Throtl: Finding our next project car from Japan! (We need your help deciding…)

Finding our next project car from Japan! (We need your help deciding...)

Posted: 2023-09-17 16:00:13
Author: throtl
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►WARNING: This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

Throtl Video Transcript

It’s that time again boys and girls we’re heading out to go car shopping but before we do I want to remind you that dream build 7 is now live and submissions are open you guys have seen us transform six of our other VIP members cars and you can be the seventh

Click the link in the description below to find out more details and get your car entered today now let’s head off the top rank and look at some amazing Japanese cars We just walked in the yard and I’ve already seen a vehicle that I think needs to become part of the collection at throttle Ricky you need this car in your life this is a Honda City Cabriolet I didn’t even know cabs existed in the city this was the car you guys may know

Like the Moto compos from Honda is a little motorcycle right and they used to fit in the back of these so these were commuter cars you park your car wherever you could on the street pop the hatch pull the Moto combo out the back and ride the little motorcycle the rest of

The way to work or wherever you had to go really neat cars I had no idea this was designed by pin and Farina which you guys probably know and if you don’t Google it as a Cabriolet to boot it actually has Mugen wheels on it which is

Even crazier this is a little unicorn right here I like this I think this is a Celica all track I don’t know a ton about these cars I just know they’re pretty iconic in the rally world and I believe they were a homologation car for rallying I do know it’s all-wheel drive

It does appear to be a four-cylinder turbo I love all the the different Hood this looks like some sort of cooler that goes straight through the hood through this boot into this boot bringing cool air from the outside you’ve got two ducks back there the normal Celicas

Didn’t have this and look at the rear wing on this thing the rear week is insane GT4 look right here Toyota Celica GT4 World Rally Champions so this was a homologation car I guess it should not this is a rare car by any means but it was a limited production being a

Homologation car you just don’t see them very often they were never available in the US market it just makes it unusual and unique which is really cool and this guy even threw some Volks on it that the Tes I mean man looks like it has fat I

Don’t know if these are Factory recaros I don’t think so because they don’t match the rear seats at all those may have been added after the fact it has a TRD steering wheel bunch gauges I wish I had an endless bank account I would have so many cars Foreign without at least showing you guys what a built by Legends skyline looks like and here we have the built by Legends Skyline r33 that was built in collaboration with mines Japan this is an iconic Livery a beautiful car which we’ll get into here in a second now one

Thing I want to mention is that top rank USA is actually the U.S importer for the built by Legends cars and what a built by Legends car is is a chassis that either top rank can source for you or you can Source yourself that is delivered to a shop in Japan called

Garage Yoshida where it is completely torn down every nut and bolt put on a rotisserie and beautifully restored from the ground up and put back together with all new components or restored components first and foremost this front bumper it may look stock to you but it’s not this is actually full carbon

Composite and this is a single piece bumper built by Legends actually contracted these to be a one-piece bumper full carbon and as you can see to Showcase that they left inside the turn signal and Inlet area carbon so that you can tell this is a full carbon bumper it

Just happens to be painted the green carbon which is kind of a mines staple of Mines cars typically almost always have this colored carbon they’ve added the Nismo ducts up front and right next to that very expensive front bumper are these very expensive headlights the

Xenon headlights on an r33 can run up to like 10 grand per side but that’s the skyline Market currently and that’s just the way it is moving up we have a stock Grill I don’t believe that’s been made out of carbon it looks OEM but what is

Carbon is this hood and this front end is just Stellar everything about it is perfect in my opinion I love the mines throwback Graphics this is kind of their signature look I even love that they have their own little badging normally you’d have a GT badge here or they’ve

Replaced that with actual built by Legends badge and then all the partners on the build garage Yoshida is the body shop that does all the restoration Motu oil Recaro seeds raised Wheels one of the things that really jumps out of me in the back is this spoiler so this is

Basically a r33 GTR recreated rear spoiler on a full carbon and again you’ve got that mines green carbon twist that they’ve put on it and around back we basically just have a mines exhaust system in full titanium and other than that it’s pretty stock and you know what

