Throtl: Finding the 2 Fast 2 Furious R34 in Tokyo JAPAN! (Midnight Underground Car Meet)

Reading Time: 9 minutes
Posted: 2023-01-16 17:00:23
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

Foreign Welcome back to the throttle Channel we have arrived at Tokyo Auto Salon we’re gonna rip through here we already see quite a lot of really cool cars down here there’s a Fast and Furious Eclipse there’s a ton of 400z so we’re excited to get down on the show floor dig in and

Really see what’s on world debut and what cool projects the Japanese tuners have been putting together for us to check out so let’s head on down to the show floor and we’re going to take you guys along for the journey well we happened to stumble right into

One of my most favorite parts of Auto Salon every time I’m here is the Ari AMA Mia Booth off the rip we’ve got four fdrx7s they’re absolutely beautiful this car here is actually reminiscent of the Bad Apple the same color uh Mazda Soul red so beautiful especially under this

Fluorescent lighting in here you can see they take them to the track and actually drive these cars it’s so cool these are no show Queens super purposeful builds exciting stuff we’re already seeing quite a few of the new wrx’s popping up this one here is like fully kitted Wheels tires they

Painted The Arches it’s really nice looking obviously I like white cars so this is really cool for me also all the carbon they’ve left exposed really neat if you guys want to see us take a swing at one of these on the channel let us know in the comment section

I think we may have inspired someone in Japan they didn’t even have these cars in Japan these were never available here as far as I know it’s a left-hand drive only Mitsubishi but look at it they bagged it it’s pretty crazy it’s an automatics that’s a bit of a bummer Hood’s not pop

But it is a cool fuel fast ad which is neat we’re gonna actually be at fuel Fest Japan 2023 so if you’re in Japan or you’re coming here for fuel Fest we’ll see you there I’m hoping this is there as well maybe we’re going to bring a surprise even All right I love these little trucks I mean this is pretty cool too but man look at this Daihatsu bug truck stickers has never suck the only thing I don’t really care for on the kit is this I think this is I mean it’s Unique and cool like to make something different that’s not on the market but it just feels like too much to me the right the wide body fenders

Are really cool and they’re hidden Hardware I know a lot of you guys give us crap about doing the exposed bolts on our kit so this is actually another idea where you actually have a flange and it bolts in from the inside of the car so a little cleaner look Suzuki with a G wagon kit fooled you didn’t it I’ve been wanting a k truck for ages and every time I come to AutoZone I geek out on these because we don’t really have these in the States they’re starting to trickle in a little bit because they’re relatively

Affordable so normally these are meant to be like a work truck that nobody fixes up but people tune these as well here in Japan which you don’t really see in the states I think the hoonigans have built one with the word house guys years ago with a pandem kit it’s also a very

Small vehicle and they don’t go very fast so on our freeways in California you’d probably damn near get run over in one of these but I could definitely see myself driving one back and forth to the shop every day throwing Parts in the back throwing tools in the back whatever

If you guys think we should build one of these and Source one through top rank at least calling us down below oh man this is exciting this is the jjtc Nissan Z look at the arrow on it 2022 Super GT GT500 Class Car wow Foreign that’s usually the smallest turbo I’ve ever seen in my life I mean the wastegate is bigger than the turbo itself look in here dude so same Arrow package as the calsonic car over in the Bridgestone Booth this one under like this lighting actually shows off the arrow a lot more I think

Than the calsonic car and look at the mirrors alone it’s insane everything is done just so the air passes over the chassis properly and creates a downforce it’s insane there’s a lot of Legends in the Japanese tuning scene smoking a God is one of them and he is the founder and owner of

Top secret Japan he’s standing right there the site life about Auto song as you come here and you can see all of these basically Heroes of this Japanese tuning scene just kind of Milling about in the boots and stuff it’s really cool and uh and humbling Nissan just unveiled

The the final version of the R35 GTR I wasn’t here for the unveiling or the press release so I don’t know what they’ve changed but this is as far as I know and understand the last version of the 35 so this car is very long in the

Tooth for a sports car in the auto space I can’t believe it’s lasted this long but they just keep Reinventing the car so I see a lot more Carbon on it now which is really cool I like that I see it looks like Millennium Jade as well as

An available color option which I think was previously as well but it’s neat to see it up here on the stage foreign interesting product here this is a HKS produced sequential gearbox for the gr86 this is just a prototype you can see a lot of this stuff is actually 3D printed actually

The whole thing is 3D printed pretty cool though very nice display and uh interesting that they’re actually providing a sequential gearbox now for the H6 very cool Even though they stroked it from 2.6 to 3 liters or just sure I have three liters they’re using a very small Dome piston and it allows it to not have a taller height very smart very good it’s beautiful this is something you don’t even want to put it inside the

