Throtl: Fast & Furious Supra runs its FASTEST pass EVER! (1,000HP 2JZ-GTE)

Fast & Furious Supra runs its FASTEST pass EVER! (1,000HP 2JZ-GTE)

Posted: 2023-07-05 16:00:19
Author: throtl
To honor the US Military, we’ve partnered up with @BlackRifleCoffeeCompany , @FuelOffroad & the team at @TheHoonigans to transform ONE active US military, or retired veteran’s car OR truck here in San Diego! It is 100% FREE! LINK: (Deadline 8/4/23)

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Throtl Video Transcript

We got a deal of a lifetime for you we have teamed up with Black Rifle coffee company and Fuel Off-road wheelchair but active member of the U.S military and Veterans we’re calling it The tactical transformation and we are going to transform one of your cars or your

Trucks here in California and turn it into your dream build entering is super simple check out the link in the video description it is 100 free to submit your car a truck today so good luck and get those submissions in before it’s too late hey Nino My Helm is carbon fiber so it’s very light so that uh actually feels really good um would you see my gloves take my clothes what’s up the driver of the Supra since the very beginning and I mean since the very beginning getting it ready for SEMA

Right since the uh since it looks this beautiful um the car has come a long long way from having the d160 transmission to having a startup tune driving it in in Vegas with you you know um to start going to the tracks with the v160 for us blowing it there for us

Friend of ours blowing the uh the drive shaft and just getting to the stage that we are now it has been a really big Journey we’ve come a long way um so I’m hoping all the add-ons that we did the box in the back are in the weight

Um the uh tune that we’re gonna get today the diff being done we adjusted some more stuff on the day if we got just the suspension we got a corner balance we should have the perfect recipe for this thing to be a bullet and I’m hoping this is it I’m hoping that

After today this thing can just start hitting the tracks so I can’t wait to get in the seat get on the track and see what we all have come up with I think we got a 10 second car I 100 think we have a dancer what a freaking difference dude Corner

Balance change the weight insane dude insane did you see the tire go tire went and it was like and then the car just that’s definitely that’s the first time that I popped the clutch and it doesn’t shut off on me so we’re definitely making progress that’s the first one we got a

Long way to go but I think by the end of the day if you think it’s going to be a bullet Foreign Time for more power babe what a machine G fast I was definitely fast um so Queen pulled me out he said that the the car was kind of doing funny things at the end and I agree because oh my stereo was 90 degrees to the right

Yeah just to give it straight once you yeah once you left the prepped area yeah into the the braking Zone it started to get yeah well from our end it looked like the skinnies worked so well with the Viper they was like oh it was like a

Big fight now it’s like you do this but it’s like minor correction yeah it’s really nice it’s really nice that’s good anyways what a beast um that was just stage two like second run and it’s a really big improvement from the very first one wow nice the fastest before was one nine

Yeah so second round we got one seven that’s great wow All right well two passes down both like I guess you call them Shakedown passes big burnout on the first one just to heat cycle the tires because they’re brand new second one Ricky did another big burn not just because he’s trying to beat John Force or something I’m not

Sure but uh it looks cool for sure but man those launches we’re starting to see the front end come up and things it’s exciting it’s a probably the biggest step in the right direction we’ve made since we built this car so by the time we leave here today we should be in good

Shape all right watched I’m pretty sure you caught air I’m pretty sure we just did a wheelie guys you think so I’m pretty sure tricky did anyone tell you you just did your first wheelie um Quinn just told me and I’m about to face my pants that was definitely the

Hardest this thing has ever ever launched ever it was that so I’m happy we got to tie this off the ground now let’s make that guy bigger let’s go all right we dropped the tire pressure so we should have a bit more rear grip Okay cool so we’re gonna go out and make

Another one and then we’re gonna bring it in let the car cool down let’s go wheelies baby wheelies get it that free stream shot is so cool Wicked dude I wonder if you can actually see like lightning yeah so it’s in my video the front tire starts rolling it comes off

The ground and then it slows down and then it hits the ground and then begins to speed up that’s how I know it went off the ground because the tires started to slow down 1.65 60 foot we’re going in the right direction I think there’s

Still a little bit of tweaking to do but really really fast out of the hole now for sure all right 100 did a wheelie this then look at that look at that dude look at that airspace you caught air that time Ricky yeah 100 Oh then yeah that’s sick Ness he’s the Beast now it’s my turn to get used to it and to get better at it I think the tuner and the team already did their job is my job now my turn do I get better at it because now it’s

Just driver training that’s all it is That was the most aggressive launch dude launch was awesome fantastic holy crap foreign holy crap that is nutty what a difference oh my God that was insane dude holy crap oh yeah do you know how fast that was yeah I didn’t see the 60 foot but here’s the run yeah all right

Gone yeah gone that was uh let’s go talk to him six three at 115 in the Eighth Mile it’s our best pass so far so that’s really good we’re making some serious strides today [Applause] Jesus man holy crap Oh my God that was fast that was the fast I’ve ever been right there the Vipers that was like insane and it was super smooth yeah it was super smooth it was scary but comfortable yeah it was like super fast scary but I was like in

Control it was so sick dude wow I gotta do that again I don’t know he can they told us we can’t run faster than a 640. what did we ran 6 30. they’re gonna kick us out he’s like you have to have a certified cage I was like it is certified by me Baby that’s what I’ve been waiting for let’s go 1.45 yeah amazing it kind of scared me bro I’m telling you just be ready yeah yes past the Viper yeah we almost just went a second faster and the Viper hasn’t been really been it hasn’t gotten

But this is now faster than the Viper foreign