Throtl: Buying A Project Car and Building It to debut at SEMA in 3 weeks…(Twin Turbocharged)

Reading Time: 12 minutes
Posted: 2023-09-28 16:00:33
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

Our next project car just arrived from the transport I purchased this one sight unseen from a friend out of Detroit and I’m so excited because this is throttle’s official SEMA build it’s also a world’s first so I cannot wait to get back down to the throttle garage and surprise the entire team

Yo what’s up hey I just got the new SEMA bill can you grab the boys and meet me in the alley yeah man let me grab them baby’s only a few weeks away and we’re just getting a car it seems like every single happens no no we started way

Earlier no last year we got two cars that just came by propane and there was nothing as I came back from paper what do you guys think you got is the question for SEMA the noodle RX oh oh you think it’s a new car if we’re going

To see my yeah if we’re going to see my we have three weeks to build it it has to be something to work there’s no way we’re building it it’s a project that’s like already painted okay put together you know Evan you might have bought us something from Pimp My Ride back in

2006. but it sounded the way he was talking it sounded like he was driving it here he’s driving it so it runs he went to pick it up I’m saying that’s mine that’s my thing I’m going gr no way he got his hand on one of those

Maybe it’s an R34 that would be it just became legal wait wait wait I forgot something hold on oh geez look it’s real what do you mean it’s weak we can’t do like a dude’s will you know how will does it right [Applause] [Laughter] this is about this is about Will’s size

Yeah so we can we can make them taller yeah he he has he has a short torso so we have to there you go yeah that’s my boy so we got WRX Mark 5 Supra gr cor Corolla grol big moment we’re gonna see how much work we have to do in a couple

Of weeks are you riding will on that I think it’s gonna be an old junker you better not be an old junkie bro oh dude it was a Karma that would have been a wheel’s pick oh no way oh that is him we all got it wrong yeah [Applause] Let’s go 2023 Z it’s just a wrap where did you find this though because these are hard to get got this from Grant oh this is Grant’s Car from Detroit underneath this black which is perfect for us metal flake in there that’s sick this thing’s actually really sick he did

Some mods got an exhaust it’s got some Wheels he didn’t do anything with the suspension it’s got a new hood car runs and drives great it’s got like five or seven thousand miles on it carbon fiber hood I don’t think I’ve ever driven one I’ve never driven one this right here

This is our SEMA build yeah we were just talking about that that it’s not a lot of time so we figured it was something newer I’m glad can we go over what the level of expectation is for this build we’ll get into that in just a few

Minutes but let’s just check it out pop the hood show you pop the hood pop the hood [Applause] The heck we’re uh we’re missing an engine cover Grant’s gonna send me that but otherwise basically stock very ugly engine bay yeah this reminds me of a vg30 in here more potential um wow not a lot of room to work in how many radiator caps do you need part three oh yeah

These like coolers for the turbos yeah that’s the plastic covers for that we’re missing I guess that’s the thing like the VR 38 and the GTR is such a nice looking engine bay so they can do it I was just sitting and people always say

That they remind them of a 370Z does it but it no okay the door panels and seats yes the dash it seems to be unique but this right here is very reminiscent of 350Z and 370 the three that’s because they’re trying to keep the same thing

The Z yeah the OCS also had them but these is oh this is old but what I will say which is really cool is like the digital dash is pretty cool it’s pretty modernized though it’s got shift lights it’s got everything it has been an absolute struggle to get a new Z whether

It’s new used the prices are ridiculous and no one has manual ones right now I even tried to go to a dealership and just buy one there’s like a three four month waiting period for these cars so to find one with the six-speed manual very hard to find this is one of the

Views disease that actually interests me from a look perspective but I really like how this looks there’s still a few weird things like how big the gas door is it’s absolutely huge from the back they look really good from the side the profile the car looks really nice here

Easy let’s go what’s under here anything good oh damn this is the third layer oh no spare tire you get the yeah you get the air compressor cargo net you better put our front not a huge fan of the color Grant but that’s okay it’s been protecting the

Paint so we’ll be fine think of it like ppf hey give her a REV wow so it’s got an exhaust on it I don’t know what brand it is it sounds pretty good it sounds really good does it have a limiter did that prevent you from