That’s what I really love about these built by Legends cars is they’re basically a stock car that’s been reimagined and basically made new again and now this car where it really shines is the interior I saw this car at ours Day last year in Japan where it was

Debuted I’ve heard they’ve made a couple changes since then but let’s take a look inside because this is essentially as I mentioned previously a brand new r33 GTR I mean look at the Coach Works in here the door Sills brand new Plastics everything’s been replaced brand new Hardwares for the seats new carpeting

Built by Legends floor mats in here even with custom badging these Recaro seats have been and reskinned in the signature green Alcantara they’ve done a two-tone on the door panels which is really awesome like every piece and panel in here has basically had Coach Works done

On it except for the door pull which being a high touch area you don’t want to do that because it’s going to get destroyed and that’s just the door in the entryway look inside here look at the center console full Alcantara wrap all the stitching lines up from the

Armrest down to the the panel that doesn’t actually move just a functional pocket the stitching is carried around on the front here up around looks like the transmission has been swapped to an R34 gearbox and they’ve actually gone as far as to customizing the the shift knob

As well it’s an OE shift knob that’s basically been recreated mines is very known for their steering wheels and basically Alcantara armrests boots on the shifter and the e-brake as well as these handles I’ve actually put these into my R34 as well and my r33 well that’s the interior ESP

Especially as it is we should probably take a look under the hood because I imagine it’s probably just as nice under there what as expected the dry carbon hood weighs nothing look at this oh my gosh wow so nice what I love is that they actually took

This aftermarket hood it has no skin shows off the composite work they’ve really taken a lot of care under the hood they’ve got a dry carbon intake this replaces the factory plastic component we’ve got the built by Legends thousand US dollar Hood prop this is one

Of the coolest Parts you can get for a GTR in my opinion first of all it’s obvious this Bay has been completely cleared out and re-sprayed we’ve got a built by Legends Vin tag here that basically says that this was basically a recreation they’ve got a custom titanium

Strut bar in here which is really cool you can see they smooth out all the welds and made it look really nice and modern the engine is recolored and this green color to carry on that theme when you buy one of these cars you pay top dollar

But you get what you’re paying for this this is like a museum spec quality or better in my opinion there’s nobody in the world building a better GTR than garage Yoshida and built by Legends at the moment All right next up on the list of cars to show you guys here at Top Rank importers is this awesome 1998 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 5. these cars became wildly popular just a few years ago because they became legal to be imported here into America they started to pop up left and right

Now but one thing I’ve always loved about these Lancer Evolutions is that not only is it a rally Legend and that’s basically what it was derived from they come basically modified from Mitsubishi so very aggressive front Aero package big fog lights on the front rally style massive front mount intercooler turbocharged four-cylinder engine

All-wheel drive fender flares rear rear wing that provides downforce these things are basically from Mitsubishi a race car straight off the lot and they mod really well let’s walk around and take a close look at this one it does have some upgrades like these wheels

We’ve got some Weds on here these are 17 inch and another thing that these cars came with from the factory are Brembo brakes just really cool Lancer evos always had brembos inside they also came Factory with Recaro seats which is really neat and then they trim the

Interior panels out the door cards and stuff like that with the same material that was on the rear car of the seats evos are very practical because they are a four-door has a full-size back seat I’m six feet tall and I fit in here quite nicely actually I could road trip

In this car no problem lots of Headroom plenty of leg room I notice it does have an exhaust on it actually that’s a factory exhaust that’s how good these cars are that is actually a factory exhaust it sounds amazing and it looks really good too I love the wing

On these I’ve always loved how it has the peak in the center and it reaches all the way up to here it’s hard to tell on this black car but the wing actually is massive on these cars has an aluminum center blade and a FRP outers so it’s

Actually a one two three four piece Wing pretty nuts this one also came with the factory Momo steering wheel like a lot of these 90s and early 2000s Japanese cars had airbag Momo Wheels very cool one thing I’ve noticed right away is the 4g63 engine this is a very iconic valve

