Throtl: Buying BACK A Car We Gave to OUR SUBSCRIBER & Surprising the throtl team!

Posted: 2023-08-26 16:00:04
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

Hey you ready to do this this has never ever happened to us what what what what the heck is that is that our so we’ve built over 60 cars here at throttle we’ve given away over 20 cars at this point and most of these cars if

Not all of them have been dream cars too all of us as a team or one individual on the team but we’ve gone as crazy as our complete overhaul on our Supra it’s over a thousand horsepower our s13 240SX our 2gr swapped Toyota MR2 the list goes on

And on and these cars have been super special to us here at throttle and we’re just really blessed and excited that we’re really able to live out our childhood dreams and build such amazing cars and then share them with you guys now every time we give a car away every

Single time without fail we always ask that winner that new owner of the car that if they ever have the thoughts of selling a vehicle to please let us know first because someone on the team here at throttle may be the one that really wants to buy the car and now ever has

That happened until right now we heard that Evan picked up a new car and we’re all kind of interested and he kind of comes out of nowhere with these new cars maybe a new daily I don’t know he gets a lot of cars he buys cars all the time

That changes things so I thought it was going to be like maybe the next sweepstakes car I was really hoping we get a Jr Corolla yeah me too I think we should get a GTR that’s what I think you think I haven’t got a GTR no no he’s

Been a GTR it’s either a BMW he’s been awfully interested in my GTR stuff lately so the r33 would be really cool oh if I haven’t got anything it would be a 34. absolutely it’d be a 34. I think he’s a 34 guy I actually think he’s a 35 guy

Yeah he’s more of that like Supercar kind of guy maybe you got a Lambo no it would be really cool if it was in your room too though if he brings another nugget back here like that we’re not even done with a 300ZX yet that was an

Ass nugget he brought 300 nugget 300 ZX it’s about to be nice yeah I don’t know it’s about to be realistic if it’s gonna be a new car I’m going either M2 or maybe like a curveball it’d be like a 400 Z what if you got like a s chassis

No okay s13 would be really cool maybe an S15 oh they’re not legal yeah they’re not illegal in California they’re not legal in the United States yet I could see him maybe getting a Porsche maybe a 911 but even then it’s kind of not his taste

So I’m not sure this is going to be interesting did you bait us is there actually a car coming or are we just standing here I hope it’s a big diesel truck big diesel truck yeah like what like a ram like 2500 maybe it’s like a Cummins Jeep

Or something they even make evg a pre-runner evg did you make that I don’t know if they make that I think they do somebody made it somebody bought it all right all right what what what the heck is that is that our Audi that is that that is our old sweepstakes Baby what is this I got it back I got the S4 bag seriously this is it the new car the new daily oh my gosh I need to hear the story behind this what are you doing what is that no what is this is this our

Car it’s my car personally oh not a throttle car so you guys know I’ve been talking about selling the 90 for a while randomly Cody hit me up he’s like hey would you like to buy this car back I have to sell the car and kind of without

Hesitation you know what listen it still has the freaking Pennsylvania I know it’s in pretty good shape like it’s been cared for maybe a little dirty it is a little dirty did you fly to people I got it yeah this is just not Computing how does this get here from Pennsylvania I

Got it shipped out here yesterday okay yeah just got it there was some aftermarket parts on I swapped some of that back over last night but I do have to finish installing some of the engine covers so it’s basically how we left it this was like a high-end car for us this

Is sweepstakes it’s really nice it’s comfortable if you if you roll back to some of the footage when we got the S4 originally I actually think I said like oh man I’d love to own this car so nice I would actually trade my M3 for this or I trade my E90 for it

And I was looking for a new daily just something different I’ve had the E90 for like two years and I was like you know what why don’t I try something different I’ve owned every M3 wasn’t happy with the car no he liked the car he has another car WRX or something he decided

That it was best for his family just to only have one car and he wanted to sell this what’s up everybody my name is Cody I was the winner I personally had to sell the car back to Evan I didn’t need the car I have 08 WRX

