Throtl: Finding Our DREAM Garage & Hitting 2 Million Subscribers!

Posted: 2023-03-06 17:00:21
Author: throtl
Thank you to all two million of you! We take a trip down to Garage Collective to celebrate and then take a trip down memory lane as we reflect on some of the earliest throtl episodes.

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Throtl Video Transcript

We’re live right now we’re live baby you know why we’re going live right now 2 million subscribe did we do it please no we’re not here tell him subscribe come on dude dude two million that’s a big number I’m gonna watch it I want to hit it right now

Right now you do all right let’s go over there it’s going now oh it’s good oh hold on hold on a second they’re subbing see that look oh wow oh Ricky when did you join throttle how many Subs did we have 187. Glenn when I got hired here yes it was

Like a million when I first started messing with these guys we’re 20 000. yeah it was low I’m gonna bring you guys back the first like five videos was actually edited by Danny Courtney so I didn’t know how to edit or anything shout out Decor shout out D chord and

Then I used Windows Movie Maker and I edited the first maybe 10 15 videos and then I got Mickey involved and then stuff really snowballed so day one guy right here day one Sean and I joined I don’t know like 600 600 000 Subs 50. my

Post I’m gonna post it 50 more we’ve made over a thousand videos no one’s subscribing because they want to be the 2 millionth subscribers yo grab your mama’s phone yeah grab your mama’s phone let’s go it is awesome oh yeah she’s moving down [Applause] oh yeah 2 million anybody want another one nine

Hey hey seven let’s go [Applause] six six five four three two two yeah come on come on ready all right are you ready making me sweat two more that’s it come on people are unsubscribing to subscribe [Applause] it’s the same seven people foreign [Applause] Thank you guys so much for all the support it’s been five years I think or so on YouTube over a thousand videos made so many people involved so many partners involved to make this happen just super super grateful and I just thank each and every one of you guys for

Making that contribution clicking subscribe and being a part of the journey the throttle journey and uh here’s the three million here we go let’s go and to celebrate 2 million subscribers we drop these limited edition 2 million subscriber stickers we only made 200 of them so if you want to

Get one of these and support your boys head on over to and remember right now we’re running two times entries so you can win the S4 and 20 000 simply by buying a single sticker thank you guys so much now enjoy the rest of the video

We want to do something really special for the whole throttle team to celebrate 2 million subscribers so we’re all gonna go take a little road trip down to our friend’s place at garage Collective garage Collective is vehicle storage but they have this amazing facility so we’re

Gonna shoot a ton of content there we’ll bring you guys along for the ride then we got some tacos it’s gonna be a great time so sit back relax enjoy foreign Collective I think Evan has and I don’t know if anyone else has so apparently they have a really cool facility apparently they have a lot of really cool things like Sim racing car storage so it’s gonna be fun we’re gonna kick back have some food hang out with the

Boys and kind of relax and enjoy our accomplishments of 2 million subscribers it’s going to be around laughs So we just got here to garage Collective the owner Grayson is going to give us a little tour got the car staged up we’re waiting for a couple more people in cars such a cool space in here they even have Sims that have the motion and stuff too

So it should be a fun time so yeah this is our car club here in San Diego always had a dream to build this and so what you’re looking at is kind of the lobby the first impression when you walk into this space we do a Cars and Coffee once

A month I just think it’s such a cool Vibe I love how everything is displayed and then you also have a vehicle here in the lobby which Mickey and I have talked about trying to do at throttle but unfortunately we don’t have the space for that the idea is like a big giant

Garage for us all to share you know so we’re only 180 bucks a month you get to expand your garage yeah the cars on display here are so cool you guys obviously cleared the front out for us which we really appreciate bring some of the throttle cars and I know there’s a

Lot more in the back which we’ll see for dinner on storage right now yeah but right up front one of my favorites here it’s not an actual lightweight is it or is it no it’s a lightweight replica so they did do the Slick top conversion

Okay it’s actually a dine in E36 M3 so it has a supercharger oh supercharged but Diamond exhaust super a lot of components so yeah he’s actually selling it so really uh We’ve uh since opening we just opened in June 20 yeah 2022 and so we’ve been just members always buying

And selling so we’ve been really focusing on that this year to really help them get them on cars and bids or bring a trailer and stuff okay this car will be on bring a trailer soon oh really yeah okay yeah so cool unless one of you guys Scoops it up before then hit

Crazy yeah it’s a clean one so we’ll Lobby Lounge area and then over here we got to go check out these simulators so yeah you have not been to our shop yet but we built the simulator last year yeah these ones move though yeah these are the actual moving ones we use a

System called doth reality so it’s full motion and then fan attack which I believe you guys are using so the whole idea was you know I love going to track days and I’ve never had one of these before here but I knew it was going to