Cover and cheap for these four-cylinder turbos turbo satire and air boxes over here this is some kind of aftermarket air box it looks really cool very nice aluminum aluminum welds a little blob valve here from VR racing which is a known Skyline Builder so not sure Universal line of blah valves apparently

Was available at some point I see the factory blow off recirc valve here is capped off as well so when you boost this thing you’re going to hear the witch definitely simple very effective package this is definitely high on my list of cars to own one day but let’s check out

The next car But this is actually the car I came here to look at today specifically as you guys know I recently purchased an ATEC r33 GTR very special car I also own an Altec 260 RS which is over in Japan until next year I went out and visited my friend Jimmy Oaks in Connecticut and

He had a couple Altec s15s kind of fueled the fire a little bit more for me I began searching for an R32 autec they just so happened to find one and bring one in at Top Rank here in Southern California so I came up to take a look

At it today to see if it’s something that I want to add to my collection of artex and skylines as you can see it doesn’t really fit my Motif it is not white and the reason it is not white is because it only came in this color this

Is an autec R32 four-door sedan it only came in this green color and this car was created as a nod to the Creator or the inventor of the skyline when he worked at Prince shinichiro second dry and that’s where the logo comes from on this car as you can see here they’ve

Actually applied it to quite a few parts on the car there’s an SS logo and so you’ll find this on the center caps of these special wheels for this car I know they look like GTR Wheels but I promise you they’re not they are A variation of that made specifically for this version

R32 one of the other things you’ll notice is it doesn’t look like a GTR in the front and that’s because it’s not a GTR it wasn’t meant to be a GTR it has its own front bumper that the styling characteristics are quite different it’s more like a gtst however it doesn’t have

A gtst hood and Center Grille which is unusual very unique for this car you’ll also notice that it has fog lights these were optional and this does not have a front lip like a GTR would have a very cool car very unique uh one of the things that makes it so

Special is the engine inside it has an rb26 just like a GTR however it’s lacking both of the turbos that the GTRs came with those are called rb26 detts This is called an rb26de naturally aspirated inline six cylinder very cool but instead of talking about it let me

Show you guys so as you’ll notice this side of the car looks awfully naked for an R32 Skyline and that’s because we’ve got no turbos all we can see here is a grounding strap and it’s inline six n a manifold which is really cool really unique and that’s a factory part for

This car it came just like that as is this piece of metal here this heat shield to keep the heat away from the power steering reservoir and the ABS system and the wiper motors very unique and cool for this car but it does look funny I will admit sitting next to this

Long straight six we usually see all these turbos and piping coming off of it’s very neat to see it in this form one of the other things really cool about this is the intake manifold it shares a lot of similarities with the rb26 det however it does have a little

Bit of a different shape to it it has a tuned by autech badge on it with the SS logo that we saw on the wheels previously one of the things you’ll notice is there is not a clutch master cylinder in here you can see there’s a plate here where a clutch master

Cylinder would go but it’s not and that means one thing that means this is an automatic rb26de non-turbo four-door in green not the most desirable thing in the world what makes it interesting to me is they only made 201 of these cars worldwide that’s all that was ever

Produced 201 making this very rare very unique so we’ll walk around real quick it does vary quite a bit from the two-door coupe GTR the seats are GTS seats as you can see it has a slush box automatic and it leather wrapped handle which is pretty cool this car has four

Doors but as you guys know I have an r33 four-door attack so four doors is is okay with me plenty of room in the back seat to put your friends which is nice as well one of the things I love about this car is this rear kind of blind

Thing it’s like sort of a sun shade this was a factory component it’s kind of hard to see it’s like white plastic almost like a venetian blind but as you can see it has a Nissan logo on it and this actually I have a catalog for this

Car at home this was actually a dealer installed option which is pretty cool that it still has it and it’s intact as you can tell out back it has the stock and a exhaust on it from Nissan pretty cool it still has the Nissan engraving on it it’s in very good condition we’ve

Got the gtst tail lights Altec Japan badge which this is really cool in my opinion that this is still present I do know that from looking at this this bumper has been re-sprayed and that’s been reapplied which is cool that it still has that because a lot of times