And I needed to sell the car because it was Impractical for me and I needed to make a call to live a better life and I reached back out to him and he offered to buy the car from me again I can’t thank throttle enough it’s gonna be such a great experience

You know it’s a Memory that I’ll have forever and I’ll never forget and it was such a great experience everybody there was so nice they were so kind it felt like I knew them for a lifetime to be honest with you watching them on the TV

And finally getting to meet them I just want to let everybody know that I had a great time with it for the past four months I couldn’t I couldn’t I I love the car I couldn’t I didn’t want to sell the car but I had to make a

Choice so fair enough we ended up making a deal got a good price on it well I know you always tell everybody when they win a car if they ever wanted to sell it to let us know so you know we talked about that yeah okay we we do that with

Every car here there’s been a couple that I think we’ve been close to yeah and this was the best one for me so I figured I’d try it for a little bit you got to tell me what what happened to the roof box did it get ripped off no I have

It in my house it’s one of those things like I think it’s awesome you just don’t need it every day but it’s really cool and what’s cool about the Thule is I can get the same mounts from my wife’s car and we can swap it back and forth

Whatever we need and you can get a bike ride but for more normal daily driving I don’t need it I just figured I’d take it off I think it looks sleek but the ppf’s still in good shape like the front lips even survive a couple little things like

I said it is a little dirty the wheels are dirty not really too much has changed I think we forgot to mention these boys well we don’t have to really mention it this is the first sweepstakes car that we’ve ever bought this is this is yeah we’ve been close on a couple

Other that have been up for sale but they found other buyers or whatever in the meantime but this one you closed on it kind of gets me wondering like how sweet would it be if we started buying back all the sweepstakes cars and you have like literally of all literally

Seriously it’d be so cool like the 240 I know how much one I’d buy back the Mustang I was gonna say the Mustang and then the second choice would be the 240SX yeah and then the third choice would be the MR2 oh yeah that was way

Off I was gonna say the s2000. those would be the ones I bought the mark five Supra GTR my old GTR they’re super was really good the S2000 was awesome this was an amazing sweepstakes car so we just saw the wide body hatch and that one has seen better days not cared for

So like doing a refine the new owner is the new owner is sick he’s putting it back so the question is yeah like Quinn says do you do like a Revival series on one of the cars that maybe wasn’t taken care of great or let’s just say for you

Personally which car would you rather that’s that’s a really tough one if I was going to take it back and just drive it not do anything it’d probably be either the Supra okay or the GTR okay but like if we’re gonna do continue to build like 335 would be amazing the E93

E92 the Evo any of the evos hey Zeus is Evo and you guys just saw it’s like perfectly clean still kalex is Evo 10. yeah oh that’s a ripper yeah I think it was a ripper those 4b11s can be fast too if you do them right there’s a lot of

Really cool the s2000. I like the boost up on that thing it’d be sick I guess there’s only one thing to say congratulations yeah nice to your daily yeah a nice little daily nothing too crazy I don’t really know what else we have planned for it I may end up

Changing the wheels or some of the things on the exterior just because I typically like to run an 18 or a 19 just to have a little bit more meat this is like a good show set now that hurricane Hillary is gone this thing is really

Dirty so I do want to get this thing washed make sure the ppf is in good shape I know the wheels are really really dirty so I’m gonna do a quick wash on this thing inside it out and remove anything that doesn’t need to be

In there and then I do need to pop the it and put some covers and things back that I know were removed from yesterday when I put some stock Parts back on so let me get into it now we’ll bring you guys along for the ride every step of the way foreign Too much foam baby Ah there she is all washed looking good now it’s time to dry it so let’s do a little camera trick you ready three two one all right there it is it’s looking so fantastic I absolutely love the way the s-tec looks on this car and the fact

That it was ceramic coated made it so much easier to actually wash and clean too so I really probably spent 15-20 minutes on that and it looks almost brand new pretty much the same way when I left a leaf finish a couple months ago so I feel the need to explain this a

Little bit further of why I’m going to be selling the E90 and I’m going to be daling the S4 for a little bit so I actually brought the E90 M3 here so I could show you guys in case you weren’t familiar so here it is this is my 2009