Doing it but it kind of revs up slow so if I this is forward yeah really slow to drop no limiter that’s nice a lot of cars come in here and they limit you like the BRZ I think to like 3000 or something dude there’s a G-Force meter

You probably want a wide body this don’t you dude I think we got to do something a little special on this I mean we’re going to see more we’re going to Seymour we got to show up last year we brought the Supra the year before we brought the

Eclipse let’s get this thing washed you guys drive it and then I’ll reveal to you what the plan is because the stuff should be here next week there’s already ordered it’s already ordered we already knew about this bro this has been ordered way before we even found the car

We are going to be the first ones to debut this at SEMA I don’t know if there’s even going to be any other ones there could be the only one which is pretty exciting Ricky let’s see what you got dude oh gotta take well with you let’s go

Well this thing doesn’t even have back seats where we’re gonna put him no it doesn’t that’s not a back seat I will let’s go what do you think we’re going to do for this car my guess would be a wide body so this thing sounds really

Good these are comfy it does so these are twin turbo from the factory which is pretty cool we have a boost gauge you’ve got a boot we have a turbo speed like and then we have a voltage rpmg yeah that’s what I’m guessing look yeah yeah it feels really smooth it’s very it

Feels brand I mean it only has 6 000 miles so it feels brand new still what’s interesting to me we just did a BRZ comparing this to the BRZ feels bigger the interior feels bigger it looks a little bit bigger but there’s no back seats kind of cool man very different

You get to feel the turbos on this I mean I think the A6 and this one better not they shouldn’t be in the same category no all right so what do we got here you got one cup holder we have a few buttons that we can uh what I like

About this like this on the virtual size right so you can go online and buy like fog light button and never fit right into the spine so we don’t have to make something custom we can literally add whatever we want to these Open Spaces here what do you think is here like a

Traction control buttons dude I have no idea see what I got foreign oh my God bro it feels good dude I am definitely super impressed by this car wow it feels powerful the power comes on really nice yeah the turbos don’t take that long to spool up I’m impressed dude yeah yeah this

Thing’s rad dude it feels really good it looks really nice it has power dude it has a lot of power so a little daily dude yeah this is definitely solid it’s missing a Coke right here do they think’s powerful what it will think it’s fast huh she’s fast she moves

For sure will didn’t like it very much he was bouncing around the back seat we found world number two well number two is up here look at that guy finger for size reference I’m gonna touch it what you think it was good dude it’s pretty fast power it’s got some torque

It’s very linear it’s very smooth so being OEM stock is everybody this motor comes in a much bigger car I mean this is a modified version of it but it came in the 60s 60. all right Mick you’re up next I’m not driving this thing because

It’s filthy so let’s get it washed first then I’ll take it for a drive Thank you all right I’m gonna go check on Ricky he uh offered to clean up the Z for me so I could take it for a ride okay she’s looking nice oh no well I’m gonna help Ricky button up the drying off here he did all the

Hard work I came in to scoop on the easy work we’re gonna take his thing for a drive and let you know what I think you ever drove one of these I have not push button start I got the keys in my pocket let’s see what she’s got

This thing’s fast dude yeah you know what’s crazy is it’s so smooth that’s what I love about modern cars like I guess it’s some of the computer-aided stuff that goes along with it but man it just does everything really smoothly that was the full beans for I felt it

Did you yeah this thing’s fast it’s like sneaky quick yeah but what’s cool is it’s a twin turbo very small turbos but they’re on like right now and I can only imagine that the aftermarket has already got a bunch of stuff available for this this thing will

Surprise some people I kind of want to do more with this now anybody want to buy a BMW station wagon damn I need one of these in my life it’s really like a baby GTR it kind of is yeah I feel like you’re very big on like shifting like all the touching

Points you always yeah always modify so like the steering wheel no honestly I think Nissan did a great job the touch points as Nate said are always my my thing because that’s the thing that you interact with the most so the steering wheel the shift knob the dials interior

Smell is really important to me as well when you get in a car it needs to smell a certain way do you mean squash well for me yes I love squash scents so if you get any of my cars you will always smell squash uh Japanese squash

