Throtl: Buying the CHEAPEST Nissan 300zx! (SIGHT UNSEEN and so much worse than we thought)

Reading Time: 14 minutes
Posted: 2023-02-28 17:00:40
Author: throtl
What do you say, COMPLETE TRANFORMATION or ditch the $300zx?

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Throtl Video Transcript

All right so apparently Evan sends a message for me to receive a card since everybody else is leaving I’m gonna see what it is and I don’t even know what’s going on there was nothing on the schedule for a new car which is kind of message last minute I’m gonna be

Surprised too yeah what is this is that a 300ZX no uh I mean those are cool but I feel bad for you that’s why he wanted my reaction with a stupid car good luck to you no these are hella sick no hell no this is the one car that I told him not

To freaking buy and if it’s to Interpol you know what we have a queen now so I don’t really care your new nightmare is here he he told me he was thinking about getting one but I didn’t think he was actually gonna do it look at the wheels

Dude no I don’t I don’t want to look at it I am not touching the engine on this car at all damn dude yellow brake calipers already yeah no bumper it’s not even a full car Evan bro I’m I’m not happy oh she needs work dude she needs work bro who’s that

Oh look at you look at the exhaust What they wanted to keep the Mufflers I guess oh it’s gonna be sick dude I like them it’s gonna be sick let’s see what’s straight to the junkyard bro it’s probably where it came from this isn’t a junkyard this is a garage I love the

Cars I just hate working on them what do you think Nick I mean it’s a hunk of junk but I know what we can do with it so I like it yeah no me too all right Of course not you gotta push it in the Fiero with the Ferrari kid was the better buy than this I’m telling you right now he must have got this thing really cheap he probably got it for free how much you want to bet you got it for

Free or or very close all right Evan and of course it’s not here I love the car I love these type of cars I love the 2000 GTS as well right I hate working on them that’s my thing so if it would have bought one that was like perfectly running condition that didn’t nothing but wheels and tires and my body

Kits I would have been Old Forest this thing the whole front end is missing there’s no exhaust the fuse back is dangling on the side of the car I see boxes of Parts on top already what a man you’re probably right probably got it for free oh this is definitely an

Evidence you know what I’m having flashbacks to that like that BMW the black one seeing the latest projects cut the Mufflers out and just welded in street fight hey guys what is this robot arm dude the robot arm is sick every light is on in the dash I’ve never seen

That many lights uh oh God and I had to do the twin turbos in the house I was so mad at that car crap dude what is he doing this is like throttle by from four years ago four years ago this would have been a normal we haven’t

Bought something like this in a while bring the old throttle back yeah dude I missed the old throttle those are the best Transformations yeah the problem is that four years ago we didn’t have 22 cars to build in one year that that’s the big difference

So now we have Quinn to save the day the math doesn’t add up okay there’s three of us in the shop sometimes Mickey can help when he can or let’s just say four plus we lost Evan which actually helped which is a help boom roasted we’re getting stuff down

Now yeah I’m afraid to open the hood bro dude I know this is the one time I don’t want to say pop the hood pop the hood oh it’s actually pretty clean here it’s not Turbo which now I’m really mad mad I think if it was I mean it would have been twin

Turbo it would have been even worse to work on but like I said we have a point now so I don’t have to work on it why is he playing oh we got a new radiator it’s barely hooked in I think there’s no harness it’s all zip tied in bro there

Is no harness in this car look yo Eva you need this dude all these are this is electrical tape dude this is all held in my zip ties like it is probably the worst car he’s ever bought he’s by far the worst car he’s ever bought what do you think I mean

He’s like just paid me so I can get out of here it looks in mint condition cracked windshield well my boy Beck’s gonna have to come give us a visit oh it’s a T-top okay okay it’s a T-top oh my god dude it literally came off

Tell me this was stage or something this is unbelievable is that what that one works no try to open it Can’t open it oh he’s trapped bro look at this Blue Hole of rust bro no look at the seat no no get out get out I gotta go let me show you something no look at the brake pedal why is it so big what what that’s what she said wait there’s no

There’s no acceleration there’s no gas that little clutch pedal there yeah that means this car was automatic the brake pedal yeah it’s an automatic brake pedal yeah the gas pedal is freaking gone and somebody added a clutch pedal to it now unless this is the break now and this is

The gas no dude where’s the gas pedal bro did he even see these cars no there’s no way he saw this car Adventure he bought it side-off scene and has no idea what’s going on with this double to take it back somewhere else this is the

Worst thing he’s ever bought ever I hope he didn’t buy it I hope he got this for free this is gonna take us like two years to build like someone paid him I hope this is a joke this is a Siva car if this makes it to SEMA you know how

Much pork we gotta do to this thing Rick what did your brother do where’s the pedal this is bad this is really bad I kind of knew full disclosure Evan called me this morning and he said hey there’s a 300ZX by your house can you stop by and look

At it and I was like we gave it a thumbs up no so what happened was I I had to be at a meeting at nine o’clock so I was like all I have time to do is drive by and take a picture for you so I did I drove

