haven’t really driven a manual car in years you know I think oh yeah my Mustang was probably the last Daniel car I drove which was a lot of fun too I love those nice dude I was never going

To get old yeah no it’s just singing all day and the exhaust sound is really nice it’s not too loud but you do hear it you know yeah turbo is just making all the best noises right it feels so tight dude suspension yeah suspension everything all the

Bushings like just feels really good all right it’s a really well balanced car like all around now being an S2000 you have about 9000 RPM yeah yeah it’s going man the RPM just keeps going you always feel the repair oh always okay yeah so we’ll go up here yeah she’s

So good there’s very few turbos that you hear them all the time you know the G the gt28 is one of them and never in my mine would have thought I wasn’t something like this man it’s unheard of I’ve never heard of anybody win something like this really yeah

Even you go to like the casinos you see the same car there every year yeah yeah it’s just like been there for five years look are you excited to build next foreign yeah it’s fun huh what’d you say you like it amazing yeah I heard you getting on it a little bit

Yeah you’re getting after it how do you like the turbo noises and everything it’s not crazy it’s like non-stop yeah that’s really good probably I would say one of if not the best sounding car that we have here especially the best one that we’ve given away at least that I

Remember yeah but you ready to fill out some paperwork and make it official yeah I’m hurting I got it all lined up got the check I got all this paperwork just signing everything over to you right now you ready take a seat this is the winning piece right here

This is it dude here it is this is what did it there you go it’s all you bought now I got an S2000 and 20 000. you saw our Ranger on YouTube and then you found this on our website you bought it and we called you and now you’re

Going home with and that’s two thousand yeah and 20 grand cash a dream car dude I’m super excited it’s amazing crazy love to see it dude just off of this but this thing is nice I actually really like the color yeah that’s what I was saying our Ranger has been super

Reliable and we beat the crap out of it and we tow with it and it does so well so I just wanted to reiterate like thank you guys so much for participating in our sweepstakes I believe this is number 23 or 24. we’ve given away a ton of cars

A ton of cash and now the BRZ sweepstakes is live and hey it only takes one entry we’ve had people win by buying one jet tag we’ve had people win by buying a set of wheels you never know it is completely random and maybe next time you’ll be the winner so I’m very

Excited I think that’s going to do it for today’s YouTube video congrats to Renee good luck to all you guys who entered the BRZ giveaway peace foreign it’s gone man that was a good one S2000 was a good one we talked about building an S2000 for like three years

And we finally did it I think it turned out rad that ready turbo kit was really really cool and that was a good one so that’s a cool looking car such a good driving car like that’s such a well-balanced well-rounded this suspension was gnarly so I hope Renee

Enjoys it I hope we’re gonna see him at some car shows which is cool he’s in Southern California so hopefully we can bring him out and um yeah on to the next on to the next project thank you foreign foreign thank you