Scent I don’t know if we’ll replace the steering wheel but we’re definitely gonna upgrade this guy and maybe even put a short shifter in here I think we should get it smelling like squash too all right well now that I’ve driven it and giving you guys a little bit of my

Feedback I would like to go for some longer drives to get a little bit more comfortable with the car off the rips a fantastic car and I’m looking forward to what we’re gonna do with it now let’s actually hop out and go over what the plan is for this car because I’m sure

All you guys are dying to know what we’re going to be doing to this thing foreign well I’ve got a secret to tell you guys I’ve actually known about this car for a few weeks now and that’s because you know when we build these cars we have to

Plan the builds and we have to get parts inbound ahead of time so Evan and I have been scheming on this for a minute we were able to reach out to Kato at Liberty Walk Japan and secure the first Liberty Walk body kit in America for the

Nissan Z and we’re going to be debuting this car at the SEMA show so let’s do a quick walk around I want to show you guys basically what we’re going to be doing to this thing the vinyl wraps coming off we’ve got a special color that we’ve got planned for the car you

Guys are gonna have to wait for that and a wide body kit always means that these wheels aren’t staying and neither is this ride height because that ain’t gonna fly we’ve got a custom set of wheels that we’re having made for this car with super low offset and it’s going

To look amazing and suspension you know we can’t slack on that with a wide body car on Ultra wide wheels you got to have an aggressive custom suspension and we’re gonna go Hamming that department this thing is going to be laid out and looking sick at the SEMA show if you

Guys know SEMA can’t show up there with no stock looking car because nobody’s even going to take look at it now on the interior as I mentioned previously definitely going to do something with that shifter we’re going to change that out we’re going to throw some Recaro

Chairs on this thing too to spice up the interior a little bit we’re also going to probably throw some premium materials at the interior to give it a really Lush feel inside I’m super excited about this project and so are the guys they’re inside chopping at the bit waiting to

Get going but before we do that Evan’s got something really important he wants to tell you guys so let’s get at it this sweepstakes for our BRZ and a check for 20 grand is ending and this car is so sick it has been really fun getting to actually drive this car throughout

The process I really tried to focus on driving this before and after we did all these mods to it and if you’re new to the channel quick highlights St XTA coilovers Wilwood big brake kit rotiform Wheels Falcon and Zenith tires MagnaFlow exhaust Cusco bracing all over this

Thing and sway bars we’ve got the street Hunter designs carbon fiber kit which looks awesome everything just fits really nice and this is like a very clean daily drivable car that you can also bring to the track and that’s not just me trying to sell it I truthfully

Think that this is one of the biggest bang for the bucks when it comes to a modern day you know relatively affordable sports car I think this car when we bought it was around in the 30s mid 30s or something like that now we have a lot of money into this car but

That’s what makes it really exciting because we’re able to hand over the keys to this literal track weapon to one of you guys and give you a check for 20 grand to cover all the other expenses and things like that or if you want to keep modding it you can do that with

That money it’s your money so has become one of the Premier Automotive retailers online we literally sell everything that you can think of we have over 400 000 Parts in our catalog most of the stuff is in stock and we sell everything from performance parts to Wheels suspension

Brakes exterior styling stuff you name it we have it and if you haven’t checked out our site in a long time check out the link in the video description and maybe you get to some of those last minute entries secured you never know we’ve had winners win these cars whether

They bought one keychain or jet tag or whether they bought a whole set of wheels so you really never know I did want to say thank you guys for everyone who has already entered this sweepstakes or even previous sweepstakes your support means a ton and it allows us to

Give away better and better prizes every quarter that we do this so This marks I think our 22nd or 23rd sweepstakes that we’ve run I’m hoping we can continue building cooler and cooler cars to give away to you guys guys and for those of you guys who are watching that are not

In a position to make any purchases that’s fine too as long as you’re liking the content we’re putting out we’re going to keep making more and more content for you guys I’m so excited to be bringing the Liberty Walk Nissan Z to SEMA this year and if you are going to

SEMA drop a comment down below we’d love to do like a meet up and meet some of the throttle supporters from all over the world I know SEMA draws in a big crowd and it would be really cool to get everyone together so if you are going to

SEMA like I said drop a comment down below thank you guys so much for watching we appreciate each and every one of you we’ll see you guys in the next one peace Thank you