When a respray happens you don’t get all those badges back this one also has the skyline 26 badge this is a pretty unique badge as well being it is a 2.6 liter or inline six it still carries a 2-6 badge just doesn’t have turbos now there is

One funky thing about this car that is my main pet peeve and that’s up front let’s go check it out after talking to tamura-san who is a representative for Nissan I’ve gotten to know him pretty well over the years through my friends here at Top Rank and this was actually

His first project that he ever did when he was hired by Nissan which makes this car a little bit more special to me with him being my friend and he explained to me that when these cars were new from the factory we’ll pop it up on the

Screen here but there used to be an SS logo right here below this passenger side headlight right in this flat section now this car has had this bumper re-sprayed and that logo is no longer present and for me that’s tough because that’s one of the defining characteristics of this car and the

Story that that Mr tamura told us was that Nissan actually spent a million dollars picking out this paint because they wanted a paint with a metallic flake in it that was magnetic and so they made a stencil of some sort after they sprayed the paint they put the

Stencil over and they drag a magnet over it and it created this sort of 3d effect with the SS logo and basically left it on the bumper to dry man is that a cool touch and a cool story to go along with a really neat car

And the fact that that’s not present uh it really just guts me so if this car does end up in my collection uh I think I’m gonna have to find a way to either recreate that maybe uh Mr tamura and I can recreate it together maybe a fun

Video for us to create all that said I’ve got some decisions to make here you know if we wanted a built by Legends car we could have one we need to order it we need to Source a chassis which is actually part of the fun would be

Finding a good chassis to have sent over to garage Yoshida in Japan and have the boys at built by Legends actually put their touch on it for us or we could simply just go with the Lan Evo 5 which is pretty cool in and of its own right

Or I can lean towards the autech which is something that I’ve already leaned into pretty hard I’ve already got a couple of them in the fleet and this would kind of help round out my personal collection of All Techs so tell you some time to think about this until I have a

Time to make a decision I want to showcase this uh certain R32 to you guys that you might recognize it’s still here at Top Rank importers this is a car that we built on the channel you may be familiar with it if you’re not check out

The playlist this car is pretty epic let me pull it out and show you guys foreign This is the 1989 Nissan gtst that we built in the throttle shop basically overhauled this whole car from engine rebuild full interior re-wrap with full leather interior and suede we couldn’t leave here without showcasing it once again in fact instead of me talking about it why don’t we just have a quick

Walk around obviously you guys can see it’s on air suspension it’s got work three piece Wheels Falcon rt660s as always we’ve got a rocket bunny pandem body kit wide body on the gtst making it more like a GTR style we’ve got the rb20 engine that Quinn went through and

Basically rebuilt from the bottom up we’ve got a forward-facing ISR performance intake manifold throttle body setup we’ve got GK Tech brake master cylinder stopper we’ve got a Garrett turbo and it’s all controlled by a link ECU it was tuned by our friend Jimmy Oakes we’ve got mishimoto radiator

A bunch of Grady products a lot of platinum racing Performance Products in here as well including their cam trigger kit their radiator stays least spec overflow breather can what else we got the interior as I mentioned is fully redone in Suede and leather paired with some Recaro adjustables Imperial floor

Mats and as we showed you guys previously on that nice r33 from the boys over at built by Legends we have nice leather stitching in here tying everything together a little differently than the way they did it but also very classy and a nice touch man it smells

Like a new car in here I love it suede headliner and one of my favorite Parts about this car is actually the sound system and playing the music for you guys now through the camera is not going to do any justice it’s got a subwoofer in the trunk all of

The Interior speakers have been replaced we’ve got a doubled in carplay head unit in here from Pioneer greddy steering wheel this thing is really top to bottom a really cool project and one of the most complete cars that’s ever left our shop so if you guys are in the market

For an R32 I definitely suggest checking out top ranks website and maybe this one’s still available this is a car you can purchase take it to a show and start winning trophies straight out of the gate it is that good Foreign Foreign