E90 M3 I’ve owned this car for almost two years it’s got about I don’t know 75 000 miles Alpine white with the fox red leather you guys may see that I have an obsession with red Interiors I just like uh colored Interiors in general so I have several cars that are red leather

And I absolutely love this car and it’s been super fun we only made a couple videos of it on the channel it’s got a bunch of carbon goodies I did throw on the set of t-37s that I’ve had at my house because I ran over a nail with my

Other set of wheels more more or less this car is pretty much stock it has a bitchin titanium exhaust on it stock under the hood h r lowering springs but overall I really really enjoyed this car and for those who don’t know I actually have an M3 Obsession so I currently have

An E30 M3 E36 M3 I had an E46 M3 that I sold and there’s the E90 M3 and actually my wife and I had an f80 M3 as well so almost every M3 and I felt like it was kind of time just to try something different so as simple as that sounds we

Have been building so many cars here at throttle and it’s given us the opportunity to drive pretty much anything that you can think of from Japanese cars to Euro Cars and I really like that S4 that first day that I picked it up I was like wow this is

Actually really really nice I’d never spent that much time in an Audi in general really comfortable fast just Cruiser that I could see myself driving as a daily driver so after we finish modding the car I actually fell more and more in love with it and it was just a

Weird coincidence that a couple months later after Cody had won the car he drove it all the way back from San Diego he called me kind of out of the blue and he’s like you know what I’ve got to get rid of the car my family and I have made

A decision to downsize and just have less cars and the Audi had to go are you interested in buying it and at that point I was kind of like I’m not sure I really do like the E90 also really like the S4 fast forward a couple days a

Little bit of back and forth and I decided to pull the trigger and just go for a little bit of change so I’m very excited I’ve had the car just for a day or two so far and it’s really fun it’s great there’s a couple things I want to

Change just to make it a little bit more on my own and if you guys are interested in seeing that leave some comments down below so I know and if you’re not interested you can also let me know I know this car may not be everyone’s cup

Of tea on this channel but for me it’s going to work out really good for me and my family and I’m just excited to try something different like I said before we end today’s video I do have to pull the Audi inside I have to do a couple

Things to it like putting on some engine covers when I got the car from Cody he had done some other modifications that being here in California we cannot do so I had to revert those back to stock and I do have to finish putting that together as well as just kind of wiping

Down the engine bay so a huge shout out to Cody for making this all happen thank you brother I really do appreciate it and I hope you got to enjoy the car with the limited time that you had with it let me get the Audi inside we’ll pop the

Hood we’ll get these things done and then that’s it Foreign So you’re missing something there Cody had some bits on here last night I had to swap these over let me go grab those parts out of the trunk this is our zero three four Motorsports carbon panels This is just the heat shield so I don’t have any hardware but

We’re going to do some Down star if I remember correctly like back give me a little down sorry we’re good Well Sean we’ve got a problem what I didn’t realize is that these four bolts here are supposed to have a mating surface for this engine cover it’s like a rubber doodab it’s supposed to like lock it in with a little ball on top of it so it goes right here so I can

Install this today I have to go look to see there’s a box of stuff Cody gave me maybe those the Hardware’s in there otherwise I’m about to order it so total fail on that all right well unfortunately that was a little bit of a fail and that is going to do it for

Today’s YouTube episode I know it’s a little bit of shock to some of you guys that I ended up getting this car back but it’s really fun and I’m really excited to be able to take this thing kind of to the next level and just enjoy

It if you guys want to see more S4 content please leave some comments down below I did also want to give you a reminder that we have a ton of Parts stacked up for our BRZ sweepstakes that we’re running right now so every dollar you spend on our website whether you’re

Buying car parts or merchandise gives you an automatic entry to win this car and we have a ton in store and we have a special guest coming in next week to help us complete it so if you like BRZ content be sure to check in over the next week we actually have three

Episodes going back to back to back on this build once again thank you guys so much for watching the throttle YouTube channel if you like this video please give us a big thumbs up and remember to subscribe we’ll see you guys in the next one peace Foreign