Be such a useful tool so went to a track day and one of the guys there had a brand new like restored 911 rsr and never done a track day with that car first laps get off the track and over revved it and oh it was okay his weekend

Was done and so how do you spend an hour on here we have Chuck Walla we have all the California tracks down there I’m really excited to feel what the motion does because I think that’s one thing that’s kind of lacking with ours where it’s just kind of I guess

Two-dimensional or whatever but like yeah I’m very excited to try that out yeah you got some pool I see Will Will are you the reigning Champion or what so the whole idea was you know I used to work from my home and I’d always end up

Working in my garage and then I’d want to switch it up and go to a coffee shop and they’re always so busy and you can’t get your you know Place charged so it’s kind of the idea of mixing like co-working with a really cool place to

Hang out and work for so we’ll see upstairs in a few minutes to check that out but let’s go check out some more of the cars in the back here so you offer vehicle storage for your members yeah you can come and go as you please

Essentially you text a number I had two of my cars stored here at one point yeah yeah you text a number it’s super easy they get the car already out front for you and you know it’s safe secure and it’s also amongst some pretty rad cars

Which is pretty cool not that often you see these types of cars all next to each other yeah so we’re we’re filling up pretty quickly but we have a lot of members you know just need short term if they’re redoing their garage or whatever but as a member you get first access to

Be able to store your car here forever long so how many cars can you store about 50 cars about 50. yeah okay so we’ll be getting actually a few more racks yeah I was gonna say you guys are almost full without having lifts on this side but then check this out this is

Something that I think I would love to have at the throttle shop but maybe we can just come down here and use it it’s called a psych wall right yeah so it’s a Infinity wall taking a picture on here and you know it looks like there’s just

No background of the car and so you guys epoxy the floor yeah so epoxied and you know this big wall here and it’s like a quarter pipe actually I know we’ve been tempted to put our RC cars on it and just see what happens um but yeah it’s a great place for you

Know a lot of our members are buying and selling cars so first come first serve up to an hour members can just use it or we can handle it all for you all right so I think we should bring the audio in here and see what this thing’s all about

Maybe we’ll get one at the shop so let’s cue that cinematic foreign Hopefully you guys enjoyed that this is freaking rad Grayson thank you so much let’s go check upstairs because I think that’s also a route space all right so let’s check out upstairs because when I was here earlier it’s kind of like a co-working space right you also do other events and parties and

Stuff we do events almost every week from like workshops and faster classes or we’ll you know have a happy hour once a month okay we try to also do stuff with the kids so we have some RC cars here so we set up a RC drift track right

Here you know I’ve never done that it looks like a lot of fun we’re gonna open it up to just keep it on there on Saturdays as well because you know some of the kids go to bed early and so yeah I got two and I want something to do

With them yeah trying to give Penelope into cars so yeah this is so cool this is our 5 000 square foot mezzanine and members can come and just kind of hang out have a business meetings kind of the idea we have a lot of entrepreneurs here

And a lot of people want to be entrepreneurs so people just come here to work work Network do some editing you’re able to use our TVs as well so yeah cool you know kind of this right here when I walked up here first time I thought this was the coolest thing check

This out Sean this is a camshaft BMW M50 yeah for the conference room we’re just happy because we just got a conference table for the first time but look at how sick this is yeah these are really cool my wife loves interior design I was just gonna say who designed all this yeah

She’s just freaking awesome I was like hey honey I want to make a car storage and she went outside so we’re lucky in this community like this whole row in Barrio Logan is all makers so all like the coolest restaurants in San Diego they’re all manufactured down here so

One of our members he did all the welding and all the panels right there for us yeah he’s he’s amazing even like the snake light yeah we’re trying to mix like that industrial with some mid-century but with a very like homey feel too so I mean obviously this place

Is super industrial so we wanted to like kind of just add in some nice rich elements that you know makes you feel like you’re in a nice you know luxury feeling yeah and we have uh one of our favorite Parts is like we have this epic

View of the water and Coronado Bridge so on Fourth of July we’re uh all the members are going to gather up and we’re going to be a part of the Fourth of July parade in Coronado very cool and then come after here and have Fourth of July party and watch the fireworks that’s

Awesome so stuff like that like literally everything I see your social media you guys post everything on there so if you want to learn more about garage Collective check out the Instagram we’ll put it on the screen right now and I’ll put all the information in the video description so

Thank you Grayson really appreciate you letting us come down here just hang out and kind of celebrate 2 million subscribers which is a huge milestone and I think this is the perfect place for car guys so it’s awesome makes a lot of sense so yeah so let’s go check out

The simulators let’s go have some fun Thank you So I was at a garage Collective that was our 2 million subscriber YouTube party really cool place it was fun to hang out kind of kick back and relax with all the boys had fun on the Sims had fun looking at the facility we took some cars in the