Engine because you want to look at it it’s so pretty [Applause] wow so this is really cool and I think they had this engine on display last year Auto Salon I wasn’t here however and it was on a stand and now we’re seeing it in a chassis here it’s really cool my opinion of this is if the rb-26

Was made today this is how it would come from the factory so they’ve went through and fixed a lot of the shortcomings of the rb26 which has now become pretty long in the tooth it’s a 30 year old engine at this point this one has their vcam setup they also have a different

Trigger setup as well I think they’ve learned a lot from the other tuners around the world as far as people building these in their home sheds and stuff and actually taking it and really polished it see a really nice clean intake system with really smooth flowing piping Nismo has been making carbon

Piping like that for years however this is a much more polished look and they do offer it in dry carbon as well we’ll show you that guys in a second but this is uh really nice and I love the intake plenum here they got dual injections they got two injectors for every port

And there’s so much going on drive by wire throttle body Adele Wiggins clamps on everything the this is very impressive One of my favorite cars I’ve seen so far the up garage NSX looks like a I think it’s a JG or GT500 car 300. super sick A couple years ago I got to meet AMA mia-san at Fontana Speedway for seven stock and I bought a model and he signed it so I’m gonna do that again here it’s really cool this guy’s a rotary Legend So foreign This booth is always intriguing to me every year I come to AutoZone this is Nats and ATS and effectively what it is the school for up-and-coming car builders and people that want to play with cars to learn the trade of working on cars and body work and stuff like

That so we’ve got another pseudo convertible RX7 here this is this is actually a Miata that they’ve turned into it looks like they’ve used the face of a I can’t really tell it’s hard because they’ve fully undone the body on this car but it is a it is a Miata Miata indeed

And face oh face as well FRP FRP uh RX7 uh three three ah okay so it’s a rx3 face build yeah no these are the Builders of the car awesome so they use the rx3 style face this is an ND Miata very cool um again using the Miata for the

Convertible and ability to have a convertible sports car with an older look definitely sick I want to do this someday all right well you guys are probably familiar with the club on fiber at Sakamoto sun and this is his Booth here at Auto Salon they have their wide body

R33 on display which I haven’t seen in person yet I’ve only seen photos of the 33s that they do wide bodies on this one is really cool I love the gray color I love all the carbon with the gray color it’s super red I think these actually

Have more of a presence the r33 body style I can’t wait to see them do a 34 because this is amazing and I know the 34 would be even better and of course we have the carbon car behind us this is a car you guys saw at SEMA this year with

The midnight purple overlay over the carbon amazing stuff so good job Sakamoto the booth looks awesome I really want to build a van like this someday this is so cool look at the lip spoiler on it slam with over fenders insane this booth caught my eye because of all the white

Cars you guys know I love my white cars look how good that looks and it’s undeniable how popular the Z here is here in Japan pretty much every booth has a z which is crazy I guess we kind of saw a little bit of that at SEMA but

It’s even more pronounced here in Japan All right well as you can tell we’re in the R34 GTR and we are leaving Auto Salon a little earlier than I would have liked but we have an appointment at the Porsche experience Center in Tokyo and we were invited by my friend Tyrone to

Come join him plus a few others from our group to do some hot lapping and some Porsche cars so don’t really know what to expect but when we get there we get all checked in we’ll bring you guys along and show you what we’re gonna do

Come be any time we haven’t eaten at all today so we’re gonna jump in 7-Eleven grab some grub real quick This is gonna be fun I’m not a big Porsche guy per se thought it’d be interesting to experience some of their uh some of their cars here foreign [Applause] well that’s a wrap here at Porsche experience Center in Tokyo huge shout out to Tyrone for inviting us out and having us out on the track here which is super amazing it’s not just a big track there’s a bunch of little tracks out

There too so we got to do a bunch of stuff on wet skid pad we got to do some tight corners on like sort of like a go-kart track size track where they had powder down we could slide the cars around on the track they also had a wet

Skid pad with a a plate so that as soon as you hit the plate it kicks the back end of the car out and you have to try to grab the car and straighten it out it simulates sort of an icy condition or a collision which is really cool these

Portions are really really Advanced I was shocked at how well they break and turn in and stuff so what an epic adventure thank you again Tyrone I appreciate this opportunity and now let’s head off to odaiba after some food here we’re gonna go check out some cars

And see the local scene here in Japan foreign Private car meet it’s pretty cool it’s in the basement of a parking garage here in odiba and it looks like a scene out of Fast and Furious it’s pretty cool we’re gonna go check out some cars Thank you Foreign Foreign Foreign [Applause] that was pretty insane yeah 100 that was nuts it was like real life real movie real movie yeah it was like a real movie in there but man I’ll say the carbon monoxide is terrible in that place yeah so we put the window down and we can suck in some more Thank you