By I took a picture we need to see what Evan saw in this car to buy so Amy hasn’t seen it that’s the picture I said to him that’s what you said he saw it and it had a bumper then no there’s two of them that’s all I haven’t gotten he made the

Decision and he bought it so he hasn’t seen it no I mean maybe he’s seen pictures I don’t know the other one I didn’t even know facials exotic and then in the back in the background there’s like a VW but a bug and then everybody

Just got a new car and he shows up with the bug that’s what happened here oh my God I’m done what is that thing I don’t know what is that uh it appears to be a car but only part of a car here he comes grinning

Where’d you find this turd tried to find the cheapest cool car that I could find so you bought the 300 ZX 300 I was telling Ricky I thought you got it for free I wouldn’t pay for it you would have to pay me to take that perfect it’s bad it’s leaking everywhere dude

Look at this hose type that’s like fish tank stuff oh it looks money and it comes with a turbo motor twin turbo mode look way way cooler with you still got your all your fluids here your brake fluid they look way closer people do rb26 they do 2js in here it’s

Got a new radiator come on this this is uh actually the first car I ever found out not this car but it’s a 300ZX I spun out as a young man hey come on easy what are all these cut wires Evan oh well let the wires things be on my

That’s Will’s that’s Will’s job you know what I like I like the wheel conditions perfect Chrome so when do I start looking for new door cards and seeds never Carthage but we’re going we don’t need no door cards is this wiper to wipe the paint or to wipe the glass

Because right now outside the rear seats are in good shape Oh weird oh yes don’t worry about this chair is that the engine harness back here okay so yeah it’s all cut we bought this site unseen Brothers we didn’t actually get the a chance to look at the car

But that’s okay this is the three the three dollar ZX and look he’s a hellofresh customer let’s go Lizzy hello fresh there’s a whole wiring harness back there wheels under water or what oh that no go look at the other side looks like it’s under water it was SpongeBob

How does it even get like that this just makes me think of that earlier me like gift that people use it reminds me of is that at least it has some Lamborghini Parts on it right EV that’s true we need to try to get the window up

I think it looks great what did he say it’s great it’s great I think this is great great purchase I think this is great I’m gonna put that in quotations across the back window 300 I don’t know pick it up in three weeks I think it’s gonna look cool in

The end but so there are some really cool body kits yeah for these cars I think they can look really radical I have no doubt that we can make this thing awesome it just can we have found a better example could we have found a worse example

Is this the worst throttle find that I have ever purchased I don’t know the SVT was pretty bad but it had all the parts Ricky reckons this is worse I think this is worse is this worse than the MRT MR2 the MR2 was like bad on the outside like

Looking at it at least we could drive it in and out of the truck exactly in the MR2 we replaced everything on the Interior right now we replaced everything in here too I know I’m saying it’s equal oh at least the windows rolled up on the MR2 all right yeah and

They door handles didn’t fall off all right I’m out I can’t deal with this anymore I think this is the worst hey it’s good I think that was a solid purchase I am excited this thing is the perfect throttle spec and when I tell you that I

Looked I’ve been looking for cars for our channel for a long time um this is this is what I was after something that was rough shout out to I think his name is Aldo Ardo either way there we go 300ZX definitely going back to Our Roots here yeah that’s

A tough it’s kind of like we’ve been doing a lot of newer cars we cars but this is how the throttle channel is I miss I miss doing junk gears like this but like I see even the R32 is too nice strip her down start fresh I don’t know we’ll see we’ll

See what we do with it all right so one other part of this deal with the 300ZX outside is it came with a spare twin turbo Motors the I think it’s the vg30 dett which you can make a lot of power with although come to find out this has not been

Stored properly no tarp or anything over it yeah I’m just sitting outside for a little over a year this may be a big big paper weight this thing has been sitting outside for a long time it’s got no oil pan on it it’s got no oil pump on it it’s got no spark

Plugs in it the intake manifold was not even bolted down which is loose so like all the valves were filled with water the turbos are filled with water This thing will have a combined three PSI of compression on everything ah well if anyone’s in the market for a vg30 g-e-t-t right this one right now it’s running no no all right well whatever you ready Ricky Yeah We’ve got a 10 second car not a 10 minute card I said a 10 second car not a 10 minute cards idle brother 10 hour car you’re living up to the 300 ZX name yeah that’s what a rat Queen looks like right there this was the takeout motor no this was just a

Spare motor that he just decide to leave outside or what there’s no plugs in it I mean still worth maybe 100 bucks 200 bucks no I don’t think so the question is does it gets sold is it gets off in the dumpster so here’s the deal I want to do this

Build a little bit differently than we’ve done some of the other builds I really want to ask you guys what do you guys think we should do to the 300ZX these cars are really cool when they’re done upright obviously no this car is in really rough condition but you can do

Rb26 engine swaps you can do 2J or 1j engine swap so you can do LS you can pretty much do everything in this chassis it’s kind of a bigger chassis although extremely rough and I know everyone is really hating on this project it has a lot of potential and a