Back for a little photo shoot air which was really cool so overall really cool place and now we’re gonna head back to the shop we are back at the throttle garage the next day after the actual celebration that we did and I’m here with Mickey because he was not here when

We originally actually passed 2 million subscribers and I thought it would be fun to go back in time to the beginning of throttle and go through some of the original videos they’re going to be really cringy but we’ve never really done something like this and I think

It’ll be pretty fun to do and if you guys were there at the beginning I’d love to hear your comments in the comment section below when you started following throttle so without further Ado we’re going to start it off where’s the promo promo right on the keyboard on

The throttle Merc shop look at those jet tags ripped off logos the gas Tank’s back in the car I didn’t show you guys much of the gas station look at the shop Ricky oh so arguably the car that sort of popularized the channel on YouTube not

That we didn’t have others but this one was kind of a hit of the series yeah yeah and this is when Ricky actually met Ricky many years before this at Cars and Coffee this is the first start oh really after an original motor oh my God look

At all the smoke I remember they filled up the whole shot you call my E46 look at the shop in the background there’s nothing there I remember the fact that this car even started it was ridiculous well look TJ’s RX7 was on Arlo yeah I was finishing it for him

And I remember coming out and I was like everyone was so excited and then something happens wow yeah well obviously it doesn’t sound good believe it or not I still have this car yeah our audience hasn’t seen in a long time I think maybe we should pause for a second

Can you give everyone like just a high level where’s the car at oh I know you still have it but a lot of people yeah we don’t so the Bad Apple still exists um I had an issue with one of the 13 bees that we built and it blew up uh

While I was driving the car and so pretty common place for a rotary engine but uh we had to push this one pretty far 600 horsepower uh anyway so at the time it blew up I was like you know what it’s time to do something that’s essentially bulletproof and or another

Idea that I had and so Now’s the Time to repaint it so we had it painted my soul red from Mazda the problem with that paint is they had a big issue with it chipping and when it chips the clear coat goes with it you can’t match it you

Can’t blame it or anything well you can like a good paint shop can do it but this was it needed to be repainted completely in its entirety so I had backed it into TJ’s trailer so I needed some yeah I remember that it was a point

Where it’s time to repaint the car so I said you know what I took it to DNA they pulled the motor out stripped the car down for me we sent it off to BCC unlimited Our Big East Customs where they um painted the car for me it’s repainted it doesn’t look the same

Anymore yeah had a bunch of things done to the chassis that I wanted to do body wise and changed it up a lot so now the car is actually back at DNA we’re putting the new engine in and it will come back soon so maybe you’ll see it

Yeah but unfortunately I think I’m probably going to end up selling the car yeah I just have too many projects right now and too many cars laying around so it might be one of those ones where the part ways to sell it off to somebody in

A good home that I can keep an eye on it still and yeah well you have an RZ you have a another fdr7 already as well yeah this is when we kind of first moved into this shop to the bigger shop yeah yeah ready it was driving the forklift around

I used to work in a forklift Factory you didn’t know look nothing on the walls oh that’s two thousand yeah the VR4 the hunt quarters up so I just want to say a huge thank you to bendpak we have all so Ben pack has been a huge supporter since the

Floor jacks still use all that stuff today also notice the walls were not painted or anything crazy and we even have a swamp cooler to keep the shop cold in the summer because it’s we never did the floor something we’ve always talked about doing one more video here uh

I think you’ll remember this is this the last video yeah this is the last one that we’re going to go through right now this is the sickest Minds together what do you think do you remember when TJ and Calvin stole my wheels this is for all the bad meetings Beckerman today I

Helped them I had no idea got to work and my prized possession my 17-inch Oz I seriously thought yeah they were stolen yeah you got something he was just dead set on Revenge on the inside of it man there’s Daniel from premium so it’s absolutely scary to watch one tidbit They wanted to literally dump your car on the ground and I made them put it on jack stands and we used to use old tires to disguise the jack stands yeah so that it didn’t damage your face I didn’t even notice any of that don’t hate me yeah

You can hate me a little bit so I hit up Daniel I was like we got to get him back we put a very vulgar piece of artwork on the side every person that sees the Johnson this is one of the most epic pranks foreign I don’t know but if you want to find out I forgot about this video oh my God it’s so funny I think that’s it there’s been a ton of videos we’ve made over a thousand videos at this point thank you guys so much for subscribing and being

With us through that whole process it’s been a journey you guys have literally seen us get older yeah the business grow the space change probably 80 plus cars being built none of that would have been possible without you guys who watch subscribe like the video support us with

Merch or car parts and all that stuff so all right I’m just glad this has been a success because I couldn’t add any more jobs to my resume yeah all right guys that’s gonna do it for today’s video thank you we’ll see you guys in the next one peace