Lot of promise and the price was right so it’s really living up to the 300 ZX hopefully we can sell that motor I’m pretty sure we’re never going to use that motor but I figured we’d take it with the deal and I think this thing could be really awesome but I want to

Ask you guys what do you guys think we should do to it should we do an engine swap should we maybe rebuild the VG whatever it’s called on the channel if so let us know in the comment section be very vocal we love reading the comments

And if you guys have certain parts or certain body kits or certain anything that you guys think we should run uh drop that in the comment section as well so now that it’s in the sun we should go grab Quinn and get his full opinion because he hasn’t really seen it yet

Probably going to be similar to the other guys they’re probably going to hate it we probably need to get it up on the lift to really see more I like it I think it’s great foreign Actually looked at the 300ZX yet I saw when I first got here on the trailer I think it’s worse they think of the more you look at it the worse it gets but you guys like offloaded after it already left so we saw the engine that it came

With and that things are pretty rough shape it’s bad so I was told the car did run with this engine but Ricky did mention me off camera what is that don’t worry about it dude a normal raccoon oh the engine bay is actually not too bad I mean it’s pretty crusty you

Obviously have a bunch of things missing like the fan shroud and that’s like a new radiator that should probably be like secured or something the radiator actually looks pretty nice okay so these are the injectors there’s no harness there’s no harness lower and it’s definitely not going to

Start okay there’s no engine hard there is no engine harness so we don’t have none of our coils are plugged in none of our injections are plugged in so that’s a that’s a good place to start we didn’t get an engineering why are you obviously

Uh is that where the battery is okay but yeah where’s the rest of the engine there is no hard sick vacuum line dude oh you know what I know where the harness is it’s in the trunk is it actually it’s right here see if the doors duct taped yeah there’s

The engine harness right there yeah okay okay maybe we put it on and see what happens if they don’t arrive see if it’ll work does it even lock it it should be the door is tape oh you did we taped it t-top’s pretty rad oh Jesus dude it’s not even bolted in

Where did you find this car this was the cheapest car in Facebook Marketplace that I could find they see that do they come out does it come out it does come out okay oh what a weird look oh no door cards no shifters you got to come back here

At least these work the Hydraulics for the the trunk hold it up all right so brand new this is what we’re missing oh boys Jesus I don’t know if this is worth investigating holy crap so much this cut dude all of this has just been lopped off

They hear the injectors it came with a new timing belt wow dude wait here we go this will be the next thing this harness take this out dude look at the fuel pump wiring dude no way all right we are not starting no way dude there’s no way this

Is there’s no way this car ran like this no no there’s no way we got a seatbelt oh my god I’ve never seen someone do this before why would you cut this like that why would you ever cut that this is a fight that’s like that’s like gen one wide body dude

That’s like I didn’t have access to these so I just cut the trunk but you should like I should be a good shirt like why okay I understand if you’re doing like dual dash 10 feeds or some huge thing like we have to do on some of

The other but if we did so if we did like an RB 26 or 2J we would probably run maybe a fuel cell or something oh went down have a seat brother we got HIDs oh dude we got the lights we got an intake boot Let’s see we got no no seat

Bolts this one’s not install you let’s see if there’s an ECU uh nope oh wait yeah no it’s there what is that it or that’s like airbag I don’t know it’s missing a bunch of this this carpet on the dash is pretty sick though the glove box mint dude brand new what’s in

Here anything nothing no no change you know what’s kind of interesting is I actually think the design of the Interior on this car is kind of sick obviously this one’s in trash but like kind of big it’s just very 90. the layout is pretty rad like this very much

Similar to Supra if you like that’s kind of it’s got some Skyline Vibes too yeah like the skyline had all the things on the side CX didn’t get as much love but the twin turbo ones are sick this is sick whatever this is they have a transmission at least yeah I have gears

Okay see it’s got a lot of play in it but all the all the pieces are there we just need a bunch of dude all the wiring in this car needs to be redone there’s loose cut wires everywhere every single I would say this is a full gut oh let me

Ask you this it it is this something that we can handle here I think it is I think it is it’s it’s weird because in a lot of ways it’s in really bad shape but in some ways it’s like not that terrible the way I look at is like for most of

Our projects now we strip them down to the bone if you strip this down to the bone you move the dash remove everything and on the outside yes there’s dents and stuff but it’s going to be Bodywork or wide bodies anyways yeah there’s like a

Rust hole what is this oh is this the like latch for the T-top dude how weird is that it’s super oh this one like they have like door handles up here and then it pops off it’s gonna fly off I don’t know I wouldn’t but like look this is

All replaceable this is the only spot of rust on this car there’s a rust hole like right there but that’s part of this part of this yeah we can get a replacement part for sure hahaha sick door this the clothes are out is that it is that it for today’s video I think

That might be it dude if this video Hits 10 000 likes we will do a build on the 300ZX if it doesn’t [Applause] she’s out of here how much wiring is going to take to get to the fire UPS all new wiring everything new all of it

Imagine like the skyline or the freak or MR2 but in a 300ZX version I think it could be pretty rad that don’t look at that is that the catch don’t worry about that okay Oh